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It’s been weeks since Bills been home, when he left I had my period so it’s been almost a month since I had any type of sex “Thank god for my collection of dildo’s.”

We had a long talk about how he thinks he might be ready to share me with other men, but on his terms, with him being there or close by, all I can keep thinking about is “Other mens cocks, and this new found attitude of always wanting to fuck at the drop of a hat.”

Maybe, just maybe I can handle Fucking other guys in front of Bill. He was so turned on by my teasing session at the cowboy bar with “Big dick Chuck” I would’ve loved to taken him to a motel that night, with Bill watching or not!

All I know is that “I’m so horny! he’s not even going to make it through that front door I’m going to be all over him!”

Bill called, I have to pick him up at the airport around 4, My sister In law was nice enough to take the kids for a couple of days.

My mind has been racing, I don’t know what to think, if I should say something knowing now that Bill has been cheating, I just know of a few, I could only imagine how many women he’s been with on his business meetings everything is going to be totally different now.

I’m surely not going to tell him how his “Naive, strict Irish Catholic, upbringing wife! Has been fucking everyone in sight like a horny school girl!”

“No I think I’ll leave that alone he has his secrets and I’ll have mine, no reason to spoil a good thing.”

He always treats me like a queen, he’s a very hard worker, he keeps our business running smooth, and we share in the rewards all in all he’s a good guy and father, he just has some bad habits.

I ran out and bought some nice slutty low cut jeans, and some black leggings that show off my sexy ass wait till Bill sees me in these, he always wants me to dress either business like or like a mom.

“Hell I work hard at keeping my body in shape I’m going to show it off, And from the reaction I get from men that are always looking.”

Tony and Jamal both told me ” How they jerk off just thinking about my ass, and what they would love to do to it!”

Not to mention the guys at our building that I’ve caught plenty of times catching a glimpse, when I walk by them! I’m going to wear my leggings with a spaghetti strap blouse, with my three inch heels to pick him up with no undies!

“I cant wait till he sees my shaved pussy! I’m horny already, just with anticipation!!”

Bill has no idea what he’s in store for, now that I know he likes all kinds of sex, not just that boring stuff me and him have been having all this time, even though it’s always been good and I always get off, never had a problem there!

I have to keep in mind he’s only good for one cum he’s 52, not 20, like Tony!

“I’m so horny I wish Tony or Jamal were here right now! With their young, big hard cocks filling my hungry holes!”

I never even gave other men a second thought but now every men I pass or meet my mind is “Wondering about their bulge, Or the size of their cock, Some times I find myself looking right at them!

Well I should get going I have a couple of hours till he arrives I like to go shopping at the stores, the airport has some good ones.

I take a look in the mirror, my blond hair is pulled back with my black leggings, eyeliner that really brings out my blue eyes, A floral push up bra that make my tits stand out not too shabby for 39.

“I look and feel hot!”

“Any bags to carry Miss,” a young porter asks, “No not this time” I smile back at him, He’s handsome dark skinned black about 20 I keep walking putting a little extra wiggle in my walk I turn to look in a store window, and “Catch him staring at my ass.”

I walk down to the airport bar, I always have a drink or two while I wait they have big easy chairs I plop down and order a drink, trying to scan the arrival board.

The young porter walks in with two friends and sits across the room they must be on break my drink arrives, and we make eye contact, I’m getting a little horny, I start to think about what it would be like to have “All three of them at once!”

Three hard cocks to suck and fuck! “Riding one, while sucking off another! While one jams his cock in my ass! Getting each them off, Having one cum deep in my ass, One splashing cum across my tits, oh and my favorite, Sucking one off in my mouth.”

“MAN I’M HORNY” I have to stop I have to gather myself!

I knock back my drink and order another, the young man has his eye on me, I part my legs a little and put my hand down by my pussy, the other holding onto my drink. I’m looking straight ahead at the arrival board, quickly I look over at him “He’s looking right at my hand that’s on my pussy.”

I smile at him I drink my drink and get up, leaving my bag on the seat. I turn and bend over, acting like I’m looking for something inside it with “My ass sticking up, right at them, I gaze up at a mirror on the wall and see all three have their eyes riveted to my ass.”

I see their talking I would love to know Bycasino what about, I fantasize it’s about them taking turns, sliding their hard young cocks balls deep into my waiting spread honey hole! I smile at them and take a last sip of my drink I run my tongue up and down the straw and walk out. “WHAT A TEASE” I’m out of the bar and I’m going shopping.

I’m in a lingerie store looking for something for Bill tonight I’m looking but my mind isn’t into shopping.

The drinks have made my mind wander most of the time they water them down, but today they made them pretty strong “I got a nice buzz working,” I walk out of the store.

I’m slowly walking down the hall when I pass a couple of young guys their eyeballing me they pass and I turn to catch them watching me “They look pretty drunk,” one walks right up to me.

“Hey sexy, How would you like to go to Mexico with us”

“Leave her alone, She’s married!”

“No she’s hot!”

“Your one fine looking Milf.”

I’ll have some fun with them and play their game”

” Don’t worry we’ll take good care of you, Oh yea we’ll take real good care of you!”

He leans over and touches my hip with his thumb and makes a sizzling sound.

“She’s a hottie”

I put my shoulders back against the wall so my tits jut out “I don’t know if you boys can handle this!” I run my hands down my sides over my hips.

“You see I told you, hey sexy lady your one hot mom!”

One of them comes over and stands next to me real close, What do you say sexy lady, You think you could handle this” he grabs his crotch.

He has them long loose fitting shorts on, I smile and put my hand on his knee and slide it up under his shorts and grab onto his cock, I startle him, I tighten my grip, and say, “This feels like a little boy I only fuck men!”

His friends crack up laughing “It’s your loss sweetheart, bye bye” And their off.

I can’t believe what I just did, people were passing us but nobody was paying attention, “I’m acting like such a slut, “Between the booze and feeling that guy’s cock, Has got me horny as hell!”

I can’t wait for Bill to get off that plane, but I still got an hour or so, In the corner of my eye I see the young porter down the hall I think he seen me playing the tease with them guys.

I walk down the hall I’m gonna take the elevator down to the bottom floor, I want to get Bill something from the stores, I get to the elevator and my porter friend is in there with a cart he’s a custodian after all.

“Come on in dear there’s plenty of room,” there isn’t but I squeeze in anyhow, he’s behind me I’m facing the front I can feel his eyes burning a hole at my ass.

The elevator stops, I get out, I turn and say bye, I catch a glimpse of a his bulge, that I hope I caused, I walk ahead of him, he follows, I stop he stops, and acts like he’s emptying trash.

“His eyes are all over me, I like this teasing game,” I walk he follows me, he has a nice view and I know my ass looks good in my leggings.

I stop and stare in a store window, I bend over acting like I’m looking at something, I’m in a way where the top of my ass cheeks are exposed I don’t know if he’s staring hard enough to see my goose bumps.

“Thank god the airport isn’t busy today!”

He walks right up behind me, I’m sure to get a closer view and he says something about how everything is so expensive in the store, and keeps walking a little ways down the hall.

Man this guy is persistent!

I look over at the guy, he walks out from behind his cart, “He’s surly not trying to conceal, the nice size bulge he has in front of his pants.”

“This is to much!” my pussy is nice and damp, I never done anything like this before, but I,m so horny, I’m thinking maybe I should find a ladies room!

Feeling that young guys cock and seeing this guy’s bulge, but mainly not having sex for close to a month has got me horny as hell!!

“I’ve never masturbated anywhere, Except in my bedroom, but I can’t wait!” and damn it was just yesterday that I cleaned out my bag and took my little vibrator and put it away in my room, I have to find a ladies room to get my self off!

But first I want a closer look,to give me something to think about while I rub one out, I’m feeling quite buzzed, and brave.

I grab a empty Mcdee’s bag off the floor and walk right up to him, “I can’t believe, people can be such litterbugs, Can I throw this in your cart?”

I’m standing real close to him, I turn so my ass is maybe a couple of inches from his bulging cock,

“Anything for you Maam”

I look right at his bulge and smile and say “ANYTHING?”

I walk away wiggling my ass, I have to ditch him I need to to get myself off, all this male excitement has got me so hot!

I walk fast and find a ladies room at the end of the hall way, he’s no where in sight, I go in and there is a mom and a kid in there I go into the stall, they walk out.

This is too crazy, Bill will be here in a little over an hour, I should just wait, Bycasino giriş “Take him home and fuck his brains out,” but I been so horny lately I just need some quick relief!

I pull my leggings down I sit down on the toilet and let my fingers work their magic, the drinks got to me, my hearts pounding, thinking about that black hard meat.

I have two fingers buried deep, I’m thinking again, about banging them three young guys, my fingers are sliding in and out of my swollen pussy, It’s crazy how deep the need to come was getting it felt like it was in the pit of my soul you know that need to come so bad you just have to keep going until you explode and I was getting there fast. “Ohh yes, I’m ready to cum,” I raise up my legs, I have my throbbing clitoris between my sopping wet fingers.

Just then somebody walks in, I FREEZE, I hear the door lock, I look down and see two work boots, just like that, the latch on my stall turns! THE DOOR FLIES OPEN!

“Oh crap, It’s him how the fuck…”

“Well, well if it isn’t little Miss sexy tease! Anything I can help you with ANYTHING!?” as he grabs his crotch tight.

“It’s Marvin the custodian!”

That’s what it says on his shirt anyhow, keep in mind I have no pants on and my legs are spread and my hand is over my dripping pussy! He’s smiling and his bulge is sticking straight out!

“What do you think your doing, you better beat it before I scream rape!”

“NO YOU BEAT THIS YOU FUCKING TEASE!” and with that he drops his pants to expose a beautiful black cock, shaved about nine inches, and rock hard.

“You better put that thing back in your pants, and get out of this room, before I scream for the police!”

“You know you want this!”

“I seen how you were teasing them guys, Not to mention shaking that sweet ass for me, Besides it’s gonna be hard to scream with this in your mouth!”

“I swear, I’ll never tease anybody again, if I can just get myself out of here!”

“No I think you better just get yourself out of here, My husband knows alot of people and your going to get yourself fired, and arrested”

I reach for my bag to grab my phone, he kicks it into the next stall.

“Does your husband know that your a fucking cock tease”

I stare at him in disbelieve, I don’t know what to do, I’m a little scared, but mostly excited, turned on?? my heart is racing!

His cock looks menacing, it looks like it’s ready to burst, it’s sticking straight out with a long narrow head on it, maybe if I just suck him off he’ll leave, he sees me staring.

He grabs it, “You know you want it”

“I don’t want nothing to do with that, your so cocky your so god damn sure of yourself!

He steps out of his pants and moves closer, he grabs my hand and puts it on his hardness, I sit up and my natural reaction is to “Grab his cock, and wrap my hand around him, he’s so hard!”

“Yea that’s it bitch”

“What if someone comes in?”

“My carts in front of the door, I have the out of order sign on! And I’m the only one on shift, That has a key, Besides there’s another one right down the hall”

I’ve never done anything like this before are you sure nobody can get in??

“No you sweet bitch it’s just me and you and that sexy teasing ass of yours!!”

I must be going crazy I’m not believing what I’m doing here, “I’m giving in so easy, “I’m just too horny, I’m not going to tell him, but his cock feels so good in my hand.”

My face is inches away, I can smell his sweet man musk, I’m gripping him tight, and slowly jerking his black man meat! It’s dark and has a purplish colored head that’s narrow at the tip, “I want him in my mouth!”

I slowly slide my hand down and start to rub my aching pussy, I open my mouth and take him in.

“Suck it you teasing bitch” Ooh yea suck it”

“What have I gotten myself into this time?” I never been talked to like this before, I’m a little scared, but excited my hearts pounding, and I’m all goose bumps.

I slobber up his cock with spit stroking him and licking around his head, I’m popping him in and out of my mouth, my hand is working my pussy furiously!

“You love sucking my cock don’t you?’

If he only knew! He’s not too thick, I’m able to take quite a bit of him, into my mouth, I’m swirling my tongue around his head, he stops and pulls my head up.

“Take off your shirt!”

I don’t hesitate I pull my shirt off over my head, he spits on his hand and starts to stroke himself.

“That’s a real pretty bra, Take it off! Let me see those sexy tits!”

I quickly unsnap my bra, my tits fall out, my erect nips are sticking straight up, he’s staring, jerking himself hard and fast.

“They’re some really fine tits, so sexy!”

He’s panting, and breathing heavy, he has his fist wrapped tightly around his cock, he’s jerking long hard strokes.

I reach out and touch his nuts, he jerks back, he’s either ready to blow, or his nuts are very sensitive, I look up at him and smile, lightly cupping his balls, I open Bycasino deneme bonusu my mouth and he jabs his cock into the back of my throat, I start to jerk him with two hands.

“Oh man that’s it jerk me, jerk me off with that pretty mouth of yours”

He’s in my mouth and I’m drooling all over him, I feel him growing in my mouth, his cock is throbbing, I taste his pre cum, he grabs my head and starts fucking my mouth.

“Your skin so nice and white and your pussy so pink, I’m going to take this big black cock and stretch that fine little pussy out!”

I have my one hand at the base of his cock and my other is flying up and down his well lubed shaft with each stroke I’m trying to take more of him in my mouth, he has his hand on top of my head he’s moaning and starting to pant.

I’m ready to cum! I pull my head back, his cock pops out he grabs it and starts to jerk it like crazy!

“That’s it you little bitch, Sucking on this big cock is gonna make you cum, keep playing with that pretty pussy of yours, yea that’s real sexy I wanna see you cum”

So he likes a little show, I spread my legs nice and wide and and raise my soaked fingers up to my mouth sucking on them and drooling spit all over them, I slide them back down into my pussy with my other hand cupping my tit pinching my nips, you could hear the squelch of my pussy as I work it with my fingers, I lean my head back and start to moan!!

“Oooh yea, Oh god I’m Cummingg…!” Oh this is so good, my ass is rising up off the toilet, my fingers are flying in and out of my pussy! He’s watching me, his mouth is dropped wide open.

“Oh Christ Marvin MMMM Ahhhh…” wave after wave of pure lustful pleasure is rocking my whole body! he moves up close, his eyes open wide his hand tightly wrapped around his hard black cock.

“Oh yes! You little teasing bitch, Take my cum Arghh!!”

Holy crap he’s going to cum on me!! The first hot spurt lands right between my tits,

“Ah Man, shit yes take all my cum that’s it, Oh yes that’s it!”

He’s jerking hot cum all over my tits, it’s running down my belly blast after blast of hot thick sperm that’s gobbing up all over my hand.

“Man oh man, You like my cum, Don’t you, You little tease!”

His cum is so thick and plenty of it, he leans forward and his last few squirts hits the bottom of my neck he takes it and rubs it off between my tits!

I never thought this orgasm was gonna end, I’m rubbing his hot cum into my pussy, my hips are thrusting up to meet my fingers, that are buried deep in my pussy.

“Oh Christ I just keep cumming!”

He leans back against the stall door,with a big smirk on his face, “Maam that was the best blow job I ever had!” His tone of voice has changed now.

I lean forward and take his cock with my two hands hands and I stroke him firmly draining whatever cum is left inside of him a few drops fall out and hit my knee.

“That was so fucking hot!” I feel my pussy it’s still throbbing, I dip my fingers in raising my fingers to my mouth I licked them clean and dipped in for a second helping of pussy juice. covered in his thick cum, “What an orgasm! With a total stranger in a toilet stall, My mother must be flipping in her grave.”

Marvin stands up his spent cock swaying in the air, that’s all too sexy, he goes into the next stall I hear him peeing, I stand up a little wobbly still feeling good from those drinks.

I hear him at the sink running water, he comes back, and hands me warm wet paper towels and, my cell phone and tells me “I have a text, It’s Bill his plane has been delayed he’s going to be another hour or so.

Marvin is by the sink washing up, I don’t know if he read my text or not, but I have to get out of here! I wipe myself and start to pull up my leggings, He comes back holding a condom pack, he took his shirt off, and he’s completely naked he’s very muscular he’s about 5-9.


His long black cock is just hanging, he smiles I tell him “I have to go!”

He leans against me and whispers, “I never been with a blue eyed, blond haired, white women hell I’ve never been with a white women period!”

He starts to kiss my neck “No please” I have to go, he puts his hands down my pants and and cups my ass cheeks, he pulls them down to my knees.

I’m trying to push him away he lifts my blouse over my head, and starts to kiss the top of my tits “No stop really I have to go!”

He pulls my bra over my head, my nips are pointing straight up, his eyes are growing wide, his cock is swinging against my pussy opening, he starts to suck my tits, my nipples are so sensitive, his half hard cock is pressing against my pussy.

“Their some rel fine sexy tits you have”

He starts to suck in my hard nips one at a time,circling my nipples with his tongue.

He puts his arms up to either side, to box me in I put my hands on his arms and start to feel his muscles, he’s very muscular he’s humping against me, I can feel him growing hard again, I can’t stop rubbing his strong arms.

He moves his hips into me and his half hard cock lands right at my pussy opening, he humps against me and I slide my moist pussy lips back and forth along his black meat.

“I GIVE UP!” I pull his head to my tits and start to roll my hips against hardening manhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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