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You know those kinds of friends who would do anything for you? The kind that would drop everything to help you out, the ones who support you and empower you?

Those kinds of friends were the stuff of fairy tales in my fucking life. Bitter anger surged in me as I closed the messaging app on my phone again, the light too bright in this dark club. I’d invited a few girls from work to go out and party with me since it was my birthday today, and I’d wanted to do something exciting for once.

When I’d asked them, Cindy, Layla, Penny, and Ingrid all had seemed very willing to join me, and I’d filled with warmth at the potential for actual friends. I didn’t make them easily; I was shy, reserved, and more than a little awkward. I did better with computers and gadgets than I ever had with people.

But despite their initial excitement, one by one over the last 30 minutes they’d all texted to back out. So there I was, all alone in a loud and unfamiliar club on my 25th birthday.

I never should’ve even bought this stupid outfit, or bothered with makeup. It was all a waste of time. The thoughts tumbled through my mind, one after the other until it was all I could do to hold back the frustrated tears.

I stood up suddenly from the booth I’d been hiding in, ready to go home and eat my feelings. I stumbled out of the booth on the too-tall heels I’d put on, and regretted the decision to wear them even more now that the floor was rushing up to greet me in what would end up being a very painful and embarrassing collision. I closed my eyes tight and willed it to just be over already, bracing myself for the fall.

I jerked to a stop in midair, and my eyes popped open with surprise. I was hovering above the ground, the floor within reach of my fingertips. It took me a moment to realize that a pair of strong arms were holding me tightly, preventing the inevitable face plant I’d been headed for.

“Don’t worry, I got you.” The deep, male voice washed over me in a heat wave that I’d never experienced before in my life. The man’s arms tightened around my waist before lifting me into an upright position, helping to steady me on my shoes. I watched in fascination as his arms loosened and his dark hands slid across my stomach to gently smooth my dress down around my wide hips.

The warmth cascading through my body increased, and the resulting throb in my pussy surprised me. I could feel the heat from his body behind me, and I could tell that he stood well over my average 5’6″ height. His hands tightened on my hips and slowly turned me around so that we were now face to face.

I was still looking down, admiring the fit of his pantsuit on his thick legs, the material not able to hide the obvious muscles covered by the expensive material. My eyes began to travel up his body, widening with every inch they gained.

I knew nothing about fashion, but even I could tell that everything this man wore from the tips of his shiny black dress shoes, to the perfectly polished cufflinks winking in the fabric of his dark suit, to the white shirt that emphasized his build, cost him some serious money.

His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, giving me another glimpse of dark skin that I suddenly wanted under my tongue. My eyes stopped there, frozen from all the images swirling through my mind. A chuckle rumbled through him and it was that that broke my stupor. My brain cleared slightly, and I realized with shame that I’d been staring at the man, not even thanking him for helping me.

I finally moved my gaze to his face, and my heart thudded in my chest. I had never in my life seen a more beautiful man. His jaw was strong, covered in a light beard that framed lips women pay good money for. His eyes were a liquid caramel brown, several shades lighter than his skin, framed with lashes that rivaled my own. Those eyes and lips captured me not only with their perfection, but with the satisfied pleasure they projected.

He pulled me forward, and suddenly he was sitting in the booth I’d just left with me across his lap. One of my hands splayed over his chest while my other arm snaked around his neck in order to balance myself, not wanting to make a fool of myself all over again.

His scent surrounded me as much as his arms did as he held me tight against him, my plush curves pressed against the tight muscles of his body. His touch was making my nerves ping in happiness, which surprised me since I usually hated being touched by strangers. My nipples were tightening, my pussy getting wetter by the second, and then he spoke again.

“Do I pass inspection?” I watched his mouth move, his words taking a minute to get through the haze of lust I was thrumming with. I blushed furiously, glad that it was dark in this club and that meant he probably couldn’t see. I still tilted my head down, my long black curly hair obscuring my face from him.

Immediately, he spoke again. “Don’t look away from me baby, I want to see those big dark eyes eating me up like Anadolu Yakası Escort they were before.”

The command in his voice had me lifting my head back up before I even knew what was happening. My bottom lip made its way between my teeth, and his gaze narrowed on the movement, his chest rumbling with a sound I couldn’t hear, but could feel vibrate through my body.

“Th-thank you. For helping me earlier, I mean.” My voice was quiet, but he somehow heard me over the music blaring through the speakers. I was impressed with myself for being able to get the words out in the first place. I was so focused on the way his arms wrapped around my waist and kept me pressed against him that any real thoughts had basically been obliterated.

He moved one hand to brush some hair away from my face, then cupped my cheek gently. I nuzzled into the hand, enjoying the feel of his roughened palm against my soft skin.

“Fuck.” I read the word on his lips, and a little pang went through me that I hadn’t been able to hear it. An incredibly strong need for the feel of his lips filled me, and I leaned forward. In a move that was nothing like the usual, shy Rosa I was, I palstered my tits against his chest before I placed a light kiss on his mouth.

His arm around my back tightened, and the hand on my cheek slid back onto the nape of my neck, tangling in my thick hair. The move had me gasping, my breath blowing across his lips still touching mine.

What the hell was going on with me? I was not the kind of woman to cuddle up with a stranger. In a club. And then kiss him. I jerked back, struggling to move off him and escape.

“Please, don’t go.” His words made me freeze, although I couldn’t bring myself to look at his face. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes from all the helplessness, loneliness, embarrassment, and anger from today taking over.

“We can go somewhere else, quieter if you want. Or we can stay here where you’re surrounded by people. Just don’t run away from me.”

His words were soft, like he was talking to a cornered, frightened animal. I suppose that was very much what I seemed like right now, since that’s how I felt. But the fact that he’d started off with please, and how he was willing to stay here where I was safely surrounded by witnesses, calmed me.

I turned back to take a peek at him, and his eyes were soft, yet burned with something I couldn’t name. Just to test his reaction, I move slowly off of his lap. His hands tensed on me for a second, before he let out a reluctant sigh and let me go. I stood in front of him, and a wide smiled filled my face. I liked that he didn’t seem to want to let me leave, but would if that’s what I really wanted.

I held out a hand and he immediately took it, standing and wrapping his arms around me again. He moved his hands down over my ass and gripped me right below it, where the skin met my thighs. He lifted me up and I instinctively wrapped my arms and legs around him, burying my face into his neck. I felt a shiver go through him when I kissed the side of his neck.

With the smile still across my face, I moved my lips to his ear to whisper to him. “Let’s get out of here.”


The moment she’d walked into my club, I had seen nothing else. I’d been sitting in my office on the upper level and just by chance had gotten up to look down onto the floor of the club I’d opened just over a year ago. It was doing even better than I’d anticipated, but over the last few weeks I’d felt nothing but boredom.

Watching the people dancing and drinking below me, a flash of gold near the front doors had caught my eye. My hands clenched into fists, my body going stiff as a board as my eyes swallowed up the female. Long, curly black hair tumbled around her as she made her way slowly across the floor. She stepped carefully in the tall gold heels that encased her feet, a perfect match for the dress that hugged every delicious curve of her body.

Something about the way she moved called to me, and I was heading to the floor before I could even think through what I was planning on doing when I got to her. All I knew was that my heart pounded in my chest, each thump accompanying a resounding mine in my head.

I got to the floor and searched the crowd, wishing I had waited to see where she’d been headed. It was so crowded, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find her in the mass. I prowled along the edge of the dance floor, a weird feeling like depseration coming over me as my eyes roved back and forth.

I hadn’t felt like this since I was an orphaned teen living on the streets, struggling to find a way to survive. I’d come a long way since then; I owned a chain of clubs that were wildly successful, and had put money towards investments that had paid off handsomely. I hadn’t been desperate for anything since landing my first job in high school and I didn’t like feeling it now.

I was starting to think I’d gone crazy, seeing someone as Avrupa Yakası Escort perfect as the curvy woman in gold since I couldn’t find her now. Just as the disappointment began to set in, that flash of gold caught my eyes once more. I zeroed in on that, pushing not-so-gently through the crowd to reach her.

When I finally broke through, I saw her sitting in a booth in the corner, her phone in her hands and screen lighting up her face. I drew in a sharp breath at the sight of her. I couldn’t see as well as I wanted to, but I could see the way the thin straps of her dress pressed into her shoulders, the top of the dress barely able to contain her breasts. I could see the golden tone of her skin, hinting at some kind of Hispanic heritage. Her plump, pink lips were shaped in a grimace on her face, and my hands twitched to reach out and smooth them for her.

She looked up from her phone and glanced towards the floor, and odd expression of yearning on her face. Her phone lit up in her hand again, and her forehead wrinkled further as she read.

Every iota of my being wanted to go over there and find out what was making her so upset, but I knew that I could be intimidating. I figure that a 6’5″ tall black man packed with muscle demanding to know what was wrong would more likely scare her than endear her to me.

So instead of going over there and hauling her into my arms, I took a seat at a nearby booth, hidden in the shadows so I could watch her without creeping her out. Over the next half hour I sat there and watched her face go through so many emotions even I was dizzy.

Anger. Frustration. Longing. My body tensed more with each new expression, the need to make her smile a living thing inside me. When I saw her features crumble like she was on the verge of tears, I knew I was done with waiting. I stood up to go over there and I worked on schooling my expression into one of friendliness. When I’d just about reached her booth, she tucked her phone into the small purse dangling off her wrist and stood up. She stepped down from the small rise, and I saw her ankle twist uncomfortably.

I knew she was going to go down, and I crossed the last few steps in a split second to catch her. I managed to get to her just in time, wrapping my arms around her waist and holding her against me.

My cock instantly went hard, the feeling of her generous ass against my crotch bringing desire roaring to the surface. I grit my teeth in effort to control the impulse to grind against her, and somehow managed. After a moment I was able to pull her up, steadying her on her wickedly spiked heels and turning her around but not letting go of her.

Her perusal of me excited and amused me, and her scent of roses and honey drifted into my nostrils, making me harder than steel. Then sitting her on my lap, watching her fascination with me play over her face, when she turned her face into my hand like she wanted it more than her next breath… I knew that there wasn’t anything that was going to keep me from claiming her. Even when I let her pull away, I knew that she wouldn’t be getting very far. She didn’t know it yet, but she was fucking going to be mine.

I glared at anyone who dared look at us as I carried her across the dance floor, the feeling of her nuzzling my neck making my knees shake. I had to get her alone, before I started fucking her against the nearest wall. I turned the corner that led to the elevator only I had access to and pressed the button for the doors to open.

Just as I stepped into the elevator, her teeth nipped at the sensitive spot where my neck met my shoulder. I let out a sound of pleasure, the small bite nearly undoing me. No women had ever had the same power over me. The doors shut and I pressed her against the wall, a hand going into her hair and pulling her head back so I could get my first good look at her.

Her eyes were dark orbs calling to me, to the man in me who wanted nothing less than to completely possess her. I took in the flush in her cheeks, the way her dress reflected the gold in her skin, making her seem like a stolen ray of sunshine. The warmth radiating off her body and into mine through our clothes only further convinced me she’d escaped from that burning star.

“Who are you?” The question left my mouth in wonder, and her cheeks darkened before she looked away from me.

“No one special,” she said with sadness in her voice.

I tugged on her hair sharply, a small gasp leaving her as I forced her to look at me. “Don’t ever fucking say that again. I’ll spank your ass until it’s on fire if you ever say shit about yourself like that.”

Her pupils widened at my words, and my instincts told me she liked the idea of my hand on her ass, even though it scared her a little. A small tremble went through her, and I pressed my lips against her cheek.

“Now, try again. Tell me who you are.” I pulled away from whispering the words in her ear to watch her face. She swallowed roughly, İstanbul Escort but answered me.

“My name is Rosa.” Her voice was raspy, like she rarely used it, with a hint of an accent. It was music to my ears.

“Rosa,” I repeated, loving the feeling of her name in my mouth. The way she licked her lips made me think she liked it too. “My name is Leo.”

“Leo,” she breathed huskily. “It fits.”

I grinned at her and nodded. “So I’ve been told.”

I took a second to insert my key into the lock and finally pressed the button on the elevator to move us up. The ride was short and silent, but I didn’t even think about putting her down. I liked having her in my arms, and she didn’t protest so I was taking advantage of it.

The elevator stopped and I stepped off, heading towards my office. You could still hear the music and the crowd from up here, but it was muted significantly. Noticing the giant window where I’d been standing when she’d walked into the club, she let out a small gasp.

“That’s quite the view,” she said.

“I like being able to see what’s going on.” I walked towards it and set her down gently, her body rubbing against mine the whole way down and torturing me. I turned her towards the window and crowded behind her.

I knew there was no way she couldn’t feel my dick pressed against her, but she didn’t shy away or tell me to back off, so I pressed just a little closer. I heard a small moan leave her mouth and a satisfied smile filled my face.

“I was standing right here when you walked through those doors.” I caressed her sides as I spoke, relishing in the way she leaned back into me, letting me do as I wished. “I haven’t seen anything but you since that moment you caught my eye.”

She drew in a breath and turned back slightly to look up at me. “That’s crazy.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I just know what I want when I see it.”

Questions filled her eyes, and I knew that she was wondering why I’d focused on her. “I can’t tell you all the answers baby, I just know that I feels right to hold you in my arms. There’s something about you that hooked me from the very beginning. I can’t just ignore that kind of feeling.”

Her eyes searched mine, and she must have seen the truth burning there. She reached one hand around and placed it on the back of my neck, drawing me down towards her. As soon as our lips touched, the fire ignited.

In a second we were devouring each other, lips and tongues and teeth battling for a better taste of each other. My hands gripped her tight, the need to consume her overtaking everything.

She twisted slightly in my arms to get a better angle, and I crushed her to my chest. My hands roamed and gripped her ass tightly, grinding her slightly against my cock. She let out a small moan with every pass, and even rocked her hips into mine when I paused.

Pulling away from her mouth, our harsh breaths filled the air. “If you want to stop, you have to tell me now,” I said. “I want to see you, taste you everywhere, tease and torture you until you’re screaming my name. If that’s not something you want, then say the word and I’ll let you go.”

It hurt to say the words, but I would stop if that’s what she wanted. I’d let her go for now, but not forever. I’d give her time and space, but I would be coming after her.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about that.

“Please Leo, don’t stop.” She was shaking slightly, but her words were sure.

“Thank fuck,” I said and captured her resulting giggle between our lips.

Kissing Rosa was like a revelation; like a taste of heaven for a fallen angel. A piece of my soul kicked into place the moment I’d touched her, and now it felt like it was going to explode from me.

Groaning, I pulled away again. A mewl of protest left her lips and I softly placed a finger on her lips.

“Hush, beautiful. I’m not going anywhere.” I bent down and lifted her again, striding towards the plush couch against the opposite wall. I turned as I reached it, falling back so that I was sitting with her straddling my lap.

Her eyes roved over my body, and I sat still to let her take it all in. “What’s going on in the beautiful head of yours?”

She smiled lightly at my question, biting her lip. “You’re so big,” she whispered as she ran her hands down my torso.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, babe.” She flushed at my response, and I curled my hands around her thighs, pulling her closer. The beast inside me howled in pleasure at the way she felt under my hands, at the contrast between her lightly tanned skinned and my darker tone. I could feel the heat between her thighs branding my lap as she instinctively rotated her hips on mine.

Her eyes went heavy, head tilting back when she rubbed against me. My hands on her thighs tightened, and little noises escaped her as she continued to grind on me.

“That’s it little girl, take what you need from me. Grind that pussy on my cock like I’m inside you already.”

“Oh god, Leo,” she said breathlessly as she started to move a little faster.

“If I lifted you from my lap and looked at my pants, would I be able to see just how wet you are for me?” Her cheeks flamed with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal, but it didn’t stop her from moving.

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