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Much to Eva’s luck her master wasn’t a lecherous slime as her panicked mind had imagined. Instead a man of about thirty sat at a candle lit table of many that were place about the large hall. “This is the reception hall” Alexi said. “We let you get familiar with the client before they decide what they want to do next.” Eva was escorted to the table. She saw a variety of employees, some on their knees and some dressed to the nines converse with their partners.

She supposed this was good.

She wouldn’t want to do anything with someone she hadn’t even spoken to.

When she arrived at the table the man smiled down at her. He looked quite good dressed in a blue suit with a white collar peeking above and rather expensive looking navy leather shoes. His hair was combed back and Eva could see a bit of gray at the temples in an otherwise rich brown crop.

Alexi handed her leash over to the man.

“Good evening pet, I’m Garath Holfer but you can call me master.” He curled his hand around her leash and made a gesture for her to sit near his feet. Eva padded over and raised herself on her legs in a squat with her hands steadying her on the ground.

Alexi nodded at the man.”Well, I’ll leave her to you Mr. Holfer. Hopefully you’ll enjoy you’re night.” He smiled at the customer and gave Eva another, smaller smile and left the two alone.

After a little chat, Eva found that master was a decent man and that she was far more comfortable with him now than when she had arrived. Master was tugging at the gold chains that ran across her breasts and Eva whimpered at the sensation.

“incredible” her master breathed as her nipples brazzers soon stiffened and rose up to their new height. She heard her master utter a low growl and felt her pussy clench in expectance.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere more private?” Her master murmured and Eva nodded. She was surprised by how much she wanted this.

Her master got up and tugged at her chain urging her to follow and then he paused. He went back to their table. He looked at Eva and gave a small smirk. “Shall we make things a bit more exciting?” He asked, voice dipping low with amusement. Eva sat on the floor as her master spoke with a waiter who nodded and parted from them only to return a few moments later. He handed a box to her master. Eva looked at it curiously and her master gave a small chuckle.

“Don’t worry pet, it’s a little present for you.” He said before opening the box to show Eva its content. Her eyes widened as she saw three egg shaped vibrators nestled in the white tissue. “Well pet? What do you say when you get a gift?” Her master asked, looking down at her. Eva could feel her face going beet red as she uttered a soft but pleased, “Thank you master.” Her master stroked her hair, content with her response. “Now why don’t you put them inside? Hmm? To show how much you like them?” He said as he placed the open box on his lap which was just within Eva’s reach. Then he bent down with a key he had in his coat pocket and ran it over her crotch. Eva shuddered at the action but forced herself to keep her shaking legs open and spread out in her squat. Her mater unlocked the padlock and slowly unzipped her.

He let out a breath as he pressed cuckold porno a finger inside her pussy. “Eager aren’t we? All slicked up and excited for my present aren’t we pet?” He murmured. Eva whimpered.

“Answer me when I ask a question pet, use your words.” Her master gave a light flick on her breasts.

“Y-yes master.. I-I want your present.” Eva stuttered and her master smiled at her. “Good girl, now then why don’t you take these one by one and stuff your dripping hole?”

He said leaning back on his chair and patting the box on his lap.

Eva’s heart beat faster. Doing things alone in the privacy of a room was one thing. Opening up in a mass of people was something she was familiar with. But for some reason there was no apprehension on her part.

‘I’ve never tried it before,’ Eva thought. But if her body becoming more heated by the second was anything to go by… she didn’t mind it.

In fact, Eva realizes, she likes it. She wants to put these eggs inside for everyone to see. She wanted to feel the stares. With a shaky hand she reached up to the box and picked up one egg rotor and pressed it to the lips of her pussy. The intrusion didn’t hurt. It was pretty small and her juices made the trip shamefully smooth.

“What a bitch, you sucked that one up real quick didn’t you?” Her master drawled and Eva let out a whine of embarrassment before closing her eyes to push it in deeper. Her mouth fell open as she felt the rounded edge hit the her cervix. The bump made her legs shake with arousal. Her master noticed and tugged her leash. “What a grateful pet, you really like my gift don’t czech porno you?” and Eva began to nod before catching herself.

Her master had asked her to use her words. “Yes master, I love it” She gasped as she pressed the rotor in as deep as it could go before pulling the wire out to tuck it inside her bodice.

After five minutes all three rotors were slotted into her aching pussy. Her master knelt down to zip up the bodice and clicked the lock shut.

He made Eva get in her walking position on her fours. She did so with a little bit of difficulty as she felt the eggs strike her cervix as she stretched. While the weight in her pussy felt good she wanted more. Her breath hitched as her master pulled out a remote from his suit pocket.

“Well pet? Don’t you know how a bitch asks for a treat?” He asked waving the rotor mischievously. Eva’s cheeks burned. Of course she knew. Alexi had made her practice it quite a bit. She lifted her plush ass up and began to shake it up and down feeling the rubber dog tail wag, shifting the weight in her ass. She shook it a couple of times while panting before her master chuckle and petted her head. “Such a good pet, I see I’ve made the right choice.” He smirked before pressing the button on the remote.

“Here girl, have your treat.”

Eva’s head dropped between her breasts as she felt a sudden wave if strong vibrations erupt. Her pussy was clenching around the rotors and they vibrated against her cervix making her shudder and almost fall to the floor.

“Come now pet, we’ve got to take you on a walk before we get to the fun” He said as he tugged on the leash making Eva follow behind shakily. She could feel the heat building up inside her but she had to hold on. So she trotted alongside her master. Her un-milked breasts swayed heavily in front of her and her ass dipped and swayed from side to side as she made her way along the corridor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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