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Jasmine and I have been seeing each other for about three years now. Although I was totally in love with her, I have to admit I was getting a little bored with our sex life, and I found my eyes were straying a little more than they should. I most definitely did not want to cheat on her, though, so I figured it was time to try and make her into a three-input lady.

Jasmine had the cutest little ass I’d ever seen. She had been a gymnast until she was 17, and retained all the youthful firmness of her body even seven years later. But she would never let me touch her there, and I never pushed it. She would have to be eased into thinking of her puckered back door as yet another sensual part of her. I came up with a plan and took a couple of weeks to work out all the details. Then we went to a small mountain resort for the weekend, and I put my plan into action.

Our cabin was small and quaint, nested on the side of a forest-covered mountain with a stream nearby. I woke up at the crack of dawn one morning and woke Jasmine up too, kissing and stroking her firm ass cheeks. When she didn’t stir, I switched to licking her butt, then letting my tongue slip around and around her asshole and even darted it between her cheeks to tease the opening itself.

She bristled some and shifted her hips. “Ryan?”

I responded by returning to just kissing her sweet ass. If only she had known what my tongue was doing just a second before! I asked her, “Were you dreaming just now?”

Jasmine laughed and said yes. “How did you know?”

I moved back up to her lips and gave her a sweet good-morning kiss, but with no tongue — I didn’t want her figuring things out too soon. “Oh, I have ways. Let’s go for a walk.”

We got dressed and made our way hand in hand to the trickling stream. Jasmine was wearing thick (but cute) white cotton sweat pants and an equally plush baby blue sweatshirt to keep her warm in the cool morning air. Cold doesn’t bother me much, so I just wore my cotton shorts and a tank top. As we reached the stream, I stepped over a few rocks, kicked off my sandals, and stepped into the stream itself. It was only ten feet wide but was moving fast, and it was cold.

“C’mon,” I said.

“It’ll be too cold!”

“C’mon,” I repeated, waving my hands and jumping up and down. Jasmine took off her slippers and rolled up her sweats to just below her knees, and then walked carefully into the water. I took her hand and pulled her accidentally on purpose, so that she’d have to stumble into my arms.

“Ryan!” Her laughter resounded throughout the otherwise still and silent landscape.

“Close your eyes,” I said, standing behind her. She gave me a look, but obliged. “Listen … sex izle erotic, isn’t it?” She spun around, smiling. “No it’s not — now that’s enough.”

I held her tight and put my hands over her eyes. “Listen. You’ll hear it.” Jasmine’s smile left her face and she stood still. “Listen to the lapping of the water, the spanking of the current against the rocks.” My voice was soft and hypnotic, and I ran my hands up and down her thighs. “Listen to the gentle pulsing of the water against your feet.” I switched from her thighs to her breasts, and her body started to squirm and writhe against me. I pressed my half erection against her soft cheeks.

“Just you, me, and the water,” I said, reaching for the bottom of her sweater and peeling it up. She put her hands on mine to try and stop me, but then she changed her mind with a shrug and held her arms straight up. I pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it on the shore, well away from the stream.

I crouched down and slipped my fingers into the cold rushing water. Then I held my hand over her breast, letting the clear water caress Jasmine’s nipple. She flinched, but the dozen or so nubs right around the nipple rose instantly. I ran the pad of my index finger around the nipple to raise it to full attention as well, and then did the same with the other nipple. My cock was fully hard now and I let her know it by grinding into the crack of her ass. She responded by swaying her hips against me.

Then I pulled Jasmine’s sweat pants down to expose her butt. The cool air caused the tiny hairs on her skin to rise up and glisten in the sun. She held her pants up in the front while I pulled them down in the back. “There’s no one around for miles,” I said, reaching for her hand and pulling it away. The pants went down to her knees, and she lifted first one leg and then the other so I could pull them off her completely and send them to the shore after the sweater.

Then I worked my way up the back of her legs, kissing the droplets of water that the stream sent flying to stick to her smooth skin. Finally I was kissing her rosy rear and running my fingers through her bristling pubic hair. I didn’t want to ruin my plan by just jamming my tongue where it really wanted to go, though, so instead I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts and threw them on top of the sweats.

Now we stood there, both fully naked, my cock at full staff, Jasmine’s pussy sopping wet. A perfect opportunity for sex, you would think. Unfortunately, I could hardly feel my feet any more because the water was so cold, and Jasmine told me she needed to go back to the cabin to warm up, as her insides were starting to turn blue. “But first –” Jasmine took my cock in her warm alt yazılı porno hand and led me out of the little rivulet, and then bent down and sucked on it briefly. When she stopped, we dressed quickly and ran back to the cabin together.

When we got there, I hung our damp clothes over the dining room chairs, and then returned to the bedroom, where Jasmine was lying on her stomach in the middle of the bed. I held a bowl in my hand that I kept out of her sight.

“What are you up to?” she said playfully.

I just said “Close your eyes again.” She put her face in the pillow, and I pulled an orange that I had cut into quarters the night before and put in the fridge. It was almost as cold as the water of the stream.

I held one of the quarters over Jasmine’s ass and pulled on her thigh to get her to open her legs just a little. Then I dripped a single drop of the sweet juice onto the crack of her ass, and licked my lips as I watched it drizzle down and disappear. Then I gently tugged at her butt to open her cheeks up, and then sent dozens of drops cascading onto the insides of her thighs and her pussy.

“Hey, what is that, anyhow?”

“Something sweet, like you,” I replied, kissing the juice from her thighs and butt. “Everything on you will taste good with this,” I added, forcing the rest of the juice onto her ass with one hard squeeze. Then I decided to really tease her. I took the rind with the pulpy remains still sticking to it and pressed it right up against her crack, covering her pink asshole. Then I rubbed it along her crack until her body writhed and wriggled.

Jasmine turned her head to one side, and I saw a look of contentment in her eyes. I slicked the rind up and down, over and over again, and each time I passed over her asshole I would push my thumb down on the rind to put some pressure on her. With each pass she raised her ass up just a little bit more.

Then I pulled the rind away and ran my tongue over the same spot, collecting the sticky flecks of orange pulp in my mouth. Finally the time had come. I parted her ass cheeks and took in the view: there were still several bits of orange clinging to her crinkled rim. I had to have her. I darted the very tip of my tongue right against Jasmine’s asshole.

“Ryan!” she said, flinging her hand against my face with almost no force at all. I ignored her and kept on.

“Don’t,” she said, still wriggling her hips. I swirled my tongue right against her asshole.

“That’s enough,” she said, but the second word turned into a moan. I jammed my tongue into her asshole, and she pulled her hands away.

“Oh, Ryan, ohhhh,” she said, thrusting her ass into the air to altyazılı sex izle get my tongue deeper inside her. I had her.

I knelt between Jasmine’s legs and pulled on her hips to get them even higher. Then I started to ream her asshole seriously with my tongue, my lips flush against her rim. I reached downward and worked my cock, but I needed more time to get ready, so I yanked my tongue out, slid up, and stuffed my cock hard into Jasmine’s pussy.

All the air went out of her lungs with a grunt. As I fucked her, I jammed my whole thumb into her ass. Then I grabbed the other orange quarters, one at a time, and crushed each one against her asshole. I threw each quarter down on the bed as it was used up.

When I pulled out without coming, Jasmine knew exactly what I had in mind. She stretched her hands out to the sides and strained to grip the edges of the bed. The muscles of her forearms tensed, and she said, “Slowly, go slowly.” I took a firm grip on the base of my cock and prodded my purple head against her pulp-covered asshole. Jasmine clenched her fists on the sheets as my head passed agonizingly into her tight opening.

Her hands shot back to grip her ass — I don’t know what she had in mind exactly, but I took her hands and interlocked our fingers. I could feel my knuckles turning white with her clutch as I slowly ground my entire cock into her virgin ass. When it was all the way in, I yanked back on her arms, and Jasmine snapped her head back as far as it could go. Then I let go of her and wrapped one arm around her waist before we both hit the sheets. I gripped the headboard with the other hand and used it to pull my cock over and over into her puckered hole.

It was even more amazing than I had imagined. I knew Jasmine would be tight, but I had no idea how intense her iron grip on me would feel. Within just a minute or two, I felt my orgasm beginning to well up from deep within me. The intensity of my pleasure hurt me so much that my mind told me to pull out, but my animal urges kept me jammed inside Jasmine’s bowels.

Then I heard words I never thought would ever pass her lips. “Come for me, honey,” Jasmine groaned from deep in her belly. “Come, come in my ass.” Just hearing that sent me straight over the edge. I pressed myself down on her back as my brain exploded with a white light that overwhelmed what I was feeling in my cock and balls. I shot a dozen long ropes of jism into Jasmine’s back door. Then I lay there for a while on top of her, letting my cock marinate in my cream.

When I finally pulled out, I saw some of my come oozing out of Jasmine’s asshole. I licked it up, mixed with the remains of the orange juice, while Jasmine drifted back to sleep. When she was all cleaned up, I moved up in the bed to join her, wrapping my arms around her and spooning until I was asleep too.

Needless to say, my eyes have stopped wandering these days, and our sex life has never been better. Jasmine, my three-input lady.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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