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Monica and I continued being BFFs having coffee from time to time and running. She signed up for the 10k program which surprised me, that little vixen was hooked on running. She even signed on for the half marathon before we ran the 10k goal race.

The 10k was more of a fun run. Instead of racing for time, we did intervals the entire six point two miles. Running fast then walking, we played leapfrog with a couple of other ladies talking to them when either of us would catch the other if that makes sense.

At the 10k, the weather was beautiful. Monica looked as delicious as ever. Her running shorts fit a bit snugly, showing off her cheeks. I thought about commenting. Instead, I enjoyed the view when I’d let her get in front of me. It was nice having someone besides my mom as a running partner. As the distances got longer, Monica and I got closer.

We were nearing our half marathon goal race when Monica suggested we do a ‘destination’ race. I thought it was a great idea since she was enjoying our time together. It would be just the two of us. She selected one that wasn’t far away, Palm Springs. Somehow she’d talked her husband into watching the girls all weekend instead of playing golf. We drove out on a Friday afternoon. Palm Springs is barely a couple of hours from my house. The race was Sunday, so Friday night we did a little ‘girl bonding’.

I had thought the weekend was going to be very innocent, with the two of us just having a good time. In the back of my mind, I did have ulterior plans. I didn’t realize that Monica did too. It became apparent when we checked into our hotel room. Instead of two king-sized beds, there was just the one which meant we’d be in bed together or someone would be on the floor. Monica made a huge deal of it to throw me off guard, telling me the hotel screwed up, and we should complain. I played her little game telling her it was fine and I’d sleep on the floor. She insisted we’d both be okay on the bed and that she was going to give them a nasty review on Yelp. She didn’t want either of us to miss out on our sleep since she read it’s vital for a good performance. Since it was her first half marathon, she wanted to get to bed early, figuring she was going to be nervous despite all of our preparations. She confessed she did snore a bit, and I was to shake her if she did.

She wasn’t the best actress in the world, and I enjoyed playing along. Halfheartedly getting riled up at the hotel and threatening to go to the front desk. I kept asking her if she was sure she didn’t want to switch rooms. She insisted we could make this work and didn’t want the anguish of dealing with the hotel.

After we’d settled the room thing and unpacked, we decided to go to a couple of casinos that were nearby for dinner. I had thought about bringing my LBD that I wore on my dinner date with James but didn’t want to be overdressed. Instead, I wore a short black skirt, four-inch open-toed heels, and a cream silk blouse leaving a couple of buttons undone to show off a bit. My lingerie was frilly and cream-colored to match my top. Monica dressed very nicely in a short red skirt, and red heels topped off with a blacktop. Her lingerie was all black, a thong, and a Wonderbra. At first, I thought she was trolling, which didn’t make sense. Later I realized her fish had already been caught.

We had a marvelous dinner in a quaint Italian restaurant not that we needed to carb load, it just sounded nice. We each had a glass of wine not wanting to overindulge since the night was young. After dinner we gambled a bit, neither of us was really into it, danced, fended off would-be suitors, and generally had a great time. We had taken Uber to the casinos then back to our hotel, getting out of the car Monica and I walked arm in arm, still giggling at the ridiculous pick-up lines we heard throughout the evening. We were feeling good. Not quite drunk, but with a good buzz going. We’d been flirting a bit all night with each other joking about this and that. When we got to our room, Monica decided to get a bit more serious.

We were getting ready for bed, and I’d already brushed my teeth and changed into my sleep attire, a loose tee, and panties when Monica emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but her thong. I did a double-take looking her up and down as I was turning down the bed. I tried not to gawk when I looked at Winnie.

“That’s your sleepwear?” I asked as she moved towards the bed.

“Yes, it’s warm in here even with the AC turned on. You’re way overdressed girlfriend.”

“Maybe you’re right. I see you still have Winnie and you’ve shaved. What did Andy say about that?” I smiled.

“Yes, and I did. Andy doesn’t know it yet.” She replied as she turned down her side of the bed, leaning over watching me as I removed my threadbare tee.

“I’ll never get Winnie removed. I don’t care if Andy says he’ll divorce me if I don’t. Winnie has been part of my life for too long to get him removed. I have too many fond memories with him. I haven’t been bare in a very long time. I’d forgotten how good it felt.”

“I understand. I think it’s cute. I wouldn’t remove it either, altyazılı porno and I do like the new look.”

She smiled, “Thank you. Ready for me to turn out the light?”

I slipped into the bed, fluffed my pillow, lying there waiting for the room to go dark, “Yes, go ahead.”

With that, she flicked off the light on her side then crawled in next to me. We lay there for a few moments until she turned to talk to me in whispers. I could feel her nipple against my arm as I lay flat on my back with only the sheet covering me. Her voice was soft and smooth as she told me how she’d noticed each time I’d looked at Winnie, my eyes had a sort of dreamy look.

Her fingers skimmed over my abs as I tried to maintain my composure. They danced over my muscles, making me squirm much to her delight and mine. The old shy me was resurfacing, and I was trying to control it despite her actions and words. My thoughts of seducing her seemed to vanish as I allowed her seduction of me.

When her fingers moved over my panties, discovering my arousal, she gained more confidence. I knew I was a goner.

“You want this, don’t you, Celine,” her voice low and self-assured.

I stammered as I replied, “Yes, Monica. I do.”

She purred, “Good girl. I knew it.”

She rolled my face to hers with her free hand placing her lips against mine for a deep long sensual kiss. Her fingers returned to my tummy then worked their way under my panties.

Since Monica had started running, I’d noticed a change in her. Her face had become thinner, and she seemed to have a lot more energy than when we first met. Seeing her nearly nude before getting into bed confirmed my suspicions. She lost a couple of inches or so around her waist and in her legs. Her breasts, though, were still full and enticing.

I moaned into her mouth as she moved my now wet panties further to the side, so she had better access to me. I squirmed under her trying to wiggle my hands down to slip my now useless undergarment off for her.

She realized what I was doing, breaking our kiss, letting me rise enough to slip them off. Onto the floor, they went for me to trip on when I got up. I got another ‘good girl,’ which caused an audible sigh from me. Her lips met mine again, followed by her tongue-twisting in my mouth. My hips moved in sync with her finger, manipulations both of us moaning as she brought me closer to the orgasm I desired.

I managed to extract my lips from hers, whispering, “I want your breasts.”

She purred, “That’s my good girl. They are all yours, sweetheart.”

A chill ran through me as I moved so she could finger me as I suckled and nursed her full delicious boobs. Her free hand slipped through my hair as if petting a kitten, I felt exactly like one. I was softly feeding away on her sweet teats. Her single finger became two as I moved from breast to breast, cooing, and moaning.

Her sweet soft words of encouragement reminded me of Tam. However, Monica was completely different, and I loved that.

I continued suckling until she brought me to my first climax of the weekend. After the sweet ripples had subsided, I decided to visit Winnie. We’d been cuddling after that first delightful orgasm softly talking about how good it felt along with how she’s been wanting me since she first saw me. I told her it was mutual, but her wedding ring had been a hindrance up until this point. She sighed and fell silent. I took this as my cue to slip down her body so she could share in my blissful state.

Shrugging the remains of the sheet from us, I extracted myself from her loving grasp. I got off the bed, stepping on my panties just like I thought I would. Luckily, I didn’t trip. I did get a giggle from my new lover as she heard me stumble. I laughed and told her to hush while I climbed back onto the end of the bed, spreading her legs in the process.

I heard her moan her approval as I kneeled between them. I whispered a soft hello to Winnie, then proceeded to lick and kiss her sweet skin to my heart’s content. Monica voiced her approval with whispers of ‘Yes, Celine’ as my tongue traced her labia. Her legs parted further allowing me to envelop her thighs with my arms. I moved up to kiss Winnie playfully, telling him I was going to steal some of his ‘Hunny’ from the pot. That got a giggle from my love as I headed back down between her legs.

Her aroma was arousing as I took a deep breath, placing my tongue in Winnie’s prized possession. Marion squirmed as I licked and sucked her sweetness from her. My hands were softly massaging her smooth skin while I explored. The tip of my tongue touched her hood, sending a jolt through her. At first, I thought something was wrong; then, I realized she was enjoying the sensation. I continued playing there while she moved closer and closer to her first non-self induced orgasm in quite some time.

We laid connected, my face between her legs until she couldn’t take anymore, clamping my head between her legs, dousing my face in her sweet nectar.

When she finally released me, I returned to my pillow to snuggle with her once again. We laid awake, zenci porno whispering to each other far into the night until we both fell asleep.

The next morning began almost the same way the night had ended. We made love with slight variations this second time. The results were just as incredible as the night before. When we woke around mid-morning, we showered together, having barely enough room to move under the warm, soothing water.

We talked a bit about what we’d done, nothing serious, mainly about the good we both felt. I reminded Monica we needed to pick up our race bibs and shirts. She pouted, wishing we could spend the rest of the weekend in bed. We both realized she needed those and the finisher medals to make sure she didn’t arouse any suspicions with Andy. Besides, we’d done the training we deserved the medals.

Monica had brought some yogurt and bananas for our pre-race enjoyment. We dined on those while getting dressed for our shake-out run. It was short, a quick two miles, then back to shower once more before getting dressed for the Health and Race Expo.

We drove to the convention center where it was being held, following the signs we walked into a vast sea of displays and booths manned by fitness gurus, race directors, models, and fitness junkies. We marveled at all the destination races whispering to each other how much fun it would be to get away in such exotic places to run and play. I think Monica had more playing on her mind than running because when we’d stop at a booth, her hand would casually land on my tush as I bent over to look at something or sign up for a newsletter. She was enjoying teasing me, especially because I returned the favor. We commented to each other about the cute girls and guys hawking their products at the various booths. Both of us wondered what it might be like to have one in our room with us for the rest of the weekend.

Then reality hit when we found the line to get our goodie bags, filled with flyers, coupons, our race shirts, and bibs. We picked those up, walked around a little more then off to find something solid for a light lunch. With that accomplished, we went shopping, drove the race route, then back to the hotel to lay out by the pool.

I was enjoying my time with Monica. When she wasn’t flirty, we managed a few serious discussions about our lives, past, present, and future. I learned quite a bit about her younger days and her family. I told her about my life changes the past year, not naming names but, how they came about.

We talked about James and Andy, along with just about everything else in our lives. By the time we were ready for dinner, I think we were both talked out. We ate lightly, not wanting to have any problems during our run. After dinner, the room and bed sounded nice. It wasn’t late, and being overly enthusiastic to get to bed, we showered together, making out, soaping each other off, getting ourselves aroused as we did. Instead of making love, we decided to have a mutual masturbation session, figuring it would be almost as fun as actually going down on each other. We were wrong.

We dried each other off, softly patting each other down with our towels. Kissing and fondling as we did. As we got ready for bed, we were both bare naked. We teased each other as we made our way to the bed, which was neatly made by housekeeping earlier in the day. We both thought out loud, wondering what our housekeeper thought when they made the bed stained with our love juices from the night before. We shrugged it off with a laugh figuring she or he had probably seen more than we could imagine.

We were partially aroused from our shower and drying off, the air around us had the vague scent of sex as we slid into bed, the light on Monica’s side still on. We got comfy propped up on the pillows so we could watch each other as we got off. This was something neither of us had ever done, so we were winging it. Both nude, giggling as our fingers slipped between our legs. In turn, we told the other how we felt as we began. I talked about Monica’s luscious breasts while she spoke about my firm muscular abs and legs. We described how we enjoyed licking and kissing each other the previous night and morning.

Our moans grew more audible as our fingers explored within us. The descriptions heightened our arousals as we went into more detail. Our legs managed to cross, despite our agreement not to touch. We couldn’t help ourselves; we needed contact. As we became more excited, our willingness to go it alone seemed to waiver. We longed to kiss and touch each other rather than just talk, fingering ourselves to our mutual orgasm.

Monica eventually caved rolling over, offering me her Hunny soaked fingers to suck on. I willingly did just that as I offered mine to her. We lay looking at each other, sucking fingers, our legs rubbing each other until we couldn’t stand it.

I became the stronger one this time. I rolled on top of Monica, pinning back her hands above her head with one hand to feast once again on her lovely breasts. She started to say something. I told her to hush. After that, all aldatma porno I heard was her moaning as my lips toyed with her nipples. I used my tongue and teeth to drive her closer to her climax. The girl was enthralled as I moved my body against her phantom fucking her while I suckled.

She started whispering how good I felt, which heightened my arousal. I completely forgot about conserving energy for the race in the morning. I moved to the foot of the bed, lifting her leg to my shoulder. Her eyes widened as a lustful look took over, glaring at me. She knew what I was going to do, moving into position as I placed her leg against my body, letting our bodies connect at our pussies. It was awkward at first, moving and getting things aligned. When we did, my endurance training paid off. I’d vary my hip movements driving Monica crazy. I loved watching her facial expressions as I moved my nether lips over hers, varying directions and intensity. If there were any tendencies to tell me what to do left in her, they quickly vanished.

I had my love where I wanted her, begging me to let her cum. I smiled each time she asked only to slow down my gyrations, wanting her to beg some more. When I guessed she was as close as I was. I focused the intensity telling how much of a ‘good girl’ she was. A huge smile adorned her face as her head sunk back into the pillows. I pressed our vaginas together, her hands covering her breasts kneading her lovely orbs as we both reached a simultaneous climax.

Panting slightly, I slowed down, letting her orgasms continue with mine, soaking the bed together. When she opened her eyes, she lifted her arms to me, wishing to hold me close. Extracting myself, I joined her, legs rubbing like crickets slowly together. We kissed the sweat from each other’s foreheads delighting in the afterglow, cooing and kissing.

When our heartbeats returned to normal and our tingles subsided, we lay silent catching our breath until she turned out the light. We snuggled together, whispering to each other how much we lacked in self-control. We both laughed as we fell asleep only to be rousted at five to get dressed for the race.

We threw our things into our bags, thinking we wouldn’t be back before checkout time. Staying one more night would have been nice. It also would have screwed up Monica’s weekly routine and completely irritated Andy. Something Monica thought about and declined.

We quickly showered, ate a banana, and yogurt while dressing, then made sure we had our bibs safety-pinned to our shirts then took off for the race. Heading down to check out, we left our key cards with the clerk who wished us a good race.

We arrived about thirty minutes before the race, giving us enough time to stretch and warm-up. Both of us wondered how we’d do considering the extracurricular activity the night before. We both shrugged it off, telling each other we’d finish regardless. We’d decided to pace each other the entire race taking it reasonably easy. That went out the window around mile eight when my darling took off after some cutie in the shortest running shorts I’d ever seen.

I caught them both close to mile nine. They were talking running, so I joined the conversation. We kept up with the girl whose name was Carrie and indeed was a little hottie until Monica started running out of gas around mile eleven. She told us to go on, so we did after making sure she was okay. I kept talking with Carrie, looking back to be sure Monica was alright.

Close to mile thirteen, Monica was nowhere in sight. I mentioned it to Carrie, who showed concern about her also. We only had a half-mile to go, so I told Carried I was going to finish and then head back to check on Monica. She wished me luck hoping she was okay. I reassured her then took off crossing the line, getting my medal, a quick drink of water, then jogged back without interfering with the runners still on the course.

I caught Monica back at mile thirteen ‘socializing’ again with another group of ladies. I laughed then joined in pacing them until just before the finish line, where I went around to meet them and Carrie for hugs and congratulations.

It turned out all our new running friends were from out of state, which seemed to disappoint Monica more than me. We said our good-byes then out to the car for the ride home. Monica and I talked about the race and the weekend the entire way home. We both enjoyed it more than anyone will ever know.

I talked to Monica the following Saturday at our group run, Andy and the girls survived the weekend we were gone. The following weekend Monica and I ran our goal half. Much to my surprise, Andy was there along with Amber and Crystal, maybe Monica’s absence woke Andy up.

It’s been six months since that half marathon James, and I have continued seeing each. The sex hasn’t diminished one bit. It’s getting better and more varied. Monica and Andy have made a few changes from what Monica tells me. She’s two months pregnant with their third child. She and I have remained BFFs and haven’t been intimate at all. I’ve been exclusive with James and want to keep it that way. Mom has a new lover, a woman around her age whom she met on one of her business trips. They seem to be getting along nicely. I’ve met her, and she seems like a good match for mom. I’ve never heard from Tam, which is sad. I’ll always be grateful to her despite what she did to mom.

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