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Hi there reader. This is a new story of mine, and is one of what will be many attempts to break out and try to write in a very different category to the ones I’m used to. I will be giving several categories a go, many of which I haven’t ever written in before, or in some cases even thought about. I hope you enjoy the experiment!

Robyn sat on the edge of the beach, watching the waves crash upon the sand as the last few families packed up their towels and lifted tired little children into their arms. It was 5:45pm and the sun was setting, the sky turning from red and gold to a deep dark purple over the ocean. A boat passed by out in the distance, heading for the dock around the corner and of sight from the small stretch of shore. It was a beautiful, secluded place, with lush green grass and palm trees starting barely a dozen meters from the water, separating the soft sand from the winding mountain road.

Feeling the sun’s fading rays on her face, Robyn leaned back on her hands and sighed happily to herself. Despite the late hour and the simple t-shirt and shorts she was wearing she didn’t expect to feel cold anytime soon; it was a beautiful temperature, the sand felt wondrously hot between her toes, and a warm breeze was starting to blow as she swept her dark brown wavy hair over her shoulder.

Robyn’s relaxed state had to do with a lot more than the weather, though. It had been a busy few weeks for her, and from the minute her girlfriend Abby started talking about a trip to the coast, Robyn was hooked. Her parents had been a little shocked when she finally admitted that she was “coming out” — not to mention their surprise when they found out it was her best friend who she was romantically involved with. Robyn’s parents had known the athletic, bubbly girl with strawberry blonde hair since they were both little children — they were practically sisters growing up together — so once their initial amazement wore off they were actually very accepting, but it had been an emotional time for all of them. For Robyn, it was also another big step towards coming to terms with her new lifestyle; she owed Abby that much. The younger girl had loved her for the better part of their teenage lives.

The next step was moving into a new place together. Robyn was turning 21 in a few months, had started university and felt it was a good time to leave the nest, and it really wasn’t too hard since Abby had been saving up to get her own apartment anyway, so they had plenty to spare. At that point though most of her old friends had been able to work out what was going on between the two of them. It didn’t bother most, but one or two hadn’t spoken to her since. Robyn was unpacking her massive game and DVD collection when Abby had come home from a run and noticed the low mood in the air.

“Saw that creepy old guy by the lake again,” Abby said, putting down her hat and grabbing a glass of water. Robyn smiled.

“Could you almost hear him licking his lips this time?”

“Oh ha ha, very funny. Maybe you should come with me tomorrow morning,” Abby smirked, pushing up her boobs with her hands. “I don’t get much shake with these beautiful B’s…but maybe your curvy D’s will get his eyes off my ass!” She winked at Robyn, sitting down on the couch and throwing a pillow at her as she released her long straight hair from the ponytail she wore. “Not that you need the exercise…I like your sexy little curves right where they are thankyou!” Robyn laughed quietly. She had recently gotten a new bra that was a cup larger and had found it to be much more comfortable; Abby had joked about her toeing the line between Cs and Ds for the last few months and often said how her wishes had come true at last when Robyn accepted she was the larger size. Robyn knew she was joking around but at the time her mood just didn’t want to lift. Abby smiled at her, but then leaned forward, a look of concern on her face.

“Is everything OK?” she asked. “You really haven’t been yourself since yesterday afternoon.”

“It’s nothing, just…well, I haven’t heard back from Kayley, and…”

“Oh, yeah…her parents were always strict with her about saying her prayers,” Abby said bitterly. She then looked back at Robyn, her voice softening. “I’m sorry. Give it time; I’m sure Kayley will remember you’re still her friend soon.”

Robyn nodded, but Abby had been able to tell there was still doubt in her mind.

“Hey, I have an idea. You’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, and I think you need a break.” Abby sat down on the floor next to Robyn, taking her hands and looking into her brown eyes.

“How about we bring the last boxes of your things over here, jump in the car and go somewhere nice, what do you say?” Abby smiled, kissing Robyn’s hands. “Look, we said we’d take some time off work to get everything sorted and unpack your stuff, but gerçek porno really we’ve done most of it already…we need a vacation!”

“But where? Where would we go?”

“Well, it’s getting warmer now, so…how about the coast? There’s a beautiful seaside town I know of…”

Abby was cut off mid sentence as Robyn wrapped her arms around the slim young girl and kissed her light pink lips, rolling around on the lounge room floor together. Within two days they had found a place to stay and were packed and ready to go. Robyn still hadn’t heard from some of her friends, but for the time being none of it mattered; she and her girlfriend were staying in a beautiful beachside town on their first vacation together, away from everything and everyone.

As Robyn waited for Abby to fetch a bottle of their favourite wine from the car — a surprise, she had said, saved for a special moment — the last few tourists disappeared around the edge of the path leading out of the bay, and as she found herself completely alone on a quiet beach in front of a red and gold sunset she closed her eyes, thinking excitedly about their new life together.

Splash! Hmm…not quite alone. Robyn opened her eyes and looked down at the water’s edge, where a ripple was still moving out. Then a figure broke the surface, taking a breath and treading water. She could only see the person’s head, but she thought it was a woman. As she watched, the person swam a few metres then plunged under again, disappearing from view.

Robyn kept watching the water, wondering where they would surface. She saw movement at the edge of the shallows as the person surfaced again, this time standing up in the waist deep water and Robyn knew it was a woman. Her pale blue bikini was stretched modestly over a pair of round, C cup breasts and her long brown hair trailed at least halfway down her back. As she watched, the woman — no, girl, she must have barely been out of her teens — walked out of the water and up onto the sand, turning and sitting down on a black and white towel and taking a sip from a drink bottle.

Robyn found herself staring at her. It wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong, but…she couldn’t help feel a little guilty spying on this girl. She was about to turn away when the girl set the bottle down and leaned forward, hugging her legs and resting her chin on her knees, staring at the ocean. She’s sad, Robyn realized. The girl tugged at her hair, pulling it over one shoulder and stroking it in her hands, lost in thought. Robyn had a strange urge to go down there and put her arm around her.

As she thought this, the girl stood up again, readjusting her bikini on her slender hips and bending over to brush the sand off her towel, showing off a perky little backside. The view made Robyn’s thoughts change from comforting the girl to something else entirely. Woah, where did that come from? She walked down to the edge of the water and slowly stepped in, moving with the kind of smooth fluidness that came from living in the water all her life. She brushed her hair back over her shoulder, took a breath, and dived under, her bum poking up slightly as her legs kicked and she vanished. Five seconds later Robyn was still staring at the spot where her bikini clad cheeks had disappeared under the waves.

Robyn was still getting used to the idea of being in a relationship with a girl. She didn’t just wake up and decide that she would start checking out boobs and bums during a night on the town; Abby was the girl for her, and it was Abby’s body that she was attracted to. Besides, the two of them lived inland and mainly enjoyed skiing, camping and hiking — as such, neither of them had a lot of interest in beach babes. But now she sat on a deserted stretch of sand, watching a very attractive girl in a bikini, and if Robyn was being honest with herself…she was having trouble controlling her emotions. Her mind wandered to diving in with the girl, watching her turn at the sound of the splash with a smile on her face…

A splash brought Robyn back to the real world, where the mystery girl had surfaced and was flicking her hair back. Robyn imagined she could see the girl looking right at her as she did it, twisting her long hair in her hands, smiling. Robyn watched the girl pause in the shallow water, her hands reaching up past those perfectly round breasts to untie the top of the bikini, dropping it into the water as moved casually closer to the water’s edge. She couldn’t explain it, but Robyn’s own hands were automatically pulling at the ties on her shorts, her fingers slipping inside to touch the wet spot that was forming on her undies. The girl turned around, looking over her shoulder at Robyn as she pulled on her bathers, bending over slightly as the waistband slipped down over her ass. Robyn stifled a moan as the girl pulled them gay porno down and threw them away, parting her legs slightly. Robyn wished she could catch the bathers as her hand rubbed the wet patch of her panties, the girl turning back around to face her, revealing pink, hard nipples as she stepped up onto the beach, her hand dropping below her belly to her…

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the girl. But it was a more familiar voice. Robyn shook off the daydream and looked up to see Abby standing over her with the bottle of wine and some glasses, her emerald eyes framed by loose strands of her strawberry blonde hair. Her glance flicked down to Robyn’s hand in her crotch before she could hide it. Robyn blushed madly as she saw the girl paddling in the ocean, her bikini still firmly in place.

“I see you started the party without me,” Abby murmured, a cheeky smirk on her face. Robyn inexplicably had a sudden urge to please her, so she scooted over to the edge of the towel and grabbed Abby’s shorts, pulling them down and making Abby squeal. Robyn leaned in and planted kisses on her smooth athletic thighs and up towards her panties. Abby dropped the bottle and glasses and reached down to run her fingers through Robyn’s wavy hair.

“Wow, this I did NOT expect, but…mmmm…that feels nice,” Abby murmured. She closed her eyes and pushed her hips forward, enjoying the sensation of soft fingers running up and down her thighs, ruby lips getting ever closer to her panties. She shivered as Robyn planted one long, hungry kiss on her mound.

“I need to taste this.”

“Ahh, then…don’t make me wait any longer, please…”

With one quick motion Robyn yanked on Abby’s panties, tearing them slightly as she pulled them down to the younger girl’s ankles. Robyn’s fingers slowly moved up Abby’s thigh and very gently pressed against her wondrously soft folds. Abby’s legs shivered as those sweet full lips moved in again, placing a very soft, barely contained kiss on her pussy. She moaned as a wet tongue found its way to her entrance, gently flicking back and forth the way she loved.

“Ohhhh…Robyn, don’t hold back…I want it, I’m so ready.”

“Needed this pretty bad, have you?”

“You have no idea, really…please Robyn…”

Robyn didn’t care if they were in the open. The only person around was down in the water swimming, and Robyn wasn’t worried if she saw them at all, in fact, she almost hoped they would be spotted by the mystery girl. She licked up through those tender folds and swirled her tongue around Abby’s clit, gripping the girl’s round yet amazingly tight asscheeks in her hands. Abby’s thighs began to shake as she was already close to orgasm. Robyn could hear her lover’s breath quickening, slender fingers pulling lightly on her hair as Abby gasped and moaned above her. She hungrily slid her tongue up and down Abby’s pussy as her hands gripped Robyn’s hair even tighter.

“Oh god, Robyn, oh shit, I’m…uhh, uhhh!!!” Abby pressed a hand over her mouth, trying to stay quiet as Robyn moaned, sending vibrations through Abby’s pussy. It was too much for the girl and she came hard, shaking furiously and hugging the Robyn’s head to her lap. Robyn could taste Abby’s sweet release on her lips and slid her tongue over her entrance, gripping her asscheeks and pressing her lips lovingly against her folds.

Abby wrapped her arms around Robyn’s shoulders and slowly sank to her knees, kissing her hard on the lips. Robyn returned the kiss, her hands moving over the other girl’s ass and up her back, holding her close.

“That didn’t take long,” Robyn murmured cheekily as the younger girl panted, her cheeks a rosy red. “Been saving up for me have you?”

“Oh God Robyn, I just…I’ll explain later, right now I think you deserve some special treatment of your own.” Abby gently eased Robyn back onto the towel and tugged on her pants, pulling them down slowly. Robyn leaned back on her hands to watch her as Abby lowered her head to her pussy, licking at it softly at first, then taking longer licks, dragging the flat of her tongue over Robyn’s folds and her clit. Robyn shivered and bit her lip, her fingers holding onto the towel as Abby’s tongue touched her wetness and dipped inside her. She tried not to moan too loudly as she arched her back with pleasure.

When Robyn looked back down at her lover, gripping Abby’s hair in her hand, she spied the mystery girl behind her standing up in the water, her hands wringing out her hair and looking around, showing off her womanly curves. She must not have seen them, because she reached up and started to untie her bikini like in Robyn’s dream…except this wasn’t a dream anymore. Robyn blushed, watching the girl reveal her round, gorgeous breasts, letting them hang naturally. She dipped down into the water and Robyn watched as the girl pulled down evli porno her bikini bottoms, her lower half still under the surface, then stood again, walking out onto the beach with her bikini dangling from her hand, the water running down her body. Robyn heart was beating madly as the girl stepped out of the surf completely naked, her hair draped down her back, giving Robyn a full glimpse of that perfect body, the luscious curve of her hips leading down her long smooth legs…

Nip. Gasping, Robyn looked down to see that Abby had gently nibbled on her clit, and was now following her gaze over to the sand, where the girl had come onto the stretch of deserted beach and was starting to dry herself off. Abby looked back at her and smirked, licking long and roughly at Robyn’s pussy.

“Spying on a naked stranger? Naught naughty,” she murmured. Robyn was overcome with desire and grabbed her girlfriend, pulling her up on top of her and mashing her lips against Abby’s, their tongues swirling together. Robyn kissed her furiously as she felt Abby grind her hips into Robyn’s lap, taking the young girl’s hand and sliding it down her body, their fingers brushing through the soft brown hair that adorned her pussy. Robyn broke the kiss and lay back on the towel, biting her lip as Abby rubbed her delicate fingers over her clit while leaning down to kiss Robyn’s neck, flicking her tongue over it.

Robyn’s hands went around her lover’s back as she tilted her head, offering more of her neck to kiss. Her toes curled in the sand at her feet as Abby ran her fingers over her folds, biting her lip to keep quiet. She felt Abby’s finger press lightly at her entrance before suddenly plunging in and a cry of pleasure escaped her lips before she could hush herself. Frightened, but excited, she glanced over her lover’s shoulder at the mystery girl. The naked beauty had her head up and was looking around, as thought she’d heard something. She was looking almost directly at the spot they had picked, half hidden amongst the grass and sand hills. Robyn bit down a squeal as she felt another finger ease into her, a warm hand moving its way up under her shirt to rub one of her ample breasts, cupping it and playing with the hard nipple.

The girl went back to drying her amazing body off, apparently oblivious to the two people further up the beach in the tall grass. As Robyn gripped handfuls of her girlfriend’s hair, she watched their only witness pull a loose sleeveless top over her gorgeous breasts, wrap a sarong around her hips, covering her womanhood, and walk slowly away, her bum softly rocking with each step, until she was out of sight.

“Is she gone, my love?” Abby asked. Robyn blushed, nodding as she realized Abby knew she had been watching the girl. She had to bite her lip harder as Abby slid her fingers deeper into her pussy, spreading her legs to open herself up to her lover. Abby took advantage of this and worked her fingers in and out of the older girl, pulling up her t-shirt and taking a hard, pink nipple in her mouth. Robyn cried out in pleasure, unable to hold on any more as Abby sucked on her nipple, her tongue flicking back and forth rapidly while her free hand caressed her other breast. Robyn gripped Abby’s hair and pulled her pink lips to her own ruby ones, kissing her hard and wrapping her arms tightly around her hot body as she rode a wave of heat exploding between her legs. Abby didn’t slow down as Robyn closed her eyes and buried her face in her neck, weeping and sobbing with pleasure as she screamed her name.

After a minute or so Robyn had began to calm down, her thighs shaking madly on either side of Abby’s hand. Her legs parted and Abby half fell on top of her, kissing the panting girl as she shivered with pleasure. They held each other, the younger girl with strawberry blonde hair gently stroking and caressing Robyn’s exposed breasts while Robyn’s hand drifted back down to rest lightly on her lover’s tight little bum.

“Did you like her?” Abby asked. “The girl in the water I mean.”

Robyn blushed slightly, sighing as she looked down at the ocean lapping the sand. “Well, honestly she’s the only girl I’ve really taken any notice of other than you. But it doesn’t matter…she was just a girl in the water, nothing more.” She felt Abby’s arms wrap around her and knew it was ok. Snuggling into her girlfriend, she smiled and added, “She was cute though.”

“Indeed she was, very cute…”

Robyn looked up, something in Abby’s voice triggering a wet feeling between her already soaked legs. Abby just smiled, but Robyn knew that smile, and that voice. Robyn knew exactly what they meant.

“Well, we’re here to have fun aren’t we?”

Well, there it is: a different kind of story than I’m used to writing, and for a different audience too! I will be adding other stories in different categories really soon, but in the meantime if you liked this one you are welcome to send me some feedback, and perhaps I will write another! I actually have a few more planned for this particular couple…so if you want to know what happens next please let me know, and I’ll get it written!

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