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This is separate from the Sir (Jack) and pet (Rebekah) “storyline.” I’ve got a little storyline in place for this, and I intend on writing more of it in the future. I think I like the dynamic I’ve made up in my head better than the other one, at least for now. Feel free to send me your comments, your feedback, your (dirty) thoughts, or pictures of your boobies. Or mean comments, critiques, I’ll even take a picture of your penis. I mean I wouldn’t really like that but you know. I love hearing from my readers!

Disclaimer: Only adults of legal age should read, yada yada legal stuff. Credit must be given to me if shared elsewhere, yada yada yada, here comes the sex.


I sighed as I signed into the time clock to start my break. I work a retail job, and always look forward to my breaks to get away from the complete morons that are seemingly everywhere. As I walked towards the break room I stopped by one of the registers, looked all around me, and planted a big kiss on the cashier’s lips. She grinned widely then playfully tapped me on the shoulder and pushed me away. I winked at her and went to the break room, thinking about Kate, the love of my life.

Kate is almost six foot, has long, dark blond hair that goes down a few inches past her shoulders, and pale green eyes that are almost gray and very striking. She has high cheekbones, a generous mouth, an adorable nose, and lacks any kind of blemishes on her face, save for one beauty mark below her right eye. Her breasts are on the smaller side, but are very firm and just big enough to emphasize how her stomach, which has the makings of a six pack, curves in before reaching her hips, giving her amazing curves despite being seemingly unable to gain weight. Her butt has a bit of meat on it, surprisingly, and is firm enough that if someone were to throw a quarter off it, the quarter would come back at triple the speed. She also has an adorable back dimple. Kate’s long legs are tan year round, are extremely toned, and when she shows them off they have a tendency to even draw attention away from her strikingly beautiful face. She’s very graceful and charming, but is also very shy so most people never know. It would be impossible to call Kate anything but gorgeous, yet she seems to be completely unaware of it.

The microwave beeped as I walked in, letting me know that the soggy microwave pizza I’d put in a few minutes ago was done. Damn I’m good I thought to myself, before quickly cursing out loud as I burned my freaking fingers on the pizza. I let out another sigh as I licked my finger clean of sauce and sat down, pulling out my phone to pass the hours it would take for my food to cool down.

It’d only been about five minutes or so, when I heard the main door open. Our break room is kind of door city, as it has one door from the main store, which leads into a long hallway with a door on the left and right, the bathrooms, before another door at the end of the hallway with an Employees Only sign. It may sound creepy, but I had to only hear the gentle footsteps to know exactly who it was, so I grinned quickly, then did what I always did when Kate walked into a room; pretended to be asleep. I’m not sure how the whole pretend to be asleep thing got started, but it was pretty much accepted by both of us that it was just a way of life.

As the door opened I faked a snore, which in turn made me choke on my own spit like a 1 year old and cough up a storm, Kate laughing in the background the entire time. I let out a mental sigh, ready for this day to be over and to just go home. My vision was blurry as I opened my eyes, and Kate was looking at me, having a hard time controlling her laughter.

“Go ahead and yuck it up,” I said with faux-anger. “I could have just died and then how would you have gotten home, hm?”

“Like this,” Kate said, reaching into my pocket and grabbing the car keys. She wiggled them in front of my face a little bit to taunt me, as I fought to keep a smile from my face. “Not so tough now, are ya sport?” She handed them back to me and I took them, mumbling under my breath the entire time.

“What the hell are you doing in here Kate? Isn’t there someone you should be cashiering?”

“Well I was coming in to fill up my tummy with my boyfriend, but since Old Man Jenkins is the only one here I guess I’ll come back later.”

I grinned, unable to keep up the annoyed act. She always put me in a good mood. “What are you hungry for? The fridge is pretty empty, and someone decided she didn’t need to bring lunch today. And I’m not sharing my pizza.”

She almanbahis adresi smiled her I’m up to something but I refuse to tell you because watching you guess is more fun to me, smile, before saying innocently, “Well I’d made other plans.”

I opened up my palm to show her the keys. “Wanna go somewhere?”

Her smile widened. “Nope”

“Order something here?”

“I had something else entirely in mind,” she said, her smirk reaching its peak, while my brain came to a crashing halt.

“Fine,” I sighed. “You can have some of my pizza.”

“I don’t want your damn pizza you idiot.” Something in her eyes and voice finally clicked and I got what she meant.

“Oh. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhh!,” I said excitedly. To think just a few minutes ago I wanted this day to end, and now I was gonna get a blowjob, at work even. My brain kicked back into gear as I realized the circumstances. “At work? We could get fired if we’re caught. What brought on this sudden risk-taking attitude?”

Her eyes met mine and they were smoldering as she got down on the floor. “Well,” she slowly began, taking her time as she unbuckled my belt. “This morning,” she kissed the outside of my jeans where my cock was resting. “Someone decided to stab me in the back,” she undid my belt and unzipped me, now kissing my cock through my underwear. “With their little friend,” my cock began to stir as she kissed it once again. “And I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all morning,” she finished, kissing the hardening tip of it through my underwear, her eyes meeting mine as she did. Slowly, she licked the outline of my cock, looking at me the entire time and smiling, and in between one moment and the next I felt my cock spring into action. Kate purred her approval. “There we are,” she said, giving it one more kiss before moving to pull it out.

“Wait,” I said, moving the chair to the break table and raising up the table cloth. “Get under here, just in case someone comes in.”

“Oh fine,” Kate said, sliding along the floor on her knees. “But you’re no fun sometimes.”

Once she was under the table I fixed the table cloth, luckily oversized to the point where it actually hit the floor, to where it would block all view of her but I could still watch her work. She nodded her approval as she reached into my underpants and firmly grabbed my almost-erect cock, pulling it out of my underwear. She began stroking it slowly but with a tight grip, looking at me while she did.

“Does this feel good,” she whispered. I grunted and nodded in reply. She had an iron-like grip on my cock and her hands felt as soft as marshmallows. “Good,” she said, before touching the very top of me with her tongue. She licked all around the eye, even sticking her tongue a tiny bit inside it, the whole time slowly stroking my cock with her iron grip.

Kate then decided she wanted a bit more of a taste, and took me in her mouth, her lips completely enveloping the tip of my cock and resting just below the head. Her tongue flicked all around my cock, moving at seemingly light speed, while she tightened her grip on my cock and looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes. It was so hot, and felt so good, that had I still been a teenager I probably would have just cum at that moment, but as it was I simply moaned and moved her hair out of her face.

Being the expert that she was on the arts of pleasuring my cock, she didn’t stop there. She instead took her other hand and began massaging my balls. She grinned at the look on my face, her tongue still flittering over the tip of my cock, her other hand still squeezing my cock for all its worth. She stayed in this position for just a few seconds, before releasing my cock from her mouth. “You know, you’re going to owe me so much oral for this,” and with a wink she took her hand from my cock and replaced it with her mouth, taking my entire 8″ in with ease. I let out another quiet moan, my hand idly moving the hair from her face as she looked up at me. Kate is so good with eye contact during a blowjob, she’s basically fucking you with her eyes as much as her mouth.

She kept my dick in her mouth for about 10 hours, or seconds, (it was hard to tell at this point) before sliding off it, wet sounds and spit trailing as she took it out. She looked back up at me once she took a breath, then grabbed my cock with both of her hands, squeezing it to the point where it almost hurt, as she stroked it. A soft kiss was placed on the very tip as she did this, me lost in near ecstasy by now.

I snapped out of it quickly almanbahis adresi though, as I heard the outer door open up. “Shit,” I whispered with force. Kate immediately pulled her head back under the table but left her hands on. I looked down at her as I heard footsteps approach, as if asking her what the hell she was doing, and I was met with a devilish grin. I was about to question her when I heard the doorknob click, so I quickly moved the table cloth back into place and picked up my pizza, acting as natural as I could. You know, given the two hands around my soaking wet cock.

“Have you seen Kate?” my coworker, Bill, asked, his head poking in. Bill was someone I considered a friend, but not a close friend. A lot of people actually thought we were related, simply because we had (close to) the same red-brown hair and blue-gray eyes. That’s where the similarities ended though. Where Bill had short, buzz cut hair, mine was a bit longer and always a tiny bit messy. Bill was only average height, if that, and I was around 6’4. Bill was skinny enough to hide behind a grain of rice and had seemingly no muscle tone, while I had what Kate called “working man muscles.” (whatever the hell that means.) He was a nice guy, and he had a not-so-hidden crush on Kate, and our roommate, Riley. I’m pretty sure he thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet for living with two beautiful women. He didn’t know the half of it.

“Sure haven’t,” I said, taking a bite of pizza, trying to keep my voice calm. It was especially hard with Kate rubbing her thumb over the tip of my slobbery cock. I chewed, and took a breath, getting my thoughts together, trying not to get all squirmy. I didn’t even have to look to know Kate had that mischievous grin on her face again, as she teased my dick. “She hasn’t been in since I’ve been in here. Why do you ask?”

“No reason, just had a question for her.”

I took a shallow breath, trying to hide it so he wouldn’t ask any questions. Kate had taken to kissing the tip of me, her tongue just barely going into the hole. “Anything important? I can send her a text,” I offered, as I always would. I prayed he would say no and just leave.

He shook his head and I about fainted with relief. “Nah, don’t worry about it. She’ll turn up. Enjoy your lunch.” With a wave he left.

I waited for both doors to close before I took another breath, looking down at Kate instantly as I did. My dick was back in her mouth, halfway to be exact, and I gave her a wtf are you doing look and she simply gave me an innocent stare that she knew would drive me wild. My Kate didn’t get into pleasing my manhood very often, but when she did she knew exactly how to push my buttons. The woman was an expert in the ways of the cock. (Albeit an unwilling trainee)

I kept looking at her, and finally she took my cock out of her mouth, smacking her lips on the tip as she did. Damn its hard to keep a logical thought in your head with a beautiful woman sucking your dick. “What?” she asked in her most innocent voice.

“You know what!” I said, a little more harshly than I meant to. “If he had come in here he would’ve seen you, what were you thinking?!”

She kissed my cock again. “Calm down, its bad for your heart to get angry.” Another kiss, this time with tongue. “I was just thinking how badly I wanted this here dick in my mouth,” she said, grabbing it firmly in one hand while motioning towards it with the other.

I just looked at her, getting ready to respond, but before I could she started to very slowly stroke me again, her grip just as tight as before, her hand sliding along effortlessly, aided by her own saliva. I sighed, both in pleasure and resignation. “Just, I dunno, hide under the other end of the table next time. If he’d come in he could’ve seen you.”

She pouted her lower lip. “You’re no fun.” Her hand never stopped stroking my dick. I gave her a hard look, at least the hardest I could given the circumstances, and she simply grinned and gave me a salute. I smiled and shook my head as she took my dick back in her mouth, deep throating it effortlessly.

“Damn you’re good.” I said. Normally I don’t compliment her on her cocksucking because given how she learned to do it she finds compliments on it more than a little annoying, but she knew I was joking. Nevertheless, she glided her teeth along my dick as she pulled it back out of her mouth. Not so hard as to break skin, but still harder than in a normal blowjob. I grinned, and she couldn’t help but grin back.

“You ass,” she said, smiling at me as almanbahis adresi her hand sped along my dick. She continued to stroke me for a minute or so, getting me back into the mindset of sex, and I realized that I was rather close to blowing my load all over her face. Our eyes met again, and her stroking slowed steadily, until it came to a complete stop. “Oh, are you close to cumming, darling,” she asked with a grin. I simply nodded, my mouth unable to form any noise as I felt my cum retreat back down. Kate looked at me, using my expression to judge when to start sucking me off again. I gave the tiniest inclination of my head, and she took my dick all the way back in her mouth.

I felt my fists clench on their own accord as I willed the cum to wait. She nodded her approval and pushed me in farther inside her, her nose pressing against my pubic hair now. Kate couldn’t have much breath left, or room for that matter, but she tried taking even more of me in, seemingly attempted to swallow my entire body cock-first. Her hands reached around my back, and she pulled me closer to her, my cock going just a tiny bit more down her throat.

It took my entire brain capacity at this point to not cum, especially when she looked up at me, her eyes getting teary, but somehow I was able to take my hands and lace my fingers together behind her head, thrusting more of me down her throat. Her nose was at the point where it was hard to tell where my crotch ended and her nose began, and when she looked up at me, her beautiful eyes slightly reddened and damp, my pubic hair, which is kept short and trimmed, actually looked to impede her vision.

There was no way whatsoever she could force any more of me into her mouth, and there was no way whatsoever I was going to last any longer. And when I felt her tongue tickle the bottom of my shaft, and felt her head move around, my dick touching the sides of her throat, and in that moment I felt my muscles clench, including my hands still forcing her head into my crotch, and I exploded inside her mouth, covering it with my cum, our eyes locked together. Spurt after spurt of cum came out of my cock, my whole body shivering from the intensity of the orgasm. By the fourth spurt I had the presence of mind to move my hands so Kate wouldn’t drown, literally, in my cum, but she shook her head when I did, so I put my hands back where they were. I let out a soft moan as another spurt of cum came out, my urethra expanding to compensate for the heavy load. (pun intended)

Finally, after around seven or eight spurts of cum, I felt my orgasm subside and closed my eyes, breaking off the eye contact we had. Like I said before, one of the best parts of Kate’s blowjobs is her eye-fucking, and the best part is how she will look right in your eye as you cum down her throat. That and the lack of gag reflex of course.

I let out a breath of exhaustion and felt my hands fall to my side. Kate slowly slid off my cock, slurping any remaining cum as she went. She wasn’t even out of breath when she had her mouth free, showing her mastery of nose-breathing. Kate grinned at me, a tiny amount of cum between her lips, before licking the cum and swallowing it down. Then she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and starting at the base of my cock, she slowly, with an extremely tight grip, made her way to the tip, milking the rest of my cum out. A tiny bit more came out, and she took her first finger and glided it around on the tip of my cock. The still incredibly sensitive tip of my cock.

“Owwww,” I said, cringing from the weird pain-like sensation. This didn’t stop her of course, if anything she moved her finger around faster. Within ten seconds or so my tip wasn’t as sensitive anymore, so she stopped swirling her finger around, her fun over, and once again put the very tip of my dick into her mouth. I let out a grunt as I felt another tiny spurt of cum eject from my cock. Kate laughed at her accomplishment, before I felt her swallow it. Then she let go of my cock, smacking her lips one last time on the tip as she let go.

“Desert too!” she exclaimed like a six year old girl. “You’re so good to me babe. This was the best lunch ever!” And with a touch of her finger to my dick, she put it back in my underpants, half erect now, redid my jeans and even zipped them up.

“Ahh,” Kate began. “I don’t know about you, but that was both satisfying and incredibly filling.”

I caught my breath, replying, “Yea, not a half bad way to spend lunch.”

She grinned at me and blew me a kiss, leaving me to my pizza. I began to hear her walk away before she turned around and poked her head back in.

“I hope you know there is going to be SOOOO much pussy licking from you tonight to show your gratitude for my awesome-girlfriended-ness.”

I grinned. “Looking forward to it Kate.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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