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“Rue, guess what?”


“I won.”

“Won, won what? Wait, you won that all expenses paid trip?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“You are such a lucky charm, I’m happy for you.”

“Sooo the trip is for two.”

“Okay, you’re taking mum with you then?”

“No, she refused and suggested I take my bestfriend.”

“Ohh okay. Wait, that’s me.”

“Yes, will you go to Greece with me?”

“Oh my God, Eric. I- wow. This is big, I mean- thanks, I’d love to but you know how my mom is. She will never let me go next door, let alone out of the country and with a boy at that.”

“Rue, you’re a young woman about to complete her first degree. Talk to her before I give my tickets away.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because there’s nobody else I would rather go with.”

“Your siblings would be wounded.”

“I can’t pick either one, please go with me.”

“I mean, I’ll try but don’t get your hopes up Eric. You know my mom.”

“Talk to her, beg, cry. Do whatever.”


“We’ll take your bags to your suite.”


“I can’t believe we’re actually here Eric. Thank you for bringing me to Greece.”

“You’re welcome.”

Rue walks ahead of me, looking out at the sea and she’s smiling so hard, it warms my heart. I’ve been in love with my bestfriend for forever but I’m scared to tell her because she might not feel the same and I don’t want to lose her.

We freshen up and go out on a half day historical tour of Athens. She takes off her dress and goes into the ocean to swim with the turtles. I stand on a rock in my trunks taking pictures and videos of her sexy thick ass in a bikini.

In the evening, she wears a flirty dress with slippers and we go out into the streets of Athens to enjoy some Greek food and explore the nightlife.

We get back to our suite around eleven and we cuddle in the huge king bed, talking. Somehow the conversation ends up being about intimacy from haloumi kebabs.

“Eric, do you think I have intimacy issues?”

“No you don’t, unless its sexual because then I wouldn’t know.”

“My last boyfriend, we uh, tried to go past just kissing and when he put his hand under my dress, I just freaked and ran.”

“If you’re not ready, it’s okay, but I have to ask…”


“What are you fears?”

“Uhm, what if… what if he doesn’t like the way I smell or the way I feel?”

“He would be a fool, I’m sure you would smell and feel amazing, you’re amazing at everything else.”

She blushes and I smile. Fuck, this conversation has me thinking of all the things I would do to her if she were mine.

“So you’re secure about the way you taste?”

“I thought guys don’t like to, you know.”

“They don’t like to eat it, taste it, fuck it with their tongue?”


“I would love to. If she wanted it, I would.”

“Have you?”

“No, it’s intimate. I would do it for the girl I love.”

“Oh. Well, goodnight.”

She turns and pushes into me. I wrap my arms around her and I try to sleep but my mind is filled with images of eating her.


“Rue, bahis siteleri wake up.”

I start to kiss her neck, fuck I’m risking things but I need her.

“Wake up baby.”

She moans and wakes up.

“Eric,” it comes out breathy.

“Hi,” I claim her lips and she freezes before she starts to kiss me back passionately. I push away the blankets and get on top of her, never breaking the kiss.

“Eric,” she says, breaking the kiss.

“Please don’t stop me Rue.”

“Our friendsh-“

“I’ll always be your bestfriend Rue, be mine tonight.”

“I- Eric-“

“I won’t finger you or put my cock in you but let me taste you. Please, fuck. Just a taste baby, it will be our secret. Please.”


“Swear it baby.”

I claim her lips again then I start to kiss down her body. I push my t-shirt up her body and start to kiss the front of her thick thighs. I can’t wait to feel them squeeze my head as she cums on my tongue.

As I kiss her inner thighs her body tenses and she says my name.

“Relax baby, do you trust me?”

She nods her head.

“Good girl, relax.”

I resume kissing her inner thighs and watch as the wet spot in her panties grows. Finally, I put my head between her legs and take a deep breath. Her sweet, musky scent makes my cock harder and I growl into her pussy making her squeal.

I lick the wet spot and she squirms her hips. A few licks into it and I start to slowly slide down her panties. She looks hesitant so I ask, “Should I stop baby?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, just- if you don’t li-“

“Stop, I already love the way you smell. Trust me, I want all of this.”

She nods her head and I slip her panties off her legs.

“Spread your legs love,” she spreads them a little.

“Wider Rue, let me see you.”


“Legs. Spread them.”

I watch as her thighs spread apart to reveal her beautiful, wet pussy.

“Fuck, you have a beautiful pussy. It’s so wet. You like the idea of my tongue on you?”


“Me too.”

I dip my head and kiss her pussy. My lips come away sticky with her arousal which I immediately lick while looking into her eyes.

“H-how does it taste?”

I kiss her pussy again, longer this time and move up her body.

“Why don’t you taste for yourself?”

Her tongue sticks out tentatively to lick my lips then we’re passionately kissing for a while.

“Touch me,” she begs.

“I can’t, I’ll be tempted to feel your pussy around my fingers.”

“It’s okay, just make the ache go away.”

“Baby, you-“

“Please, please make the ache go away Eric.”

“Let me kiss it away.”

I don’t take my time getting my head between her legs. I french kiss her pussy and feel her shivering as her fingers slide into my hair.


I growl into her pussy to let her know I heard her moan my name. Her hips roll against my mouth and I flick my tongue on her clit, up and down her clit.

“Moree,” Rue cries.

Her fists tighten in my hair and she pulls my online casinolar face deeper into her womanhood.

I tentatively push my tongue into her tight hole and she gasps, her fists damn near pulling out my hair but fuck, that pain is worth her pleasure. She cries out as my tongue slowly slides in and out her pussy.

My thumb rubs her clit as my tongue makes love to her wet womanhood.


I groan into her pussy.

“Oh my God, Eric. Eric, fuck. I-“

My thumb circles and rubs her clit harder then she spasms and her wetness floods my mouth. I drink her up happily.

Her body flops as her orgasm finally subsides.

“Mmm Eric, that was, amazing.”

“You liked it?”


“Good because I’m not done with you.”

I use my thumb to play with her clit and slide it up and down her wet slit, collecting wetness to massage into her clit.

“Please Eric.”

“What do you want baby?”

“Put it in, please.”

“You need to come baby?”

“Yes Eric.”

“Get on your hands and knees Rue, let me eat your pussy from the back. Don’t argue.”

“Should I arch all the way?”

“Yes baby, do that gymnastics shit I like.”

Her generous ass in my face is a call to the beast in me. I slap her ass close to her dripping pussy and she moans.

“Again baby,” she cries and I slap her ass. She pushes her ass back and I keep slapping until she’s red and her pussy is gushing.

My tongue finds her wet hole as I massage her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and gently pushing them together. I reach under and use one hand to play with her clit.

Her moans sound muffled and I know she’s got her face in the pillows, I stop.

“Nooo Eric,” she complains, her head raised.

“Keep that face out of the pillows, I want to hear you moan.”

“Okay, please continue.”

I resume rubbing her clit and I slap her ass hard.

“Oooo baby.”

My tongue teases around her hole before I plunge it in. I grip her ass with both hands now as I focus on plunging my tongue into her pussy. She rocks onto my tongue, pussy squeezing down on it. To send her over the edge, I reach down and slap her clit.

“Eri-” she gasps and starts to breathe harshly as she trembles, cumming hard on my tongue. She keeps rocking and fucking herself onto my tongue through her orgasm while gasping hard.

“Get on your back baby.”


“This is for me love, get on your back.”

Loyally, she turns and lays on her back, legs spread wide.

“I know you make yourself come, I’ve heard you before. I want to watch.”

“What? When?”

“You were home alone and I came to visit you. The door was unlocked so I came in, I could hear you moaning when I was near your room.”

“I’m mortified.”

“Don’t be, at least it was me and fuck me, your moans are the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard.”

“Uhm, I was massaging my clit.”

“Do it.”

“I need to wipe away the wetness, I need the friction for pleasure.”

“Wait, how do you do it?”

“I put two fingers around my clit gerçek para casinoları and massage. I squeeze my thighs for pressure so you can’t really see anything.”

“So you’ve never put anything inside you?


“Wow, thank you for giving me that honour. Spread your legs and massage your tits for me through the shirt.”

“I’ll take it off if it pleases you.”

“I want you to be comfortable love,” she takes off my shirt and I stare at her tits.

My mouth waters at the sight of her rock hard nipples, I want to suck them into my mouth and flick them with my tongue, so that’s what I do.

“S-s-so warm baby,” she cradles my head to her chest, keeping my attention on her tits. I squeeze them together and play with both nipples.

I feel her hips buck up and I go back to sucking one nipple as my hand trails down to her pussy and massages her clit. Her hand suddenly cups mine and manoeuvres my middle finger into her pussy just a little.

I pop her nipple out of my mouth and look at her.


“Please, fuck. I’m ready for it.”

“Okay baby, I’ll take care of you.”

Slowly, I push my finger into her, watching her face for discomfort. She moans as my finger sinks in deep into her wet pussy.

“Fuck Rue, you’re so fucking tight. I’m going to pull out now, okay baby?”


“How does it feel?”

“Weird, good weird. Keep going.”

Soon we find a rhythm that feels good for her and she starts to moan. I take my head back between her legs and suck her clit into my mouth.

“Fuck yes Eric.”

Her moans encourage me and I swirl my tongue around her clit whilst my finger steadily moves in and out of her.

Her legs start shaking well before and I can hear her gasping and moaning. Her thighs then clamp around my head and she starts to fuck my face wildly, her juices all over my face, dripping down my chin then she screams as her orgasm hits her.

I grab her ass and hold her to my mouth, I’m drinking all of her wetness tonight.

“F-fuck, E-Eric. Pleaase. Stooop.”

I hear her but I can’t stop. I’m hungry, thirsty, and I need to satiate myself.

“T-t-too m-much.. babe.”

I growl into her pussy, sucking her pussy lips and flicking her clit with my tongue. My grip on her ass is still strong as she tries to squirm away from me.

I raise my head only to say, “Don’t run Rue.”

My tongue plunges into her pussy and she screams, “Oh fuck!”

My head is too far gone, I’m getting too much pleasure from making her cum. Her hands weakly try to push my head away and fail. I feel her thighs clamp harder on my head but I don’t care, all I need is to feel her cum on my tongue one more time.

Her body starts to quiver and I struggle with holding her down but I succeed. She lets out a wild growl of my name then her hips buck against my mouth. A flood escapes her pussy and I can’t swallow all of her juices. My cock explodes in my boxers and I feel the warm cum around my cock and balls. Her juices drip down my chin onto the sheets as I shudder, my cock spasming as I cum hard.

I hear her sobbing my name and lick her clean before moving up to lay beside her.

“H-hey, baby, why you- why you crying?”

“It was too- t-too good.”

“Awww baby,” I let her calm down and take a breath from my surprise orgasm.

“We should shower before bed.”

She nods weakly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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