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Author’s Note: From my previous experience, many will find this material objectionable. It’s not romantic in any sense of the word. It’s just a prurient sexual tale for people with a taste for sexual competition. For those that do like this, or portions of this story, I would very much appreciate your comments. I’m looking for people to bounce ideas off and get inspiration. If you are into this subject matter let me know what you think. Please send me feedback via the site with some way of sending return comments (use a temporary web email account if you want to be anonymous).

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New Neighbors

For several months, Denise and Daniel experienced a wonderful change from their apartments in the city. The newfound privacy of living in this semi-rural location was great for their relationship. They went on long walks, and swam together. Instead of going out on weekends, Denise and Daniel spent slow time together in their new home, painting, gardening and fixing things up.

Normally, Denise was emotionally very reserved, and Daniel did not think much about his feelings or desires. That started to change.

Denise’s temperament, in particular, eased. Her normal state was very competitive and matter of fact. As a go-getter in a stressful job, combined with regular tennis tournaments, everything she did outside of the home was about getting the heart rate up and fighting to win. She liked winning. She was quite sure that if she were still on the college swim-team, she would still be winning metals.

Daniel was always more easy-going. This new landscape suited him perfectly. Everything about the lake and park around the lake was calming; allowing his mind to do what it did best, wander aimlessly. It also gave him opportunity to share intimate time with his wife.

Daniel knew that Denise had a healthy ego, and loved to have her style, clothes and body complimented. Denise felt that Daniel must like the same.

For the first time in their marriage, they started exploring their sexual fantasies. Two reoccurring themes were swinging and strangers. Daniel would pretend to be the milkman coming to deliver, while Denise wore a sexy maids outfit. While they agreed it was just a fantasy, pretending was a lot of fun. They never acted on their swinging fantasies, but loved to talk about them. It was about risk and reward. Often the phrase, “what would my wife/husband say” would cause silly laughs as they played out these sexual fantasies. Daniel admitted that he, like most men, had fantasized about having sex with two women at once. Denise laughed thinking that Daniel had a hard enough time satisfying one woman, but instead said the opposite, “You are such a man! You would tire out an entire harem of women.”

Denise did not mention that this thought got her thinking about sexual situations with two men. She had always been very conservative in her style, manner and sexuality. Just normal monogamous sex, thank-you-very-much! But the new freedom of her new surroundings, being so much closer to nature, made her feel more relaxed and loose. And the thought of two or more men pleasuring her was a new fantasy. Which men? Her imagination roamed to sexual fantasies with movie stars and mystery men.

A trace of guilt washed over Denise as she thought of other men. And perhaps in defense, she would whisper in Daniel’s ear, as she felt his erection penetrate deep inside her, that Daniel had the best cock of any man she knew. What man doesn’t like being told his dick, his sexuality, is the best? Denise had not considered that. But she liked that she found one more way to pump up the virility of her husband.

Daniel, for his part, knowing Denise’s competitive nature, returned the compliment, saying how much better Denise’s body was than other women’s. Denise did work out daily now, and rightly deserved the compliments. These comparative compliments, not just how “sexy you are,” but rather how much “sexier you are than…” declarations, compared to others, became a regular part of their foreplay.

A few months after Denise and Daniel settled in, another couple, Joy and Jim, moved into the adjoining condo. Joy and Jim laughed as they introduced themselves as “J-n-J”.

“And you must be DnD?,” Jim said laughing.

Denise and Daniel faked a laugh. Both were quickly uncomfortable at how gregarious and extroverted “J-n-J” seemed to be.

Daniel and Denise watched Joy and Jim unpack.

When Daniel made a move to go help them, Denise grabbed Daniel’s shoulder and held him back. Denise felt that Daniel was staring at Joy too much. She felt that Joy’s cut off shorts were way too short. And what was with that 1970s style halter-top? So tacky and passé! Denise gave Joy a disapproving look as Joy bent over, giving Daniel a good look at her ass.

Joy caught Daniel’s stare. She liked it. Joy didn’t think twice about her clothes. While she liked the effect her body had on men, she didn’t wear this outfit to impress anyone. “Just slumming it,” she thought Uzun porno to herself as she got dressed that morning. Joy would say that she wanted as easy going a life as possible. That really meant not wanting to worry, or think too hard, about anything or it’s consequences. That meant that putting on a show for another woman’s husband, right in front of her, was no big deal. But Daniel’s wife’s cold expression put Joy in check. What’s her issue? Joy thought.

Then Jim came back out to grab another box, and he made direct eye contact with Denise. Denise was completely taken aback and quietly thrilled. Jim’s bright blue eyes penetrated deep into Denise, and touched some libido inside her mind that she kept all to herself.

Denise recovered and clutching Daniel’s arm, she directed him back into their house.

“I didn’t think you liked brunettes,” Denise said to Daniel as she looked over her shoulder at Jim and Joy.

“You know I prefer blondes!” Daniel said flicking some of Denise’s light colored hair with his finger.

What was that about? Daniel thought.

Denise was upset all day, but that night it got even worse.

The couples’ bedrooms shared the same wall. Denise was horrified to hear passionate banging, moaning and groaning from the other side of the wall. Denise never made a sound when she had sex, and she certainly had no desire to listen to other people having sex. This was intolerable.

After a few minutes the noise stopped.

Daniel could see that Denise was upset and said, “That didn’t last long.”

Denise grumbled “I guess Jim can only satisfy Joy for five minutes before he tires out.”

That comment struck a cord with Daniel who thought about his own performance. How many times had he shot his load in five minutes then tired out? He was always dissatisfied with his longevity. So even though Denise meant this as an insult to “JnJ” on the other side of the wall, Daniel took it as a challenge.

Daniel started to kiss and fondle Denise, and soon they were pulling each other’s nightclothes off. Daniel pinned Denise down to the bed, and mounted her like he knew she loved. He thrust his erection deep into her and she moaned with pleasure. Unfortunately, Daniel felt he was going to come right away. He would never admit that he was thinking about Joy in her short shorts. After four or five strokes Daniel was sure he was about to come.

As strong a personality as Denise had, in bed she became quite docile. Denise’s eyes widened as Daniel’s erection seemed to grow longer and harder. “Yes, you are such a man!”

There was a voice from the other side of the wall that sounded like it repeated “such a man” back. Then there was some laughter.

Daniel fell from the height of excitement, and instead of ejaculating prematurely, his dick went limp.

“I’m sorry sugar. I got distracted. I don’t like them listening to us.”

“Don’t let them stress you out!” Denise snapped.

Denise and Daniel were quiet for some time as they thought about their neighbors, and Daniel’s lost hard on. Daniel started to kiss his way down Denise’s stomach to her pussy, but she stopped him grabbing his head.

“You should talk to them tomorrow about being quieter. Or may they should move their bedroom?”

Daniel paused for a moment, not liking this idea at all. “I can’t just tell them to move their bedroom.”

“You want to listen to that racket for the rest of our lives? I’m telling you, I’m not comfortable with them hearing us every night either.” Denise said in a yelling whisper.

“What am I supposed to do? Just knock on their door and say, ‘oh by the way, we can hear you having sex and want you to move your bedroom.'”

“That’s exactly what I think you should do. They already know we can hear them. They can hear us right now. Daniel, it’s the manly thing to do for your wife.”

On the other side of the wall, Joy and Jim sat quietly listening to Daniel and Denise’s conversation. The sounds of Denise and Daniel’s voice grew more firm and angrier but were always very faint, just barely audible. Then the voices softened and it was quiet.

Jim could not hear what they were saying and didn’t really care. In a few moments, he was snoring.

Joy could hear everything. Joy heard that comment Denise made about Jim only lasting five minutes, and it burned. Joy couldn’t sleep as she thought about the couple on the other side of the wall. Joy was sure that her neighbors were still arguing so she propped herself up, and placed the side of her head against the wall to listen. The thought of the neighbor’s argument made her feel good in a devilish catty way.

Joy had taken an instant dislike to Denise. Joy could tell that Denise was a judgmental know-it-all busybody. Women like that were always on Joy’s case. Mostly they were old authority figures like her teachers in school or her employers. “Those women” were jealous of Joy’s hot body and looks. That Denise was the same age and attractive posed a challenge Öğrenci porno to Joy. While Joy would never admit it, powerful women intimidated her. Normally Joy deflected this intimidation with her looks and girlish style. That Denise was both beautiful and a successful businesswoman was disarming and threatening.

Then Joy thought about Daniel. Women like Denise always end up with nice guys like Daniel, don’t they? That Daniel was kind of cute. He could do better than a stuck up prude like Denise. Usually men like Daniel were spineless compliant duds, but Daniel was nice. He seemed warm and friendly. Joy looked at her husband next to her. Jim was sexy and provided, but he wasn’t what you would call warm or friendly. And while Joy was used to having other women check out her husband, when she compared Daniel to Jim, she had the sense that Daniel was more loyal than Jim. Jim had a dangerous side to him that Joy found attractive, but part of that danger was a persistent thought in Joy’s mind that Jim could be tempted by another woman. Joy caught Jim giving Denise “his look” when they unpacked. In Joy’s mind that was Denise’s fault not Jim’s.

As Joy got herself more and more worked up, she started to hear some tapping behind her headboard, quietly knocking out the rhythm of Joy’s neighbors fucking away.

As Joy looked at her snoring husband, she could clearly hear Denise say, “Oh Daniel you’re so long and hard.”

Complimenting Daniel’s cock was part of Denise’s routine now. She said it without thinking; part of what she did to make her husband excited. Like most men, Daniel had always obsessed about the length of his cock. Specifically, he had an inadequacy complex that many men have about their erection not being good enough. Even though, like most women, Denise did not care about the length of her lover’s erection, she knew it would boost Daniel’s ego by complimenting Daniel on his proportions.

Joy was both impressed how long the banging continued, and grew increasing upset at this intrusion on her sleep. Still, Joy found herself wondering how “long and hard” Daniel really was.


The next morning Denise found Daniel sitting in the dining room reading his newspaper and having some coffee. The light was so pretty, and her husband was so handsome. The aggravation of having to listen to her neighbors having sex last night had passed. She and Daniel made love three times; something they have never done before. Denise was actually sore, but she had a grin and giggle that she couldn’t control. Daniel looked very happy too. He had a silly smile on his face.

But something was strange. He wasn’t reading the paper, but looking over it. Denise followed Daniel’s gaze out to the garden. There was Joy’s ass hardly covered by those Daisy Duke short shorts. What the hell is she doing out there? Legs locked straight, Joy was bending over like a stripper, trying to pluck some weeds from the garden. Denise shook her head when she noticed Joy’s absurdly tight mini tank top that went out of style years ago.

Denise’s mood turned foul as she muttered “slut” under her breath.

There was no fence separating the two gardens of the townhouses. A single gravel path, which went down to the lake, was the dividing line between the two properties. Joy sat down on a matt by the path and surveyed her new garden. The realtor had hired an excellent landscaper, and there was hardly a weed to be found. It had rained recently so there was really no need to water or do much of anything in the garden. But nonetheless Joy was there, pretending to work. There was a row of strawberry plants along the side of the path, and Joy was looking at them. Denise knew that there were no ripe berries this time of year. Joy was no gardener. This was some kind of display.

Both Daniel and Denise stared at Joy for a few minutes. Daniel was mentally undressing Joy, which given what little Joy was wearing was not hard to do. Denise was picking apart Joy’s outfit in her mind. Don’t those shorts ride up her ass? She probably isn’t wearing underwear. I know that top. I saw it at the mall. It has the biggest under wire push up I’ve ever seen! Why do women wear that kind of thing?

Joy was perfectly aware of Daniel’s gaze. She had intended to do some stretching on her matt before she went for a run, but when she saw Daniel checking her out she decided to stay and give him a bit of a show.

Miraculously, Joy did find a ripe berry, and picked it gingerly. Looking up at Daniel, Joy placed it in her puckered lips and sucked it while she imagined the head of Daniel’s cock.

Denise’s mouth dropped open at this display. She turned to look at Daniel and saw that he was actually drooling.

Denise composed herself, and grabbed the coffee pot. She walked over to Daniel, and as she filled his cup said, “Nice strawberry. You think she gives a better blowjob than me?”

Daniel shot upright and turned bright red. “What? Of course! You’re so much better. I mean…What? What do you mean?” Daniel looked panicked for a moment, then laughed. “I’m sorry sugar. I’m busted. You caught me.”

Denise smiled confidently at her husband’s innocent mistake. He was a red-blooded man, and it would be crazy for her to expect him not to ever notice another sexy woman.

“That’s okay Daniel. I can’t expect you not to look. Just don’t touch.” To herself, Denise thought, “I can expect my neighbor not to put on a soft core porn show for my husband though!”

Denise could see that Daniel had a raging hard-on. But she was happy to see that Daniel was working very hard not to look at Joy.

“She’s obviously compensating for something. Look at that outfit she has on. That top pushes her boobs up to her nose. You’d never catch me in one of those.”

Daniel actually wished that Denise would wear more sexy clothes, but bit his tongue. He looked at his wife’s breasts, quietly imagining Denise wearing a sexy top like Joy did.

Denise caught Daniel looking at her chest. She happily sat on his lap, pressing her groin down on the lump in his pants, then pressed her chest into his face.

“You have these, and that should be plenty for you. You’re a lucky man to have a woman like me.”

Now Daniel was comparing Joy and Denise’s breasts in his mind.

Denise could read Daniel like a book, and knew that he was still thinking about Joy. She shook off the thought, telling herself exactly what she just told Daniel, you can look, but you can’t touch. After all, she looked at sexy men all the time. In fact, Jim had a nice ass.

“Do we need to prove how lucky you are?”

Denise grabbed Daniel’s hand and guided him into the shower. As they had sex under the hot water, Denise considered the hypocrisy of her jealous reaction to Daniel’s staring at Joy while Denise thought about Jim. But as logical and rational person as Denise thought she was, she could not dismiss her anger at Joy, and Daniel for being attracted to Joy. But her anger faded as she imagined that it was Jim’s hands rubbing soap over her body, not Daniel’s.

From Jim and Joy’s bedroom window, Jim watched Joy finish her stretching and start her run around the lake. His heart was racing. He was angry and hurt. What the hell was Joy doing, showing off like that for another man? Jim loved that Joy wore sexy clothes. She was hot, but Jim always thought that Joy was doing that for him. Jim’s ego was challenged. Hearing Denise on the other side of the wall saying how fantastic Daniel’s cock was, and Joy’s displays were starting to wear on Jim. But as his mind slipped to thoughts of Denise’s hard body his hormones started to pump him up.

Adult Swim

For the next week, both couples had to endure the sexual sounds of the other through the walls. Denise was the most uptight about it as she valued her privacy, and didn’t like listening to other people having sex. Though she did not even like hearing herself making love she found herself being louder and louder. But when she did hear Jim through the wall, Denise couldn’t help imagining him in some impressive pose or flexing his muscles.

That Saturday morning, Denise donned a sexy, but conservative, two-piece racing swimsuit to go for her daily morning swim in the lake. She placed her beach towel on the grass and stretched. Then she tiptoed down to the cool water. Just after her first step an odd feeling came over her. Something was behind her. She turned to look, but nothing was there.

She dove into the water and popped up feeling the chill water wake her bones.

Then she caught sight of what she knew her unconscious mind had already picked up. In the second story of her neighbor’s house, through the window, Denise could clearly see Jim looking back at her. That would be no big deal, but it looked like his hand was on his penis. Was he?

Yes! He was masturbating!

Denise quickly looked around the lake, looking to see if anyone else might be watching. She thought to herself, “Doesn’t he care? People will see! What a freak.”

Denise took off in a fast crawl across the lake.

That was creepy.

She imagined telling Daniel when he woke up. Daniel always had a huge hard-on when he woke up. And as she swam, Denise’s imagination turned to erections. Jim looked so strong and hard. He had a wash board six pack and seemed so confident, standing there displaying himself. A part of her wanted Daniel to have that kind of confidence. She thought of Daniel’s anxiety about his penis. Now as Denise punched her way though the water, she started comparing Daniel’s cock to Jim’s cock. What would Jim feel like, taste like? Her distaste for seeing Jim turned to a lustful fantasy.

Denise did not look up as she reached the shore. There was her towel. Her instincts were to quickly wrap it around her and briskly run inside to hide with her head down. Do not make eye contact!

But as she stepped from the water, she pictured, and then imitated, that sexy girl in that James Bond movie emerging from the ocean. Hip, hip, hip, knee in front of knee, head held high with a lusty attitude like she owned the beach. Denise could not believe that she was doing this. She liked the thought of another man finding her sexy. Why not!?

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