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Double Penetration

Edited by Angel Love.


My name is Barbara. Bob and Brenda are two very dear friends of mine whom I met on the internet. We got to know each other quite well and started to confide with one another on sex matters. First we exchanged photos of ourselves and our lovers and found sexual attraction to each other.

Bob is a very good looking and well-built man and his cock is a very handsome 10-inch weapon for cunt penetration. Brenda is a lovely, sexy, knockout of a woman with chestnut colored hair and brown eyes that twinkle with devilment. Whenever we chat, she loves to tease. Her nose is fine with a little turned up tip and her lips, oh god those lips so rosy red full and inviting.

I almost came just thinking how much I enjoy kissing them when we play together. The rest of her body is equally arousing, she is 5’6″ tall weighing around 110 pounds, tits 36D, with light brown, puffy areolas that are really delightful to suck and nibble. Her waist is a mere 24 inches with a slightly rounded lovable belly. Her legs are long, curvy and exciting to climb to pretty tuft of pubic hair in the form of a heart where they join. The rest of her pubic hair is constantly trimmed by Bob to keep her cunt lips clear and open to a licking and sucking feast of her cunt without gagging.

She really is a very fuckable lady. As I have already told you we are lovers and we play together every chance we get. I love to undress her taking lots of time while I am kissing those luscious lips of hers and probing her mouth with my tongue. escort bayan bursa We tongue fence for ages when we start.


Sometimes we play act. I will dress as a man and wear a large strap on double ended dildo which she loves to be fucked with. When we start, neither of us wears a bra, so when I remove her blouse her tits are into the play area immediately. The same goes for me when my jacket is removed, and then we rub our tits together and if Bob is there he has something to watch and play with. Before we go any further with undressing we spend time fondling, licking and sucking each other’s tits, we both find this exquisite when we start nibbling the nipples.

After the tit loving we continue the undressing and often do it to music, more often than not *The Stripper* music. Very slowly in sync with each other we slide the zips down and let skirts and trousers fall in a heap together on the floor and start by inserting the dildo into each other’s pussies and together we dance around the room coupled together with the dildo in our cunts for a long time (we have no need to hurry as the only person to come in is Bob) tit to tit cunt to cunt and all the time kissing we dance until one of us wants to go to the next stage and lay on the bed.

Greedily we begin feasting on each other’s tits sucking as much as we can into our mouths and nibbling the nipples until each of us starts squealing with delight and start with orgasms which come like a wave carrying us on its crest until it bursa sinirsiz eskort drops us with a thunderous crash on the beach of the bed.


This time we have replaced the dildo in our cunts and started to fuck one another with all the strength we had left. Suddenly there was a gasp, a cough and when we looked toward the doorway there was Bob and his sister Joan who was looking absolutely stunned by what she was looking at.

“You could have waited,” said Bob.

“You know I wanted to fuck the pair of you,” he added.

Brenda replied. “Barbara is staying the night and if Joan wants to stay she is very welcome as well. Now let us finish fucking and go and make us all a cup of tea.”

We turned our attention back to each other and continued fucking while Joan looked on with eyes popping. After several minutes of silence she said the classic words, “Do you do this often?”

In unison we replied, “Every the time we can get together. Why don’t you join us?”

“Oh goodness, I can’t do that! Whatever would Bob say?”

Bob`s voice came from the door where he was holding a tray with our teas on it, “Bob would say welcome to the party my very dear beautiful sister. Now sit and drink your tea while we talk about it.”

“I know this has come as a shock to you but we are all adults and are entitled to play the adult games we choose to.” All the time he was talking to her we could see he was getting a very large erection that stood escort bayan out from the tight trousers he was wearing. Joan must have noticed it as her eyes were fixed on his crotch.

“Well I’ll think about it,” she hesitated and with that she walked out of the room.

“Ah!! Well I suppose that’s the last we will see of her for a while,” said Bob.

“Oh no it won’t” came Joans voice, “where do I sign up. Bob get that cock of yours big and hard and get it inside me quickly.”

She stripped in a flash and we were all amazed at how good she looked in all areas. In an instant she was on the bed and laid between myself and Brenda and stroking our tits; one of us in each hand and sucking on mine like a baby.

Bob looked on with a huge cock in his hand and a bigger smile on his face realizing they had achieved their aim which was to get her into their games.

Bob took Joan`s hand and raised her from the bed; then laid her on the carpeted floor, got the pillows from the bed and put one under her head and the other two under her bum. He lowered himself until his huge cock was near enough for her to take hold of it which she did

“Now darling sister, guide it into your pussy.”

She gave it a squeeze and a tug and lifted her hips and slowly pulled him into her cunt ,then she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked him there and pulled him in until every last centimeter of his cock was inside her.

“Now that you’ve got me; you are going to stay there and fuck me hard and deep for as long as I wish. After that,” she said looking up at us, “you two will be next.”

Now whenever I visit them, they make certain that she is there also and we take turns in fucking her until she calls pax which takes hours before she is satisfied.


With thanks to Brenda and Bob for their co-operation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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