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After Brandi’s tryst at The Avondale Hotel where she took on 7 well hung black men and forced me to participate, it was a little difficult to fall back into the routine of our life. Breakfast with all of them and their boss Michelle the next morning turned into a reminder that once the party is over, it’s over. She called early that morning, reminding us to come to breakfast and even saved us a seat at her table where she repeatedly thanked us for the night before. Apparently, she had been watching Brandi’s gangbang a lot longer than we thought. A couple of the men she’d been with were flirty with Brandi but most of them acted like they didn’t even know her. It was pleasant enough, but the place was crowded with people in business suits, obviously part of those meetings Michelle had mentioned. We were welcomed but still felt out of place. In the end, we enjoyed a good breakfast, a sweet recap of the night before and, of course, there was an exchange of phone numbers between Brandi and Michelle.

Apparently, I was the only one having issues with what we had done because Brandi seemed unaffected, with the exception of her constant state of arousal. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she wanted to go back to the sex store and buy two different black dildos with suction cup bases. I’m not griping, obviously, but we were already having sex every day, so by “constant state of arousal,” I mean she stayed horny after we were done and I had fallen asleep.

When I woke up and caught her playing with our dildos, it was a sight to behold. She was riding one of her new ones on a metal chair while eagerly sucking the other which was stuck to the wall in front of her. I watched in fascination, noticing how her meaty pussy lips pushed in and out around the huge cock sliding in and out. She groaned around the cock in her mouth as she took the one in her pussy as deep as it could go and her body shuddered through a good orgasm. I was ready for her to catch me smiling at her when she came back to bed but she surprised me again by taking just a moment to catch her breath before she began bouncing violently on the chair, the long, thick cock driving deeply in and out of her pussy as she tried to deepthroat the one on the wall again. She rocked herself with another half-dozen O’s before she finally turned around and saw me. Masturbating.

“Oh God, baby, I’m so fucking horny!” she said.

She then lowered the dildo on the wall enough to take it doggy style and started sucking the one in the chair, watching me stroke my hard cock, urging me on once in a while until we were both completely spent. Every night after that involved me strapping on at least one of our dildos (usually all 3) and fucking her silly before I could finally have her to myself. She always saved one dildo for me to suck, too. My orgasms were getting better and better by the day, thanks to her constant kink and she seemed to be having the time of her life.

However, I began to wonder if I could ever be enough for her, in light of our new awakenings and I definitely had issues with what I had done and how I felt about it. Not only had I sucked off several men while they gangbanged my wife, but I also took one in the ass and loved every bit of it. Did that make me gay, especially since I still liked to get off while sucking on a huge black dildo? Was it okay that I pictured big black men standing over me while I did it? I wasn’t sure where all this was headed and losing my Brandi to a fantasy turned reality really wasn’t my idea of a good time.

I hate to admit it, but I started spying on my wife. I won’t offer any excuses, other than I was scared shitless of losing her. There weren’t any new contacts on her phone; I never saw her texting anyone in secret or even out in the open, and she didn’t start any weird new internet games to message on, either. She was and always had been a devoted wife and wonderful mother who wound up restoring my faith in both her and us. Our lives were completely unchanged, with the exception of the bedroom, and that had become far more intense.

I felt good about it and was beginning to calm down about things until Barbie called, reminding me of her weird appearance a few months ago. Brandi had volunteered to be a sponsor, or some shit, at a cheerleader camp. Long story short, Brandi had to teach a fitness type class during the day and babysit a cabin full of seniors at night. Her name isn’t really Barbie, either. It’s Tonya, and I guess she and Brandi had gone to high school together and she just happened to be a cheer instructor at the same camp. Since then, she and her husband had come over for a few cookouts and Brandi was spending more and more time with her, but they seemed pretty uppity and full of a bunch of damn drama. I know it doesn’t sound all that weird, except that Brandi hates drama almost as much as she hates the typical “Barbie,” which was exactly what Tonya was.

Brandi is one of those fantastically hot women who doesn’t know she’s hot and “Barbie” has always been sort of a nemesis for her. She hated how all the men would rather have some dainty little “OOH, I broke bursa escort a nail” caked up make up kind of girl while the girls like her didn’t get the same attention, for whatever reason I can’t imagine. My Baby is fine! I tell her every day. Looking back, though, I could then see that Brandi’s behavior changed before I ever even realized it. As much as she hated the Barbie type of girl, why the hell would she agree to spend a week teaching a pack of them and then drag one home, apparently? Puzzling. All Brandi would say is that she owed it to her to be nice, whatever that meant.

Now, Tonya was wanting Brandi to go workout with her. There was a running track with different workout stations all the way around the nearby park, supposed to give them a full body workout. But Barbie was having some issue with her husband again and I guess Brandi was her new shoulder to cry on. I was skeptical, of course, but I didn’t have the right to tell Brandi she couldn’t go, and couldn’t come up with any excuses, hell even all of our kids were away with the ex’s.

I held my composure well, even when they were about to leave. See, Tonya always dressed to show off, so I didn’t think anything but impure thoughts about her tight little outfit that, I must say, looked good on her. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and she wore makeup to workout, of course, but the sporty little halter top accentuated her tits and abs while her skin-tight booty shorts crawled up both the front and back to outline all her girly bits perched at the top of some very nice legs. What if she was on some kind of let’s cheat revenge trip, though? Yeah, it’s nice to perv and have a threesome fantasy or two, but not such a good feeling when your wife comes out of the room looking twice as hot.

Brandi is a fine ass redhead with legs up to her chin. Her booty shorts were just as sexy, and made those gams just out of this world. She elected to wear a tank top to hide her perfect little belly she’s got some hang-up about, but her much larger breasts squeezed out the top of that shirt like pure heaven on earth. Although she doesn’t believe me, she’s also much prettier than Tonya. How awesome, then, for me to think of how she’d be out there looking insanely gorgeous beside her hot little friend while I sat at home wondering what she was really doing. I was actually conflicted as hell. Yeah, I was worried about them going out and getting laid, but I also had a fantasy as soon as I saw them together. I could see Brandi holding and comforting her friend, leading to a kiss as they explored each other’s bodies in those tight little outfits… That’s why I followed them.

When I got to the park, I didn’t know what in the hell was going on. Brandi was sitting on the bench at the stretching station, looking at her phone and Tonya damn near hit me when she went flying out of the parking lot. I didn’t think she saw me, sure hoped not, but the last thing I expected was for us to meet head on as I was pulling into the lot. She sped away. I pulled up where I could see Brandi and parked. There was a basketball court between parking lot and the beginning of the track where Brandi was and lo and behold, there were three young, muscled shirtless black men shooting around, stealing glances at my wife. She pretended not to notice, but I could tell she had. I broke out the binoculars when she started stretching. She turned her back to them and bent over to touch her toes, then spread her legs wide and did it again. They were all watching, one absentmindedly dribbling the ball.

I instantly had a fantasy of her taking on those three studs, a huge cock in every hole as my beautiful wife moaned in ecstasy. I know, I know: I was worried about her cheating and perving on her being gangbanged again at the same time. I guess I feared her finding some One else over me, but it didn’t bother me to see her used by a group of black men, for some reason. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I started stroking my cock as she sat on her ass, facing the men whose number had now grown to 5, but they still weren’t playing much ball. She spread her legs wide, her tits spilling out of her shirt as the dirty movie in my mind played four black men having their way with my wife. Yeah, so it’s my fantasy and I can suck the fifth one off while I watch the rest fuck her if I want to, taking it deep into my mouth, hearing a cock plop out of my wife’s mouth long enough for her to cry: “Yeah, suck it, baby!” before making deepthroat noises just like the ones I was making.

It still looked like a setup to me, but I couldn’t help but get off on it. Why didn’t she call and tell me Tonya left? Did she just have Tonya drop her off so she could go hunting for black cock? Why was I okay with that? Two more men had shown up while I was daydreaming and there were two more walking toward the court, looking at Brandi. She was still stretching, but everyone involved knew she was purposefully putting on a hell of a show. I was deep into my fantasy, about to cum hard when the phone rang. Damn, why didn’t I silence it? It was Brandi. I wondered what lie she’d bursa escort bayan come up with.

“Hey, babe” she said, “Tonya got a phone call and started acting weird, and then she just left me here. She said she’d be back in a little bit, but I’m about to give up on her. Do you want to come and get me?”

“Yeah, of course,” I said. “Did you already work out?”

“No, just stretching,” she giggled. “Lots and lots of stretching.”

“Okay…” I tried to act confused.

“Well, there were some black guys playing basketball, but they stopped when I started stretching,” she cooed.

“Oh yeah?” I asked. Holy shit! She was going to tell me about it! “Did you put on a good show, like a good wife?”

“mmm Hmm,” she said. “I think I did okay.” She couldn’t see the two approaching her, but I could. “You better be horny!”

“Why don’t you come over here girl, we’ll give you a workout,” said one of the men.

“I’m just waiting on my friend to get here,” she said, covering the mic on her headphones, smiling at him.

“Can’t play basketball, huh?” he taunted. “I get it, but hey, we’ll take it easy on you, baby; come play with us.”

“Hey, babe, I gotta go,” she said. I saw her shush the guy she was talking to. “I’ll call you right back.”

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, let me call you back,” she repeated, then bent over to pick up her bag in front of the two men, looked back up them and smiled. “I love you, Greg,” she said, biting her bottom lip as she stood. There was still no sign of Tonya.

“I love you too, Brandi.” She clicked the hang up button on her headphones, but it didn’t disconnect. She put the phone on top of her bag with the headphones coiled up on top, unknowingly allowing me to hear everything.

“Oh, I can play ball,” she said, removing her tank top, leaving only her sports bra. “The question is: can You?”

Brandi shook her sweet little ass all the way to the court while the two men ogled her from behind, making comments about how hot she was and that magic little jiggle her muscular legs do with every step. The other men watched her approach, still going through the motions of passing the ball around, but looking at her like she was a piece of meat. I hadn’t really payed attention to them, so I hadn’t noticed the huge guy who was now towering over my 6ft beauty. She noticed him, though. She looked up at him with a bit of fear, giving him that innocent look I’ve seen so many times. He smiled, making her blush a little. Not a word was spoken. She tried to regain her composure, but could only manage a little as she seemed to become aware that she was surrounded by 9 muscular black men who all looked like they wanted her. It didn’t take long to pick the teams and I was starting to think I needed a closer vantage point.

Brandi was the second pick and they tried to convince her it was shirts against skins, but she laughed it off, refusing to lose her top, so the other team became skins, giving her a good look at Big Daddy without a shirt. He was absolutely huge, but it was all muscle. She watched him closely, her eyes running all over his body, probably wondering why he didn’t pick her when he had the chance. I was wondering, myself, until the game started. I headed for the woods just past the court, skirting just inside to remain unseen, but they were hardly paying attention anyway. Their focus was on Brandi.

Big Daddy guarded one of the other guys, but when he got the ball, Brandi was all over him, pushing her chest into him as he dribbled, rubbing her tits all over him as she reached for the ball, brushing his cock. He passed the ball off and smacked her on the ass as she ran away, now giving the guy with the ball the same rubdown after hitting Big Daddy with a taunt: “Ooh, don’t do it if you don’t mean it!” I found a spot closer than I’d hoped for, right on the action but remaining unseen. I could hear clearly through the phone as comments were made about “fine ass white girl,” and “damn that girl want some… ball,” followed by laughter. Big Daddy scored easily while Brandi was busy giving some of the others a feel of the “fine ass white girl.” The talk became much more forward in a hurry.

“Yeah, white girl let her man score. Look like she need some dark meat to get some game.”

“Dream on,” she replied, out of breath. “I just let him have one.”

“Yeah, you need some dark meat.”

“Is that for me to dream on?” she cooed before slapping the ball out of his hand. “Where’s Your game?”

I was surprised at how aggressive my wife had become. She learned her lesson about being greedy with all these studs, though, and stuck on Big Daddy like glue, rather than grope every one she could. On offense, however, she repeatedly found herself trapped, “accidentally” groped as they reached for the ball, throwing her ass into them every chance she got, throwing her chest out, otherwise. It went back and forth for a while, stopping only once so Brandi could pull her bra back up. She slapped the guy’s hand, telling him to behave, then took a long time to get it fixed, bursa escort kız keeping her tits exposed for all of them to get a good look.

She developed a pretty good routine with Big Daddy, too: sticking to him, pressing all she had up against him. Then, he would get the ball and she’d get aggressive, her hands all over him, pressing against his chest or back, letting them slide down as he moved, becoming more blatant about rubbing his cock, but still playing it off like an accident. On the way back down the court, I heard Big Daddy talking to the guy he was guarding. It was the trash-talker.

“Damn, this bitch wants it!”

“You got that right,” said Big Daddy, with a chuckle.

“We gonna give it to her?” he asked. ” I bet she want all of us.”

I heard Big Daddy laugh as he jogged away.

“Hey, don’t leave me hanging! Hey!.. HEY!.. Damn!”

Brandy was all over him again, but the shot went up quick. She spun around and blocked him out, thrusting her ass into him hard while reaching back to hold him in place. He grabbed her hips, but she had a jump on him and slipped away, the much larger lump in his shorts giving her pause for only a moment before she took the pass from out of bounds, another shirtless man now covering her like a handsy blanket. She threw her ass into him, moving her tits to his hand, then blew Big Daddy a kiss before blowing by everyone for an easy layup. What I heard next was a blur of trash talk, and I could tell Brandi was eating it up, high-fiving her teammates as they smacked her on the ass, too.

Now Big Daddy looked a little mad, but kept cool while she stayed on him. Even I was disappointed when she blocked him out again, and he didn’t react. She had made it a quick one, giggling as she jumped away, then looked a little hurt when he turned and trotted back down the court. She was still getting groped every time she had the ball, much to her obvious delight, but Daddy had turned into disappointment, not even moving when she blocked him out hard on the next one. The wind was completely out of her sail on the next play and I could tell she was hurt a little. She passed the ball off twice, no longer caring who was near her or what they might touch.

She was completely bummed until Big Daddy pinched her on the nipple, hard enough to make her gasp. Her look went from surprised arousal to anger, and then to that determined look I’ve seen so many times before. Sure enough, she went after him with a vengeance on the next play. He played it cool again, moving slow and allowing her to guard him close before he passed the ball off, openly grabbing her tits right as soon as the ball left his hand. She pressed into him with a smile, waiting for the shot.

“Where ya goin’, big boy,” she said as the shot went up, spinning around to throw her ass into him.

He was quick for such a huge man. I was surprised. As soon as she backed into him, he grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, roughly running his hand up her body, pausing only to give each nipple a delightfully hard squeeze, making her groan in surprise before the huge hand wrapped around her throat. I never did figure out how he got her shorts down and his cock out so fast, but before she could even take a breath, he had thrust his entire length into her, his hands now on her hips, holding her there for a moment. He was so quick that I almost missed it, but I saw that monster before it went in and it was way, Way bigger than anything she’d ever had. Brandy awkwardly stepped out of her shorts before he grabbed her throat again and began slowly pumping his entire length in and out of her. It would be fair to call it freakishly huge, but Brandi came up with the better name.

“Ahhh-ohh, fuck yeah! Fuck me with that horse cock!” she groaned.

“Hell yeah! I Told y’all!” said the trash talker, taking his cock out as he grabbed her by the hair and shoved it in her mouth. “Come here, white bitch. Yeah, that’s it, suck on that cock.”

Big Daddy had other plans, though. He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up off the ground like she was nothing. He bounced her up and down on his cock as he moved her to the bench. I was worried that her bag and phone would be knocked off the end of the bench, otherwise, this was going to rock! As it was, I could hear her groan with every thrust and could tell she barely noticed when he set her on her hands and knees on the bench. She thrust her ass back into him as soon as he started pumping, though, and now the mouthy one was all the more determined to get his cock in her mouth, roughly yanking her hair this time. She lurched forward and latched onto his cock like she was in just as big of a hurry as he was, her groans of pleasure now muffled around his cock.

The rest of the men formed a half circle around the action, hiding everything from the rest of the park, leaving my view from the trees unobstructed. I thought it was funny that the ball was completely forgotten, slowly rolling off the end of the court, but I almost laughed out loud when I saw Tonya walking to the stretching station. Wouldn’t she be surprised! She looked around and saw the crowd huddled around the bench, but didn’t look confused until she saw Brandi’s bag sitting at the end of it. Meanwhile, Brandi had taken the cock in her mouth deeply to get what she calls the “good spit” on his cock before popping it out of her mouth to spit on it, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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