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As the steaming water drained in the tub, she stood up allowing the water to dance from her body. She reached for her favorite bottle of body oil, the one with a light sesame fragrance. She gently rubbed the oil into her still wet skin, allowing the oil & water to dry in the coolness of the air. As she caressed the oil onto her skin with light touch, she thought of him and imagined his touch. She closed her eyes and her mind went to him. She could feel his tender touch on her skin, his lofty fingers gingerly running along her torso, her legs, her arms, and her breasts electrifying her senses. She longed for him to hold her and touch her so tenderly, so seductively.

As she stepped out of the tub, she loosely draped a towel around her body. She walked into the bedroom and sat in the chair, still thinking of him. His fiery touch was still lingering on her silky skin. The feeling of her slick skin left her wanting to be wrapped in silk. She reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a silk piece of lingerie, bringing it to her face she ran the silk across her mouth. The towel dropped to the floor and she raised her arms, pulling görükle escort the black, sheer lingerie overhead. As it fell over her torso, her nipples became erect immediately from the feeling of the material against her. Her head fell back with her eyes closed as she touched herself, her breasts, and her nipples. Her mind again drifted back to where it always went – to him!

The rocker was oak covered with a forest green and gold fabric. As she sat in the chair, breathing him in, the chair naturally swayed back and forth, intensifying the feeling erupting in her. She ran her hand over the fabric, touching her body everywhere. Her touch was his touch. She imagined his hands delighting her in foreplay as they slowly teased her here, there, everywhere, causing her body to move in motion with his touch and creating a fire in her body.

She pulled her ample, velvety breasts to her mouth, licking and sucking her taut nipples as she squeezed them tightly. Her nipples stiffened in pleasure and her womanhood erupted in sultriness. As she continued to pleasure her bosom, she could feel the blaze growing karacabey escort with in. She spread her legs across the wide arms of the rocker, causing the lips of her vagina to spread openly, exposing her hard clit and juicy center. She ran her hand from the tip of her nipples, over her belly, to her flaming center.

As she ran her soft hand over her creamy center, she became more stimulated. Her fingers were drenched with the creamy liquid of her excitement. She brought her hand to her mouth, parting her lips so she could taste her nectar.

Her hand eventually returned to her creamy, blazing vagina. She took her clit between her index and middle finger and began to move them in a circular motion over and over. Her thumb rubbed the inner part of her lips, adding to her pleasure.

With her other hand, she returned to her breast and began to tug on her rigid nipple, tugging it outward as far as she could. Quietly, she began to moan as she continued to pleasure her body in this symphony of motion. Her body rolled in ecstasy as she continued to bring herself closer to climax.

She mudanya escort was on edge. She wanted him so badly. She wanted him to penetrate her deeply, forcing her to cum. She slipped one finger instead her soaking vagina, as she continued to play with her clit. She knew what she wanted as she brought her bottom upward, allowing her legs to spread farther apart. With one hand, her fingers titillated her clit. She slipped a second finger deep into her vagina and began to fuck her hand hard and fast.

As she began to feel the orgasm surfacing, she slowed down. Her fingers curled back under her pelvic bone and began to massage her g-spot. In a rhythmic motion, she massaged her hot spot, fucked herself and stimulated her clit until she was bucking with pleasure. Harder and faster, harder and faster, harder and faster. Her body contorted, waves crashed and electricity burned throughout as she climaxed.

As she was cumming, she could hear his sultry voice “don’t stop – keeping going – take yourself further”. She complied with his wishes, pleasuring herself until she bellowing, until she could feel her vagina uncontrollably contracting around her hand, until she was shaking, until she was breathless.

With her legs still spread apart, she rested her head on the back of the chair and felt his fingers running through her hair. A tear fell from her eye as she felt him drift away. She wanted him and missed him passionately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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