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I was looking into by crystal ball this morning and guess what I saw? You painting the walls in your house and I was there, too. You were only wearing a pair of well worn jeans and I had on this cute little skirt and a strapless top and my hair was pulled up to keep it off my neck while we worked. Our skin was glistening because of the heat but we kept on working. The radio was playing a song and I was trying to sing along, but you kept telling me I didn’t know the words and laughing at me. I finally had enough of your teasing, put my paint brush down, walked right up to you and gave you an angry look.

When you put your brush down and looked at me, I pointed my finger right in your face and told you to hush. You laughed, grabbed my finger, put it into your mouth and started to suck on it. Of course my anger disappeared and was replaced by the pleasant tingle you always cause. My tongue darted between my lips and I pressed myself up against you finding, as usual you were already hard. I reached down to find your other hand, brought it to my mouth and gently licked the back of your finger and started to suck on it gently pushing it in and out of my mouth.

After a lovely moment I took your finger out of my mouth and you did the same. My arms wrapped around almanbahis adres your neck just as yours circled my waist, and I kissed you very gently, just a whisper against your lips. I kissed you again, nibbling on your bottom lip. You returned my kiss, your tongue seeking mine as your hand moved up to cup my breast. Immediately my nipple hardened. You hear a little intake of breath from me, as your kiss deepens and you roll my nipple between your finger and thumb. My hand reaches down to cup you in return. You want to feel my skin against yours so, you slide my top beneath my breasts ,and now you can feel them against your bare chest. I manage to unzip your jeans and wrap my hand around your hardness. As my thumb circles the head, you move your hips just enough to give me better access to you.

I tell you how hard you have worked and push you against the wall, which is wet with paint, but you don’t seem to mind. Just the tip of my tongue licks your neck, the hollow of your neck, down the center of your chest and on to you nipple, where I nibble and suck and lick until it hardens. My tongue starts to move again, to the hollow in your stomach and downward until I reach your hardness. Kneeling there in front of you, my hand still wrapped around you,, almanbahis adresi my tongue flicks several times over the head and my hand squeezes you slightly.

Soon I have the head in my mouth and give a little suck. Removing it again, I gentle rub my front teeth against it, bringing a sound from deep inside you. Taking all of you into my mouth, I slide slowly down all the way to the base of you and then I hear you groan. I truly love it when I can make you feel this way so, I slip back up and then down again, ever so slowly. I continue this motion, ever upward then down, stopping for a moment at the base of you to swallow ,so you can feel my throat tighten around you. I feel your body tense, and I increase the cadence of my movements, sliding up and down more quickly. Your fingers are wrapped tightly in my hair, your hands directing me, setting the pace of my mouth. The taste of you excites me and I can feel the wetness between my legs.

Suddenly you pull me to my feet , and smiling, turn me around and direct me towards your favorite chair. the comfortable wing back that you like so well. Your hands reach around my waist, undoing the buttons of my skirt and letting it slip to the floor. Of course, I don’t have any panties on because I knew almanbahis adresi it was going to be such a hot afternoon. Your hand is on my mound and I feel your fingers slip into the wetness there and I gasp. I can feel your hardness pressing against my back and I am dreaming of a better place for that hardness to be.

You must have read my mind because you bend me over against the arm of the chair and slip yourself deep inside me. My muscles grip you and then you start to move your hips, slowly at first, so I can just enjoy the feel of you inside me. And I do enjoy it, but you already know that, don’t you? You start to thrust more quickly and as my wetness increases you thrust even faster. The sound of our breathing and you slapping against me is the only sound in the room.

The heat in side me increases until, when I think I will not be able to bear it any longer, it suddenly explodes and as the intensity of my orgasm pulses around you, Your thrusts become quick and deep and suddenly you tense, groan , and cum inside me. I can feel the warmth of you spilling into me and it’s wonderful.

Your lean over and kiss my neck and as you slide out of me. I wish it weren’t over and that I could have you inside me forever. As I pull up my skirt and you button your jeans, I hear you chuckle. Turning to face you I give you a quizzical look and you kiss me. Then you tell me the walls are not going to paint themselves and reach for your paint brush. I’m thinking how we could both use a shower but that’s a story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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