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Sarkopheros Says:

Fuck it, let’s go


I smirked at her. “The ‘main event’?” I repeated.

“Where you fuck me! And everyone else, I guesh. You don’t hafta fuck ’em. Only me.”

A few of the others looked up at us. “Liz gets fucked last,” I said.

Liz pouted.

Tori grinned like an idiot. “Who are you going to fuck first?”

I looked at her and grinned back. Then I turned to the crowd. “Hey, ‘MeatyMuslimah’, get up here.”

Now Tori pouted.

Rana’s jaw dropped. She practically fell on the floor in her scurry back up to the stage. I was, to be perfectly honest, surprised to see her move so quickly and nimbly. She wasn’t exactly a small girl.

She bounced toward me and trembled in place like she was ready to pee herself. “Oh God! OhGodOhGodOhGod! Brod!”

I started bouncing with her, causing my cock to bob up and down, throwing precum onto her tits and stomach. “Rana!”

Rana clapped and gave me a sideways hug—necessary to get around my cock. “I can’t believe it! I’m going to … I’m gonna take … oh God!” She nearly collapsed, but I wrapped my hands under her arms and supported her as her eyelids fluttered and she had yet another orgasm.

Tori scrunched up her brow. “Is that normal?”

I shook my head.

Rana finally looked back up at me. “Oh … sorry.”

“I’m glad you’re having so much fun,” I rumbled.

She sighed blissfully. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for years…”

“Well it’s coming true tonight.” I pointed at a spot near the front of the stage. “Get down. Bend over. Show me that big ass.”

That ass was pretty enormous and lightly dimpled, topped by a couple rolls of soft brown flesh. Her tits were decently sized, but not by enough to match that rear. She bit her lip and looked at the crowd. They cheered at her.

One by one they began a drunken, discordant chant. “Rana! Rana!”

Except Elena. She was chanting “Frog! Frog!”

“You slay that monster!” yelled Octavia.

Indira whooped, spilling jizz from her glass. “Milk those balls dry!”

Rana looked back at me. I grinned and nodded back to the designated place. I’m sure if she had a lighter complexion that her blush would be more intense. She bit her lower lip and quivered as she lowered herself to all fours. I knelt behind her. Rana was chubby enough that her thighs hid her pussy from view, but I knew where I had to push my cock in, so I lined it up there, its melon-sized glans pressed against the meeting of her thighs.

“This is so much hotter than my fanfics,” she moaned.

“Fanfics? How flattering,” I said, my strong fingers digging into her soft flesh. “Send me them later.”

“Nnnhah! I c-can’t do … mmmh! I can’t!” she protested between moans.

“Up to you.” I began to grind my hips, working my wide glans in between her thighs till I felt the hot, wet kiss of her pussy. My girth was such that she had to spread her knees apart. I poured precum down between her legs, into the pool under her. Pulling backward, I felt her pussy resisting, but ultimately yielding and stretching, albeit begrudgingly.

“C-can’t … can’t believe— Hmmmhahhh!” she cried, twitching, the front half of her body collapsing. Rana grabbed the edge of the stage as she came another time. I could feel hot juices squirting against my head. I waited till between pulses before shoving forward, pulling her back hard enough to slide her through my ball-muck. Schplop! My monstrous head was inside her. “Mmurrrgh!” cried Rana, blowing bubbles in the spunk that rose up to partially cover her mouth.

I continued to press forward, grunting. I could feel her pussy still spasming, squeezing my crown, almost as if it was trying to force me back out. But how could I stop with only the head in her? My fingertips dug into her fat and my glistening muscles flexed as I worked more and more cock into her. Another inch, two, three. Fat veins as thick as normal men’s cocks pulsed along its surface.

Rana let out another discordant moan. I couldn’t actually see her eyes because of her hair, but I knew that they’d be bleary and unfocused. She was pawing at the spunk surrounding her on the floor, occasionally making noises that very nearly qualified as words.

I felt her cervix pressing against my cock’s tip. I gave a decisive, quick thrust of my hips, and Rana screamed, her knees lifting from the floor as I buried my crown in her womb. All around my cock, her silky-slick pussy squeezed my pumping flesh. I had about 18 inches in her. I looked up at the audience. The phones had reappeared, documenting the insanity. A bunch of the women were sloppily kissing, some pouring spunk onto each other. I saw a few returning to refill their glasses.

I leaned forward, slipping my hands under Rana and groping her plump belly, grabbing handfuls of her flesh as I started to move my hips, delivering rapid, small gyrations to loosen her Casibom up. I also used her fat as leverage, gripping rolls and pulling her back as she let out another keening wail. I had to wonder what her fanfics were like.

My balls were gurgling, swelling, anticipating. They were already the size of watermelons, so I was forced to shuffle them behind my body. I passed the two-foot mark. Rana had never actually stopped orgasming. But she cried out and I felt her orgasm intensifying.

I was deep enough inside her that I was in range to reach forward and grab her under her armpits. I lifted her shoulders so everyone could see the penetration. Even though she was a big girl, no amount of fat would hide the way my cock distended her stomach outward.

“Look at her belly!” said a girl to the side.

Tori sighed. “God, I wish that were me.”

“Holy shit, you can see his dick in her belly,” said another woman.

Rana was now at a 45-degree angle to my body, meaning that her own weight was helping to drive her body down my length. I felt the pace increase, her belly stretching forward past her chest as I buried the last foot in her. I was now all the way inside.

I paused. “So was this part of your fanfic?” I asked her, letting her feel my cock’s heavy pulsing inside her for a long moment.

“Haaaugh…,” was all she could manage.

I let go of her arms and stood up. Rana hung there, legs dangling past my cock but forced out at a wide angle, arms limp. I put my hands on my hips and began to flex my abs, raising my cock, lifting her up and letting her back down. The crowd cheered.

I wrapped my beefy arms under hers and pulled her back up, putting her into a full nelson. I raised her upwards, her inner lips pulling out slightly, a lurid schlllrrsch audible before I slammed her back down. Again, her orgasm began to intensify. I was moving slowly, loosening her up. Cupfuls of precum and cunt juice rolled down her legs, dripping from her toes, flowing over my sack.

I began to speed up, her belly-tent shifting up and down as my cock pulled in and out. Some of the girls were now fingering themselves. I saw more than one duo paired off. Elena was actively eating out Riley. Octavia was sitting on Amy’s face. Tori’s tongue explored Claudette’s mouth as they schlicked one another.

Almost all the women looked at least a few months pregnant thanks to all the spunk they’d been guzzling. All this visual stimulation only helped my balls swell even faster than they already were. They bounced atop my thighs with a meaty slap, and Rana’s legs bounced against them. SMAK-SMAK-SMAK. Twinkling droplets of juice exploded outward with each thrust.

My balls were already incredibly bloated, each one approaching the size of a yoga ball. Some of the girls climbed back onto the stage to help, gripping and kneading and slurping at them. Three of them were working each gargantuan ball, rubbing tits, faces, tongues, hands, and any other available body part against them.

My cock was so big that its brown-wrapped bulk partially obscured my vision ahead. Rana’s head lolled, hitting my chest as I used her like a fleshlight. Her fat jiggled, mad ripples traveling along her thighs, ass, and stomach. Her tits flopped wildly on either side of my cock as it pushed them apart.

Our juices sprayed my ball-tenders, and Rana just kept cumming! It was a couple more minutes before my nuts had swollen big enough to unload.

CHRRMMBBBLLLHHH. Their surfaces quivered.

“He’s gonna blow!” yelled one of the girls rubbing my balls. I looked down. It turned out to be Octavia.

I grunted and gently let Rana swing downward, her body draped over my bean-bag-chair-sized nuts. GLOOOOOOOORCH! Her entire body jumped as I shot my first wad, the column of spunk slamming the back of her womb. My cock kept spewing for several long seconds.

BLUUUUUURCH! BLOOOOOOORCH! Wad after wad. She began to rise up from my balls as they shrank slowly and her belly swelled rapidly.

“God, you can hear the sperm moving in there,” marveled Octavia, who had her ear to my left nut.

I stood there with my hands on my hips, sighing as I relaxed, blowing my titanic load into Rana, who was now making bizarre warbling noises as her evergasm began to electrify her body once more. Her brown belly spread sideways. Jizz erupted from between her ass and my hips. It rolled down both of our legs. My heavy nuts slowly pulled inward, Rana’s belly ballooning wildly. My spunk swirled around my cock as I kept shooting. After a moment I stepped over my nuts and lowered Rana so that her belly could support her. SPLUUUUUUURCH!

Octavia and Indira pressed up against my sides as I kept shooting. Rana kept rising. GLUUURCH. GLUUUUUURCH. I wrapped one arm around Octavia, gripping her ass as her lips mushed up against mine and her tongue slid into my mouth. I could taste vodka and myself—not that I minded. It’s Casibom Giriş something I had gotten used to. She moaned. Indira’s long nails scraped over my broad chest as she pressed her tits against me and licked up my shoulder.

Rana’s belly swelled out and out as she rose up and up, buckets of wasted spunk having spilled down my legs already. I could feel my nuts emptying as her belly passed the five-foot mark. She was now at an upward angle rather than horizontal. Spluuuuurch! Spluuuuuurch… Spluurt. Done.

I pulled my tongue out of Octavia’s mouth and smiled at her. She grinned as I began backing up. Schllooorrrph. Inch after dripping inch began to pull free, still pulsing, still hot. My cock’s sheer size meant that I had to actually step backward just to get it out of her. I could feel her pulsing cunt, still orgasming, still squeezing, trying to keep me from escaping. Sadly, I couldn’t oblige. I still had 25 more pussies to stuff!

Pop! Out came the head.

“Now who should I fuck?”

Indira tapped her chin. “A white girl.”

Octavia draped herself against my side. “Yeah, but not me. I wanna go later. I like the show.”

“I need a white girl!” I half-yelled, half-laughed.

“Why do you want a white girl?!” protested Claudette. Her formerly-flat tummy was now quite bloated.

“Ask her.” I pointed at Indira.

Indira nodded. “I wanna see him fuck a white girl!”

Claudette approached the side of the stage. “Why do you want to see him fuck a white girl?!”

Indira stared at her. “You can’t insinuate that ain’t hot to see my boy here blow out a pasty—”

“Blap!” A body fell past me and splatted into the jizz between my feet and Rana’s gushing cunt.

Tori rolled onto her back and grinned up at me. “Hey. I’m a white girl.”

I looked at Indira. She grinned. I looked over at Claudette. “Look, I’m gonna fuck you, too. Don’t worry.”

She crossed her arms. “You’d better!”

I reached down and grabbed Tori’s ankles, spreading them apart before kneeling between her legs, making sure to get my balls back under my ass.

“Oh, wow, my boyfriend never treats me like this,” she muttered.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t treat you like he has a three-foot dick?” I lowered my cock, lining up the dripping tip with her slit.

“God damn, it’s bigger than her whole leg,” muttered Indira.

Indeed, I was kneeling near Tori’s feet even though the tip was at her entrance. My monster cock looked about as thick as her waist. I started pulling her ankles, sliding her body toward me, my cock stretching her fuzzy mound, lips parting, distending like latex as she cried out. “Mmmaaaiiigh! Oh! Oh, Brod!”

Her pussy had been dripping before, but now it was positively gushing as I began to penetrate it. When my glans sealed against it, her nectar began to spray around its edges. I grunted, flexing my biceps and lats, dragging her through the jizz. Pop! I got my glans in. Her lower stomach bulged out. She screamed.

“Mmmhhahhh-Broooood!” she cried. She began to shudder, toes curling as she started to cum hard. Sklllrtch! Sklllrrtch! Her hot juice sprayed over my cock, many of the droplets landing on my face.

I made a pleased growl as I kept pulling her backward, cupfuls of steaming-hot precum pouring into her pussy, saturating its flesh, making her more elastic, beginning the process of loosening her cervix. Tori arched her back and grabbed at the bulge of my cock as it hit that fleshy wall. I grinned and yanked. Pop! I felt her cervix give. All at once, my melon-sized glans stretched out her innermost sanctum, her belly button bulging up along its length.

“Mmmrgggh … arrrrnnngghh!” she groaned and keened, twitching like she was having a seizure, her eyes fluttering wildly and unevenly as her fingers clawed at her own stomach, leaving red lines. Her orgasm intensified, spraying my face, chest, and stomach with her spiced nectar.

Marta had reappeared and was kneeling next to me. Octavia was behind her, arms wrapped around the front, fingers curled around and dipping into her entrance as she whispered in her ear. I don’t know what she was saying, but Marta was extremely wet, her dripping juices sparkling in the spotlights.

I reached forward and gripped Tori’s hips, grunting as I pulled her down once more. Her stomach bulged up toward her tits, over half my cock already buried. My heavy balls were swelling, pushing my body upward as they grew, though they were also sliding backward.

I could hear footsteps around me as more of the girls came up onto the stage, holding chalices of jizz.

Indira was sitting in my spunk next to me, letting out long, throaty moans as she fingered herself. Noticing that I was looking at her, she grinned, balled up her hand, and shoved her entire fist into her pussy. I nodded. “Not bad.”

“My ex girlfriend was about 16 inches,” she purred.

“You Casibom Yeni Giriş must be a size queen.”

She held up her hand a foot above the stage. “You must be at least this tall to ride.”

I grunted and thrust my hips, glutes flexing. The last foot of my cock rammed into Tori within two seconds, so much force behind my biological battering ram that it lifted her up off the stage.

“BRRROOOOOO-AAAAAIGH!” she howled. SKLLLRRRRRSSSCH! I was showered by enough cunt-juice that I reflexively closed my eyes, steamy fluid splattering all over my front.

Indira let out a loud whoop. “Yeah, teach that pussy who’s the boss!”

“Holy shit,” muttered Octavia.

Tori went limp and her head slumped back.

Marta was, apparently, rattled enough by this sight that she was able to focus for a moment. “Did she just pass out?!”

I shrugged. “It happens. But if you look here,” I paused and put my fingertip against Tori’s labia. It visibly twitched up and down, the muscles beneath the skin still working. Tori was still alive and moving, just not voluntarily. “she’s actually still orgasming.”

“I … I don’t even know what to—mmhahahh!” Marta was interrupted as Octavia began to play with her clit.

“Shoosh. I need to get you nice and ready for him,” she told the smaller girl.

I reached forward, wrapping my hands around Tori’s upper arms as I began to pump her up and down my cock. Her body slid back and forth through the jizz, a grunt or a moan occasionally escaping her lips. My heavy balls kept swelling, gurgling, churning, slipping behind me as they grew, sliding against my ass. I could feel them vibrate under me, each already passing watermelon size.

All around me, the girls were drinking glasses of my jizz, swollen bellies glistening in the light. And let me tell you, few things are more rewarding than seeing dozens of bellies all together that you’ve personally swollen.

Amy looked at Claudette. “The faster he cums, the faster we get to ride him.”

Claudette nodded. They knelt behind me to knead and rub my balls.

Indira pressed up on one side of me and grinned. She wrapped her arms around my cock, squeezing and hugging it through Tori’s bulging flesh. Gloria pressed up against the other side, dripping wet herself. I had been expecting her to be clean-shaven what with her smooth arms and legs, but apparently she didn’t shave everything. She looked at Indira and wrapped her arms around my cock, pumping them up and down in a tight bear-hug. I was fucking one girl while getting two hand jobs and two ball-rubs all at once! No wonder my I was quickly reaching capacity.

“I thought you didn’t want to be here,” said Indira.

Gloria rolled her eyes. “That’s before I found out you guys hired a hentai character as entertainment.”

They kept gyrating, groaning, slipping and sliding slippery bodies up and down my cock’s three feet plus. Tori was still limp, but I knew she was enjoying it. More girls got on my balls as they grew to over a yard across each.

Claudette started to climb up onto my nut, gripping handfuls of sack, and Amy followed suit. Now there was a full-grown woman bouncing up and down on each of my nuts chanting, “Cum! Cum! Cum!”

The rest of the crowd began joining in. I shrugged. “Okay. Well, the people have spoken.”

GLOOOOOOOOORCH! My cock bucked inside of Tori, her belly abruptly bloating, pushing both Indira and Gloria outward.

“Shit, it’s like a cannon,” observed Gloria.

“He can probably knock up bitches from a mile!” laughed Indira.

BLUUUUUUUUURCH! SPLOOOOOOOOORT! Once more, gallons of jizz stretched out my cock’s throat on the way out. I put one hand on Indira’s ass and one on Gloria’s, letting out a long groan. “Mmmmmph-fuck!” The weight of the girls on my balls was causing me to cum harder than usual, my wads gushing for longer each time. I wasn’t counting but each pulse must have taken a good five seconds to leave my tanks.

And Tori, of course, grew and grew, her belly rising up like bread, spreading to the sides, engulfing her thighs and upper arms. It jiggled as Indira and Gloria finally backed away, each getting to a kneeling position on either side of that growing gut. Indira put her head against the swelling belly, listening to the rushing of all those sperm raging just below.

It took several long, gushing minutes before my balls got small enough that Claudette an Amy had to slide off of them. Tori’s belly was so enormous that it pressed against mine, engulfing me up to the chest. I rested my arms atop it, feeling the vibrations from my storming load.

Finally, I felt a few slow wads spew forth before stopping.

I grunted, putting my hands on her belly and pushing. They sank deep into it as I pulled free. Schlooooorrrph. Pop! I stood up, sighing, my cock caked in half an inch of spunk and cunt-juice. My sperm began to gush out from under Tori’s belly, sweeping over my feet. I couldn’t see her pussy, but I knew it’d be as stretched-out as Rana’s.

I felt a dainty hand touch my arm. I looked over. Marta was standing next to me, big blue eyes looking up into mine. “B-Brod … Brod.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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