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My mom, Cindy, insisted that I invite Roger, the guy that has been bullying me both at school and in the neighborhood ceaselessly for the last 6 months, over for dinner. She believed that he was a nice guy at heart and that we would hit it off if I had just extended an invitation.

I tried to tell her about all the things he does to me, but she shrugged it off with her usual gentle expression and contacted Roger personally…

Roger arrived promptly at 6 and Mom greeted him at the door. “Good evening”, Roger responded politely as he handed my mom a rose he bought as a gift. “How lovely…thank you Roger”, Mom replied, pecking Roger on the cheek.

Roger looked in my direction and smirked as Mom tended to the rose. He was quite the charmer and knew how to get people to overlook his bullying ways and onto his side.

“Now, what do you say to our guest?”, Mom looked at me and asked. Roger’s cool demeanor did not crumble as I reluctantly greeted him. Just as Mom turned away he shot me a worrisome grin which immediately made me feel nervous.

He abruptly broke eye contact with me and began staring at my mom’s ass as she finished setting the table.I was about to say something, but stopped knowing that Roger would easily spin it.

As the night progressed, Mom became engrossed in conversation with my bully, always responding to him so sweetly no matter what he asked. Roger would find ways to compliment Mom whenever he could. At one point, I wasn’t even sure if they knew I was still there.

When I did try to say something, Mom shushed me and said not to interrupt Roger. He noticed and smirked, almost a bit triumphantly, when that happened. Gradually, Roger got bolder and turned casual conversation into brazen flirting.

“That’s a really nice outfit…you’re quite fashionable”, he would say. Roger was clearly checking out my mom’s cleavage, among other things. I really would not have wanted her to dress the way she was in front of my bully, who was savoring the view.

I was expecting her to rebuff him at this point, but she was completely charmed. She giggled and blushed in response to his flirtations…she even allowed him to hold her hand briefly at one point.

“Wow, it’s already so late” I proclaimed, trying to put an end to all this. “Oh my, it is”, Mom commented, clearly having lost track of time. I was practically reaching for the door, until I heard Mom address Roger once more,

“You know…probably shouldn’t be returning home this late….you are more than welcome to stay the night if you want.” Mom smiled wholeheartedly.

“What!?” I had to stop from shouting. Clearly seeing my discomfort, Roger gratefully accepted my mom’s offer.

“Great! You can stay in his room.”, Mom excitedly gave Roger my room for the night, without so much as asking how I felt about all this.

“But!” I tried to object, but was immediately overruled by Mom.

“Of course he will, he’s the guest after all. You’ll be fine on the couch for one night”, Mom declared with her usual graceful, yet firm tone. Roger couldn’t hold back his grin as he looked on.

It was around 11. I was preparing the couch, with absolutely no help from Mom. She was busy making sure that Roger was comfortable for the night and seemed to have no time for me. She had been going out of her way to ingratiate herself to my bully all night and it was unsettling.

She insists that it’s just hospitality, since he’s our ‘guest’, but there was clearly something going on here. I knew that Roger was flirting with my mom to torment Casibom me, but she wasn’t actually attracted to him….right? She was just acting like a good host would.

After Mom finished getting ready for bed, she decided to check on Roger one last time before going to sleep. She had already checked on him once prior to this, making sure he had everything he needed. Roger was definitely getting her full attention. She didn’t check on me at all.

Meanwhile, Roger was laying in my bed, fully nude and masturbating vigorously. He saw that I had left my PC on when he entered the room earlier. That’s when he decided to record a video of him jerking off to my mom in my bed and leave it for me to stumble upon the next day.

Mom knocked lightly on the door and called out sweetly to Roger, who was completely engrossed in what he was doing. Hearing no response for a while, she opened the door all the way out of concern and looked inside. He noticed the door opening and looked up, his eyes meeting with Mom’s. Mom jumped in surprised and held her hands over her mouth in an effort to muffle her gasp.

Roger’s penis twitched and hardened a bit at the sight of Mom’s large, firm breasts bouncing upwards within her sexy lingerie as her robe came loose. Neither of them said anything as they gazed at each other. At first, Mom tried to look away, but was enthralled by Roger’s well toned body and overall huge physique.

Roger made no such attempt and drank in the view thoroughly. The lingerie accentuated all of Mom’s s features quite well. She noticed Roger’s heavy gaze, and squirmed around awkwardly a bit, which only added to it. Roger’s penis was now fully erect and Mom could no longer avoid looking at it.

Roger managed to regain focus and started to speak. He knew that if he played this carefully, it could end really really well….in more ways than one. He acted as though he was embarrassed and began apologizing over and over again. Mom, somewhat relieved that Roger was able to initiate the conversation, responded,

“Oh no Roger, you absolutely don’t have to apologize. I sort of just barged in. I feel so embarrassed.”

She could see that Roger was a bit distraught and gradually approached the bed to console him. Roger revealed that he had been fantasizing about Mom while he masturbated, saying that his erection was so hard that he couldn’t take it anymore. Mom’s face was red. She tried not to look directly at it, but my bully’s engorged penis still within her field of vision.

“I’m sorry that you saw my dick…I really didn’t mean to..” Roger turned to the side a bit, only just then making an effort to conceal it. He wanted Mom to have a good view up until now. “I feel a bit mortified…”,Roger slumped his shoulders dejectedly, “I really didn’t want to show such a beautiful woman my weird looking cock.”

Roger made it so that Mom would impulsively try to cheer him up,

“You really have nothing to feel embarrassed about.” she patted him awkwardly on the shoulder.

Roger followed up, “Doesn’t it look weirdly shaped?”. Roger’s cock was fully erect this entire time and was easily over 10 inches long, and was considerably girthy. He knew exactly what he was saying wasn’t true.

Mom knew that young men could sometimes feel insecure about their penises and felt the need to reassure my bully,

“Of course not!” she replied confidently as she leaned in closer. For the first time, she felt like she was ‘allowed’ to watch his dick and took a good, long look. She couldn’t help gasping as she watched Roger’s Casibom Giriş throbbing cock up close and saw that it was actually that big. She wriggled her hips discreetly at the sight and felt herself getting wet the longer she watched.

“Th..there’s clearly nothing wrong with your penis by any means.”, Mom muttered trying to break out of her trance. She felt nervous, knowing what she said sounded a bit dirty. Mom tried to make the situation less awkward,

“You know my son had similar concerns….and yours is even bigger than you have nothing to worry about.” She spoke shyly, but smiled at my bully kindly.

“Really?!” Roger enquired excitedly, his penis twitching at what he took as Mom’s praise.

“How much bigger is it?”

Mom felt it might have been inappropriate to say, but was happy to see Roger’s mood improve, so she decided to answer honestly.

“Let’s see..” Mom went on to compare my bully’s cock to mine. When she actually considered it, Roger’s was at least twice the size of my cock…maybe even more. She was even more impressed of Roger’s cock now.

(“I guess my son’s penis is actually kind of small”)

Mom shared her comparison with Roger, who couldn’t help but laugh rather triumphantly.

“Hey…come now. You really shouldn’t bully him like that.” She chastised Roger gently, but in truth, she didn’t feel angry at his response at all.

Roger’s plan was coming along well. Mom was rather fixated on Roger’s cock at this point,having been speaking about it continuously for almost 5 minutes now. Furthermore, she was sitting right next to him on her son’s bed mere inches away from his exposed, throbbing erection, her robe open and carrying on a casual conversation. My bully even managed to subtly dominate and emasculate me, which was a plus.

Mom didn’t even consider how this would look if I had walked in right now. Roger’s penis remained rock hard the entire time. He told Mom that it was starting to feel painful. Mom wasn’t entirely sure what she should do, but found herself reaching towards my bully’s groin. Roger looked on in anticipation, knowing that he was close to his goal.

“There isn’t any harm in just a handjob, right?” Mom told herself. The next thing she knew, she was stroking his cock. Mom didn’t notice Roger smirking. She was absorbed in servicing my bully’s big black cock that she had been lusting over this whole time.

Roger was confident and ready to make his move. He pressed his lips against Mom’s and the two officially started kissing. Mom showed her approval by stroking Roger’s cock faster as they made out. Roger quickly glanced at the webcam and showed his middle finger, right before darting his tongue in and out of my Mom’s mouth. He got Mom to give him a blowjob right after.

My room was quickly filled with the indecent sound of my bully’s and my mom’s tongues and lips smacking together. He groped her chest wildly, which she encouraged by guiding his hands accordingly. Roger was happy to fondle Mom’s breasts through her lingerie, delighted by how nicely her tits perked up against the material.

Roger tasked one of his hands with fingering her pussy while the other focused on her tits. Roger was intent on fondling Mom all over her body before the night was over. Once he plunged a couple fingers in her pussy, he discovered how wet she had been from the start. Mom, who had managed to suppress any significant moaning until now, became loud as Roger stirred her up down there masterfully.

“God..You must have been feeling really horny for a while now.”, Roger Casibom Yeni Giriş teased. Mom wasn’t able to respond, only to convey the pleasure she was feeling.

Roger kept up the pressure and pulled out her breasts from the lingerie. He immediately began teasing and sucking on her nipples, determined to make her moan even louder. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and focused exclusively on her tits, fondling and sucking them as he pleased. He made sure I would have a good view as he gradually undressed my mom.

After a couple minutes, Mom was swaying her hips around, missing the sensation of having something inside her. That’s exactly what Roger wanted.

“Are you ready for my cock?” Roger asked. Mom nodded in anticipation. “I want you to say it.”, he teased her further.

“I want your big black cock! I want you to fuck me!” She couldn’t hold back any longer.

“You want to get fucked by your son’s bully?” Roger taunted.

“Yes.!…..God yes!” Mom assured him.

That’s all Roger wanted to hear. He plunged his 10-inch black cock into Mom’s tight white pussy in full view of the camera. Mom moaned in pure pleasure. His cock was several inches bigger than anything she had ever taken before and the pleasure was immeasurable.

Roger wasted no time thrusting in and out, Mom’s pussy clinging to his cock whenever it tried to leave. The bed creaked frequently under the weight of their passionate lovemaking. Mom was no longer concerned with her volume and her moans synchronized with Roger’s powerful thrusts.

After several minutes of non-stop fucking, they kissed passionately again. Sucking up Roger’s saliva while taking his cock made Mom incredibly horny.

Roger announced that he was about to climax. He held on to her ass tightly and thrusted harder and faster than he ever did.

The bed was creaking so hard it felt like it was going to break. “Where do you want my cum,” Roger asked approaching his climax, “Should I pull out?”

“Nooo! No! Don’t pull out”, Mom vocally disagreed.”I want it inside! I want your raw creampie Roger!” Mom shouted close to climax as well.

Roger was thrilled at Mom’s response, “Oh god! You want me to cum inside you raw?! Your son’s bully is going to pump you full of his thick seed!” Roger accelerated his thrusting once more in preparation of filling Mom up.

In one final thrust, Roger holds onto her tighter than ever and reaches the deepest parts of her womb and ejaculates, simultaneously triggering Mom’s climax.

“Aaahh!!” Mom moans like crazy at the sensation. She can feel loads of my bully’s potent sperm steadily pumping into her fertile pussy. She leans in and kisses him once more as she is thoroughly seeded. They kiss deeply as Roger continues to cum inside her for almost an entire minute.

After shooting his entire load, Roger eventually pulls out, revealing a thick, substantial creampie. The thickness and volume of his semen is something Mom has never seen before.

Less than 10 minutes later, Roger’s cock is fully erect again. Mom is really impressed with his virility and seeing his hard cock is enough to make her ache once more.

They fuck several times more that night in all kinds of positions. Each time with Roger finishing inside of Mom. My bed is drenched in their fluids. It’s almost morning by the time they are done and Mom’s pussy is overflowing with my bully’s cum.

The next morning…

I awoke just in time to see Mom wave to Roger as he leaves the house. She was visibly in a great mood. Not paying too much attention to it, I go to my room and sit in front of the PC. There’s a file titled, ‘Watch this wimp’.

Before even opening it, I receive a text from Roger that read,

“Skip to like 3 minutes in…that’s where it gets really good.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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