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Group Sex

Shayna knew it was her lover Nikalaus’ birthday this weekend and she had it all planned. A lust and fantasy filled weekend tucked away in a quaint little cottage in the middle of the Arizona desert. The cottage was a very private place complete with a hot tub, sauna and an air conditioner cranked on high. Little did Nikalaus know just what that meant for him.

Shayna was waiting in the car with all their bags packed, when Nikalaus walked out of work that Friday. “What a pleasant surprise to see you honey,” said Nikalaus as he got in the car and kissed Shayna.

“Hi Love, I have a surprise planned for you” replied Shayna with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Nikalaus knew better than to ask any further questions, as he knew Shayna’s propensity for surprises. Nikalaus simply leaned back, closed his eyes, and relaxed as Shayna started the car.

Nikalaus was lost in thoughts of Shayna and the surprises that she has done to him in the past when he felt the slight pressure of Shayna’s hand on his crotch. Sighing, Nikalaus looked over at Shayna surprised to see her eyes still on the road.

“I know you have had a rough week at work, perhaps a little stress relief is in order now. Just sit back and enjoy love,” whispered Shayna.

Shayna unzipped his pants and freed his raging hardness as she began to stroke and caress his shaft. “Oh Baby, that feels so wonderful. I have longed for your touch all day today,” moaned Nikalaus.

“This is the beginning of a weekend like no other for you Nik” replied Shayna as she continued to stroke his shaft.

Nikalaus moaned again, never tiring of hearing Shayna utter her pet name for him, Nik, from her beautiful, pouty lips.

After a few minutes of Shayna’s expert strokes, Nik could feel his cum beginning to build up and knew it would not be long.

“No need to wait Nik, I want you to cum in my hand baby so I can drink up your juices.”

That was all the urging Nik needed and he let his hot, milky cum burst into Shayna’s hand. Nik looked over to see Shayna licking every drop of his cum off her hand and fingers.

“Mmmmm Nik, you always taste so delicious” Shayna said as she licked her lips.

Soon he drifted off to sleep as Shayna turned on the radio and began singing along.

An hour later, Nik was awakened as he felt Shayna’s lips on his, “We are here Nik,” she said with that sexy smile he so loved.

Since it was a long drive, combined with a hectic week and of course, that wonderful hand job, Nik asked, “Do you mind if I sleep for a little while, I am really exhausted?”

“No, of course I don’t mind sweetie. I think I will drive into town to pick up some things while you sleep.” Replied Shayna.

“Sure, ok, but I thought you had everything we needed already packed.” Nik commented.

“Well, some things I wanted to make sure were fresh,” answered Shayna, letting her voice trail off. Nik saw the gleam in her eyes and knew that is was another surprise for him, and knowing her as he did, one that involved immense pleasure.

“Ok, drive carefully and I will see you when you get back then.” Nik said as he pulled her into his arms and passionately kissed her.

Shayna pulled into the local diner half an hour later and was relieved to see Diane already waiting on her.

“Hi Diane, did you have any troubles finding the place?” Asked Shayna as she sat down in the booth across from Diane.

“No not at all, does he suspect anything?” Diane asked eagerly.

“He is back at the cottage sleeping now and he does not suspect a thing, at least, not what we have planned for him,” Shayna said giggling.

“Excellent Shayna!” replied Diane with a giggle too.

After sharing a cup of coffee and finalizing the details of the weekend, Shayna and Diane headed for the car.

“I have to admit that I am a little nervous,” confessed Diane in the car on the way back to the cabin. “Are you sure he won’t be upset with us?”

Shayna laughed “Oh, I am sure that he will most definitely NOT be upset, this has been a fantasy of his for a long time.”

Pulling up to the cabin Casibom Shayna once again assured Diane that everything was cool.

“I am going to check on him, make yourself comfortable Diane.” Shayna said as she headed towards the bedroom.

Diane took her bags into the spare bedroom and then came out to sit on the sofa when Shayna returned.

“We should let Nik sleep a little longer, you want to head to the Jacuzzi?” Shayna asked as she removed her top.

“Excellent idea” replied Diane as she too, removed her top.

By the time they had reached the Jacuzzi, they were both naked and not shy at all with each other.

Diane embraced Shayna as they stepped into the hot, bubbly water together. “Mmmmmmm now this feels so good” Diane sighed.

“Oh Diane, your body feels so good against mine” Shayna uttered between sighs.

Diane felt Shayna’s nipples, already hard from sexual anticipation, pressed into her.

“You have the most gorgeous nipples.” Diane replied as she began to grind her pussy against Shayna’s hotbox.

Diane leaned over and took Shayna’s hard and erect nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the tip.

“Ohhh Diane” moaned Shayna as her hands slid down to Diane’s firm ass, “You have such a sweet, firm ass I love it.” Shayna’s hands continued to grope Diane’s ass.

Diane ran her tongue across Shayna’s lips before slipping it into Shayna’s mouth. Both women kissed, tongues dueling, searching, and exploring the sweet taste of each other.

“Turn around” Shayna ordered to Diane, rubbing her pussy against Diane’s buttocks as she cupped her breasts and shook them up and down.

Diane tilted her head back, moaning as Shayna ran her tongue down the length of Diane’s face, both of them starting to pant!

Diane reached around and rubbed Shayna’s pussy, using two fingers to slowly probe Shayna’s hard, erect clit.

They continued to rub and enjoy each other’s body as Shayna began to finger fuck Diane, checking to see how aroused she was.

“Ready, I see!” Shayna said to Diane. “Oh yes and how.” she replied.

“Time for us to wake up Nik.” Shayna declared with pure lust in her eyes.

Shayna silently pushed open the door to the bedroom and like predators silently stalking their prey; Shayna and Diane crept over to the bed where Nik was lying naked! Diane salivated at the sight of Nik’s body, particularly his limp cock.

“Be my guest,” Shayna told Diane. Diane got down on her knees; her head poised over Nik’s cock, looked at Shayna again and started to run her tongue up and down his cock. Nik mumbled something neither woman could understand and moved slightly.

Shayna knelt down beside Diane and began to rub Diane’s beautiful breasts. Diane continued to lick Nik’s cock and it slowly rose into a full erection.

Nik quickly rose to full awakening. “What the fuck is going on?” He said sleepily yet angrily. Granted, someone was sucking his cock…but they woke him up to do it he thought! That was surprise number one.

Surprise number two came after Nik’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and he realized it was not Shayna sucking his cock!

Shayna yelled, “Surprise!” looking so sweet and sexy. Nik looked at Shayna with utter surprise yet such pleasure that she was sharing this fantasy with him.

Nik kissed Shayna with such force and passion silently telling Shayna that she had made the right decision tonight.

Nik laid back down, moaning, as Diane ran the flat of her tongue up and down the length of his massive hardness, her hands caressing his balls.

At the same time, Shayna was giving Diane a damned good finger fucking. Diane swirled the tip of her tongue around the head of Nik’s cock and then parted her lips, took him into her dark, warm cavern as she squeezed his thickness with her lips, moving her head up and down.

Nik moaned, still marveling at the site of another woman between his legs, sucking his cock so damn good.

Shayna stopped fingering Diane, stood up and squatted over Nik, slowly moving her crotch up and down. “Lick me,” She said simply. Casibom Giriş Yet there was something in her voice which made it neither a question nor a demand, it was like a dare! Nik took his fingers and spread her pussy lips apart, exposing the pink, inner flesh. Nik nuzzled his nose into his lover’s sweet smelling pubic hairs and rammed his tongue up into her hot pussy.

Diane bobbed her head up and down furiously for a while before she took Nik’s cock out of her mouth so she could milk his balls.

Shayna ground her seething pussy down onto Nik’s face as hard as she could. He retaliated by nibbling at her fleshy outer folds, finding her clit with the tip of his tongue, making her moan his name loudly, “Oh Nik, yes, suck my clit.”

Before Diane stood up, she raked her fingernails down Nik’s thighs and then she stood by Shayna, pinching her nipples and caressing her breasts.

“Oh that feels so damn good,” Shayna uttered as she drew Diane close and slipped her tongue up into Diane’s hot, wet pussy. All the while, Nik was driving Shayna wild with his tongue, darting in and out of the pussy that he knew so well, over and around her hard clit.

Shayna wrapped her arms around Diane’s buttocks, breathing hard and fast. Diane’s knees were bent slightly to make it easier for Shayna to eat her pussy. Shayna’s tongue darted around and in and out in rhythm to Nik’s tongue pleasuring her.

Diane began to moan as she started to orgasm. Shayna sensed this and bore her tongue into Diane as fast as she could go. Nik sucked loudly on Shayna’s pussy while poking his tongue around, trying to lick every inch of her, driving Shayna towards an orgasm at the same time as Diane.

Diane was gritting her teeth, moaning wildly as she ground her pussy into Shayna’s face. “Oh my god Shayna, please don’t stop!” she screamed as her body started wracking with orgasms.

Nik could feel Shayna’s sweet cream dribbling into his mouth, her body convulsing as well as he sucked it all up, gripping Shayna even tighter as she smeared her pussy all over his face, unable to get enough of his flicking tongue.

Diane stepped back, cum oozing out between her lips. Shayna moved around so she and Nik could sixty-nine together. Shayna didn’t waste any time, she opened her mouth and in one hard motion engulfed Nik’s massive hardness deep into her throat.

“Mmmmm ,” moaned Nik as he felt her head bobbing up and down, his tongue snaked in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Diane spread Shayna’s ass cheeks and began to rim her ass with her tongue, driving Shayna wild and fueling her to suck on Nik’s raging cock with animalistic wantonness. Cum began to squirt out of Shayna in great waves and Nik tried to swallow it all. Shayna’s breasts glowed with pleasure, swinging from side to side as she continued to gobble away at his cock. Shayna pleased and teased Nik’s balls and thrilled when she felt them move!

Diane’s hands traveled up and down Shayna’s body. First rubbing her back, then her breasts. Nik stopped eating Shayna, but Shayna continued to devour Nik’s beautiful and massive cock as Diane scratched her nails down Shayna’s back, hard enough that she immediately looked up at her.

“I can’t wait!” panted Diane. “I need to be fucked NOW.” She lay down on the bed, looking at Nik.

Nik was thinking that he never entertained the thought of fucking Diane on his own, but now that it is being offered to him, he saw no reason not to take advantage of Shayna’s generosity. Knowing her as well as he did, Nik knew there was nothing malicious behind Shayna giving Diane to him; he knew Shayna was merely being playful.

“Fuck her Nik” Shayna said with so much lust and a glimmer of wildness in her big, brown doe-eyes.

Diane spread her legs, inviting Nik inside her. Diane grabbed Nik’s cock and guided it towards her hot pussy. Diane was so hot and wet as Nik rammed his cock deep inside her making Diane suck in her breath sharply. Nik’s all-encompassing cock filled the sheath of her pussy and made it cry for more! “My God, you have a beautiful cock!” Diane gasped.

“Enjoy Casibom Yeni Giriş yourselves children” Shayna said as she left the room.

Diane raised her legs high above her head as Nik’s balls slapped against her ass while his cock dug in and out of her red-hot pussy.

Nik leaned down and ran his tongue over Diane’s nipple as she slapped her pussy upward, matching his rhythm. She wrapped her arms around Nik’s neck massaging his hard muscles as he continued to feast on her breasts. Diane writhed as Nik dug his toes into the bed so as to put all his body weight behind each and every thrust deep inside her.

“My God, you are tearing it out of me!” Diane yelled as she came, the sensation encompassing her entire body. Diane held onto Nik as if she were afraid she would fall her body writhing frantically as she slapped upwards as hard as she could.

“Getting to know you, getting to know you” Shayna hummed as she entered the room.

“Raise yourself” Shayna told Nik as she stuck her head between Nik and Diane and began to suck on Diane’s nipples.

Diane reciprocated by reaching out, finding Shayna’s pussy and shoved two fingers inside her, masturbating her.

“Sit on the edge of that chair” Nik told Diane as he withdrew his cock from her. Diane sat on the edge of the chair, balancing herself with a little bit of difficulty.

“Wrap your legs around me” Nik huskily told Diane as he was breathing so hard.

Diane did this and Nik started to fuck her. Diane’s head hung backwards as if looking at something on the ceiling with her neck muscles standing out.

“Fuck me harder Nik,” Diane ordered as she writhed beneath him.

Shayna was watching with increased interest. Then Nik noticed that Shayna had her favorite vibrator in her hand and smiled.

“Mind if I play Nik?” Shayna asked, her voice laced with passion, her eyes twinkling with playfulness.

“Ummmm no, baby, p-p-lease do” stammered Nik, so overcome with passion and anticipation, knowing all too well just how his love likes to “play.”

Shayna turned it on low setting and began to massage Nik starting at his neck and slowly working her way around to his back, as Nik’s cock was pistoning in and out of Diane.

Shayna rubbed the vibrator all over Nik’s back, lower and lower, finally reaching his ass.

“Yes, baby, oh yes, please!” Nik begged, knowing what was coming.

Shayna let the tip of the vibrator rest against Nik’s brown hole, loving the sound of his moans increasing.

Shayna could see the subtle changes in Diane’s eyes every time Nik thrust deep inside her. Shayna could see Nik’s ass swinging back and forth…driving her wild!!

Unable to resist, Shayna walked over to the edge of the bed, her eyes never leaving Nik’s sat down and began to massage her pussy with her toy.

Shayna saw the lust and pure raw desire in Nik’s eyes as he watched her slowly insert the toy all the way inside. This sight made Nik pump even harder into Diane, hearing her moaning and screaming, as the trusts of the toy were now in sync with Nik’s thrusts into Diane.

Diane stood up, with Nik still deep inside her and mashed her mouth into his, Nik looking over Diane’s shoulder watching Shayna.

GOD it was so hot…all of the moaning and panting.

Shayna could see that Nik was about to climax as she screamed out “Fuck her harder Nik.”

“Yes, harder Nik, faster!” Diane screamed as she began to climax, digging her fingernails into Nik’s arms.

Nik pumped so fast and so furiously, Shayna matching Nik’s thrusts with her toy.

“Oh yes baby cum with me!” Nik said breathily.

Knowing each other so well, Nik and Shayna both climaxed so hard at the same time. Nik’s knees almost buckling from the intensity as he watched Shayna’s body racking with the same orgasmic intensity.

Shayna collapsed back onto the bed, her body still convulsing slightly as Nik walked over, lay down beside her and kissed her very passionately and very deeply.

“Happy Birthday my love” said Shayna lovingly.

“Oh baby, thank you for making a dream come true and for loving me, I love you Shayna,” replied Nik as he kissed her again, gathering her into his arms.

Diane walked over, crawled into bed next to Nik, curling up to his side where they all promptly drifted into a blissful slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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