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Big Dicks

It was a lovely day. She got out of her apartment and sauntered towards the station. She had a train to catch. She was going out of town. Not very far away but still a good three hours of travelling by train. She wore dark glasses and loved watching the reactions of men as she walked. She wasn’t bad looking; she was young, had just completed her 20th birthday the week before, was dusky by complexion and was about 5’5” tall. She had good shapely breasts that bounced nicely as she walked. Her greatest asset was her hips and her buttocks. She had a walk, which could make any man turn and give her a second glance.

She wore a short skirt (about knee length) that hugged her hips and a top that was not too showy but accentuated the shape of her breasts. Her hips swayed with each step and her buttocks oscillated from side to side. Those buttocks were just waiting to be touched and fondled. Of course there were times when she was brushed against or pinched in a public place. She just ignored it although she loved it. She knew what she did to people as she walked past and she enjoyed every bit of it. This particular day she was going into another town to hand over an application for a course on fashion designing. She always wanted to be fashion designer.

The platform looked comparatively Casibom deserted as she looked about. She was not surprised, it was a holiday for most people. The train would arrive in another 5 minutes. She had brought along a copy of her novel to read along. It would be a long ride.

The train came in on time and she got in into her first class compartment. She could afford it. Her parents were generous with her pocket money. She settled herself at her window seat and looked around the compartment. A gentleman had just alighted at the station. Apart from her there was just one other gentleman sitting in the far corner at the opposite window.

He was reading his newspaper. He was probably in his early fifties, was distinguished looking, and wore a suit. He had a rather handsome face, he had a head full of hair, much of which had greyed. He could have been a successful business executive who had chosen the train instead of travelling in his car. But he had not looked up to see her as she walked into the compartment. That puzzled her and she felt indignant. Maybe he will look up eventually, she hoped.

The train was travelling through the countryside and it was a lovely scenic view. She had taken out her novel but had not started reading it as yet. Time Casibom Giriş and again she looked out the train and then at the gentleman wondering if he would give her an appreciative glance. It frustrated her that he would not look, not even a glance. Finally she gave up, crossed her legs, pushed her shapely butt in his direction should he look up from his newspaper and busied herself in her novel.

An hour would have gone past when she looked up from her novel. She was weary from reading and needed to stretch. As she stretched she gave the man a look from the corner of her eye. Wait a minute! What was that. Was she imagining it or was it for real.

The man had lowered his newspaper, which was now resting on his thighs. His hand had disappeared under the paper and seemed to be moving there. She looked carefully. Yes, there was no doubt about it. He was feeling himself under his newspaper. Her pose had had its effect after all.

He caught her looking at him. He wasn’t scared. He continued moving his hands and slowing dropped the newspaper to allow her to see. She had never seen a naked man in flesh and blood. Of course in her school days they had rummaged at girlie magazines and giggled at pictures of scantily dressed men showing of their swollen groins. Casibom Yeni Giriş But this felt different. She froze with numbness.

She could see his thick penis, dark brown in colour, it was not fully erect. The man had released it from his fist and it hung there half-erect. There were thick veins running across the penis. As she looked it began to grow. The man was slowly stroking it and then he kind of unskinned the tip. The head was a deep shade of pink and the penis was throbbing in his hand. It was a strange feeling. She found her heart racing. She realised she was scared but also excited, very excited. This had never happened to her before. She was not sure what she should do.

Seeing that the young girl with the sexy buttocks was not going to shout or do something crazy, he got up from his seat and walked with his erect penis towards the girl.

He had not been able to concentrate since she got into the train. But had resisted showing her his reaction. Finally his passion had got the better of him. He was an exhibitionist. He loved flashing himself to strange girls and pleasuring himself as they watched. It gave him no end of pleasure. He would go as far as he was allowed to. He never forced himself on anybody. If the girl shouted on seemed to protest he would quickly apologize and leave. There was an inherent risk here as he obviously could not walk out of a running train which is why he had resisted looking at her in the first place.

End of Part 1. Look for continuation in Part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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