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My mission:

I’ve to take the bus, edge to time in. On destination, I’ve to edge 3 times on different places. On return I’ve to edge 2 more time and edge in bus.


I don’t take regularly the bus, so I have to check.

I found a night line that work until 00h30. So It’s a good destination.

I’ve planned to take the bus at 22h46 (I’ve 5 minutes to go to the bus stop).

The ride take 18min.

On destination, I plan to walk to a little lake I know, and return to take the last bus at 23h51. So I’ve 47min for my walk.

If I miss the bus, I’ve to walk home.

So I prepare myself.

Naked, I choose a black tight one piece swimsuit and put it on. I choose a tank top and a little skirt.

I put on socks and sport shoes and my watch (I wan’t to miss the bus)

I don’t forgot to put on my ben-wa balls.

To take no purse, I take 2 bus tickets (I’ve no subscription), 1 10€ bill (just in case), and my key. I slip all in my socks, so I’ve free hands (technic I use sometimes).

I quit my flat at 22h35.

The weather is cloudy but no rain.

I walk to the bus Casibom stop. The balls warm up my pussy.

I wait alone for the bus.

I go in the bus, punch my ticket. There is 12 people in and they sit on all “discrete” place. So I take the place, just in front of the exit door. I’m in the direction of the road, so nobody is face to me. I go to the terminus, so all people need to pass in front of me to go out before I quit.

I quickly put my right hand (window side), on my pussy, and discretely start to rub. I’ve to stop on each stop, when people go out. I regret to take no book, phone or other things to simulate activity.

It’s difficult to edge. I think I was more excited by the situation than rubbing my pussy.

I make only 1 good edge in the bus before I was on the terminus. Too bad … but very excited.

So … my plan was to go to the lake. It was a 2.5km way, and return, and I’ve only 45 min. So I need to speed.

It’s the night now, but the way are illuminated.

I choose to make jogging. The balls works hard and this time, I’m very excited.

At middle of way, I stop, turn Casibom Giriş on a hidden place, and rub my pussy to edge.

I restart walking, then jogging … I arrived in 15 min.

At he lake, they are just some couples that walk around.

I found a bench an sit to breath. I take this time to make a other edge, just in front of the lake.

After that, I search a more hidden place. I was just behind some bush. I remove my skirt and my top. I was only in my swimsuit. The lake is not a good place to swim … so I don’t.

I want to extend the time in swimsuit, so I walk on the way around the lake. Nobody around, so I rub myself, breasts, pussy, all the swimsuit.

I’m very excited, and I make another edge just hiding me a little.

I check my watch, and I’m late. I’ve pass almost 20 min at lake.

Quickly, the final step.

I remove my swimsuit, put on skirt and top.

I’ve no purse, so I have to carry the suit in my hand.

No time to think of. I need to run now.

Running, with the balls working, my pussy was dripping.

My little skirt flying on the wind. Casibom Yeni Giriş I’m sure my ass is fully visible.

I run with no pause. I reach the bus stop, breathless, and my pussy in fire. I’ve as near to edge, and I’ve to wait the bus, I just hide a little, and make me another long edge. I stop when the bus come.

I go in, there is just 3 persons. Some bench are free on the back, but I choose the same place near the door, and not hidden.

Other people can’t see me from their sit.

I quickly start rub my pussy. I’m very wet.

To rub my pussy, I had to spread a little my legs, and my hand pull up my skirt. I’m very exposed. I put my left hand, with the swimsuit on my knees to discretely hide.

I edge very quickly.

I cool down a little and swipe my very wet pussy with the swimsuit.

One people go out (passing just in front of me).

And I restart to rub my pussy.

I quickly edge again, so this time, I maintain it as long as I can, and I cum. It need some effort to not moaning and not too visible on my face. I think my eyes roll back a little.

This was a long and powerful orgasm.

Just time to regain my senses, and I’ve to go off the bus.

The return to home I walk slowly … the head in the sky …

It was a wonderful walk, even if it was very simple.

I love it.

Thanks all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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