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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old.


Greedy sister agrees to strip herself naked in front of her brother for money.

Continued from Chapter 03:

He stared at his sister’s tits again while she stared at the money he held in his hand. Normally denying him from ogling her, instead of folding her arms across her breasts in the way that she always does whenever he stares at her tits, this time she didn’t. Instead, as if sexually teasing him, she took a big breath and stuck out her chest even more. Then, with the nursery rhyme “What are Little Girls Made of,” coming to his mind and playing through his head, his sister acted as if she was suddenly injected with sugar and spice and everything nice. Obviously, as much as she was a whore for sex, she was a whore for money too.

‘Wow,’ he thought. ‘Instead of her being the bitch that she always is to me; she was actually acting nice to me.’

She gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look while putting a loving hand to his chest.

“May I have some money, Jason? Please? I need a car,” she said giving him a big smile while batting her big eyelashes. “Pretty please?” She gave him that smile that made her so much more beautiful. “I need a new Apple iPhone. Now that I graduated college and am working, I need a whole new wardrobe,” she said flashing him that smile again while batting her eyelashes at him.

Whenever his sister smiled like she was smiling now, she reminded him of Eva Mendes. She was being nice to him in the way that only his sister could whenever she wanted something from a man. Always sexually attracted to her, he liked her even more now that she wasn’t being such a bitch. Instead of always being so mean, nasty, and short with him, he wished she was always this nice to him.

Accustomed to using men for money who used her for sex, she was as much of a whore for sex and for money as his mother was. With his mother working as a cocktail waitress and with her always coming home late with a pocketbook full of unusually high tips, he suspected his mother had served men more than cocktails after work. In order to make ends meet, he suspected his mother moonlighted by serving cocks instead of cocktails by giving hand jobs and blowjobs to men willing to pay to play.

“Sure,” he said. “I already told you. I’ll give you one-hundred dollars to watch you undress.”

She made a bitter face again. Oddly and encouragingly enough, instead of saying no, she was negotiating.

“A hundred dollars? Now that I know you have all that money, Jason, you’d have to pay me a lot more than one-hundred dollars to watch me undress,” she said with attitude.

Excited that she didn’t reject his incestuous proposition by saying no, obviously she was willing to negotiate her price to undress. He counted out two, crisp, one-hundred dollar bills.

“Okay. Sure. No problem. I’ll give you two-hundred dollars to watch you undress,” he said prepared to give her so much more.

She made that same bitter face again.

“More,” she said staring down at his hand. “I want more than a lousy two-hundred dollars for you to watch me undress.

Ah, there’s his bitchy sister again. He knew her being nice wouldn’t last, especially when it came to money. He counted out five, crisp, one-hundred dollar bills.

“More? Okay. No problem. How much more? How’s this? I’ll give you five-hundred dollars to watch you undress,” he said.

She made the same bitter face that she made twice before.

“Five hundred dollars? That’s not enough. You’d have to give me more than that to watch me undress this beautiful body,” she said moving her hands slowly down her body as if she was a Price Is Right model showing him a showcase.

Playing her game, he looked at her as if she was nuts when he was the nutty one to proposition his sister to undress for money. Besides with him having every intention of sharing his money with her by giving her and her mother one-hundred-thousand dollars each, it was more fun giving them his money in this way. Making them work for the money, he not only hoped to see his sister and mother naked but also he hoped to have sex with his sister and mother.

“If not one-hundred dollars, two-hundred dollars, or five-hundred dollars, how much more would you want to allow me to watch you undress?”

Seemingly fixated with the money, she stared at the money before staring up at him and before staring back down at the money.

“A thousand dollars,” she said. “I want you to pay me a thousand dollars to watch me strip off my clothes,” she said.

Again, he looked at her as if she was the crazy one when he was the one certifiable, incestuous lunatic.

“A thousand dollars? Seriously? You want me to pay you one-thousand dollars to watch you undress? That’s a lot of money,” he said.

She nodded her head.

“Yes. You’d have to pay me a thousand dollars to watch me undress,” she Eskort Kız said.

He stared at her tits before agreeing to her terms.

“Okay,” he said with him having every intention to pay her whatever she wanted for him to see his sexy sister naked.

Chapter 04:

He stared at her while waiting for her to begin undressing.

“Give me the money first,” she said holding out her hand.

He counted out ten, crisp, one-hundred dollar bills and handed his sister the one-thousand dollars. She counted it and held the money up to the light to see the watermark. Then, turning away from him, she the money in her jewelry box before turning to face her brother again. With her having done this act many times before when competing wet T-shirt contests, she flipped her long, chestnut brown hair back before striking her sexiest pose. As if she was undressing for thousands of horny, drunken, Spring Break partygoers, she was ready to undress for her private audience of one. Prepared to strip herself naked for money, she was ready to undress for her horny brother.

As if he was her boyfriend or her lover, she gave him a sexy look and a naughty smile. Then, as if she was a stripper on stage doing a slow, sexy, and seductive striptease show, she began undressing. As if each button had a secret combination to unlock what she was about to show her brother, she slowly unbuttoned each button of her blouse. Teasing him by prolonging his sexual anticipation, she paused to show her horny brother the tops of her meaty breasts, more of her long, line of her cleavage, and her bra clad breasts. As if there was stripping music playing in the background and a drumroll going off in his head, he instead at his sister’s fingers unbuttoning her blouse.

Taking her sweet time unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse, when she finally unbuttoned her blouse, flaying it open, she removed her blouse. Then, as if she was alone in her room and getting undressed for bed, paying him no nevermind, she folded her blouse and put it neatly on her bed. As if her clothes were modicums of her modesty, her morals, and her self-respect, prepared to morally strip herself bare by physically stripping herself naked, she removed all of those with her clothes. Now dressed only in her white, sexy, low cut bra and short skirt, she turned to face her admiring brother, the man holding all of the cash and all of the power. Playing him, she gave him the same smile that she gave her audience of men when stripping herself topless and/or naked on Spring Break.

Showing him what he so wanted to see, she posed for him as if she was a model and he was her photographer. Showing her brother what he had never seen before of his sister but had only imagined, she was just as sexually provocative in showing him her body as he was sexually provocative in staring at her body. Showing him what she looked like in her bra, giving him a good, long look, she turned one way before turning the other way. Then bending forward while shaking her breasts and while staring up at him staring down at her, she gave him a down bra view of her sexy cleavage.

Teasing him as if getting ready to blow him, she flipped back her lush, long hair again before she ever so slowly ran her hands over her bra clad breasts while wetting her red, full lips with her slow tongue. As if her soft hands were his horny hands, she touched, felt, and fondled her big tits through her bra. Showing him that two can play this game of incest and debauchery, she looked at him as lustfully as he lustfully stared at her. As if she was done undressing when he obviously wanted more, show over, she turned away from him.

“Keep going,” said Jason with a nod of his head while staring from her bra covered breasts to make eye contact with his sexy sister before leering at her bra clad breasts again. “Take off your skirt. I want to see your panties too. I want to see you in your panties and bra. I want to watch you parade around your room in your sexy lingerie.”

With her obviously having no intention of removing any more of her clothes until he paid her more money, she gave him a smug smile.

“More? You want more?” She looked at him as if she was dumb and didn’t understand his meaning when she was nothing but dumb and knew exactly what her horny brother wanted her to do. “You want me to remove more of my clothes, is that what you want me to do?” She gave him a smug smile. As if she was a merchant at a Moroccan bazaar bartering dirhams for goods, she leaned back on her heels to study her brother. “How much will you give me to remove my skirt? How much will you give me to stand before you in my bra and panties?”

He was done wasting time negotiating as he already had done for her to remove her blouse. He didn’t want to play her game in one-hundred dollar increments for her to remove her skirt. Not wanting to delay anymore from seeing his sexy sister without her clothes, he quickly counted out another ten, new, crisp, one hundred dollar bills.

“I’ll give you another thousand dollars for you to remove you skirt,” he said holding ten, one-hundred dollar bills over his head as if he was bidding for his sister at auction.

When she knew how much money he had, he was surprised that he was getting her to undress for so cheap. Obviously, with her netting little more than a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars winning wet T-shirt contests, she was accustomed to stripping for much less. With her hitting the jackpot, he was giving his sister big money, more money than she ever made stripping at Spring Break. In the way she did before when removing her blouse, obviously not trusting her brother to pay her, she reached out her hand for the money.

“Give me the money first,” she said.

He handed her the one-thousand dollars and, as she did before with her obviously not even trusting her brother to pay her the correct amount, she quickly counted the money in the way of an efficient bank teller. Again, she turned away from him to put the money in her jewelry box before turning to face him. Assuming the role of a sexy stripper by assuming her sexy pose again, as if she had been rehearsing her moves, she unbuttoned and unzipped her short skirt. Holding it in place with her hand as if her skirt was a shroud slowly falling from a masterpiece work of art, Jennifer allowed it to slowly fall and collect around her feet.

As if undressing a stunning model, the first time seeing his sexy sister in her bra and panties, Jennifer immorally and immodestly stood before her brother in her underwear. She was so sexy. She was so shapely. With her flat, toned stomach that curved down from her shapely bra clad breasts and continued down to her shapely, panty clad hips, she was so curvy. Worth it to Jason to see his sister in her panties and brassiere, for her just to remove her blouse and skirt, and for two minutes of her time, she had already earned two-thousand dollars. She continued sexually teasing him as if she was a stripper and he was a customer with a fistful of cash.

As soon as her skirt fell and her panties were in plain view, Jason stared at the dark shadow of her pubic hair as if he had just discovered gold. Nearly able to see through her sheer panties as if she wasn’t wearing panties, he stared at her pussy slit and her visible camel toe. Even though she was still wearing her sexy lingerie, never had he seen so much of his sister. Then, when she picked up her skirt to fold it, giving him a better look of her shapely ass, instead of squatting down, she turned her back to him and bent at the waist. As if teasing him to fuck her, she stayed in that sexy position much longer than necessary.

‘Oh, my God,’ he said. ‘I’ll be masturbating over this view of my sister for the rest of my life.’

She gave him a sexy show of her panty clothed ass and her ass crack through her thin, sheer, white, bikini panties. As if she was showing him her hidden treasure meant for men who weren’t her brother, she gave him a view of her pussy from behind and the magical playground that lay between her well-formed thighs. He’d love nothing more than to move behind his sister, pull down her panties, pull out his cock, and fuck her like a dog while fondling her big, naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples.

He wondered how much she’d charge him to fuck her. He wondered how much she’d charge for her to suck him. Just as he’d love to bury his stiff prick in his sister’s pussy, he’d love to bury his stiff prick in his sister’s mouth. Just as he’d love to hump her cunt and cum in her pussy, he’d love to hump her mouth, fuck her face, and cum in her mouth.

Not quite done ogling his sister, he stared at her as if she was already naked. When she turned to face him again, while folding her skirt and putting it on her bed, he stared at her pussy slit and her camel toe that he could clearly see through her panties. If he stared long enough and hard enough, he could better discern the dark shadow of her brown, trimmed pubic hair. If he stared long enough and hard enough, he could imagine his sister naked. If he stared long enough and hard enough, he could imagine eating his sister before fucking his sister.

Just as it was worth one-thousand dollars to see his sister in her sexy, low cut bra, it was worth another one-thousand dollars to see his sister in her panties too. No doubt, while imagining her removing her blouse and skirt over and again, he’d be masturbating over the remembered image of his sexy sister stripping down to her bra and panties for the rest of his perverted life. Just as he’d be masturbating over seeing her in her bra and panties, he’d be masturbating over seeing her panty clad pussy, her ass crack, her pussy slit, her camel toe, and the dark shadow of her pubic hair.

“Wow,” he said trying to keep his composure while encouraging her to continue undressing. “You look so hot in your bra and panties. I knew you had a hot body but I never knew you had such a sexy, shapely figure,” he said giving her an appreciative smile along with a lustfully heated stare. “Keep going,” he said nodding his head at her bra covered breasts. “Now remove your bra. I want to see you topless. I want to see your tits. I want to see your areolas and your nipples. Then, after you remove your bra, remove your panties. I want to see your ass and your pussy. I want to see you naked.”

She made a sour face as if she had just bitten into a lemon.

“Keep going? Topless? Naked? You want to see me topless before you see me naked?”

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

Suddenly acting like the innocent virgin that she wasn’t instead of the dirty whore that she was, she acted offended by her brother’s incestuous lust.

“Yes,” he said. “That’s the whole idea behind giving you two-thousand dollars. I want to see you topless before seeing you naked.”

She looked at him as if she had misunderstood his intentions when she knew exactly what he wanted right from the start.

“Wait. Hold on,” she said putting up her hands and waving them to and fro as if they were two mini stop signs. “Are you nuts? You’re my kid brother and I’m your big sister. I can’t do that. I’ll never strip topless or naked in front of you. I’d be so embarrassed. I’d be so ashamed. You’re lucky that I went this far. Sorry, but this is as far as I go,” she said with a seductive laugh.

Obviously playing him, she seemed happy with her two-thousand dollars for showing her brother what he had already seen of her when she was wearing her barely-there bikini. Teasing her with money in the way she had teased him with sex, he counted out another one-thousand dollars while staring up at her. He waved the money in her face in the way that he couldn’t wait to wave his erect prick in her face.

“I’ll give you another one-thousand dollars for you to remove your bra,” he said holding up the money in front of her as if he was holding chum for a shark.

She made another sour face while staring at his fistful of money.

“You think that paying me a paltry one-thousand dollars is enough money to see my tits?”

Going from the nice and cooperative sister she pretended to be to the bitch that she really was, as if telling him to go and fuck himself, she gave a him quick, upward nod of her pretty head. She rolled her eyes and let out a bored sigh. Then, with him staring at her bra and panties, she stared at the money he held in his hand.

“Yes. I have the money right here,” he said. “A thousand dollars is hardly a paltry sum for you to remove your bra. You’ve been topless for much less at one of your wet T-shirt contests.”

She flipped her chin up again as if she was telling him to go fuck himself. Then, she flipped her long, dark, brown hair back and fluffed her hair in place with an experienced hand. As if she was getting ready to suck his cock, she gave him a look that melted his heart and hardened his prick.

“One-thousand dollars to see my tits? No way. You can’t be serious,” she said. “I’d be so insulted to remove my bra for only one-thousand dollars,” she said when she had removed her bra for much less than that whenever competing in wet T-shirt contests. “Even if I was willing to remove my bra, it will cost you more than a measly thousand dollars for you to see my tits,” she said looking down at her bra clad breasts.

He counted out another thousand dollars.

“Okay, okay, I agree. What was I thinking? For sure, it would be worth more to see your naked breasts than it would be to see you in your bra and panties. Here you go. I’ll give you two-thousand dollars for you to remove your bra and stand before me topless,” he said.

No doubt, with her brother giving her more money than she ever earned in a wet T-shirt contest, holding her cards, playing his gamble, and calling his bluff, she refused his offer.

“Two-thousand dollars to see my tits? Hell no. That’s only one-thousand dollars for each breast. My tits are spectacular,” she said cupping her bra covered breasts and in the palms of her hands while lifting them as if offering them to him. “My big, firm, shapely breasts are my best feature, she said slowly while enunciating each word and while looking down at her bra clad breasts and fondling her bra clothed breasts. “I love my big tits,” she said addressing her tits as if they were her best friends. “I really love my big tits. They’re so beautiful. They’re shapely. They’re so sexy,” she said staring up at him while she continued fondling her breasts through her bra. “You tell me, how much is it worth to you to see them?”

Instead of her being his respectable sister, she acted as if she was a nasty whore in a seedy hotel room or a greedy stripper in the VIP room. Teasing him with sex for money, she looked down at her bra clad breasts while running her slow palms across her bra covered nipples. Then, causing him to involuntarily lick his lips as if he was a man dying of thirst, she pinched her nipples further out through her bra with her fingertips while staring up at him.

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