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A/N: a little one shot about myself and my current boyfriend. If you are confused, it’s a prelude to My Little Rose. Since I’m not American age of consent is different, but for website rules everyone in the story is over 18.


At the age of 19, it can be possible for ones mind to wander slightly in search of less moral pleasures. In my first year at university and despite getting straight As in philosophy, I was without a doubt considered to be a terrible student. Academically I was a shining star, however uptight lecturers detested nothing more than a vulgar longhaired delinquent retaining such amazing grades.

At the weekend, myself and some of my more rebellious counterparts would flock to the CBD in search of a good time. The first associate I’d take was a boy somewhat older than me named Lariah. He was in the habit of feigning drunkenness to hook up with women, and it seemed to work, as in my own semi-drunken state I witnessed him with two girls atop him, one tracing his neck with her tongue and leaving hickey marks whilst the other kissed him softly, letting his soft lips crush against hers. She left many black lipstick marks all over his neck and collarbones. I liked to ruin his fun and confess to the girls that he was sober, but that time I didn’t much feel like it in my own half wasted, half buzzed, half doped state.

The second associate brought by Lariah was an eighteen year old I’d met before but never really spoken to named Gideon. He was wearing velvet kitten ears, a tail and a silken cat collar with a little bell that jingled. Aside from that he wore only booty shorts and a thin black top. He was similar to myself in appearance but with shorter hair and more sallow eyes. As far as I’d known he’d only ever had one boyfriend and was a virgin. I studied him up and down, the tight jeans hugging his feminine thighs and leaving nothing to the imagination. His innocent features the picture of submissive beauty. I was predatory and he was my prey.

Sliding along the wall, I wrapped an arm around his waist, allowing my fingers to glide under his shirt and caress his exposed skin, so smooth as he shaved often. He looked over at me in confusion, and I parted my hair to expose my vivid blue eyes. Gideon seemed entranced, his eyes locked on my hard jawline, stubble and my own piercing gaze locked on his tender lips and innocent demeanor.

“I find it rather boring here. Why don’t we go to a private venue I know and you can amuse me, hm?” I suggested, my hot breath tickling his ear and I brought my face closer to his. I Eskort began to nibble his earlobe and heard him murmur something, his cheeks rosey red in embarrassment and…arousal?

“Was that a yes, kitten?” I prayed, and his hair tickled my nose as he nodded. I grabbed his hand and began to lead him on rather a long walk, through into the inner city. Had I not been horny, I’d have noticed the architecture modernising.

The place we arrived at was an abandoned biscuit factory across the water. It was an open compound once we snuck through the fencing and into the grounds. After climbing a makeshift ladder ten feet to the second floor we settled in an emptied room cleaner than the rest. The place was notorious for gang violence and bring there on a Saturday night was risky. That only added to my excitement and the sense of danger riled me up further.

Once we entered the room I pinned Gideon to the wall and ran my tongue against his sweet lips, begging for entry. It was granted and I slid my tongue through, feeling his hot breathe and soft mouth against my rough tongue. There was a small battle for dominance but I won. I laced my fingers through his and stopped before a small moan escaped the younger’s lips.

“Ssshhh,” I planted butterfly kisses along Gideon’s nape, and slid my nails across his abdomen, lightly scathing the skin and making the younger man gasp. “Little kitty mustn’t misbehave until I permit pleasure,” I reminded, before wrapping my arms around his hips.

“Unzip my pants, kitten,” I ordered, my nose to his ear and my voice husky, barely retaining my composure. I felt the fumbling hand around my crotch whilst I slid down his booty shorts from the back, revealing a pale, firm ass which appeared luminous in the moonlight. I ran my hand along it and moved his leg up to have more control over my pet. Gideon opened the button of my trousers and revealed my thick cock, veins running up the shaft and a bead of precum glistening from the head.

I heard my kitten’s breath quicken and labour as I squeezed his ass and positioned my cock to tease his little hole. Running a hand through his hair, Gideon began to claw at my back ruthlessly using his fingernails, allowing blood to draw. I winced in pain but continued to tease the smaller man.

“Mmmm kitty’s got claws,” I observed. “Tell me, Gideon was it? No, just kitten to me. Are you a virgin sweetheart?”

Through the clenched eyes and flushed face, Gideon managed a small noise and a nod. I giggled and gave him a lecherous grin. Luckily I liked him or he’d be dead for clawing my back. I twirled my fingers in his hair as I bucked slightly, pushing the tip of my cock against the tight asshole. I forced myself in further, seeing the body beneath me writhe.

His loud squeal alerted me that this virgin may need preparation. I didn’t usually allow that, but if I was going to have my way with this little one again (and I hoped that would be the case) I’d need to pleasure him too. I pulled out and pushed him down on his knees. I thrusted my crotch in his face and he looked up, confused

“I thought you might need a little preparation kitten,” I explained, a dark smile forming on my lips. “But if you’re not going to accept my offer, I have no quarrel with going in dry,”

At that threat, Gideon understood the instruction and enveloped my head in his lips, running his head up and down and licking, teasing my shaft. He ran his hand over my thigh and reached into my pants to fondle my balls. I wrapped my hands in his hair to stifle a moan, before pulling him off. Assuming I was wet enough, I pulled him by the hair into a standing position before leaning in to whisper in his ear.

“Do you want me, kitty?” I asked, my voice no longer husky but turned cold. Gideon managed a yes before I began to push into him.

It was easier with his saliva of course, but a yelp and claws ripping my back served to explain that the sensation he was receiving was rather intense. Whether it was pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell. I buried myself to the hilt and allowed the tight hole around me some time to adjust. Soon I began to methodically thrust, squeezing and smacking Gideon’s ass to elicited even louder cries and moans. I could tell from the large bulge in front of me that Gideon was less than satisfied. I pondered whether to give him mercy and I realised he had been the only one I’d ever cared about giving pleasure to.

“What do you want, kitty?” I whispered again.

“I wanna…….I wanna cum…..” He stammered. I debated whether or not to allow him such mercy. Id never allow it normally, but this kitten was exceptionally entertaining.

“Then beg for it. Beg your master for release, kitten,”

He immediately began begging, howling for release. His eyes filled with frustrated tears and his hands clasped, as if praying to me.

“Please master please!”

I decided to offer him mercy.

I wrapped my hand around his own shaft and began to pump in slow, long motions. I felt him contort and throw his head back in ecstasy. I synchronised his pleasure to mine as I continued to fuck him hard. I allowed my teeth to tear into his clavicle and thrusted him hard. I felt his sphincter stretch around my cock as i constantly hammered him, watching him throw his head back like a cat. A yowl alerted me and I felt the little ones cum burning on my stomach. I continued to fuck him until I had my own orgasm, allowing myself to be subdued in the beauty I had corrupted.

Falling back against the wall, myself and Gideon shared a bong before I embraced him lovingly, situated between my legs with his head on my chest. I softy whispered sweet poetic words to him and we both drifted into sleep.

The next morning I was awoken by sunlight streaming in through the scaffolding and cuddled the form beneath me. I groaned, slightly hungover before lightly shaking my partner.

“Kitten….” I seductively whispered close to his ear “it’s morning,”

If my reflexes had not been fast, I’d have suffered a broken nose. Gideon jumped in hysteria, fumbling for his satchel. He moved hastily, muttering about being late for class. I stood to calm him.

“Hey, the uni won’t suspend you for one missed day. You study social sciences fuck, what happened last night must be valuable research into the modern male psyche,” I chuckled. My head was too painful for such a quick wake up.

“Oh lord, what will Lariah say when he knows we are together?!” He panicked.

For a brief second, I remained in absolute stasis. Then my senses returned. Feeling a pang of guilt, I then felt an aversion to the smaller man.

“To……geth…….er?” I asked, before throwing my hands up in defence. “We are not in a relationship kid!”

Gideon paused his antics to look at me. First in confusion, then in dismay.

“We’re not together?” Tears began to fill his eyes, before he summoned strength I wouldn’t expect in such a voice to scream “You fucking used me!”

“We had no confabulation about dating preluding intercourse, kitten,” I reminded and walked up and caressed his face, before he flinched away from me. “Even so…..” I reasoned “it wouldn’t do for me to never see you again. You’ve been quite amusing. We could be very good friends, kitty. And have fun now and then too, of course. Whaddaya say, hm?”

It was clear Gideon was torn between two extremes. The desire to be close to me and the desire to murder me for using him. Still unsure, he nodded. He agreed to be friends. I grinned more and tilted his chin to gaze at me, flicking my tongue up to dry his tears.

“You up for another round?” I asked, before rolling over and pinning him to the floor. Gideon nodded and I gave him one last passionate kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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