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This is a story of fiction. All characters are 18+.

Feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism greatly appreciated.


Beth had just recently turned 18, but even still, her mind, her level of innocence made her seem younger still. When all of her friends, just at the beginning of their sexual awakening, were making out and feeling each other, some well on their way to sex, she was still blushing at the thought of holding hands. She just had no clue.

It was the weekend after her birthday, and since her family had been so busy the week of, and only had time for a quick get together, she allowed a little sleep over with a few of her close girlfriends. Beth and her friends, Jill and Jade, twins, spent most of the time in the pool. That was until Jill suggested a nice soak in the hot tub before they got ready for a movie and popcorn.

Beth didn’t spend a lot of time in the hot tub, for she really enjoyed the fun of a swimming pool. So it had been a long time since she relaxed in the tub, but with her friends, it was rather enjoyable as they talked with hushed voices about the cuter boys at school.

Jill, the wilder of the bunch, was talking about her latest “hook up” with Keith, the school’s bad boy. Jade was in absolute awe, and Beth was blushing from her cheeks to the tops of her bathing suit. The heat of the Jacuzzi only making it worse.

It was when she began talking about the stiffening of his penis as Jill rubbed the bulge in his lap that Beth started to feel funny. She knew the Jacuzzi was warm but this heat was different. It started in her belly and made her skin hum as she listened. She was curious and the more Jill talked the funnier she felt. Suddenly, her breath quickened and she started feeling a bit faint. So quickly, she got out of the hot tub and rushed for the cool air of the house. She could hear the girls giggling as she ran, they probably figured she was far too embarrassed or shy about what Jill was saying. But no, there was something very wrong.

As she stumbled into the house, her bother Aaron met her in the kitchen.

“Whoa, what’s up with you, squirt?”

He always insisted on calling her squirt.. He may be 6 years older than her but that doesn’t give him the right to treat her like a baby.

“I think I’m sick. My tummy is hot, my skin feels like its vibrating and I keep running out of breath..”

Aaron looked at her sideways and kind of turned this about in his head.

“Oookay, sit down for a second and talk to me, if it seems to be an emergency I’ll call mom and dad back from their dinner. Now, first what we you guys doing?”

“We were just in the hot tub Aaron. We were, um, talking..”

“Well, are you sure it’s not the heat of the water, you don’t go in there often. Or maybe something you ate?”

“Maybe, but I really don’t think so, it’s different… Like.. it’s Escort Kız scary but somehow I know nothing is wrong.. But I don’t know what it is so, well, it’s still scary!”

Aaron began to chuckle until he saw the look on his little sisters face. She looked terrified.

“Okay, okay. I think I know what’s wrong, but before I know for sure, I need to ask you something… You said you girls were talking, what about?”

“Well that’s rude Aaron. It was a private conversation..”

“Look, if you want to know what’s wrong, you need to tell me.”

And she did. She told him of Jill escapade and how her body started feeling funny and how when she started having trouble breathing, she ran into the house. Most of the symptoms had stopped by now, but talking about it again, they were coming back, tenfold. Aaron could see the heaviness of her eyelids, and noticed how when she talked, things came out a bit breathier. He noticed how she didn’t seem to be able to sit still, always shifting her weight from one leg to the other. It was as he began to meet her eyes again that things took a turn. On his way up to her eyes, his skimmed her chest and noticed her nubs sticking out through her top and he halted his progression.

He had been away longer lately, with school becoming more demanding. He didn’t realize how much she had grown in the 6 months he had been away. She now filled her top much more pleasantly and as he continued to skim the rest of her, he noticed how shapely she was becoming. She was no longer the gangly little sister he had remembered, she was well on her way to becoming a woman. And he had no doubt, she would be a beautiful one. He was lost in thought when he was suddenly jerked back into reality.

“AARON! Do we need to call mom?! I’m freaking out here!”

“Sorry, squirt. No, you’re okay, its all perfectly normal. You just got excited.”

“Excited? I’ve been excited before Aaron. You’re talking to the girl that just got the new PS4, COD bundle.. I know what excited feels like, that was not excitement.”

it was Aaron’s turn to blush..


“Um no, I mean… Sexually… You got sexually excited.. Turned on. Beth, you got turned on by what Jill was telling you. It’s perfectly normal. You were curious, you liked the way it all sounded and your body reacted. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ll get used to it, trust me, if you’re anything like me, it’ll happen a lot.”

Aaron chuckled, but blanched when he saw the shocked expression on her face. Thinking of her older brother being turned on probably wasn’t the best image in the world, a little awkward.

“It happens to you?”

He nodded.

“But, it’s so, miserable, how do I make it go away?!”

“Well, there’s a few ways. Usually, it will on its own. But depending on what’s going on, that could be hard and take a long time. Luckily for you though, you don’t have a penis jutting out to announce it to the world. Sorry, heh. Anyway, the best ways, is to either masturbate, or find someone to help relieve the.. tension.”

“Masturbate? Like have sex with yourself?! That’s so naughty though!”

“It’s not, Beth. I promise you that. It’s Healthy and it’s normal. We’re all animals, and our base instincts are to survive and to mate. It happens to us all and unless we want to go screwing everyone that crosses our path when we feel that way, it’s best to just get some alone time and take care of it. Plus, sometimes it can feel so amazing. But it’s definitely not something to be ashamed of.”

Beth took a moment to take this all in, not sure how she could even ask her next question to her own brother but too terrified to ask anyone else, especially the twins, afraid word would get around to the whole school. So she decided her brother would be best.

“Okay, well say I were going to, how would I-“

Suddenly, the sliding glass door opened and the twins came in giggling.

“Hiiiiiii Aaron!”

They both thought Aaron was soo hot and nagged Beth about it all the time. But now, in the light of everything, with the idea of her own brother masturbating, she could see what they meant. He was tall, at 6’3″, thin but still muscular, he played as quarterback for the football team at his college and he was so smart to boot.

“Hi girls, the parents will be home soon so you should probably get into your pajamas and get settled in with a movie before they get here. I’ll be in my room if you need anything.”

And just like that, he was gone. Leaving Beth shocked and confused with the giggly twins to entertain.

They decided on 21 Jump Street and white cheddar popcorn. Beth’s parents came home about 20 minutes into the movie and went straight to bed and shortly into the third movie, Jill and Jade had fallen asleep.

They decided to make a big blanket fort in the living room and there Beth sat, rerunning the conversation she had with her brother in her head. She hadn’t finished talking but was unsure if she should continue a conversation like that with her older brother. Is that even appropriate?! She didn’t think so, but he had no one else. He already knew the situation and she was far too embarrassed to talk to anyone else about it. Before she could make up her mind, she was already on her way upstairs to talk to Aaron again.

The door was open and she could see him on his bed reading a book. After knocking on the door and opening it a bit more.

“Hey Squirt, what’s up?”

“Um, hi. I was hoping we could finish talking?”

“Oh, yea. Of course. Was there something else you needed to know?”

“Well, you were talking about.. Um, masturbation and I.. Well, I was wondering if you know tell me.. I mean, if I wanted to.. How.. How would I?”

She closed her eyes, mortified by the question. She could hear her brother let put a breath and she chanced a peak at him, hoping he didn’t think she was a freak for asking.

“So, you’re telling me you’ve never..?”

Blushing, she shook her head.

“Well… The best way to know how to please yourself, is to get to know yourself.. That way, I mean. I would imagine the best way, would be to lie down, get comfy and just… Experiment.”

“So just, lay down and.. what?! I mean how am I supposed to know what to do, where to touch?! I’m such an idiot.. How in the world am I supposed to know what to do, I mean I don’t even know what’s down there or what does what and.. UGH I’m just so lost! I should just go climb into a hole and stay there until I’m 50.”

Chuckling, Aaron got up and got his IPad off of his desk.

“Okay, there’s this app for your phone called Tumblr, it’s a blog website. But, there’s a lot of people that happen to like blogging about porn and sex. There are photos, videos, all of it. Why don’t you take a minute, look through some of the stuff I’ve reblogged and see if it gives you any ideas. I have seen masturbation gifs and videos on here before. I’ll just be at my desk finishing up on this book.”

She took the tablet eagerly. From what she understood, what she was looking at, was a collection of pictures and videos of things her brother found sexy. And boy, did he have great taste. There were photos of beautiful women on display, videos of men and women, photos of women being punished by men, spanking, belts even crops. It was surprisingly tantalizing to her. She was well on her way to feeling similar to she had in the hot tub, even more so. And Aaron had been right, there were plenty of images and videos of women playing with themselves. Touching their breasts, rubbing the top of their pussies, fingering their holes, using toys, even playing with their butts. It seems Aaron enjoyed seeing women play with themselves. Which seemed to make the wetness between her legs even worse.

Aaron did the best to finish reading his book. But Beth kept making these noises. He assumed whenever she saw something she like. It was a mix between a gasp and a moan. When she wasn’t doing that, she was breathing heavily, obviously excited. Aaron had been nervous giving her that. Knowing his tastes could have her running for the hills, obviously it was the opposite. And suddenly, he noticed a tightness in his lap. He was trying to ignore it all and focus on the book when he heard her make a new sound. Something a little more… Urgent.. He turned around only to see his little sister lying on his bed, hand in her panties, legs spread, head thrown back with a pleasure filled “O” on her face.

He was about to call to her. To get her to stop and move the party to her room. That’s when she opened her eyes and looked to him. As their eyes met, she came undone. Her voice laced with need and desire she pleaded..


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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