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We met online, on a website specializing in erotica. No surprise there, because both of us were looking for something, some way to connect with other like-minded folks, and to have some influence on the sexual currents we negotiate daily.

It started with simple comments regarding erotica she had posted, and grew into an extended conversation. Both of us were willing to talk and receptive to the other’s thoughts without judging. When she sent me a picture of her face, I felt like I was beginning to connect with the true person on the other end of the dialogue. I sent pictures back, and the conversation continued.

Erotica had brought us together, and it infiltrated almost every missive we exchanged. She was the first to send, unbidden, sexy photos of herself. She is giving, in that way, and seems to relish the effect she has on me. I responded in clumsy fashion, and we shared a laugh or two over it, but I think it helped put a face on me for her. Our conversation became more explicit, but always respectful, and she continued to share pictures and audio recordings of herself, asking little or nothing in return. It aroused me to receive this attention, these gifts, from a woman that I found highly attractive both intellectually and physically, and I reciprocated as much as I was able.

One bright, lazy Saturday morning, I checked my email, and found a welcome message from her. She said that she had something for me, and among the usual banter was a link to a file-sharing site. I dashed off a quick message for her to read later (we are separated by thousands of miles and several time zones), and clicked the link. I downloaded the file she had left for me and unzipped it.

The file was, of all things, a graphic slide show. But it only took me several seconds to click through a few frames to realize this was no ordinary presentation. Bayan Escort The slides started with pictures of her, dressed in a cute short skirt and shirt, smiling directly at me. She stood in front of a bed in what I guessed was her own bedroom. The blush in her cheeks and sparkle in her eyes made her look mischievous, and I looked at her image for several moments before flipping to the next frame. In this frame, her hands were working on opening the second button on her shirt, and it took me milliseconds to flip through the next few frames to determine that she was, indeed, stripping for me frame by frame. Apparently, she had created this montage from a series of still frames captured from a video, and a hi-def one at that!

This realization brought butterflies to the pit of my stomach, and caused stirrings lower. Whatever possessed her to create this for me? How far would she take it? I longed to see graphic images of her touching herself, or more, but had only imagined them. The questions in my mind increased my arousal, and my erection grew along with my curiosity.

I forced myself to click slowly through the frames, drinking in every detail of every shot. As the images progressed, she unbuttoned and removed her shirt, revealing an ordinary white lace bra, made sexy by the way she uncovered it. Through several more frames, her skirt was pulled up, then down and off, unveiling simple white panties that still claimed every bit of my attention, because they were being shown to me.

I was rock hard by now, and eager to continue viewing the slides, but I forced myself to slow down. I dropped my hand into my lap, and idly rubbed myself through my jeans. It felt so good, and I impulsively stripped naked and sat back down in front of my computer monitor. My cock throbbed, aching for attention, and a drop of pre-cum seeped from me, clinging to the top of my erection.

The show continued and got hotter by the frame. First, her hands caressed her breasts on top of her bra, then slid beneath it. The bra pushed down and her hands covered her tits, which gradually appeared as the images clicked by, fingers pinching and tugging her pink nipples. The bra was pushed below her breasts, and in the next frame her hands were behind her back, then the bra came off. Her hands continued to travel down her tummy, toward her panties.

Without really thinking about it, I grasped my tool and started slowly stroking myself. Up and down, as the frames passed, as each new bit of skin was revealed, as each touch of her hand increased the flush of her cheeks. She reached into her panties, and as her angle toward the camera changed, I could see the shadow of dampness and the hint of a cleft beneath the fabric. Frame by frame, her hand changed its position inside her panties, her eyelids dropped, and her expression grew more seductive. I continued my own movements, aware of the pre-cum weeping from me, and I spread it over the swollen head of my prick as my own excitement increased.

Suddenly the camera angle changed, and she was lying on the bed, with the camera zoomed in slightly. Her eyes were mostly closed, and she looked ravishing. One hand was in her underwear, and the other now grasped a purple toy! It looked to be a vibrator shaped like a penis, not too big physically, but huge in its implications. A groan involuntarily escaped my lips, because I immediately recognized that this show was proceeding farther than I ever dreamed it would. I continued to slowly flip the frames, examining every detail she exposed to me.

She moved the toy over her sensitive places outside of her underwear. Then, lifting her head and looking directly into the camera, she pulled her panties aside, frame by frame exposing her sex to me for the first time. The pubic hair was trimmed to form a triangle that pointed downward. Below it, her lips were shaved smooth and glistened with moisture. I gazed on as, one image after another, the vibrator circled her clit, spreading the lubrication, then nuzzled her opening. Over several frames, she inserted the toy deeply in herself, her head tilted back and her lips parted in what I imagined to be a moan of pleasure. Without realizing it, I increased the pace of my own strokes, my passion rising to match hers on the monitor in front of me.

Through several images, I could tell she was fucking herself with the vibrator, and the wetness on the toy and her puffy lips showed me that she was, indeed, pleasuring herself. My own urgency was rising, and I made no effort to slow it. As I clicked on the next image, and took in the picture of her with her back arched, mouth open in a cry and brow furrowed by an intense orgasm, my own climax erupted. I closed my eyes, her image in my mind, and I felt the flood of my release flow down over my hand with each contraction. I spread the slippery fluid over my cock, reducing the friction and heightening the sensations, extending my climax as long as possible. When my breathing had returned to a more normal state, I opened my eyes to the mesmerizing image still on the screen, and my member twitched in response.

I had to get up and clean myself off. When I returned to the computer, I clicked through the last few frames of the slide show, watching as she relaxed, and gave a friendly smile to the camera (me?) in the final shot. I sat, still naked and overwhelmed by what I had seen. I felt arousal begin again as I recounted in my mind the beautiful images of her. What could I possibly do show her how hot she made me? It suddenly became clear. As my erection grew and responded to my inspiration, I turned my webcam to the proper angle, and looked into the camera…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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