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There will be homosexual material in the following story. If it is not your preferred story line, please abandon now.


This was where the fun began.

Aaron got up after a few minutes of listening to our mom gather her belongings and open then close the door.

He ran to the dining room and peered out the blinds and watched as moms car drove out of sight.

I heard him quickly run up the stairs and just as quickly back down.

He had his laptop tucked under his arm with a big smile on his face.

He sat down next to me with the computer in his lap, opened it and connected his phone to it with a USB cable.

It only took a few minutes to download and when it was finished he walked over to the TV and connected an HDMI cable to the laptop, then to the back of the flat-screen and switched inputs.

He hit play and came back to the couch sitting about a foot away from me.

Then it began, we were reliving the moment we creeped on our mom in the shower.

It was so clear, her wet shining ass, he perfectly trimmed body. We watched as she lathered up her legs, breathing heavily as she turned toward us, her tits in full glory looking as though they wanted to be sucked on.

Aaron started first, he pulled his cock out from under his shorts and grabbed a hold of his shaft with his right hand.

I couldn’t help but watch. His cock was a good 8 inches and thick.

My mouth watered a bit as he began jerking in a slow methodical motion, staring at our mothers slick wet body on the screen.

He looked over to me and said, “Come on man, jerk it with me”.

I know he saw me staring at him playing Escort with himself.

Unable to say words, I just gave in. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and laid back on the couch.

My eyes went back to our mother in the shower. I noticed that she was turned back around and realized that the video wasn’t that long, but he looped it on repeat for our pleasure.

Pleasureful it was.

Just sitting there next to my sexy brother, jacking our cocks to our moms nude wet body was amazing!

Aaron stood up and took his shirt off, his back looked strong, his shoulder muscles were smooth and almost bulging. He was enticing. He slid his shorts down off his legs and stepped out and sat back on the couch.

We continued to jerk off.

I found myself looking over at him more and more as he beat his cock.

He would say “oh fuck, oh mommy, oh yeah look at those titties, fuck me mom”. That was so hot to me.

I started to notice him looking more at my cock after a while as well.

Our legs were both spread open and our thighs met.

He at some point lifted his left leg and draped it over my leg. That was the moment I knew we were going go further.

He looked over at me and bit his lower lip, groaning.

I slid off my tank top and laid back on the couch.

We were now just watching each other, as the video was just there to start us up.

I whispered over to him “Can I touch it?”

Aaron just nodded and stopped jerking. He put his arms behind him over the back of the couch and I slowly ran my hands from his chest down to his cock. My heart was beating.

His dick was throbbing! I cupped my hand around the shaft. I had never felt anybody’s cock but my own in my hand and it sent shivers up my spine.

I began thrusting my hand up and down, slow at first, but going faster when I noticed his pleasure.

His hand met my back and he began rubbing in between my shoulder blades.

I felt myself lowering closer to his cock.

I was right above it, so I slowly dropped a lace of spit on his throbbing head.

“Oh my god Jace, that feels fucking amazing, keep going.” He said, his head tilted back, breathing loudly.

I jerked him hard, keeping a firm grip on his shaft, my other hand began playing with his balls.

He was clean shaven down there and very smooth.

I suddenly felt him reach under me and grab my cock. He began jerking me off with a slow back and forth tug.

It was bliss. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard in my life, I was aching from all the blood in my cock.

I couldn’t believe what we were doing, but I didn’t want to stop, nor would I.

As I jerked I began to feel his body quiver.

I just then realized that there was no where for him to cum.

I became worried about it getting on the couch or floor or my face so without thinking I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and he thrust up into my throat moaning loudly.

His rod was solid, veiny and fleshy, the taste salty and meaty but I liked it so much.

He thrust a few extra times, harder with each push and I found he had his cock all the way down my throat.

His balls pressed against my cheek because of the position we where in.

I learned that day that I didn’t have a gag reflex.

Cum jetted into the back of throat and he held my head firm onto his meat while he continued to unload into my esophagus.

He let go after the peak of the orgasm and I began sucking him and swallowing at the same time.

It happened like this for at least 30 seconds, me bobbing up and down on his shaft, cleaning his cock before I felt like he was completely done cumming.

I looked up at him and said “Sorry bro, I didn’t know where else to put it.”

He smiled and said “Good excuse.”

He leaned into me and I followed his lead.

He was laying me back on the couch. His hand pressed on my shoulder and his head went down to my cock.

He wet his lips with his tongue and slowly inserted my hard-as-a-rock 7 inch stick into his mouth.

He was good at it. Almost like he’d done it before. I didn’t care, I was in heaven.

The feel of his cold wet mouth slobbering my cock was a dream come true.

I moaned and looked over at the TV screen to see moms tits watching us. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m cumming bro” I said.

His hand began jerking my shaft while his head lifted up and down, making soft suckling noises.

I burst into his mouth. My cum made him cough a little but he didn’t stop, nor did he lose any of it, he just kept on sucking until nothing came out of me anymore.

After he knew I was dry, he sat back up he looked at me, wiping his mouth and said “That was hot”.

I nodded in agreement, then we both got dressed. Not saying a word about it. Almost emotionless, like it had been a normal thing.

He took the computer apart and whispered “Thank you mom!” and disappeared back upstairs.

I laid back on the couch and shut my eyes.

Reliving it all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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