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Family Sex

You want to date me? I require chastity. Here ya go. Plastic. Go put it on. Yes, now.

Good boy.

Ok, you may call on me Friday night. I’ll let you out for a while at the end of the night if you’ve treated me right.

And if not, you don’t.

And only one date-night a month.

Don’t let me hear about you & some other girl in between our dates. Or our next one will be a date to the whipping barn. Got it?

Now, you might as well know right now: When you do propose to me — and you will, or I’ll never give your key back — I will unlock you and throw away your cage forever. And I will let you fondle me and get your dick just as hard an erection as you’ve ever thought possible. Then we’ll ice you down and put it into a shiny steel cage, ok?

Til we’re blissfully married. In a year.

Now I know that may sound harsh, but here’s your reward:

When you’re finally fucking me fast and hard on our wedding night, I will give you the ultimate wedding present — my promise to let you fuck me just as many times and ways as you could ever dream off during our marriage. You get to decide the number. So calculate it well, my little friend…

…because you have to tell me that number right then, at the peak before you orgasm into me. You cannot unload your sticky glob of cum into me until you announce that number at the top of your lungs, no matter where we are. Ok?

And btw, you will lick me clean me afterwards, right? And every time, Bayan Eskort right? Say right, or I’m delaying our first date a week. Go on. Say it: Right?

I thought so. Good boy.

And not to worry, you’ll be used to it by then. You’ll be eating any emissions that accidentally come out after our monthly dates. And don’t think I won’t make you, either. I’ll slap the fuck outta you from the moment any white goo shows up, til it’s down your throat. I hate that stuff.

Ok, now here’s the thing. It’s the only thing I ask — you know, in exchange for letting you fuck me any time or way or as often as you like, for the rest of our lives together.

No wait, first I should tell you. I need my needs met too. So in between your frequent fucks, you will be in chastity – no masturbation. And no exceptions. Got it?

Good boy.

I just love seeing a dick locked up in chastity. It makes me horny just thinking about it. Like now. I’m horny as I can be, just seeing you locked up and drooling while I’m telling you about your lifetime ahead, fucking me hard and often — despite your size. And how you decide how you want to fuck me. Missionary, doggie, blowjobs, handjobs, anal.

i only ask, no, I only require, that you always clean me. With your tongue. Whatever you ejaculate into me, you must suck out of me… and swallow.

And turn-about is fair play. Right? So if you take me anal, then guess what? I take you anal? Got it? Blowjob? You Anadolu Yakası Escort too, with my dildo. Spanking? You too. Doggie? Well, I guess turnabout is pretty much the same as anal, isn’t it?

Now back to the number. It’s a once in a lifetime calculation, and you must shout it out before cumming in me for the very first time. Got it? And our year-long engagement will give you plenty of time to be thinking and figuring and dreaming of that number of times you’ll be fucking me.

So calculate carefully: Decide how many times over our, say 50 years of marriage, you’ll want to fuck me. But you only get to make that decision once. For all the marbles. On our Wedding Night. So calculate carefully. Be as generous with yourself as you want to be — it’s fine with me. And then, whatever that number is, we’ll divide it by the 50 years and space em out evenly throughout each year, right? But to keep things reasonable, I only ask one thing: That you seal the deal over the course of our honeymoon year or so, by first spending a day in chastity for each intended fuck that you announce to the world as you bury your hard little 3-inch goo-shooter deep into my pussy.

And as I said, you can make it as many many times as you like — so go big, Stud. I need you to fuck me LOTS! But first, I need to enjoy our honeymoon weeks and months seeing your little thing locked up in strict chastity. Maybe even years, if you dream big!

But I’m warning Pendik Escort you now: Be very careful during our honeymoon year. If you cave early it could dramatically effect your life.

So if you want my help, I’d be willing to celebrate our new marriage by piercing your dick to help you stay strong and make it to your target number of chastity days. But mind you, even if I do that, if you beg me too often or too hard, I may fail too and unlock your pierced cock just to get your little guy inside me. So don’t tempt me too much, or you’ll regret it later.

In fact, I may get so horny after our one wedding night consummation fuck that I may even try to tease you from time to time to the point of getting you to beg me to unlock your pierced cock.

You can’t expect me to be as strong as you are.

And I can’t be responsible if you choose such a high number that I need to fuck one of your buddies sometime, just to clear my system of all the horniness your chastity is inflicking on me. So if you won’t beg me for an unlock & fuck, I might even take one of your Monday night poker buddies into the back room while you continue playing with the others. That, or you can come with us to protect me (sorta). Or you can just play solitaire while he and the others take turns on me.

Anyway, ultimately, you decide how many times and ways you get to fuck me throughout our lives together.

And I’ll find ways to fill in the gaps, ok?

Be thinking. We have a long engagement ahead of us. Let’s see, hmmm, say 600 times, divided over 50 years… would give you a fuck once a month (and me 4 horny Monday nights while you’re locked up). Wow.

See you next Friday for our monthly date. Don’t be late. I wouldn’t take that kindly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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