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Society says that being promiscuous is wrong. Fucking a lot of guys is bad. Well, to heck with society. I love to fuck. I love cocks. Pricks. Penises, whatever anyone wants to call them. I’d be unhappy if I didn’t. So who am I hurting? Society’s rules are to protect females, I’m sure. But having me not have sex with a guy isn’t protecting me, it’s wronging me. Or, it would be, if society got me to do what it prefers.

If I ever have a daughter, I’ll seriously think of arranging to have a really good lover be her first. That first time is important. My first, back in high school, was the high point of my life up until then. If I have any regrets it’s that I didn’t start sooner. My first came on my eighteenth birthday.

Of course, to have a daughter, I’d prefer to be married. Have a guy that would help pay the bills and act like a father, caring for his kids. And at the rate I’m going, I may never marry, never have kids. Which is probably the real reason that society wants girls to stay virgins and believe the glories of sex are somehow tied solely to marriage. To late for me to ever believe that.

And I’ve thought of that. I’ve had sex with some truly great guys. But I’ve never wanted to limit myself to just one of them, or limit one of them to just me. So that pretty much rules out marriage. But I’m still young, maybe my biological clock will tick away and cause me to change my mind some day. Maybe not. I’m now 24, graduated from college and have a terrific job, finally earning some serious money.

Right now, I’m having sex with four guys. Not all at once, of course. Two are married and two aren’t. The two married ones are limited so we tend to go at it for about an hour after work. One of them, I know, is only being with me and his wife. He’s clean. So we can do everything bare back. Which is great for me because I’m wild about cocks, love to feel and suck cocks. I can’t even imagine sucking a cock with a condom, only whores who need the money must do that. The other one, I’m pretty sure, is playing around a lot. I can’t be sure about him so we always use a condom. I just never blow him. In fact, I wouldn’t keep him in my repertoire except he is absolutely fantastic at eating me. I mean, he goes at it like it’s his last meal on earth. There are times when I’m fucking that it’s nice to be slow and romantic and other times when I need it hard and fast, pounding away. He eats me like that, hard and fast and pounding away and never seems to get satisfied, never has enough.

The other two are both single. One of them I also can’t be sure of. I’m promiscuous but he puts me to shame. So, again, always with condoms. I am more afraid of AIDS than I am in need of good sex. But he’s rich. We always do expensive things that I love so I reward him by letting him fuck me. Of them all, he’d be the easiest to drop. Now the other single guy, is a different story. I always end up with him all night long. He wants me to move in. He wants to be my one and only. He’s a hunk and he’s a great lover. And stamina, wow! He can go on and on forever sometimes. I’ve seriously thought about agreeing to live with him because it would be non-stop fantastic sex always. But I know I’d cheat on him, probably keep at least one of the married guys just for something different from time to time.

But what I started to do was tell about my first time. That super experience that set me up for this debauched life of mine that I really, truly love. Most girls would be jealous of me if they knew my life.

My Maltepe Escort parents and I and two younger brothers lived in an apartment in Los Angeles. A nice apartment complex with a pool and laundry facilities. My Dad and Mom both worked. We weren’t rich but we got along fine. When I was sixteen a new guy showed up. He moved into a one-bedroom apartment (ours was three) and he started teaching at the high school that I attended. He was a hunk. Every girl at school drooled over him. I’m not sure but he was just out of college so he was probably something like twenty-two.

In the apartment complex he quickly became well known by most everyone. He seemed to have a different girl every night. I heard my mother and another mother, a friend of hers she met doing laundry, talking and the other lady was saying “This one last night, a real screamer.” Apparently the new guy, Jack, lived next door to her. Jack’s schedule was early to bed and early to rise. I think he worked out in a gym. So, the sex noises always ended early enough so the neighbor found it intriguing instead of annoying. I guess his girls went home, didn’t spend the night. Anyway, everyone knew of the Don Juan in our complex. Sometimes, on a week end, he’d come to the pool with one of his friends. I saw them. They were always beautiful. They all looked like models.

Another time, the same lady was talking to Mom. She said, “That Jack must be something. Every girl he has in there lets the world know she’s having a really big one. I can remember those terrific orgasms. don’t you Sophie?”

My Mom smiled . “Oh, yeah ,” she said. “They still happen every once in a while, when all the kids are out somewhere and Lou and I are alone.”

I’m sixteen. I think about sex a lot. Maybe I inherited it. I look it up on the computer. I talk with other girls. I don’t know everything but I know what Jack is doing with those girls. To me, he was an ideal. He obviously knew all about sex and, since his girls were always very top quality, he must be really good at it. Why else would they choose him when they obviously could choose anyone they wanted. Nobody would turn down girls like that. So, I made sure that I ran into him often. Introduced myself. To him, I’m Nancy and to me, he’s Jack. I would look in the mirror and try to figure out if I was as attractive as some of his girls. To be honest, I just about measured up. My tits weren’t yet where they are now but they were definitely there. I had a small waist, strong butt, good legs. So I did all right with my body. And I worked at it to make sure it only got better. I’m not sure about my face. Blond and blue-eyed, which is fine. Sun bleached blond like a Southern California beach girl. Which I guess I was. Nice enough looking but more girl next door, I thought, rather than high style.

After maybe eight months, I saw him relaxing at the pool and got up my nerve to ask him about all those girls. “Jack,” I said, “On a teacher’s salary, how do you manage to entertain all those beautiful girls I see you with?”

He gave me a shit-eating grin. “Nancy, they all have more money than me. I don’t spend any money on them. There are other ways to entertain them, to leave them liking me and wanting to be with me.” And then I asked a couple things that I don’t even remember now but I never got much of anything more out of him. By then, he knew that I went to school where he taught, that even got mentioned once or twice.

At the start of my senior year, I was seventeen Anadolu Yakası Escort and I was so horny I could hardly stand it. I was masturbating a lot. Guys at school made passes at me. I knew I could have sex with any of them. I don’t know why I didn’t. I think it was because I knew none of them would be as good as Jack. Why settle for hamburger when you can have prime rib? So, one day, still early enough that only he and I were at the pool, I talked to him again. I’m in as revealing a bikini as I could get my Mom to buy for me.

“Jack, I want to have sex with you,” I just bluntly told him after we’d both gone through “HI Nancy” and “Hi Jack.”

“What?” he almost blurted out and sat up a little more on the lunge.

“I want to have sex with you. I’ve never done it and I want my first to be really great and I just know you’re really good at it.”

He just looked at me a moment. I could see his eyes, he was looking at my body. “Nancy, you’re beautiful. Your body is a real killer. I’m sure sex with you would be very, very enjoyable. For both of us. But I can’t. I’m a teacher, you’re a student. I’d end up in jail.”

“But you’re not my teacher. I’m not in any of your classes.”

“True but it would still be the same. And you’re under age, you’re not eighteen yet. I’d not only go to jail but I’d go for a long time. As good as it might be, I just can’t.”

I spent the rest of the school year trying to reveal my body to him, make him want me. I mean, he said I had a killer body. At the pool, I’d climb out right in front of where he’s sitting and let my tits fall out and then looking at him, get them back in the bra. I’d lay on a lounge facing him so only he could see and I’d pull my bikini bottom to the side so he could see my pussy lips. I’d just grin at him. At school, twice, I went into his classroom when I knew he had the next period off. I’d stop in the girl’s room earlier and take of my panties, so I could just stand inside his door and lift my skirt, my mini skirt, and let him see my pussy, then turn and let him see my ass, then drop the skirt and go on to my next class.

I was so damn horny, I don’t know now how I did it. But I lasted. I didn’t give in to a number of boys that lusted after me. My first time was going to be with Jack. I graduated. A week later it was my eighteenth birthday. I went to Jack’s apartment and rang the bell at around ten in the morning. He answered. He’d been out running, had on shorts and a tee shirt, no shoes or socks. “Hi, Nancy.” he says but looks a little confused. I’d never come to his apartment before.

“Jack, I graduated. I’m not a student any more. I’m eighteen. I’m legal. I’m on the pill. I want to have sex with you. Now.” and I stepped towards him, almost side stepped him, and got into his apartment. Well, it was everything I could ever have hoped for. I was there until about four in the afternoon. Six hours or so.

He kissed me, held me. We both got naked. He laid me on his bed and kissed and felt all over my body. He kissed and licked and sucked on my tits. All the time he’s telling me what a great body I have. Then he’s down my body. But he doesn’t just eat me right then. He drives me nuts because he’s down one leg and up the other. He sucks my toes, kisses my thighs. By the time he gets his mouth to my pussy I’d already had an orgasm. Then I had two more. The biggest orgasms I’d ever had. So much more than anything I’d given myself up to then, I couldn’t believe it. Even when I came, İstanbul Escort he didn’t stop, he just kept licking and sucking on me. Then he finger fucked me as he licked and sucked on my clit until I orgasmed again. He tells me how delicious I am. Then he fucks me.

I was a virgin. So he not only pushes his way into my vagina, spreading it for the very first time, he broke my hymen and made me love it. He kept telling me it was going to happen and how great it felt inside me and how tight I was and the next thing I knew he was all the way in and while I felt the pain I felt so much more than I almost didn’t notice it. Then we took a shower together.

I was in heaven. I was no longer a virgin. I’d had three or maybe four orgasms. It was like they never stopped. And now he’s feeling every bit of my body as he washes me. He lifts my leg so he can lick me some more as he washes me. Then he has me wash him. Bare hands and a bar of soap. My first actual contact with a naked male body. I got even more horny as I felt him all over. He kept touching my body and telling me how beautiful I was and how desirable I was and I kept feeling him. And then I’m at his cock and it’s fully hard and sort of dark and the head is darker yet, maybe maroon or something like that.

“Kiss it” he says, “feel it,” taste it,” and I do. And I’ve been in love with cocks ever since. I licked it and kissed it and got the head in my mouth and licked it. He shoved more into my mouth. He sort of fucked my mouth. I loved it. Then he picks me up and pushes me against the wall and lifts my legs until I’m wrapped around him and he shoves it up into me and fucks me again, pinned against the tiles on the wall while the water ran down on us. I’m sure the neighbor lady heard lots of screams that morning and afternoon. He rammed into me full force, hard. It was just glorious. I think I was out of my mind for awhile. I came again and he kept fucking me, pounding into me, I came again and then he did, too. Then we washed each other again. I actually sucked on his cock again, even though it wasn’t hard any more.

We ended up back on his bed and started over. Gently. Softly. He kissed me. Everywhere. He tasted me. Everywhere. He told me how beautiful I was and how much he wanted me. So I told him how much I wanted him. And I kissed him and tasted him. We ended up in what I knew even then was a sixty-nine. I came again and he didn’t. He fucked me again. We finally both came. Then we lay there and kissed and held one another and felt one another. Then he suggested we have a sandwich. We both stayed naked. We walked around and he fixed sandwiches. We both had a coke. And we were naked. It was the sexiest time of all, to just live around him and be naked.

Then he sat me on the table and ate me again. As good as guys since have been, I’ll never forget that first day when he ate me over and over. And then I blew him. He gave me instructions. I played with his sack, sucked his balls, licked his cock, sucked his cock while I masturbated the base of it, swallowed everything he gave me. Every time since when I’ve sucked a cock, I’ve remembered that first real blow job and my first load of cum. I think I relive that first time every time now.

We later held one another and felt one another and finally fucked again and then it was over and I went home and later my family had a small party. But sex with Jack was my real eighteenth birthday gift. I’ve never been the same since. We’ve fucked often since. I became another of his beautiful girls for a while. I never expected any more and if I had, I’d be disappointed. So, in a way, I’ve become a female Jack, with my gorgeous guys. I don’t know whether he’ll ever change or if I ever will. Can I still be doing this fifty years from now. Sixty? I guess I’ll find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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