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AUTHOR’S NOTE: All participants are over 18. This is a fantasy. Not a true story. Civil comments welcome.


I was only about fifteen minutes into my hour and twenty commute when the car died. I had just entered the highway, and struggled for control of the vehicle, trying to get to the shoulder so as not to cause an accident. I managed to pull off out of the traffic without incident. I called work first, told them I wouldn’t be in, and then tried my wife’s phone, but Diane didn’t answer; she never does. I swear I could turn off her service and she wouldn’t know for weeks, but when she calls me she gets irritated if I don’t answer. Not having expected anything less, I called my mechanic, and he took my location and sent a tow truck.

It took another hour before we got to the mechanic, and based on the description, he said it sounded like my alternator had crapped out. He gave me an idea of the bill and I blanched, but really had no choice. He told me he’d call me at home when it was ready, and assured me it would be that afternoon.

I tried the house but got no answer, and remembered my wife saying she was meeting our daughter for brunch. Since it was just a little over a mile to our home and the weather was decent, I decided to walk home, slinging my briefcase over my shoulder commuter style and setting a brisk pace, free for the day of the burdens of the office. I arrived a little after ten to an empty house. I made myself a snack and headed for the den, turned the television on low, some movie I had already seen, ate my sandwich, and stretched out on the couch. A little tired from the healthy walk, I fell asleep.

When I woke a bit later I heard voices in the house, and assumed my wife and daughter were here after their brunch date. A glance at the clock showed it was almost noon; I climbed off the couch and was about to call out to them. Since the back of the couch faces the den door, unless they had come all the way into the den and seen me sleeping they would have no way of knowing I was home, and I didn’t want to startle them. I assumed my wife had not checked her cell. As I headed for the stairs to go up and greet them I heard a male voice mixed with the other two. The words were still indistinguishable, so other than hearing male and female, I really didn’t know who was there. In the event that it was my wife, and she had guests at the house, I didn’t want to make an ass of myself, so I didn’t call out; I walked upstairs silently and entered the kitchen. There was no one there, so I followed the voices down the hall, hearing only the women, walking through the dining room, then the living room.

As I passed the hallway to the first floor bedroom, a guest room really, that we use for the computer and stuff, I heard the women, and could make out the words.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding!” I heard my wife say in an excited voice.

“I told you!” Susan replied. Susan is our daughter. She’s twenty two, fresh home from college, and job hunting. I had no idea what they were talking about, and headed down the short hall, but froze when I heard the male voice.

“Well, are you gonna suck it, or just stare at it?” the voice was familiar, but my brain couldn’t register it, stunned as it was by the words I heard, the tone used. I barely had time to contemplate the word suck, when I heard a male moan. I considered backing out, as it sounded like my daughter was having sex in the guest room. It was just occurring to me that my wife was with her, as I shuffled back and forth, wanting to go in both directions at once, when I heard Susan’s voice.

“Oh, yeah, mom,” she spouted encouragingly, “suck his giant cock!”

Suck his giant cock? My wife was sucking a giant cock? In front of our daughter? In our house? I was frozen to the spot, immobilized by a situation so far beyond my normal frame of reference. I felt panic grip my chest, and I began to sweat.

“That’s fucking hot,” Susan continued. “does it feel good, baby?” Who was she talking to?

“Oh, yeah,” the guy gasped. “You’re mom is sucking my dick so good.” The voice was familiar, and I guessed it was Ron, Susan’s boyfriend from college. And my wife was sucking his cock!

I heard a wet pop.

“Don’t use that kind of language, Susan,” my wife admonished, “it’s not ladylike.”

“Oh, but it’s okay for you to suck his big cock,” Susan replied with a joking, sarcastic sneer in her voice.

“That’s different,” Diane replied, and then I heard wet, sucking noises, and then a choking cough.

“Yeah! You go, mom! Gag on that monster!”

I crept closer, and heard my wife gasp out a breath.

“Holy shit, that’s a big cock!” she exclaimed, taking a deep breath, then added, with fire in her voice. “I want to see if I can get it all!”

“Yeah, push all the way down,” I heard Ron goading over a slurping sound. I crept to the edge of the door, and made myself peek around the corner, afraid to see what my ears were telling me was happening, still convincing myself that my Antep Escort Bayan hearing was deceiving me. As my one eye cleared the corner I saw my wife on her knees at the foot of the guest bed between Ron’s bare legs, her lips stretched lewdly around a fat shaft, about two inches of shaft still outside her mouth. She coughed and sputtered and pulled back a bit as thick white spittle blew out of her mouth. My chest tightened and, to my horror, my dick started getting hard. I had a flash of the horrible porn I often watched where girls have their faces fucked by enormous cocks, and I felt overwhelmed by shame at my arousal. And then my daughter, on her knees behind my wife, reached her hand up to her mother’s head, and pushed her down, forcing the cock into her throat.

“Open wider, and swallow,” she coached, it’ll help it go in.” I wondered how my daughter knew that as I watched my wife stretch her jaw, and her head lowered more. I saw her neck bulging as her lips pushed to the base of the shaft. Fuck, she was deep-throating Ron’s cock! It was like watching a live porn show, and my dick allowed me to disassociate my relationship with my wife, seeing her instead as a hot slut with an eager mouthful of hard cock. Her eyes grew wide then, panicky, and her hands slapped on his thighs. Susan released her grip and I watched as Diane’s head pulled back and she gasped for air, exposing the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It was slick and dripping with her saliva, hard and red and angry, and had to be ten inches.

“Fuck, yeah, mom!” Susan exclaimed, “You did it! It’s incredible, right?” she reached out and grasped her boyfriends cock at the base. “I told you you’d love it, didn’t I?” Diane’s head turned to our daughter, away from my sight. She said something I couldn’t understand under her breath, but Susan’s eyes lit up when she heard it. My dick led me further into the doorway, but I was behind and to the side of my wife and daughter, and Ron was looking only at them. Except of course, when my wife has his cock in her mouth. Then his eyes were mostly closed, but like me, he watched it disappear into her face.

As words passed silently from mother to daughter, I wondered what had gotten into Diane; was it just about Ron’s giant cock? Was she really a cocksucking slut that had been sucking other guys off all along? Was this a first for her? And what had made her do it?

I didn’t have much time to consider it as I saw Diane turn her head back to Ron’s monster. Susan still had it by the base, and as my wife opened her mouth to take it Susan lifted it up, and away, and then smacked her mother across the lips with it. With dismay and shameful arousal I saw my wife bob her head, trying to catch the moving target in her mouth. When she did, she let out a loud moan, echoed by Ron, and I watched her cheeks sink in as she sucked the head with abandon, her tongue slipping out to lick the underside, and her head bobbing lightly. She lifted her hands off the ground and knelt up, the head still in her mouth like a dog with a bone as she reached for the waistband of her pants and opened them, and pushed her pants and panties down off her hips. She resumed sucking, taking longer strokes, as our daughter went behind her and pushed the garments down her thighs, bunching them at her knees. Diane lifted one knee at a time and Susan pushed the pants to her mother’s ankles, then sliding them off.

Then, still behind Diane, who was sucking Ron without distraction, Susan pushed her mother’s legs apart and slipped a hand under her.

“O-oh, you’re pussy is nice and wet, mom,” she said, and lifted her head, addressing Ron. “I think she’s almost ready for you.” I felt myself gasp at her words and actions, seeing my daughter fingering her mother’s pussy and understanding that she was implying that her boyfriend was going to fuck my wife! I must have been too loud, because they both turned to me at the same instant.

“Greg!” my wife yelled, as the cock popped out of her mouth. I noticed that she gripped it, and didn’t let go. “Wh- What are you doing home?”

I stepped fully into the doorway. “Really, Diane? You’re sucking Ron’s cock, and you think that the problem is that I’m home when you didn’t expect?” I took two steps into the room, about halfway between the door and the trio at the bed. “Is this what happens when I’m at work every day?”

“No, I- no! Of course not! What do you-” she sputtered.

“Of course not, daddy,” my daughter interjected. “Ron’s been at school with me until a few weeks ago.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, young lady,” I snarled, and she lowered her head with a grimace. “I was talking to your mother!” I turned to face Diane, but then turned back to Susan. “But since when do you finger your mother?” Her mouth opened to answer, and I stopped her. “Never mind,” I barked, and turned back to Diane. “Well? Are you going to answer me? Have you been sucking cock behind my back all along?” I asked her accusingly, “Or is it just Ron’s giant cock that has you all shook up?” I pointed at the giant fuck stick in her hand, and noticed she was stroking it slowly, maintaining his erection. “Because you looked pretty experienced and comfortable deep-throating him!”

“She was pretty good,” Ron offered.

“Shut the fuck up, Ron,” I barked. “no one was asking you.”

“Dad, I -“

“I am talking to your mother!” I turned to Diane. She was still stroking Ron’s shaft, and I noticed she squeezed a little as she got just below the tip, making his giant cockhead red and swollen. A drip of pre-com oozed at the tip. “Well?” I asked. But she wasn’t meeting my eyes; and I realized she was looking at my crotch.

She grinned. “It looks like you were enjoying the show,” she said teasingly, and I was thrown off guard by her comment.

“Never mind that,” I defended, “we’re talking about you, sucking his dick!” I said, pointing.

“Its fucking huge, isn’t it?” she cooed. “It’s incredible. Susan told me about it, but I never imagined … Look at you, you’re enjoying this,” she said, and her tongue slipped out of her mouth, looking into my eyes, and swiped the gooey stream leaking from the head, when she pulled back, a string of clear fluid connected her tongue to his cock.

“We were talking about sex,” my daughter offered, and this time I didn’t stop her as I watched Diane tickle the end of his cock with the tip of her tongue. “she asked me if I was, you know, active, and I started telling her about Ron, and his giant cock,” she continued. “Well, one thing led to another, and the conversation got all steamy, and then, well, I invited him over, so mom could check it out for herself,” she related, as though that made it all reasonable. I stared at her, dumbfounded.

“Seriously. One thing led to another? You think that explains your mother kneeling on the floor sucking your boyfriends cock?”

“Well, it IS spectacular, you gotta admit,” she said with a proud grin. “And as mom already pointed out, at least one part of you isn’t upset,” she added with a glance as my bulge. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going down. And then I felt a hand reach out and rub across the lump at my crotch, and turned to my wife. She had stretched out her hand to grab me, but couldn’t quite reach, as she had her head lowered on Ron’s shaft again. My mouth dropped open, and I watched her elegant neck stretch as she extended her head into him, her forehead pushing into his stomach, taking about half his length in slow, languorous strokes down, and up, looking at me from the corner of her eyes. My smaller head, completely in charge, allowed me to see it for the sexy sight it was, a beautiful woman worshipping a huge cock with her sexy mouth. She pulled back, and using her other hand, the one that wasn’t grappling at my bulge, grabbed his shaft and rubbed it on her lips. She stretched her arm to me and grabbed at my cock.

“Admit it, Greg, you’re as turned on as I am,” she said in a sultry tone. “your cock is as hard as it’s ever been. You like this?” she opened her mouth, still turned to me, and extended her tongue to lick all around the head of Ron’s big dick. “Do I look sexy, sucking this big cock?”

Susan scooted back over to my wife, and moved closer between Ron’s legs. “Maybe I should take over here,” she grinned to her mother. “Looks like Dad’s got a problem there. Maybe you should go take care of Daddy while I finish up here.” She reached for Ron’s shaft, but Diane swatted her hand away.

“The hell you say,” Diane replied with a hint of irritation. She pushed her daughter backwards, so she fell back on her butt. “I did all the work to get him this far, and I’m gonna finish; I earned it!” she glanced back at me, then to Susan. “Why don’t YOU take care of Daddy while I take care of Ron?” she suggested.

Susan looked up at me, glanced at my crotch, then back to her mother. “Okay,” she chirped. And just like that she had crawled to me and was unzipping my pants.

“Wh-what are you- Susan!” I blurted. “What are you doing?”

“Sucking your cock, Daddy,” she said, all pleased with herself. She pulled my pants down and my erection sprang out like a coiled spring. “Don’t you want a nice blowjob while you watch mom get Ron off?”

“But-but-” I sputtered, and then my cockhead was enveloped by the wet silky heat of Susan’s mouth, and my head fell back and I groaned. I heard Ron echo my sentiments as Diane resumed her efforts on him, and looked down to see her push him all the way into her throat again, her neck bulging as she raised her shoulders and stuck her face down to nestle her lips at the base. It was vulgar, and disgusting, and repulsive, and I felt a tremor of delight run through me. My legs wobbled a little as my daughter’s mouth stroked my shaft. She held me deep inside and moaned on my shaft. To my shame and delight, I was getting off on Susan sucking my hard cock while I watched my wife suck another man. I was overwhelmed by sensation, and lost control.

“Oh, yeah, Susie, suck my fucking cock!” I blurted. “Oh, that’s good.” I looked at Diane, who was pumping her hand and mouth rapidly up and down, fucking his cock like her mouth was her cunt. “You’re a dirty slut like your mother, aren’t you, Susan?” I told her, grabbing her hair, and angling her head up, seeing her face stuffed with my cock. “Look at her, your dirty mother, sucking your boyfriend’s giant cock. She loves it! And you love your daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

She hummed and nodded, her face moving up and down, her mouth wrapped tightly around the head of my dick. Seeing my wife act so wantonly, sucking another cock right in front of me, overwhelmed by her passion and need, was too much for me, and I felt my cum boiling inside me, the tremble in my legs as my climax approached. I wanted to cum, to explode, and I wanted it to last forever, but despite my efforts to resist, I felt it build, and threaten its release.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned, “fuck, Susan, you’re making me cum!”

She pulled off my cock, stroking me, rubbing the head on her wet lips. “Yeah, daddy, cum for me, I want it; I want your hot cum!” I heard Ron growl, hearing his girlfriend talk so nasty, and Diane grunted. And then my balls clenched and my cock exploded, shooting the first blast onto my daughter’s lips and nose, and she hissed a deep breath as the second shot launched up her face, across her eye to her forehead.

“Fuck, yeah, cum on my face, daddy, give me that hot cum!” she called out as the remaining pulses shot onto her pretty face, her mouth open now, my cum dripping down her face, and the remaining weaker pulses landing in her tongue. I heard Ron groan, and Diane gagging, and then Ron shouted as he filled my wife’s mouth with his load, as Susan took my cock back into her mouth, sucking the rest of my cum from my cock, and I nearly passed out from the excitement and release. My mouth was open, dry from panting, and I tried to swallow and catch my breath. A glance at my wife saw her with white streams flowing out of her mouth as Ron pulled her by her hair, filling her with his disgorging cock, pushing into the back of her throat.

Susan released me then, and crawled quickly to her mother and pulled her head off Ron’s dick, and their mouths met and the shared a wet, slimy cum-filled kiss, swapping the loads between them. I saw my daughter’s hand slip between Diane’s legs, and my wife groaned as she was fingered by her own daughter. Susan broke the kiss, and stood up, dropping her pants to the floor, then pushing my wife on her back and climbing over her backwards, settling her hips over Diane’s face, and burying her own face between my wife’s legs.

Despite just having cum, my dick stayed hard seeing the incestuous lesbian scene playing out in front of me. I looked at Ron and he was stroking his gigantic member, eyes wide and wild. We both watched as the ladies licked each other’s pussies, until Diane exploded in orgasm, followed quickly by Susan, who shook with powerful tremors. They rolled over then, Diane ending up on top, their faces still buried in each other’s wet cunts.

I looked at Ron, and motioned to my wife’s hips silently and he leaped off the bed and knelt behind her. I moved to my wife’s head, pulled her hair, lifting her head, and slipped my cock into my daughter’s cunt. Diane groaned, seeing the penetration right in front of her, then squealed as Ron shoved his meat into her.

“Oh, fuck, Greg, he’s fucking me; shit, he’s fucking me with his giant cock!” Diane looked up at me, her expression pleading and desperate, then her eyes bulged as Ron bottomed out inside her, and she screamed a wail of pain and passion, her eyes lost their focus as her brain slipped away into a parallel reality of desire fulfillment. I crammed her head down between Susan and me, and shoved my cock deeper into my daughter, pounding my stomach against Diane’s face. I felt her tongue on my cock, and pumped a few times before pulling out and shoving my cock completely into Diane’s mouth, past her gag reflex, and into her throat. She didn’t suck, she just held her mouth open, lifeless, all her focus on the monstrous cock filling her cunt. I fucked her throat a few times and went back to my daughter’s wet hole, pushing Diane’s face back down roughly.

“Lick it,” I barked angrily, “lick her cunt like you sucked his cock!” I was fucking madly, pounding my pubic bone into my wife’s face, bruising her lips, feeling the end of my cock hitting the far end of Susan’s wet sheath, surprised that I could feel the sides, knowing that Ron’s thick meat had been in there. I was overwhelmed with the passion and the wrongness of fucking my own daughter, and making my wife lick us both, and the inevitability and undeniable urge to do this thing, this wrong, forbidden thing. I felt my balls swell and tighten as I thrust harder and deeper. I heard my wife scream a muffled orgasm into our meshing organs, followed quickly by Susan, and then Ron was bellowing as he filled Diane with his load. It was all I could take, imagining my wife’s pussy filled with another man’s semen, just as her mouth had been, and I grunted softly as my cock spewed its slimy juice into my daughter’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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