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Crystal, a mother who was at the age of 45, lived a normal life. She had a great marriage to her husband Jeff who was a loyal lover and a great romp in bed. After having both of her kids, she tried to stay in shape to keep her 5′ 5″ frame in tight condition. Her dark brown locks and her sparkling green eyes added to her features that gave every grown teenager and man a hard boner as she walked past. On the day of the event she and her husband decided they needed to restock on groceries and proceeded to go to the store. She smiled knowing both of her children were the most innocent beings on the planet. After filling up their cart and loading up the car, they drove back home to unload the food they had just bought. After entering the front door she called back to her husband, “Jeff go ahead and start I’ll have the kids help.”

“OK honey,” he replied as he opened the trunk.

“Kids we’re home!” Receiving no reply she began to climb the stairs. She kept smiling to herself knowing that both of them were such sweet children and would help at a moment’s notice. Reaching the hallway she had heard some commotion coming from Jim’s bedroom. She figured they must be talking about something and started towards his room. The sounds became more distinct grunts and slapping of something wet. Shrugging it off she opened the door to Jim’s room, “Kids I…what the?!” she said.

Marilyn looked behind her as she gasped out, “Hi mom….oh my gawd Jim…shoot it!” not caring her mother was there seeing her.

Jim looked over and saw his mom, “Oh shit mom…I’m cumming!” he shouted as he starting to erupt his cum into his sister’s hot cunt.

Their mother stood there watching her sons cock expand and pulsate emptying its contents into her daughter’s pussy. She couldn’t help but stare at it like a train wreck as she could not believe her innocent children we’re like lovers looking for a sexual release.

Marilyn snickered as she lowered her pussy to catch the cum shooting from her brother’s manhood knowing her mother was there watching it. She rose up as his cock popped out and her pussy leaking his very cum he just shot into her. “Oh Jim that was a good fuck,” she said as she squeezed her pussy muscles making it leak. “Looks like mom liked watching it.” Look mom its your sons cum…mm its so warm…oh i can feel his sperm wiggling its way in my pussy.” We’ll be down in a minute Antep Escort Bayan but I need a little more cock.” Marilyn grasped the cum coated shaft of her brother and slid her pussy back down on it riding slowly.

Their mom quickly shut the door and started to breathe heavily, excited, but yet ashamed at her kids. She couldn’t believe that they were involving themselves in an incestuous way. The innocence that was within their family was now shattering like broken glass. Trying to pick up the pieces, she went towards their bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed forgetting that she had left her husband all alone to unload the groceries. She shook her head as she denied that both her son and daughter were having sex right in front of her not caring that she was watching it. A slight tingle traced its way towards her breast as she started to softly massage it feeling that tingle work its way south. Moving her hand down towards her crotch she gave it just the slightest touch as she let out a sharp gasp. She was somehow turned on by the fact of catching her own flesh and blood in the act of mating. Pulling her hand away, she cursed herself for having these thoughts and got up quickly. Crystal couldn’t let her husband find out about this act or he would surely kick them both out. She composed herself and went downstairs and met him at the front door as he was still carrying the load.

“So are they coming?” he asked.

“They were playing a game,” she quickly replied. “They’ll be down in a minute.”

Jeff laughed as he could understand this generation and the video game addiction. “Well I hope they get here soon I’m almost done.”

The door to Jim’s room opened up as their son came down fully clothed in his baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt. “Sorry about that dad, here let me help,” he said taking the bag from his dad’s hand.

“Thanks son,” said Jeff as he watched his boy carry the bag into the kitchen. “Where’s your sister?”

Jeff looked over his shoulder, “She said she wasn’t feeling too good so she went to lay down on my bed.”

His father nodded, “Well I hate to hear that.” “Hun why don’t you go check on her,” he said.

Crystal felt a little uneasy but spoke up, “Alright. Don’t you guys work too hard.”

Both men laughed as they each went outside to get the rest of the groceries.

On her brother’s bed Marilyn laid there on her back stark naked. She sighed at the good screw with Jim reliving every stroke he pushed up into her. Still feeling horny, she slipped her right index finger into her quivering pussy feeling the mix of both of their cum all over inside of it. Moaning, she moved the finger in and out like a little cock that was trying to scratch the very burning itch it had inside of it. Removing that finger she cooed softly and brought it to her mouth tasting it. “Yummy,” she said to herself as she brought it back down to her pussy. As she did this a slight trickle of the white liquid had oozed its way down her ass crack and over her puckered hole which made Marilyn shiver. Loving the feeling of it, she uses her middle finger to wipe the cum all around her asshole trying to lube it up. She let out a audible grunt as her ass tried to reject the intruder. She kept trying to work the rest of her finger in and noticed that the door knob to her room had turned slowly. At this point she did not care who came in as she kept forcing her finger into her ass.

Crystal had climbed back up the stairs wanting to at least get a few words in to what they thought they were doing. Approaching the door to her son’s room she had heard her grunt and figured something must be wrong. Opening the door slowly, she starts to look inside to see if what they did had somehow hurt her. Again, she was caught by surprise seeing her daughter having her middle finger up her asshole. “Marilyn!’ she said, “For the love of God what are you doing?”

Her daughter looked up at her and just grunted, “Mom…unghh don’t you knock?’ She let out a sharp gasp of air as 3/4 of her finger was now inserted into her ass. “Ahhh,” she sighed at the feeling.

Crystal just couldn’t believe that even after their daughter had just broke a sinful taboo that now she was trying to masturbate even with her and the family all home. She blushed at the embarrassment as she stepped inside the door and closed it behind her. “Young lady we need to talk,” she said.

Marilyn grunted one more time as she got the rest of her left middle finger inside of her asshole, “Ahhh that feels so good.” Leaving it there she smirks up at her mom, “OK lets talk.”

Her mom tried so hard to throw out any kind of feelings that she was a little turned on by her daughter’s boldness. “For the love of….Marilyn don’t do that in front of me”

Moving the digit in and out of her ass she giggled, “Why not…I’m a woman after all.” “Don’t be such a prude…ohhh mom…I feel so full,” she started to moan and pushed deeper each time she came out.

Crystal feeling flustered and frustrated moved over to her daughter and grasped her hand pulling her finger out of her butthole. “Why did you do that with Jim?” she asked.

Marilyn sighed at now feeling empty, “Aww mom I was getting so close,” she sighed. “I don’t know…I was feeling horny and Jim was just jerking his thing when I came in to find my CD. I couldn’t help myself. One thing led to another and that’s where you came in.”

Shaking her head, her mom just couldn’t believe the events that had just transpired just minutes ago. “Hes your brother Marilyn, you cant just go off having sex with your sibling. Its incest and its illegal in most states.” Looking at the sight of her daughter she just sighed, “What would your father say?”

Marilyn snickered as she looked on at her mom, “Oh mom you know you wont tell dad. He’ll be so ashamed and just feel so disappointed now wont he?’

Crystal gasped at the thought and started to hang her head as she knew Marilyn had a point. How could she face her husband and admit that she found their kids fucking each other. “You cant do this sweetie. It’s just wrong each way you look at it.”

Marilyn laughed softly, “Well in my opinion he’s a guy and I’m a girl. Its bound to happen no matter what. You better get back downstairs before dad comes up here finding me with all this cum dripping out of me.” She slowly ran her hand back down towards her mound and started to use her finger to stroke her clit forcing a little glob of cum out of her vagina. “Mm besides mom don’t you like daddy’s cum in you just oozing slowly out. What a rush it is.” Moving her hand down more she uses her middle finger to glide inside of her ass still feeling slick from Jim’s semen mix earlier. “I bet Jim gets his big cock from daddy.”

Crystal got up shaky and defeated. She had hoped to make her daughter feel sorry for her acts of infidelity, but in turn she left feeling guilty and tingly from the excitement of watching her daughter masturbate.

Their daughter forces her finger in one smooth motion up her ass, “Unnghh don’t worry mom…ahhh…its our…secret …yeah!”

Closing the door behind her Crystal wipes her eyes with one hand as the other trails southward again touching her tingling pussy. What was she to do now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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