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Elaine shoved open the door and heard a shriek from behind it, followed by a thud. She looked inside the door and saw an older gentleman on the floor. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry,” she said. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. Do I look okay?” He lay there on his side, propped up on one elbow, staring at a bunch of papers strewn around him.

Elaine glanced at her watch. It was almost 5:00 PM, and she needed to get to the business office before it closed or she’d be late with her rent. She couldn’t afford to keep paying the fifty-dollar late payment fee. “I’m so sorry,” she said, adding in a pleading tone: “Will you be okay? Eventually?”

“Don’t worry about me,” he snarled. “Just an old man. Go do what you have to do.”

“Thank you,” she said, running down the hallway a few steps. Then she stopped and observed him struggling to his feet and frowned. She looked again at her watch and sighed before going back to him and helping him pick up his papers. “I shouldn’t have been in such a rush, but the traffic was ridiculous and I couldn’t get a parking spot near the building and—”

“Why is everyone always in such a hurry?” he said, getting to his knees.

After she collated his papers into the folder, she helped him up. “I have to pay my rent today or—”

“Or you pay that stupid late fee.”

“Yeah,” she said, brushing the dust off his coat sleeve.

“Well, what are you still here for? They close in one minute! I’m fine. Go!”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said, and ran the length of the hall to the office. As she entered, she sighed when she saw the line and glanced at her watch to check the time. Where she parked her car, she only had fifteen minutes before she’d get a ticket that would cost twice as much as the late fee. She felt a scream building inside her and tried to decide whether she should risk the parking fine. She might even get back before she got a ticket if she got lucky and the line moved fast.

Then she remembered all the talk from her friends about the new girl working there and looked past the line to the girl in the cashier’s stall. She was definitely as hot as her friend’s had said. She looked quite a bit younger than Elaine, who was 27. This girl was probably 21. She was a few inches taller, about 5’5″, had long straight dark-brown hair past her shoulders, with a tiny waist, and stunning blue eyes you’d get lost in.

Over the next fifteen minutes or so, Elaine tried to make out her reflection in the glass to see how she looked, and straightened her hair. As she got to second in line, she looked at her blue shirt, straightened it, and smoothed her navy skirt.

Finally, it was her turn. She said hello and smiled her friendliest smile. “I know I’m not technically here at five, but I was inside the doors—”

The girl held up her hand to stop Elaine as she finished writing something, then looked up at Elaine and smiled. Her name tag said Abby. “You’re my last customer,” she said and blew a whistle of relief. “I’m not going to charge you a late fee. To be honest, it’s more work for me, and I want to get out of here.”

“Thank you,” Elaine said, pushing her check forward along with her papers. She enjoyed the view as she watched Abby work. She saw the top of her white lace bra under the white blouse, and she looked about the same size as Elaine, a 34C. “Long day?”

“Not too bad, but I am looking forward to getting home and changing out of these clothes and starting my weekend.”

“You’re new, right?”

“Yes,” Abby said. “We just moved here.”

“Oh?” Elaine said and spontaneously looked at the ring finger of her left hand.

Abby caught her looking and laughed. “No, I’m not married. My dad and my mom split up, so I’m living with him at the moment.”

After Elaine finished her business, Abby continued making small talk, and neither of them seemed in a rush anymore to leave. She was so easy to talk with – not just easy on the eyes. “I get why you’re so popular around here,” Elaine said.

“Me? I don’t have a single friend yet.”

“I mean among the tenants. I heard so many comments about how cute you are. You’ll make friends here.”

“Really?” Abby said, “You think I’m cute?”

“Oh, please!” Elaine replied, looking her up and down, and they both laughed.

“You’re so fun,” Abby said, “But I do have to get home. I told dad I’d have dinner ready. Hey, do you ever use the pool here?”

Elaine shrugged and smiled. “You think I get this tan sitting home and watching TV?”

Abby smiled back and said good.

The next day, Elaine went to the pool in the afternoon and spotted Abby laying on one of the chaises. She looked even more amazing in her sky blue bikini. She was blessed with the naturally flat tummy of a 21-year-old that made you want to spill your yogurt on it just to lick it off. Elaine was in great shape, Bayan Escort Gaziantep but had to work hard to keep that way.

“Is this one taken?” Elaine asked.

Abby had a great smile, but it really seemed to light up when she saw Elaine. “I sure hope not,” she said.

They lay together for a while making chit chat and had so much fun, it became regular thing. Somehow, despite having a ton of admirers, Abby didn’t make any friends before meeting Elaine, so they ended up lying together by the pool often, and sometimes going back to Elaine’s apartment for coolers when it got too hot.

A couple of weeks later, they were half-watching a movie together when Abby looked Elaine up and down and asked, “How are you still single?”

Elaine smiled at the compliment. “I was engaged a few years back.”


Elaine shrugged. “It didn’t work out. I perhaps wasn’t ready. My mind was scattered.”

“Scattered how?”

Elaine took a deep breath. She trusted Abby not to judge her. “In school, I was curious, shall we say.”

Abby’s eyes widened in mock innocence. “Curious about your subjects or curious about your sexuality?”

Elaine chuckled.

Abby asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Well, actually, while I was engaged, I worked at the casino and a woman there was openly bisexual and she used to flirt with me.”

Abby lifted the cooler to her lips. “And?”

“And the night I broke up with my fiancé, some of us went out after work, and she and I ended up on the dance floor and she kissed me.”

Abby’s eyes widened again, but this time because she was intrigued. “And?”

Elaine laughed, “I’m not getting out of here without tell you the whole thing, am I?”

Abby didn’t budge, just continued staring at Elaine and sipped her cooler.

Elaine felt a shiver run through her body. “Abby, it was the most amazing kiss I’d ever had. Her lips felt like an invitation rather than an intrusion, like most guy kisses do. Instead of forcing her way into my mouth, she was luring me into hers. It lasted like five minutes on the dance floor, with us being oblivious to everyone around us.”

Abby was agog. “Oh, Elaine, you should see the glow on your face right now.”

Elaine felt the heat rise to her face. “I never got to tell anyone about that kiss.”

“Why did you stop kissing? She took you somewhere, didn’t she?”

“A couple of guys we worked with actually broke us up, but we didn’t care. We both knew where the night was headed.”

Abby’s jaw dropped. “Really?”

“Yeah, she came home to my apartment that night and it was amazing.”

“So she flirted with you for a while and nothing happened, but one kiss and you are her babygirl!”

Elaine let out a small laugh, followed by a long, lingering smile. “It was a special kiss.”

Abby didn’t say a word, but her face said, “Show me.”

Elaine slowly took in Abby’s expression, which was unmistakable. She wanted a kiss. Elaine leaned forward and whispered, “Are we going to regret this?”

Abby licked her lips and said, “Have you thought about it?”

“Mmhmm,” Elaine said, inching closer.

“Well, what took you so long?” Abby said as she welcomed Elaine’s lips.

The sex that night was amazing, with each of them having seven or eight orgasms, and continued over the next couple of weeks. They didn’t always achieve the heights of that first night, but they came awfully close.

One day, they were lying outside at the pool and Abby asked if she felt like a drink, and they headed up to Abby’s apartment to cool off a bit. They walked in wearing their bikinis and sarongs and Abby’s dad was on the treadmill. Elaine half recognized him right away. She’d seen him before out riding his bike, but he’d always wore a riding hat and glasses, so she never really knew what he looked like.

Now, she knew. He looked sweaty and delicious. As he got off the treadmill to come say hello, he looked right into her and his deep blue eyes made her melt. She told herself to breathe normally and try not to smile too much. He was early forties, but in great shape. She could even make out the V-cut of his lower abs going into his shorts. It was instant lust. It had been months since Elaine had been with a man and when he smiled at her, she had to have him. The only problem was Abby. They’d been together several times, and she worried how Abby would react. They took their drinks and headed back to the pool to lie down and Elaine couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Your dad is hot!”

“I know,” Abby laughed. “My friends back home used to call him a DILF.”

“I can see why,” Elaine replied. They ended up talking about him the rest of the time they laid out there, with Elaine hoping Abby would take the hint and suggest she ask him out. Finally, Elaine decided to speak her mind. “Would you mind if I went out with him?”

Abby turned toward Elaine and deadpanned, “Are you dumping me?”

Elaine laughed for about a minute, eventually having to sit up to ease the pain in her diaphragm. “No, babe, I’m not dumping you.”

“Then, go for it,” Abby said. “Just don’t tell him about us.”

Elaine smiled to herself: her dirty little secret.

She started finding ways to talk to Ken and after about a week, invited him to her apartment to watch a movie. She made some sandwiches so they could eat on the couch and Ken said he’d bring a bottle of wine. She kept another in reserve in case things went as she hoped. She wore her really short white shorts and a thin pink tank top and no bra. One thing Elaine could rely on were her breasts – especially when she didn’t wear a bra. They were firm, plump, and she had perky nipples that Ken would not miss. If there was male blood in his veins, he was not leaving there till morning.

Everything was pretty above board as they watched the movie, but as it went on, she moved closer to him and was more touchy feely than she’d been with him before. After the movie, they stayed close like that as they talked and finished the wine. She enjoyed stroking his arm, which looked amazing in the rolled up sleeves of his button down shirt. Eventually, she’d had enough of his being the perfect gentleman and stroked down the open part of his shirt on his chest, and he kissed her.

As they kissed, she took her time undoing the buttons on his shirt, stroking slowly up and down as the opening got deeper. Eventually, she opened it fully and drew little circles on his perfect hard abs, loving his moans as she drifted lower and lower. When her fingers inched inside his shorts, she finally reached his huge, hard cock, and oh, she loved how tiny it made her hand feel. “God,” she moaned, “I hope you know how to use that.”

And oh, mama, did he! It was so long since she’d been with a man, so the sex would have been good anyway, but she ended up having six orgasms by 5:00 AM when they finally fell asleep. He also came three times, which made Elaine feel incredibly sexy.

After that, she divided her time between Abby and Ken. She was getting more sex and better sex than she ever had in her life. Abby, of course, knew the whole story, but Ken was oblivious and thought she and Abby were nothing more than tanning friends.

Then, one afternoon, the two girls were in Abby’s apartment and had been making out on her couch after lying out at the pool all morning. They’d only barely finished taking the bikinis off each other when Ken suddenly walked in and found them together.


Ken stopped and looked at them expressionless, before walking straight back to his room without a word. The two of them quickly dressed and Abby rushed Elaine out the door so she could talk to her dad. Later that day, Abby called her to tell her what happened. She’d told him she was sorry, and he sort of understood. The world was different now and these things go on. He said he wouldn’t stop her from doing whatever made her happy.

A couple of days later, Elaine called Ken to invite him to dinner so they could talk. As soon as he walked in the door she apologized, and he basically echoed to her the same thing he’d told Abby.

“Are we okay?” she asked him.

“I guess it means we’re not exclusive,” he said with a wry grin.

Elaine laughed and said, “You’re so amazing.” She kissed him and they went to bed, silently agreeing to postpone dinner till about 3:00 AM.

Things got a little bit crazy after that – crazy, weird, and incredibly intense. Elaine wasn’t sure if it was just her, but it always seemed the sex was a little hotter – with each of them! She also wasn’t sure if anything needed to be talked about. She was fine with how things were, but she tried to make little jokes to ease any tension that might exist.

One day, she and Abby were having a few drinks together and Elaine asked how her dad had been with her lately.

“I’m not sure, still a little weirded out, I think. Maybe he’s trying to give me space. He’s spending more time in the gym lately.”

“God, he’s in such great shape,” Elaine cooed.

“I know,” Abby said in a tone that indicated Elaine was always saying that.

Elaine spent a few moments lost in thought, picturing him. “Have you ever seen him naked?”

“Yeah,” Abby said. “One time when he came out of the shower. For a second. He thought I was out.”

Elaine grinned faintly. “He has a nice dick, doesn’t he?”

Abby kind of rolled her eyes and shook her head and took a sip of her drink.

About a month later, things seemed to settle down and they even occasionally all spent time together. One night, Elaine went to their apartment to watch a movie with them. She wore her “fuck me” shorts and her thin pink tank top without a bra as she planned on staying with Ken that night. Abby looked hotter than ever, wearing a new outfit – the shortest shorts Elaine had ever seen her in and a spaghetti-strapped tank top with no bra to hide her puffy nipples. She looked so hot, and Elaine wondered would she be perhaps trying to lure her from Ken’s bed that night.

Ken was in running shorts and a t-shirt until Elaine made him take off his t-shirt so she could stroke his chest.

They watched the movie on the reclining love seat, facing the TV. Ken was in the middle. Elaine was on his right, snuggled up to him. She had one arm and one leg thrown over him and snuggled up close. It seemed they were talking more than watching the movie, and Elaine could barely keep her eyes off Abby. About halfway through Elaine motioned Abby to lean over and kiss her, which she did, and they were kissing above Ken’s chest.

As their tongues played together, Elaine was caressing her cheek. A few moments later, she let her hand drop to Ken’s belly just above his shorts and felt Abby’s fingers on his side because she seemed to be propping herself up on her dad’s hip. While they were kissing, she started tracing circles on Ken’s abs, circles which continued slowly lower. Eventually her fingers slipped into his shorts and found his cock hard as a rock!

She wrapped her fingers around it and was stroking him slowly while Abby and she were kissing. She moaned into Abby’s mouth and then looked at Ken. He had a wild look in his eyes and his mouth hung partly opened. That was when she broke the kiss from Abby and kissed him while still stroking his cock. Then she went back to kissing Abby.

His cock was poking out the top of his shorts by now, so she knew Abby saw it. She couldn’t wait any more, and she leaned down and took his cock in her mouth and pushed his shorts down while she sucked him. Abby stayed right there and she even felt Abby’s fingers in her hair, which turned her on even more.

She leaned back up and kissed Abby again, their tongues in each other’s mouths, with Abby kissing her even harder than before. She moaned into Abby’s mouth, then pulled away and looked her in the eye. “You like how I taste, baby?”

Abby bit her lip and nodded.

Elaine kissed Ken again. Then Abby again. Then she started sucking him again. Abby’s hand was back in her hair, stroking her. She kissed her again briefly, allowing her pre-cum-drenched tongue inside Abby’s mouth, teasing her, knowing how much she was loving the taste, knowing she needed more. Abby tried to follow Elaine’s tongue, but Elaine would have none of it, pulling back. She then put her hand around Abby’s head and eased her down with her until both their mouths were level with the head of his cock. She kissed it, then her. And repeated this sequence again. She whispered to Abby, “You wet, baby.” Abby swallowed and nodded.

Elaine grabbed his cock with her left hand while she pulled Abby’s head down to kiss it. There was a moment’s resistance, and Elaine smiled and said, “You want to taste Daddy’s cock?” Abby stopped resisting and allowed Elaine to guide her head down. She kissed her dad’s cock while Elaine watched on and smiled. She had never been this turned on in her life. Abby kissed it a few times, then lightly licked it, licking his pre-cum and tasting it.

Elaine turned around to look at Ken and saw his eyes roll back in his head as he panted. When she turned back to Abby, his little girl was twirling her tongue around the head of his cock. A few seconds later, she took his head all the way in her mouth, sucking it for a while before taking more of him in her mouth, sucking him in deeper and deeper.

Elaine kissed him while she did that and he moaned so much deeper into her mouth than she’d ever heard before. “You like that, Daddy?” she whispered and heard him groan.

Sensing he wouldn’t last long, Elaine went back down close to Abby, who was going down and up on her father’s cock. Elaine kissed and licked the tip whenever Abby would come up, and she kissed Abby too.

By then, Abby and she were kissing each other and both of them licking his cock and taking turns sucking on him. Soon after, his cock started twitching and they both knew he was about to cum. Elaine gripped his cock at the base and the two of them started licking his tip and sucking his head until he couldn’t hold back anymore and erupted, his first shot landing on Abby’s cheek. They both moved to catch the rest with their tongues. Abby caught more than Elaine and even closed her lips greedily around Daddy’s cockhead as he was finishing.

A few moments later, she looked up and Elaine kissed her. Elaine then kissed Ken again and when she looked down, Abby’s hand was on his cock too, stroking him with her. Elaine looked to Ken and said, “I think your little girl deserves a kiss.” Both Daddy and daughter leaned forward and kissed each other deeply.

While they did this, Elaine got off the couch and walked towards his bedroom, stopping at the door to say, “You guys coming?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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