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She was old enough to know better, but young enough to pass herself off as naive. She wasn’t slim, not overweight, but voluptuous and curvy. She was a chameleon, dressing to deceive her prey.

Dressed down, she looked the part of the everyday housewife. In khaki shorts and her hair in a ponytail, she looked like a soccer mom. In a pair of cutoff jeans way too short and a skin tight tube top, she looked like a slut. A willing one. This was the part she loved to play. It was the one that paid the bills.

She stood on the sidewalk outside of the repair shop. The traffic was nonexistent, the shop devoid of customers. The owner, an older man, glanced at her from time to time, wondering what she was up to. She looked at him, fanning herself to keep cool. She made her way to the man and introduced herself.

“Hi, my name is Stacey. It sure is a hot one today!” She crooked her head a little and smiled. The man smiled back at her.

“Sure is.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have a drink machine here, would you? I sure could use something to cool off with.” The man smiled again and gestured toward the office.

“In there.”

She smiled again.


She pulled at her tube top, pretending to try to cover her cleavage. In the process, the bottom of her top rode up and exposed half of a nipple. She felt it, knew it had happened. But, that was what she wanted. Her pussy was already getting wet. The game was on. She felt his eyes on her as she turned and went to the machine. She made a show of bending over to retrieve her drink. She continued the show as she turned around and put the cold drink against her neck, closing her eyes and sighing at the relief that the cool can provided. She opened her eyes and looked directly at him. He was staring. She walked back out to the shop.

“What’s your name, mister?”

He stared at her exposed nipple. She stared back.


It was all he could say at the moment. She decided to come on strong. Hell, he wasn’t making any moves, so it was up to mersin escort her.

“Hi, Walt.” She slowly, deliberately, moved the can down to her exposed nipple and rubbed it against her skin. She leaned her neck back and sighed, licking her lips.

“Walt, today is your lucky day. I am hot, and you’re not busy. What do you say we go somewhere and cool off?”

Walt nodded. She waited while he closed the shop, and he motioned toward his truck. It was an old jalopy. Good, she thought. A sure sign of old money. All of the old coots drive outdated vehicles and save their money. I hit the jackpot. She slid into the passenger side of the truck, nipple still exposed. As he started the truck, he reached down and gently took her hand. He held it the whole way home, not saying anything. Halfway there, she asked,

“Where are we going, Walt?”

He never answered, just smiled and stroked her hand.

The house was empty. It appeared he lived alone. Even better, she thought. He led her to the bedroom. She gently tugged at the belt of his pants.

“Walt, I’m gonna wait here while you take a quick shower, okay hun?”

He nodded. While he was in the bathroom, she glanced around the room. Okay, if I was an old coot, where would I hide my loot? She rummaged through the dresser drawers, not finding anything. She heard the shower stop, so she quickly lounged on the bed. He came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. She went up to him and tugged it free. Surprise! He had a huge erection. This was going to be more fun than she originally thought.

She reached out her hand and took hold of his cock. It was rock hard.

“Oh, my, Walt…this is beautiful…may I have a taste?”

Not waiting on his reply, she gently pushed him down onto the bed. She bent over him and put his cock in her mouth. She gently sucked on the head, and then using her tongue, licked him sloppily. He began to moan. She took his whole cock into her mouth, allowing the head to touch the back of her throat. She didn’t want to make him come, she just wanted him to want it badly. After she was sure he was ready for pussy, she stood up. She took off her clothes slowly, making sure he had a good view. She could see his cock waving, he was very horny. She didn’t want to fuck him right away, she wanted him to taste her wet pussy. She positioned herself on her knees, pussy directly over his face.

“Walt, I want you to taste my pussy. I want you to taste how wet my cunt is. Lick me, Walt, I know you want to.”

She put her hands under his head and lowered her pussy over his mouth. She could feel his tongue darting in her slit, and felt him flicking at her clit.

“Yeah, Walt, that’s it, lick that pussy.”

She started to buck her hips, lightly grinding her pussy into his face. She didn’t want to smother him, after all.

“Yeah, lick me, lick me now. More, more.”

He lifted his face so he could lick harder at her clit. She could feel herself building up to climax. She jerked his head away.

“Stop! Now I want you to fuck my pussy, Walt, and fuck it good or else YOU are going to get a spanking! Now, fuck it!”

He forcefully threw her down on the bed and straddled her hips. He was rock hard, and her pussy was sloppy wet. He reached down with his mouth and sucked on a nipple. She began to moan, begging him to fuck her, and fuck her now. He lowered his cock to her pussy lips, and jabbed his dick into her pussy. His cock was long, at least nine inches and thick. It filled her pussy, making her moan in ecstasy. He began to thrust with his hips, fucking her good and hard. He pulled his dick out just far enough to make her beg for more, then plunging it back into her wanting, wet cunt. His cock reached all the the way to the back of her pussy, she could feel it pushing against her insides. He filled her completely. As he fucked her, his balls slapped against her pussy lips. Her cunt lips were parted, and her clit was exposed. As his balls slapped against her cunt, they hit her clit and caused her to twitch with unbelievable enjoyment. She was coming, and she was coming hard. She begged him not to stop, to fuck her harder and harder. His balls slapped her clit quickly and harshly, and finally she screamed with ectsasy and orgasm. They were both breathing hard, and he collapsed beside of her in the bed. He had come inside of her, and she could feel it. She didn’t care, this was the best fuck she had had in a while. Usually the old coots had a small semi erection, but she had hit the the jackpot after all.

She quickly recovered.

“Walt, you’re not quite finished. You came inside of me, which means you have to clean me up. Start licking.”

She guided his head between her legs and moaned as he licked her beaten clit and sloppy pussy. He licked and sucked, darting his tongue into her cunt, licking it like a rapidly melting ice cream. He teased her clit with his tongue, flicking it quickly then sucking on it like a teat. She rocked and moaned and screamed, but he never quit until she came.

As she was catching her breath, he turned her over onto her stomach. She lifted her butt into the air, and he gently filled her pussy from behind. This was a gentle fuck, not like the desperate, hard fuck they had before. He pushed his cock in, then moved his hips, fucking her in a circular motion. She could hear the smacking sound of her pussy as his cock slid in and out of her cunt. She felt his urgency as he sped up his movement and then felt the hot fluid as he spurted into her hole. He was spent.

As she showered, she thought of her good luck in getting a geezer that had a big cock. Not only that, he could fuck her more than once and was willing to put his face in her pussy. Now, she just needed to take care of the financials. That was a delicate matter, and had to be handled carefully. Usually, they were just too happy for the fuck that they were more than willing to pay her fee. Rarely did anyone object. They were just too happy to get their rocks off.

She slid the top over her head and heard footsteps behind her. Walt was dressed, and was headed her way. She turned to face him, and was startled to hear him say,

“Now, about my fee…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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