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My birthday party is tonight and the future father of my children, Chance, has arranged everything. We’ve been together for 7 years now and if it wasn’t for me holding back, we would have been married by now. But I am the luckiest girl in the world because Chance has made it plenty clear that he’s not going anywhere. I know he does not doubt my love for him and I’ve come to realize that his bucket of patience is overflowing.

He even bought us a house and it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s in the country and the driveway is at least a mile long so there’s no chance of anyone making a wrong turn. We had our hot tub in the back along with a great view of the mountains. We could even hear the faint sounds of a waterfall that led to a hot springs.

Sometimes I would even go there by myself, it was so peaceful. After taking a dip, I would sit on my towel on the rocks and read, enjoying the sounds of nature; which would almost always lull me to sleep.

So, my birthday party was tonight, turning the big 40, which is a major turning point in life. Chance told me it was going to be a Masquerade party and I didn’t even know who was invited. Everything about the party was a secret and to be honest, I was really excited about it.

He bought me this absolutely exotic costume. It was black and white; the mask had a silver outline with a black and white feather sticking up. The bodice was cut low, with the sleeves short but had frilly lace from the elbow down to the wrist. It came down just below my ass with the fishnet thigh highs and some fuck me black shoes on.

I was putting the finishing touches on when Chance walked in our bedroom, which anyone could get lost in it was so spacious.

“Hi darling, wow, you look absolutely delicious!”

“Thanks sweetheart, I love the costume, it’s beautiful!” I told him as I rewarded him with a big kiss.

“Hmmmm, you’re most welcome. You’re lucky we’re expecting guests or this would not be on you much longer. But now, we have a couple more things to add darling.”

I knew I had put everything on so I asked him, “What else needs to be added?”

“Put your leg up here on the chair darling,” he said as he showed me a small box. He gave me a mischievous grin that told me to open the box.

As I opened it up, I saw two silver balls. Looking at him I smiled and said, “What are these for sweetheart?”

He just smiled and said, “Open your mouth darling.”

He took one of the balls and put it in my mouth. And then as he kept eye contact, he took it out, reached down and pushed it into my pussy. And he did the same with the other ball.

“Make sure you keep your sexy thong in place darling, we don’t want the balls falling out,” he said as he winked at me. “Now bend over please, we aren’t done yet.”

I gladly obliged and bent over the chair, slowly moving my ass. His hands ran softly over my ass and I heard him moan on how he loved my sexy buttocks, which made me move more towards his touch.

“Spread your cheeks for me darling and hold still,” he softly said.

I rested my head on the chair and reached back and slowly spread my cheeks. I heard Chance moan and I just closed my eyes. I felt his fingers on my anus and then he was spreading cool gel all around me. I felt his finger and then he put it inside me. I felt some more gel and then he was putting what must have been a butt plug in my ass. Damn, my birthday was starting out fabulous!!!

After I composed horny myself, I asked him what this was all about.

“This is your night darling and I want you to experience pleasure all night long.”

“Damn, with this combination, my pussy is going to be soaking wet before half the party is over, and I’m sure way before that.”

“Well, I certainly hope so,” Chance said. “Now, would you do me the honors darling?”

He handed me a butt plug and I saw him taking his pants off. I think I almost came as he bent over and spread his cheeks. I grabbed the gel and as I rubbed it on his anus and stuck my finger inside, I then slowly pushed it inside of him. I heard him groan and as he was putting his pants back on, I swear my panties were already soaked. Damn, this was going to be a long night.

“Thank you darling. I thought I could have a little bit of fun with you tonight,” he said as he held me close and kissed me.

I tried to compose myself and asked, “Why don’t I know who is coming? That shouldn’t be a surprise love,” I said as I rubbed my body against his. I was already feeling the effects of his little toys.

“It’s a Masquerade party darling. The only person who you will know tonight is me,” he said as he grabbed my hand and we walked to the stairwell to go downstairs.

I watched his ass as we walked, thinking of that butt plug inside of him. That made me so hot, thinking of his hard cock all night and I’m sure he will have plenty of pre cum throughout the evening. I will have to make sure to frequently take care of that for him.

As I watched everyone show up, what Chance said couldn’t have been çanakkale escort more right. I didn’t recognize anyone that came through the door and when they greeted me, it left no hint as to who they were.

I found Chance, pulled him aside and said “Ok, give it up, what’s going on.”

“You know everyone here darling,” he said as he spread his hands out wide. “Although everyone has been dressed so you would not know who they are. Their heights are different, they are speaking with accents, and you will not even know your best friend Ally. Tonight the lights will be low and everything will be a mystery to you.”

I took all of this in awe as I looked around at the faces and I couldn’t believe it. There must have been at least a dozen and a half people here and the mystery of not knowing who I was talking to, and the fact that I knew them was extremely exciting.

I looked at Chance and smiled as I walked around trying to guess at the faces. I couldn’t believe how well they were all dressed and he was right; I didn’t recognize any of them.

Chance had an impressive meal displayed buffet style and everyone did not want for anything. There were all kinds of fruits, meats, pasta, different cheeses and crackers, desserts and drinks, which were all constantly being replenished.

He had some games set up and everyone was having a wonderful time. There was laughter in the air and this was by far, the best birthday party ever. I felt loved by all and most of all by Chance.

These balls and butt plug were doing a great job, I could feel my pussy juices on my thighs and I need Chance’s cock deep inside of me. I looked for him to find out how long this party was going to last. Ahhh, I spotted him getting another drink.

I came up behind him and put my hands on his thighs and whispered to him, “When is the party ending darling?”

He turned around and embraced me and told me that the night was not even close to being over. I looked at him with question in my eyes and asked him, “You have not told me what my birthday present was, are you going to tell me sometime tonight?”

He softly laughed and caressed my face with his hand and told me he would tell me momentarily. He rang a bell that was on the table and with his hand around my waste he walked me to the middle of the crowd.

Everyone quieted down quickly and Chance said, “Julia and I cannot thank you all enough for being here on her special day. My love for Julia grows every day and I want nothing but to make her truly happy, for her to live her fantasy life.”

He then turned to me and said, “Darling, here is your birthday present. Tonight, you will be the center of attention; everyone here will fuck you. You will feel every cock and every pussy and your pussy will be eaten all night long. You will not have to move from your spot in the middle, everyone will come to you. And you will also see everyone having sex all around you. What is so exciting about this is you will not know who is fucking you or whose pussy you are eating. Everyone will still have their masks on, at first anyway,” he said as he laughed. “I’m sure they will come off after a while but the mystery will be there for as long as possible.” He motioned to the audience and said, “I have a table set up over there guys with some warm cloths to wipe your cocks off when needed.”

Chance paused to take a drink and smiled at me. I couldn’t believe what he was saying, there were a lot of people here and they ALL were going to fuck me? Fuck!!! I don’t know if I could handle that but I was damn sure going to give it my all.

Chance continued,”I have blankets all set up in the Library, everyone can stay there tonight. All I ask is that you take a shower before you settle down for the night,” he said as he winked at everyone, which brought on a raucous of laughter.

“I have plenty of towels and all the items needed for the shower in the shower room. And the shower is compatible for a few people so there will be no need to wait. All I ask is that Julia has the best birthday of her life. I want her to cum more than she has ever cum and to be fucked to the max, so no holding back guys,” Chance said with a wink.

“I get to fuck her first though,” which he got a chuckle from everyone once again. “I have a bucket over in the corner; please take your silver balls out of your pussies and your butt plugs out. I have gift bags for everyone with brand new ones and other toys also. Now, shall we give Julia the best night of her life?”

I saw everyone walking over to the bucket, depositing the silver balls and butt plugs. Fuck, everyone has had them in too? Damn, I had no idea!!!

Chance brought me to the bucket after the last one was done and he reached down and took my silver balls out and my thongs off. “Hmmmm, a little wet darling?” he said as he licked my thongs.

I just smirked at him as I reached back and took his butt plug out. I could already hear slurping sounds in the room. As I looked around, people were getting fucked, pussies getting munched on and it wasn’t just one on one. There was one girl who was already getting her pussy and ass fucked and she had a cock in her mouth.

“Lets go darling, we’re wasting time,” Chance said as he led me to the middle and laid me down on the ground. He wasted no time and his face was in my pussy. I had my eyes closed so when I felt hot wet lips on my face, I was a bit startled. But all I could do was suck on these sweet lips as she grinded her pussy on my face. She tasted so fucking good and while Chance sucked on my pussy, I didn’t think I would be able to hold out much longer. I knew I would be drenching his face any second now.

I was moaning against her pussy, putting my tongue in as far as I could go and then I grabbed on and sucked hard on her clit. I slid my hand under her ass and put my thumb in her pussy. She commenced to grind harder and she gently grabbed my head and pushed me harder against her clit. Then I felt her juices running on my face and I sucked eagerly to lap them all up.

I rewarded Chance with my juices as well and I felt him move up and his cock was rubbing on my pussy. As I was licking her lips I felt him impale my pussy, I heard him groan.

“Hold on Chance, I want that ass,” I heard a masculine voice say. The girl got off of my face and I saw a cock going inside of Chance’s ass. Fuck that was hot! I’ve never seen Chance get fucked and never knew he would be ok with it. As the mystery man’s cock was fully inside of Chance, he started fucking him hard which made Chance fuck me even harder.

Chance grunted to me, “Fuck Julia, this feels so good to be inside of you and have a cock fucking me.”

I felt Chance’s cock expanding and he spread my legs even farther apart to get deeper inside of me. The mystery man had been fucking Chance for a while now and was telling him to keep moving, fucking me, he was about to fill his ass with his cum. He was fucking Chance hard and I felt Chance cumming inside of me as the mystery man was grunting and cumming inside of Chance.

Fuck that was so fucking hot! Chance laid on me trying to control his breathing. The mystery man got up, slapped his ass playfully and disappeared.

Chance then kissed me, told me to have fun and then got off of me. Before I had the chance to see where he went, I felt another cock inside of me. He grabbed my left leg and lifted me up so he was entering me sideways with his thick cock. He gave me no mercy as he fucked me and he was hitting my precious spot and he had me cumming all over him in record time.

I swear everyone could hear me yelling I was yelling so loud but it didn’t stop anyone from fucking. The thick cock came in me and he gently put me down. After he knelt down and kissed my pussy, he walked away.

Someone came over to me and lifted me up so I could sit on his cock and ride him. I have not had to do much work as far as the fucking was concerned, everyone was truly doing their best to make this night my moment in history, and a damn good job they were doing.

As I was riding him, once again, a big thick cock inside of me, a juicy cock was put into my mouth. The guy in my pussy had my hips and was slapping me on him. My mouth was adjusting to the cock in my mouth and I did my best to take all of him. He had my head as he gently shoved deeper and as I felt his cum rolling down my throat I felt a cock entering my ass.

This action made my throat contract, squeezing his cock and seemed to drain a bit more cum out. The feel of the two cocks in me made me feel so full, I didn’t think I would be able to cum like this. But before I had the chance to think about it, another cock was in my mouth.

This guy got some good treatment. All the moaning I was doing was making me squeeze his cock tighter and I couldn’t believe I had all of him in my mouth. My pussy and ass were getting pounded and I heard them both grunting as they came in me and my mouth was once again being filled with cum.

As they all left, I just laid down and tried to catch my breathe. Damn, this was one hell of a birthday party, I wonder where Chance was. I had a brief few moments to look around and the view was intoxicating.

I saw two girls in a 69 position while the girl who was sitting on the other girls face was about to get a cock in her ass. There was so much fucking in here, all you could hear was wet pussies all over the place. There was no mistaking that sound.

Right next to me though a girl was sitting on a guys face with her ass towards him and a guy was fucking the hell out of him, bouncing on his cock something fierce. The girl was stroking the one guy’s cock as she was grinding her pussy on the other guys face and I could tell by her face that she was going to coat his face with her cum.

And there was that loud screaming again. Every so often I heard some serious fucking going on. Not like everyone else isn’t “seriously” fucking, but now, someone was really getting fucked…and fucked hard!

I felt someone lift me up on all fours and they were caressing my ass. I felt his cock rubbing against me and I could tell I was going to get another good fuck. I had no idea all of my friends were so well endowed. Of course, why would I wonder about such a thing anyway?

He spread my legs a little bit more and then as the tip of his cock nestled just inside my pussy lips, he reached forward, hands gliding along my body to my shoulders and said in a sexy voice, “Lean forward Julia onto the floor, then I am going to take your hands and pull you back. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

Oh fuck, I am in for it! I put my head down and his hands ran along my arms to my wrists and he gently pulled me up so my upper body was in the air. I did not feel any pain and I could tell he had a nice, easy firm grip on me and I would not fall as he said.

He commenced to pounding my pussy and the fact that I could not slide forward made it all that much more intense. His cock was so deep inside of me and the intense thrusts I felt from him was over the top.

He fucked my pussy for what seemed like forever and I didn’t want him to stop. It was like I was having one of those constant orgasmic feelings.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck that feels so damn good! Don’t stop, I’m going to cum already!”

“I have no intentions on stopping Julia, even after you cum. You will cum again,” he said.

After I came I felt like I was going to pass out but he did not let up at all. It felt like his cock had expanded and I didn’t think my pussy could take anymore.

“Come on Julia, I know you can cum again, cum on my cock. I’m not letting up until you do.”

I swear I was just floating, I really didn’t think I could cum again. My pussy was sore and so full of cum and my clit was so damn sensitive. The sound of all that cum inside of me was fucking hot though, I loved that! He didn’t let up either, his fast pace continued.

I felt myself coming back to earth when a cock was in front of my face. My pussy was still getting pounded and my jaws gladly opened to receive this beautiful hard cock, which had juices all over it. Hmmmm, I wonder whose pussy juice I’m licking off.

“That’s it Julia, come on, cum for me,” he said once again.

With the cock in my mouth and it was already in my throat, I was giving him what he wanted.

“FUCK yes, there’s your sweet cum! Yes, keep cumming on my cock, that’s it!”

I felt him actually speed up a little bit more and I could tell he was about to cum also. Then both my mouth and pussy were filling up with cum. Fuck, I’ve never swallowed so much cum in my whole damn life!

After my mouth was free, the guy behind me slowly let me down. All I could do was stay there with my ass in the air and my head on the ground. He ran his hands over my body and I felt his mouth on my pussy.

“Damn Julia, this is fucking sweet!!!” His tongue was deep in my pussy and then all I felt was a kiss on my lips and he was gone.

I felt some soft hands turning me around so I could lie on the ground. I could tell it was a girl and she spread my legs open.

“Hi Julia, are you enjoying yourself? I tell you, I sure the hell am. This is one hellava birthday party, I wish I could get one like this,” she said as she giggled.

“Ally, is that you?”

“Sure is sweetness. I brought some fruit, was getting a little hungry. I’m going to put all of this inside of your pussy and then Emily and I are going to eat it out of you. How does that sound?”

“Fucking Awesome! How long have you known about this Ally?”

“Oh, Chance told me about a couple of months ago. And I have to tell you, in anticipation of this night, of tasting your pussy; I must have touched myself at least a dozen times. Damn sweetness, your pussy is filled to the max with cum. That is so fucking hot!”

I felt Ally and Emily putting some fruit inside of me and then I heard Ally say it was snack time. Then all I felt was two mouths on my pussy. I thought earlier all that fucking was incredible, this is just as fucking fabulous.

I felt both of their tongues diving in me and at times I felt just one who had opened my lips and sucked at what they were trying to get at.

“Hmmmm, seems like we got the fruit out but I want some more. What about you Emily?”

“Hell yes, I can’t get enough,” I heard Emily say.

I felt one set of lips on my lips while another had grabbed my clit and was softly sucking on it. A couple of fingers went inside of me while another went in my ass.

“Fuck Julia, that is so fucking sweet!!!” Emily said.

“My turn now, I need to have her sweet cum in my mouth,” Ally said.

They switched positions and Ally didn’t waste any time in putting her mouth on my lips. Emily had my clit in her mouth and it was really even more sensitive than before and I didn’t think I could take any more of this. They were so soft though and gentle, it felt so good.

Ally was sucking at whatever cum was left inside of me and with Emily’s gentle sucking on my clit, I swear I was floating. I rocked my hips, trying to get them even closer to my pussy and then Emily was sucking harder and her tongue was doing magic, making my toes curl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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