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Please play safe at home. Make sure to use safe words and gestures… and that all parties are consenting…. Now enjoy some BDSM fantasy!

Marc had no question about when he had turned control over to his girlfriend… er, Mistress, now… That would be that first fateful spanking for cheating. He had agreed to that, mind you, albeit a bit coerced… Not that he hadn’t deserved it…. And he had admitted to her that he liked her in charge… Well, let’s just say that his traitorous dick had told her… But, now things might be out of control, he thought, rather ironically. He would laugh, accept that he was naked, tied spread eagle on the bed, red ball gag firmly strapped in place across his mouth. He tested the restraints again, and knew that he wasn’t going anywhere until she let him up. Again his damn cock was slapping against his abdomen… and it had no idea what she had in mind for them! But as she walked into the room he lost it, body humming with excitement and adrenaline, his heart pounding in his chest.

Jenna strutted in, in her new knee high black leather boots. Her ginger hair framed her pretty face and she smiled at him so sweetly. There was a gleeful sparkle in her blue eyes… almost wicked. She loved this game! A black leather corset dress laced up the front, pushing her breast up and outward. The dress ended mid-thigh, showing off a stretch of firm leg. She held a slapper crop over her shoulder, letting him drink her in with those big brown eyes… soon she knew he would be surfing that wave of pleasure and pain… and his focus would not be quite as sharp as it was right now. Now she had his undivided attention, and he had hers! She stood there at the foot of the bed, visually devouring him. Watching him writhe against the restraints, muscles flexing, mouth stretched around the ball gag… Ummm, delicious!! As their eyes locked, he silently pleaded with her to start already!!

She had made him wait like that, strapped to the bed, for 10 or 15 long minutes. They had agreed on safe words and gestures before they started. It was something he played off, but she insisted on. She had tied him down while she was still dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. This was his first look at her in the new outfit. Lust was filling his eyes, and she grinned more broadly.

“See something you like?” she asked, striking a pose with the crop, turning from side to side.

“Uhhhmmmhhh” came his muffled reply, as he nodded furiously.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she grinned again. “And I think this guy is voting yes, too”. She lifted his stiff dick with the riding crop. He stiffened, bracing, as she toyed with his cock. Taking it in her hand, she brought the crop down in a light quick slap against the shaft. He groaned in pain, trying to bring his knees up, but his legs were tied down. His dick stiffened more, if that was possible. “Traitor!” he thought again.

“He likes being spanked too, I see” Jenna said gleefully. Marc shook his head in a vigorous “No”.

“But he does, see?” She pointed out, slapping his shaft again. Marc ground his teeth against the gag as she smacked it several more times. The front of his cock was turning bright pink and rigid. He attempted to twist away from her assault.

“I’m afraid that he needs as much training as you do, dear…. I think he is a very bad boy, and has been doing too much thinking for you!…. Now, hold still, understand me?!!” Her tone had gone from sweet to very stern. Looking up from her work on his poor dick, she pinned him with her gaze. He forced himself to stay still. Adrenaline was coursing through his veins. The pain and pleasure was intoxicating and frightening all at the same time. The riding crop slapped away at his cock several more times, and he did his best to remain still, though he clenched his abs with each smack.

“Are you getting hot my new toy?” Jenna asked his dick. She did not appear to be addressing him, so Marc stayed quiet. Jenna reached for the bottle of lube…it was the warm tingly kind. Squirting some into her hand, she began stroking his cock. Marc shuddered at the contact. It felt so amazingly good, but the warming lube caused a burn against the spanked skin on his shaft. She stroked him until he was seconds from cumming. His balls tightened up in his sac. Precum oozed from the tip of his slit. Then she dropped his rock hard cock back to his abdomen. He threw his head back and groaned in frustration.

“Look down here, lover” she commanded. “Right now!” When she had his attention, she dipped her finger in his precum. Staring up into his eyes, she brought the finger up to her mouth. “Oh yum!” she exclaimed… “This is such a treat. You have to try some!”

Marc had never tasted cum, and he was sure he did not want to. Leave that to the girls and gay boys, he thought…. But she had him pinned with her eyes. He started to shake his head “no”, but she nodded “yes”, eyes sparkling. Reaching up with the other hand, she unsnapped the ball gag, finally freeing his istanbul escort mouth… but now he almost wanted it back on, so he wouldn’t have to taste the sticky substance on her finger tip. Holding his gaze, she brought the finger toward his mouth. He tried to turn away.

“Marc! ” Jenna growled, ” you have been happy to have girls suck your dick for years… now you will know what they were tasting! Tongue out!” She snapped. He slowly stretched his tongue out of his mouth, as ordered. His lips were reddened and slightly puffy from the pressure of the ball gag. There was a faint red ring to the skin surrounding his mouth. Jenna savored the view of her boy, his slightly punished mouth, tongue so obediently held out. She shivered with lust, taking her time, as she stared at him. He blushed and looked away from her predatory gaze. His cock throbbed.

“Besides…” She chuckled ominously, “this is only precum. We’ll try real cum later”. He blushed crimson, his breathing becoming heavy, tongue remaining out. Gently, Jenna wiped her fingertip over his tongue, saying “wait” before he closed his mouth. She reached back down and scooped up more of the clear honey from his abdomen. This time, there was a string of precum dangling from her finger, and she lowered it onto his tongue.

“Look at me” she ordered again, finger resting on his tongue. When he complied, mouth still open, tongue extended, she smiled at him. Big brown eyes stared at her with naked vulnerability.

“Now you will close your mouth, my sweet thing. And suck every drop off of my finger” She commanded gently. Eyes fixed on hers, he did as she bid. Sucking on her finger, he wrapped his tongue around it, and then lapped at her finger pad as she slowly slid it out of his mouth. He swallowed experimentally. When he didn’t gag or vomit, she grinned at him.

“Not bad, now, hum Lover?” He shook his head ‘no’ in a shy response to her question. It was such an odd contrast, to see her normally confident boyfriend looking so shy and vulnerable. Jenna felt a sudden rush of tenderness toward him. She crawled up the bed until they came face to face. Reaching behind his head she pulled his surprised mouth to hers, claiming him, yet again, with an urgent kiss. “Love you” she murmured into his mouth, “Fucking love you!” He returned her kiss with the same urgency, so relieved by the reassurance. They kissed for a long moment, each tasting the pre-cum on his tongue. Finally she broke it off with a sigh and a wink.

“Would love to lie here just kissing you…. But a Mistress’s work is never done!” She laughed. He grinned behind a groan, dick jumping.

“Yes Ma’am”, he managed, finally remembering his manners.

The crop was back in her hand, but now she was eyeing his nipples. If Marc’s hands were not tied, he would have attempted to cover them. She loved to torture his nipples. He was not sure why, it was just one of her things. Truth be told, before her, no girl had ever messed with them….except to rub her hands lightly across them. Jenna was the first girl to tweak and twist them during sex, often bringing him over the edge to a much harder orgasm. That had been when their sex was still vanilla and kink was something he accidentally bumped into on a Porn site. Now his nipples were frequent subjects of her torture. This was both as scary and exciting as it was painful and erotic. His breath quickened as he did his best to peer down at them and then back up at her. What did she have in mind for them tonight? She had been talking about getting them pierced, something he would have never chosen to do on his own, but….

SMACK… the crop slapped down on his right nipple. “AHHHH” he cried out, the erotic pain burning through him.

SMACK…the left nipple was struck. “Uuuhhhhh” he ground between his teeth. And it was on… sharp crisp slaps rained down on his nipples alternating sides, the pain building to a crescendo… and suddenly he was flying, floating on the pain, his cries with each smack becoming more guttural. Both nipples were becoming swollen and reddened, with a square of pink/red skin surrounding them. Then she stopped. He looked at her through glassy eyes, panting raggedly. Dazed, he watched her reach for the clamps. A whimper of fear and desire escaped him. His cock throbbed painfully. One by one, she pulled the swollen nubs up and closed a clamp around the base of each one. A metal chain swung between the clamps. It was strong enough to hold weights, if needed. He groaned in agony, arching his back up toward her. Soon the nipples would become numb, if the clamps were left there, untouched. He doubted she would let that happen.

“My God” she breathed, leaning back to look at him, “you are so fucking hot!” He rolled his head to the side to look at her with hooded eyes, high from the pain. His muscled body glistened with sweat and his short blond curls were damp. His lips were reddened and puffy still.

“I am so fucking wet for you” she growled.

“Fuck me, escort bayan please!” he implored, in a soft urgent tone.

“Not yet, baby” she grinned. “First you’re going to taste me!”

“Oh Yes, please Ma’am!” he murmured, nodding his head vigorously.

Marc watched silently, breath heavy, as Jenna slide the soft leather dress up and stripped off a pair of black thongs. Climbing up onto the bed, she straddled his abdomen. Wet pussy ground against his hard abds. She loosened the ties of the bodice, freeing her breast. Leaning forward, scrapping roughly against his clamped nipples, she lowered a breast toward his face. He winced and moaned, but quickly opened his mouth. He sucked gently on her nipple, rolling it softly against the roof of his mouth. One hand braced on the bed behind him, she used the other hand to pull his head closer against her breast. He had become an expert at tending to her breast, just the right amount of tenderness and friction. If she gripped harder on the back of his head, he knew to increase pressure. Much of this he had learned before their relationship had changed, but now it was even more finely tuned. She pulled the nipple from his mouth and gave him the other breast, throwing her head back in ecstasy, as he went to work.

Once Jenna was satisfied with his attention to her nipples, she climbed above him, turning. Boots still on, she knelt with legs and thighs around his head, knees pressed into his shoulders. She lowered her wet dripping pussy onto his face. Automatically, he opened his mouth, tongue out, eager to taste her. Stretching her chest out across his chest, she ground against his clamped nipples some more. He gasped in ragged breaths as he lapped at her dripping lips and her swollen clit. His efforts were slightly jerky, as his focus was split between her wet cunt and the nipple torture. She pulled at the nipple clamp chain, and ground her cunt against his mouth. When she ground down on his face, he held his tongue rigid against her clit. He was learning so quickly.

“In my pussy” she commanded. Immediately he plunged his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could reach. “Hold it!”, and he froze, tongue buried in her.

“Now in and out with each tug, you understand?” Unable to speak, he nodded, a faint whimper escaping. Slowly she began to tug against the chain, pulling against his swollen nipples. In and out he plunged his tongue, with each tug. As her arousal mounted, Jenna began to tug faster and harder against the chain. Marc kept pace with his tongue, but was whimpering, body shivering and tensing with each yank.

“Against my clit!” she finally commanded, sitting up, her hands braced against his hips. She rocked greedily against his mouth and tongue, until she came in a shuddering convulsion against his face. For several long seconds she pressed down against him, riding the wave of her orgasm. Her pussy covered his mouth and nose. Suddenly, she felt him struggling under her, and she slide forward, allowing him a breath of air. He gulped hungrily at the air, then calmed.

Momentarily sated, Jenna climbed off of him. Marc rested his head back against the bed, eyes closed. He was still trembling slightly from the nipple torture. His chin and cheeks were wet and chafed. Absently, he was licking and sucking his lips, tasting the remaining sweetness of her pussy juice. He had been a very good boy, she thought. He did deserve a reward, of that she was sure. Besides, she so wanted to feel that cock of his inside her. But first, it was time for the nipple clamps to come off.

“Brace yourself, baby”, she whispered in his ear. Heeding her warning, he opened his eyes, and looked down at her hand on his chest. One by one, she removed the clamps. As the blood rushed back to the purple tips, he let out a cry. Coming off always hurt more than going on, Jenna mused. He panted raggedly for a moment.

“You are such a good boy”, she whispered, nipping lightly at his ear lobe as she pulled away. He smiled and closed his eyes again, taking advantage of the moment of rest.

When his breathing eased, she climbed back up on top of him. Hooking her boot clad feet over his thighs, Jenna settled in over Marc’s hips. Feeling her wet pussy resting against his cock, Marc’s eyes flew back open.

“Holy shit!” he breathed. “We’re going to fuck?” He looked up at her with elation. The pain from a moment before was forgotten. Again, she was struck by the change in the man below her. A week ago, while an eager lover, he took it for granted that they would fuck. Now he knew that that decision was up to her, and he did not take it for granted anymore! His dick pulsed rigidly against her pussy lips.

“No, Cowboy,” Jenna said with a smirk, “I am a going to fuck you! What’s that saying?…. Save a horse, ride a cowboy?” She grinned down at him. With him still tied down, she straddled him, her hands braced against his muscular chest. Marc groaned with pleasure, “Oh yes please, Ma’am, I’ll be your cowboy any Kadıköy escort day! You can ride me anytime you want!” He licked his lips again.

“So this is consensual?” Jenna asked with a chuckle. “Guess I won’t need that cock-ring to keep you hard for my riding pleasure, after all…” He tried to chuckle too, but her words sprung that submissive cord in him and all he could do was fall silent, panting. He gave his head an almost imperceptible nod, and his dick throbbed painfully. He was sure he would cum as soon as she touched his cock. As if reading his mind, Jenna paused.

“What is the rule about cumming?” She asked him sternly.

“Permission”, he murmured groggily. “Please fuck me”, he pleaded. Suddenly he felt her hands on his abused nipples, and she gave them a hard tweak.

“AHHH”, he cried.

“What is the rule about cumming?” She asked again, this time leaving her fingers wrapped around his nipples.

“Ask permission!!” he gasped… “I have to ask permission first!”

“Ummm, there’s my boy”, Jenna smiled at him, and then leaned down to crush his mouth in a passionate kiss. Reaching beneath her, she pulled his leaking cock to the edge of her slit. Inch by inch, she began to slide down his stiff pole. Groaning, he tried to thrust up with his hips, but she pressed down with her feet hooked over his thighs, fairly immobilizing him.

“Stay still!” She ordered. Again he groaned in frustration. Setting an agonizingly slow pace, she began to ride him, gripping tightly on the upstroke. She used her feet against his thighs as leverage to ride his full length, stopping just before his cock could slip out. Closing her eyes, she savored the feel, twisting her hips in a slow circle to match the up and down motion. Slowly and steadily she worked the pace, ensuring his rigid mushroom head rubbed against her G-spot. On the down stroke, she ground her swollen clit against his low abdomen. Marc lay panting beneath her, his chest heaving. His body quivered in his efforts not to move. His cock was pulsing. Jenna’s eyes opened, pupils dilated, and her pace began to quicken.

“Permission to cum?” Marc gasped suddenly. Coming out of her trance, Jenna slide up to the very top of his dick, then froze.

“Already lover?” she asked, eyebrow raised.

“But Jenna, you’ve had me on the edge for hours!” he pleaded. She just grinned wickedly and shook her head ‘no’. He mutely nodded his understanding, breathing ragged. She paused for a long moment, until she felt his body relax beneath her. His dick remained hard. When she was sure he was not going to climax, she began her sweet torturous assault again. Slowly she worked the pace back up, until he was a trembling, groaning, panting mess beneath her. She was so wet now, that she made a slapping sound when her pace quickened. Her pussy was clinched around him continuously. Three more times he begged for release, three more times she denied him, stopping all movements until his body calmed down. He was nearly sobbing, in frustration.

It was a few minutes after the forth denial. Yet again, she began to pick up the pace. She had been fucking him for what seemed like hours, but was closer to 30 minutes. She rubbed her nipples as she rode him and felt the climax coming on.

“Are you ready to cum, lover boy?” she growled. She unhooked her feet, freeing his hips. He nodded vigorously, sucking in air. “Then get to working!” she ground out, as she began to pound down on his cock. Hips freed, he eagerly thrust up to meet her. They slapped together in frenzy. Reaching down, she roughly tweaked his nipples. Pain and pleasure combined in a system overload. He arched up into her and came with a guttural yell. She ground down onto him, pussy greedily clinching his cock, clit grinding against his skin…. Orgasm washed over her. Bodies, wet with sweat, pressed tightly together. They rode the climax, as wave after wave hit.

They stayed that way for a while, her wrapped around his tied down body, enjoying the little jolts of electricity that followed. Then, sleepily, she reached out and unsnapped his wrist and ankle cuffs from the restraints. Pulling the blankets up around them, she snuggled down against him.

“Thank you, Mistress” he whispered contentedly, wrapping his arms around her. His wrists were still encased in the soft cuffs. It sent a shiver of pure satisfaction through her, seeing them still on him. It was…. Ownership. She smiled happily.

“Ah, and thank you, my lover boy” she purred, pulling back to admire her sleepy man. “and to think, I almost threw you away…”

“I am not that guy, anymore, Jenna” he said softly, growing serious. “That guy deserved to get tossed out… He was an asshole. I don’t ever want to be him again. I just want to be your lover… To belong to you….and only you. Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

“Wow…” Jenna breathed, staring into his eyes. It was the longest self-revealing speech she had ever heard him make. His dick suddenly sprang back to life against her hip. He yanked the covers back and glared at it.

“You can stay out of this conversation” he growled. “You just keep getting us in trouble!” Jenna peered down at his stiffening cock, and then crumbled against his chest in laughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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