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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of lesbian female sexual content.


22 (or 18?) Dollars

Laura looked at Kent nervously, her gaze flicking back to the white board. It still read twenty two dollars, as Kent had yet refused to count the four dollars worth of spankings they’d done in the Science Lounge.

“So I lied to you,” Laura said, “I’m sorry.”

She turned her back on him, wiggling her butt, “Can’t you just spank the bad girl?”

Laura’s got some serious pent-up arousal, Bailey noted. Plus all the excitement from almost getting caught. Kent is just barely restraining himself. I can see how he wants to give in and just spank her.

“I don’t want you to lie to me again,” Kent visibly checked himself, closing his eyes and bringing his breathing under control. “Especially when it comes to consent. I really, really never want any confusion about that.”

Laura turned to face him again, a subdued frown on her face, “So what do you want?”

“Alright, alright,” Kent forced a smile, “You two do something a little special, and I’ll count the spankings, as long as you promise not to lie about that again.”

“Wait,” Bailey piped up. “The two of us? Laura’s the one who lied!”

“And you went along with her,” Kent pointed out.

Laura turned and stuck her tongue out at Bailey.

I didn’t think I’d get away with it anyway. But at least Kent lightened up a little.

“Ugh, fine,” Bailey rolled her eyes. “What if we don’t want to do this special thing, whatever it is?”

“Then I’ll count your spankings today, I guess,” Kent said. “But the game’s over and you can pay me back the rest of the debt in cash.”

Owch! Bailey thought. I don’t want to even think about that option.

From the look on her face, neither did Laura. They both turned to Kent, waiting. The remaining eighteen dollars suddenly felt like gold dust slipping through her fingers.

“So we don’t get a choice?” Bailey asked.

Kent thought about that for a heartbeat.

“You’re right,” he said. “If you want to continue paying your debt with spankings, I’ll give you two choices. That’s only fair.”

Kent scratched the back of his neck thoughtfully, looking up at the ceiling as he decided what offers to make them.

“Okay,” he went on. “Here are your two choices. If you want to keep this whole thing going, you can choose either of them, but you both have to choose the same one or it won’t work.”

Laura jerked a small nod and Kent continued.

“Option One,” he began.


Laura felt her body chill as Kent described their choices. She’d gone off balance the moment he’d called her a liar, and the bit about threatening her with expulsion from their game — or just outright cancelling the rest of the game, leaving Bailey out in the cold, too — had left her shaken, as if the snow blowing outside the window had blasted right into Kent’s bedroom.

Neither of the options sounded great but she also felt terrible for screwing up the whole arrangement Bailey had with Kent.

This is my fault, she realized, and Bailey has to pay the price with me.

Laura turned to look at Bailey, found her friend’s expression frozen.

“Which one?” Bailey whispered, avoiding eye contact.

Oh, god, Bailey hates me. Look what I got her into.

“Kent,” Laura spoke over her shoulder, “Can Bai and I discuss this for a minute?”


Laura dragged Bailey down the hall to Bailey’s room and looked her in the eye, “Which one do you want to do?”

“My butt’s kinda sore,” Bailey said, “But the other thing…”

“I know,” Laura pouted. “Bai, I’m really sorry for screwing this up for you. I didn’t know Kent took this so seriously.”

Bailey shook herself and her eyes suddenly softened and focused on Laura’s.

“It’ll be fine,” Bailey soothed her, putting her hands on Laura’s shoulders.

Relief flooded through Laura and she hugged her friend briefly before separating to arms’ length again. They would have to do something embarrassing, but at least Bailey didn’t hate her. Their friendship hadn’t suffered.

“Why couldn’t he just spank us?” Laura wished aloud.

“At least he’s still being playful,” Bailey pointed out. “He’s really not letting on how upset he is.”

“So, which one? Option One or Two?” Laura spoke the same names Kent has assigned to their choices.

“Which one do you think is easier?” Bailey turned it back on Laura, notably rejecting out of hand the idea of the unspoken third option.

Laura turned her eyes aside, wishing she could go back and do things right.

We’d have had to run to campus, but we could have done it, Laura frowned. But here we are, and Bailey’s letting me decide.

“I think,” Laura said with a deep inhalation, “We Kadıköy Anal Escort should do both.”


“Just to show him we get it, right?”

“Really?” Bailey dropped her hands from Laura’s shoulders and fisted her hips. “You really want us to… to…”

Bailey stammered to a stop, staring at Laura with the same expression she’d had the day Kent had explained that she needed to go over Laura’s lap.

“Okay,” Laura rolled her eyes, “Maybe do the second one, like, half-way. A quick little thing?”

Bailey inhaled, looking at Laura, “That’s going to be weird. Like, forever, Laur. You’re going to remember the weirdness. For. Ever.”

Laura shrugged, “I kinda feel like we gotta push it, right?”

Her head jogging left to right, Bailey nodded and slipped off her shirt.

“What are you doing, Bai?” Laura asked.

“Easier if the bras are off, right?” Bailey explained. “Faster, maybe?”

“Okay,” Laura replied doubtfully, and slipped out of her sweater.


The threat to end the game had felt a little drastic when Kent had made it, but the discovery of their lie had taken him by surprise and he’d gone a little hard. He regretted his harshness only a little.

I never imagined the two of them would do that, he shook his head, but at least they know I’m not screwing around about this.

He wondered idly which of the two options they would take. It had seemed more proper to give them a choice, rather than straight-up forcing something on them. Given more time, Kent knew he could have come up with five or ten options.

I don’t want this to seem too fun to them, though, he glared at nothing. I want to make sure these are embarrassing enough to keep this from happening again.

Another part of his brain, however, kept spawning other humiliations he could have offered them, things more clever and awkward. Kent wondered how far they would go to preserve the last eighteen dollars of their game.

The girls returned after only a minute of discussion and entered the room, still fully clothed, Laura locking the door behind her. They stood in front of his bed, facing him, Bailey on his left, Laura on his right.

“Well?” Kent waved hand over their bodies, pointing mostly at their clothing.

Their next move would tell him which of the two options they had taken.

They’ve really got three ways to go, he realized. Remove their bottoms, remove their tops, or remove nothing and end the game.

When Laura and Bailey started unbuttoning their pants, Kent nodded, accepting that they had chosen what he thought of as the easiest path forward. Bailey shed her blue panties next, and Laura dropped her black ones. He surveyed both girls and their neat little triangles of hair.

“It’s not a big deal,” Laura looked around nervously, “He just saw all of me in the lounge.”

“He did?” Bailey asked, not moving.

“I did it on my back,” Laura gulped, “Legs up.”

“It’s true,” Kent replied, staring directly at Laura’s vulva, “I could see way more of her that way than I can now.”

“Hmph,” Bailey replied. “Well, how do you want us to do it?”

Part of Option One had included Kent getting to choose their poses, but he had a mind to enjoy their mutual embarrassment a moment longer.

“But you’re so very pretty right now,” Kent pointed out, waving his hand over their genitals. “Side by side.”

“You’re not getting a picture,” Bailey put her hands on her hips, but didn’t move her feet because part of Option One meant standing here just like this until Kent felt that he’d made his point.

Kent laughed and pointed at the floor. “Bai. On your hands and knees, right here. Facing me.”

Bailey sighed and knelt down on the floor, then leaned forward to rest on her hands.

“Laura, beside her,” Kent said, “But facing the other way.”

Laura turned her back on Kent and likewise went down to the floor.

“Snuggle in nice and close now,” he prodded, reaching over to put his hands on their waists to push them until they touched.

“Alright,” he said, “You know what to from here.”

“I can go first,” Laura said, getting partially upright to place her left hand on Bailey’s back. “I’ve done it before, at least.”

“No,” Bailey’s shook her off firmly. “We’ll take turns, but I’ll go first.”

Laura sheepishly went back down on her hands and knees.


Yeah, Laur, I know we said you’d go first when we talked about this just now, but I’ve changed my mind.

Bailey looked down at her friend’s cheeks, acknowledging Kent had outdone himself this time.

When he had described Option One, he had refused to say what position they’d have to use for the spankings. He’d warned them ahead of time they’d have to spank Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort each other with the same level of nakedness they’d reached in the Lounge, but added that he wanted to choose their poses after they had undressed. It made her nervous, to some degree, because they normally got all of the information before they concluded their negotiations.

But Bailey also remembered that she and Kent would negotiate ‘inspections’ without detailing her poses for that either. She’d shivered a little at the prospect and her brain had started conjuring images.

In her head, Bailey had envisioned all sorts of outrageous poses designed to make the two of them feel super awkward and embarrassed. The worst image that had sprung to her mind involved Laura, on her back, with her legs up in the air and spread really wide, waiting for Bailey’s hand to strike her cheeks.

But this is something else, Kent.

And then she’d felt Laura’s hand on her back, felt her friend’s right hand come to rest on her ass cheek. She’d changed her mind about the order at right that moment.

Kent always gropes me. I wouldn’t imagine Laura would even touch my butt until we start, but I guess it’s fine.

Bailey braced herself with her left hand on the small of Laura’s back and put her right hand on her friend’s left cheek.

“Ready?” Bailey spoke through clenched teeth.

You got me into this, stupid girl.

“Uh-huh,” Laura whispered back.

She spanked me once before, Bailey noted. That means this is probably easier for her than me.

Even as she felt the awkwardness of her friend’s flesh under her hand, Bailey also knew that the shortest path to her destination lay with the hardest strikes. Better to spank Laura too hard than too lightly and need to do repeats.

“Here goes,” Bailey said.

She didn’t know the first thing about spanking someone else. Her only experiences had come on the receiving end, but she did know how it looked when Kent spanked Laura, and she knew how it sounded. If nothing else, she could spank her friend’s butt at least as loudly as Kent spanked the two of them.

Bailey took a deep breath and raised her hand over her friend’s ass, then brought her palm down and delivering a satisfying loud crack to her left cheek.

“Ow!” Laura complained.

“Good one,” Kent breathed out the compliment as if she had forced it from his lungs.

“You got us into this,” Bailey glanced over her shoulder and put her hands back down on the floor.

“One,” Laura sounded a bit miffed, before she remembered what else to say, “I’m very sorry for lying.”

Without warning, Bailey suddenly felt the sharp sting of Laura’s hand bouncing off her ass, and only after did her ears register the sound of slapping flesh.


Bailey hadn’t realized that Laura had held back the previous time she’d delivered spankings.

“Two,” Bailey winced. “We’re sorry we lied.”

Is this what we’re doing, you stupid girl? Fine.

Bailey rose up and spanked Laura again.

“Three,” Laura spoke through gritted teeth as if the number constituted a warning. “I’m sorry I lied.”

Retribution came through immediately, another sharp slap to the centre of Bailey’s cheek.

She’s not letting up, Bailey noted. I don’t think Kent intended for this to be painful. He just wanted us to embarrass each other. Shows what he knows.

It left Bailey with a choice. She could either lighten up a little and hope Laura did the same, or keep hammering her friend. The stinging sensation in her cheek spoke in favour of revenge, but the Ethics curriculum suggested otherwise.

It’s called ‘tit for tat’, Bailey recalled. Although ‘cheek for cheek’ would be a more appropriate name here. The principle is that, in a game where people have to trust each other in turns, the best strategy is to start out trusting the other person, then simply do whatever they do to you after that. Nice begets nice. Selfishness beget selfishness.

Bailey acknowledged that she had started out their alternating spankings by going too hard on Laura. That error in judgment made it her responsibility, in a way, to be the first to turn it back down.

At the moment, it’s even, Bailey analyzed. We’ve both spanked each other twice, really hard.

“Four,” Bailey remembered to count. “I’m sorry I lied.”

Having to speak those words, however, hardened her heart just enough, and she laid into Laura’s cheek again.

“Five!” Laura scolded. “I’m even more sorry I lied.”

Six came back so hard that Bailey wondered if Laura’s hand also stung.

“Six!” Bailey winced. “I’m sorry I lied.”

This is the last one I get. Should I go a little easier? Naw.

Bailey let Laura have it, reddening the little circle of pink in the centre of her friend’s ass Kadıköy Zenci Escort cheek, then braced herself for the reply.

“Seven! I’m sorry I lied.”

The last one came through hard and clear, echoing in the silence of the room.

“Haa!” Bailey breathed out, closing her eyes as the sting dissipated into her flesh.

Two more deep breaths and she spoke again, “Eight! We’re very sorry we lied.”

Laura stood up, rubbing her cheek and glaring at Bailey, “A lot more sorry than I expected to be.”

Bailey stood and glared back at Laura, neither of them speaking, while Kent watched on, almost forgotten.

I bet that was way more interesting than he intended.

“You had it coming,” Bailey finally said.

Laura burst out in giggles and doubled over laughing.

“Oh god,” she managed to gasp through her laughter, “we are just too much.”

Bailey laughed too, and she felt Kent relaxing in his chair.

“Alright,” Kent put in. “Since-“

“Wait,” Bailey held up a hand in his direction.


She didn’t answer, merely looked at Laura, waiting to see if she still wanted to go through with it. Laura stood up straight again, taking a deep breath to suppress her giggles, and nodded her assent.

This is going to be weird, Bailey realized as she moved forward. It’s going to feel weird while we’re doing it, and we will imprint the weirdness of it on our brains through eternity.

Laura gulped and moved her hands to the hem of her sweater as Bailey gripped the bottom of her own shirt. She heard Kent inhale in surprise.

Why are we doing both? We don’t need to. Except… except… It’s that damned eighteen dollars. The debt remaining is so small, we’re pushing all the kinky stuff as hard as we can because we know it’s over soon.

Simultaneously, they lifted their tops up. Bailey felt the cool air rush up over her stomach to her breasts, sensed her nipples hardening.

Oh, god, hers are stiff too. Here we go.

Closing their eyes and turning their heads, they pushed their bodies together until their chests touched.

Oh, god. I can feel her boobs. They’re soft and squishy, and they’re spreading up against my ribs. We were only supposed to touch our nipples together, but we both closed our eyes.

Bailey opened one eye and looked down. Avoiding Laura’s eyes, she leaned down a bit as Laura came up on her toes to bring their breasts to a level, perky nipple touching perky nipple.

Okay, that’s all we needed, Bailey thought, moving away.

“That was at least as weird as I thought it would feel,” Bailey remarked, her lips moving around strangely, as if she’d tasted something bad on her tongue.

Certain that she’d never erase the sensation of Laura’s bare breasts pressed against hers, Bailey noted that Laura hadn’t lowered her sweater yet.

She’s really going through with it, Bailey gulped. At least we already agreed we aren’t doing all of Option Two.

Laura squeezed her eyes shut, waiting.

Guess I’m going first.

Bailey leaned over and, quickly as she could, planted two quick kisses on Laura’s nipples.

Weird, weird, weird! Bailey tried to erase the feeling in her lips by rubbing them together as if she’d just applied a chap stick.

With relief, she stood up and held her own chest out, shutting her eyes as Laura had.

Passive is easier, sometimes. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t- Oh!

The two kisses came like electric shocks, unexpected in her state of blindness. Bailey had meant to just ignore the sensation, let it pass over her quickly. She hadn’t expected it to jolt her so hard.

She dropped her shirt and opened her eyes, seeing Laura’s face turn away from hers toward Kent.

Am I as red-faced as she is? I must be. My face feels hot.

“No tongue?” Kent asked, barely restraining his laughing glee.

“You got all of Option One,” Bailey narrowed her eyes at him. “Part of Two was a bonus, just so you’d know we meant it.”

“Fair enough,” he said.

Standing up awkwardly, Kent moved to the white board, erased the “$22” and replaced it with “$18”.

“Please, please,” he said, earnestly turning to look back at them. “Let’s not lie to each other ever again? Not about this.”

They nodded their agreement as they sat, side by side on the edge of Kent’s bed, Laura keeping her back straight while Bailey leaned back on her arms.

“Okay,” Laura breathed. “I’m feeling really weird. And half naked. And kind of bad.”

“And?” Bailey asked.

“And you spank really hard!” Laura accused.

“I owed you,” Bailey smiled. “And you got me back. Fair and square.”

Laura sat in silence for a moment, thighs pressed together so barely any of her pubic hair showed, a thoughtful look on her face.

“Kent?” she asked.


“When you said you could see me,” she said, “What did you mean?”

“In the lounge?” he asked.


“Hm,” Kent inhaled. “You bent your knees, and curled your legs up really far, right? So I could see all your, um, hair, and your lips, um, how should I put this?”

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