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It was getting dark and I had no clue where we were, apart from the fact that we were in an obviously dubious part of Miami. I hated that part of the trip. Almost every time I get lost on the way from the airport to the highway that takes us, or should take us, down to the Keys. Now it was almost dark and the car just died. It was a hot and steamy night and all I could hear was a thump thump thump of music played too loud.

“Oh no, what a place to break down in!”

“Where is the phone?” I asked her, she dug it out of her handbag, “It does not look like there is much of a signal” I pulled out the hire docket and dialled the customer service number. “Beep” the display showed “call failed”. I tried again but with the same result. I looked around for a payphone but could not see one.

“God John! – this is not a nice place, what are we going to do?” She sounded panicky, and I could not blame her. I looked around. She was dead right, this part of the city was very run down and probably not populated with the nicest people. There was no one around, and even if there had been I doubt I would have wanted to approach them.

“Perhaps there will be a police patrol around soon?” I tried to sound confident, then I saw a Police Car parked about 100 yards along the street. “Perhaps the cops are nearby?” I said optimistically, and I gave the horn six blasts hoping that they would hear it and recognise it as a distress signal.

After about five minutes, I gave another six blasts, but even after another ten minutes, it was obvious that no one was hearing me. It was now very dark and not all the streetlights were working. “Perhaps I should go and look for a payphone?”

“I am not staying here on my own,” Wendy said nervously.

“Actually if you lock yourself in and slide down in the seat you won’t be seen and you will probably be a lot safer than out on the street” I reassured her.

“Ok, but don’t be long.”

I walked around two blocks and found one broken payphone. There were no bars and no shops open. I got back to the car and tapped on the window. She let me in and told me that she had seen two kids ride past on bikes a few times and take a close look, but every time she tried to talk to them, they sped off.

I was just trying to decide what to do next when a large car with blacked out windows pulled up along side us. It was obvious they were not the police. Firstly because it was vivid pink and secondly because that thump music was playing inside at about 120 decibels. The window slid downwards and a thin faced black guy was looking at me. “Yo got a problem man?” I could just about make out above the noise.

“Yes, B R O K E D O W N” I said, trying to be heard above the racket. “C A N Y O U T U R N T H A T D O W N?” He turned it down to about eighty. It was the kind of relief you get when you stop banging your head against a wall. “Yes” I repeated, “We have broken down, could you help me call the hire company?”

“Hey man, is that yo wife?” Wendy raised her hand and smiled, “No prob bro, man here is a mechanic, we can take yo to a place he can fix it”.

I looked into the car, besides the man that was doing the talking there was a driver and two other black guys in the back. I was not keen but I rationalised that we were not in the best of situations already and there was nothing to be gained by offending them. They pulled in front of us and someone leaped out of the car, produced a towrope from the trunk and joined it to both cars. “Yo ready?” I nodded and waved, scared to give a thumbs up sign in case it conveyed a meaning I did not intend.

I took the car out of park and they pulled us away. I suppose they towed us for about half a mile and we came to a small yard. They sounded their horn and a large steel door slid upwards. The car towed us straight into a large building without stopping and in my mirror I saw the door slide down behind us.

We got out of the car and I raised the hood. Looking around there were two black guys working on cars. The Black guy that spoke to us came over, “You want to come and have a drink while my Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort man fix yo car?” Wendy looked around and was unsure about doing anything in this place, “Oh, manners — I am Michael, Yo be very welcome, I got a nice apartment above the shop.” He held out his hand. Wendy took it albeit a little nervously.

“I am John and this is Wendy”, I said in response.

“Come on darling”, you must be thirsty, it’s been ages since we had anything and you can freshen up a bit if I get your bag out of the car.” Before she had chance to answer her bag was being carried up some steel steps and so she scurried over in that direction as if she was worried that her case would be robbed. I followed her up the steel stairs which clonked loudly on every step.

We stepped through the door at the top and realised that he was telling the truth. The apartment was huge and beautifully furnished. Michael produced two glasses half-full of something with ice. I took a sip, “Southern Comfort, lovely”

Suddenly Michael’s manner changed. He switched from being a young man from the wrong side of town to a cultured executive. “Please, take a seat, when the car is fixed they will let us know. Tell me, what brings you to Miami?” We spoke about our trip and the booking we had at our hotel on Key Largo. Wendy started to relax a tiny bit as her drink hit the target. We must have sat there for about an hour, it was past ten o’clock. Just then, there was a knock at the door and someone came in wearing overalls. He went over to Michael and spoke to him softly so I could not hear, “they need you to see the car,” he said to me. I stood up and followed the mechanic out of the room leaving Wendy with Michael.

As we walked over to the car I noticed all the other guys that were around when we arrived walking slowly up the stairs, but I paid no attention as the mechanic was beckoning me over to the car with a big smile on his face. “It’s the fuel injection man,” said the mechanic proudly, “I jus fixed it — listen” He turned the key and the engine sprang into life. He stood there beaming at me. I was relieved; at last, we could get out of there and get to the hotel. “How much do I owe you?” I asked, wondering whether I could stay awake for the drive to Key Largo.

“Hey man, yo need to see Michael, but I am sure that yo pretty wife will be all the payment he will want.”

Trying to make it sound like a joke, I pushed fifty dollars into his breast pocket and laughed that I was sure that my wife would really appreciate Michael’s help as I headed up the stairs.

As I went through the door I was grabbed from behind and forced to the ground, I just caught a glimpse of Wendy being dragged into another room squealing. A voice hissed in my ear, “Hold still if you know what is good for her!”. I froze.

One of the other mechanics that was heading through the door behind my wife turned and came towards me. I kept craning around trying to see through the open door. I could hear Wendy was squealing and screaming as there were obviously wresting with her to do what they wanted.

“Well man — I do believe yo wants to watch?” I stopped trying to look around him. The look on my face must have said it all; he was right. “Hey man you really DO wanna watch don’t yo! ” His smile grew wide across his face. “Yo stay right there — don’t move or yo will regret it.” He disappeared into that room and I heard him whispering in there to someone. Then he came out with something in his hand. He turned me around and I felt handcuffs clicking around my wrists, “Now yo can watch, but the boss don’t want yo makin a sound” He turned me back around and held up an inflatable gag, with a leather strap. “Open!” I obeyed. I really wanted to go in that room and watch. I could tell that Wendy was putting up a fight, but I guessed it was one that she would not win. He secured the buckle and puffed up the gag until I could not make a sound.

He took my arm and guided me to the door. He looked at me and said sternly — “Not a sound OK!” I nodded. He pushed me through the door and I saw Wendy Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort was now in the corner of the room. They had managed to get her dress off but she still had her bra and panties on and she was standing there defiantly with six black men moving in on her. Totally surrounded she ran at them in a futile attempt to break through. They caught her easily and lifted her up by the arms and legs and carried her, struggling, over to a small, well small by American standards, bed. They held her easily, pinning her at shoulders and legs so that she could do no more than wriggle. Someone produced a pair of scissors and cut through her bra straps and panties, which were then cast aside leaving her totally naked and defenceless.

Michael stood in front of her. “You put up a brave fight lady but it’s over now, you are going to get my black meat in your white, upper-class pussy you do know that don’t you?

“You bastard! I won’t give in to you,” she screamed at him.

“Well lady, a little fight makes it interesting and we are all going to fuck you and your hubby here is so desperate to watch we couldn’t keep him out.” He laughed as he began to remove his clothing, all the time looking down at my wife, who was looking up at him with a look of mounting terror on her face. She looked across at me as if pleading with me to do something, but I could not do anything.

When he had completely undressed, I was very surprised to see the size of his equipment. He was not a particularly big man, but his cock, which was as far as I could tell now fully erect, was nine inches long, which beat me by three inches. He was proportionately endowed as to the thickness. He moved towards Wendy, getting onto the bed at the foot end and moving slowly up the bed. He reached out and touched her pussy with his right hand. He smiled broadly. “She is wet!” he exclaimed triumphantly, He looked across at me. “Don’t you take care of her right man? She wants some!” Of course, I could say nothing.

He knelt between her legs, Wendy looked down at the monster that pointed, threateningly, at her cunt and tried to wriggle away, but it was no use, she moved about two inches up the bed, but was quickly brought back down again by the strong arms that held her. I looked at Michael. He was fully erect and he began to work the head of his huge manhood between my wife’s legs and towards her pussy lips. One of the men holding her legs reached to her vagina and eased her open just a little. The man opposite his followed the cue and did the same as Michael eased his cock slowly into her. I remember thinking that they were treating her very gently when Michael gave one slow push and his whole length disappeared into her cunt.

At that point, the sound that emanated from my wife was unbelievable; it was something like “uuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrccchhhhhhhhhhh” as she felt her cunt being filled, as I know it had never, in 30 years of marriage, been filled before. Then he started to hump her, slowly at first, but progressively getting faster. Wendy was laying there breathing in time with his thrusts and I was sure that I saw a glimmer of pleasure there once or twice.

My cock was aching as the rape of my wife continued, after about ten minutes Michael started to gasp and in a mighty groan; I could tell he was unloading his spunk into my wife Wendy. She groaned as he did and I heard her whisper, “feels so warm!” He pulled out and as he did so I saw one of the others quickly disrobe and reveal a large erection, which he quickly inserted you know where. Someone called out “come on Lloyd, fill her good!” He fucked her quickly and I began to notice that not only did she breathe in rhythm with his thrusts but there was a soft moan too on each breath outwards. He was not too long in reaching his climax and his groan of orgasm was heard by all of us. I was sure I saw Wendy’s mouth form an “oooooo” shape, but I did not hear a sound. Before he had chance to withdraw, a third man grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away. “Come on Denzil, we are all waitin man” shouted a voice from the back of Kadıköy Ucuz Escort the room. He pushed his cock straight into Wendy in one shove and she gasped. He fucked her hard and fast and once or twice, she cried out in what seemed like pleasure. She was still held, but not so securely.

As Denzil started to grunt with his impending climax, Wendy tried to lift her knees. I knew that she would only do that if she were getting some pleasurable feelings. The men holding her legs must have realised too as they released her and raised her knees almost to her chest. This gave him much deeper penetration and she squealed as he gasped with his climax and unloaded more spunk into my lovely wife.

They both lay there for a moment. Wendy was panting gently, he started to withdraw but she quickly put her arms around him and held him. I saw Denzil smile as he pulled away and as he looked around he looked up at one man and said “hey Paul, yo next man!”

Paul did not need telling twice, He was undressed in a flash and as he did so I noticed that he had a distinct curve in his penis. I wondered what this would feel like for Wendy. He penetrated her swiftly and as he slowly fucked her, she gave little squeals of pleasure, which I have never heard before. The squeals got more frequent and louder until suddenly she was yelling, “Yes” “Yes” “Yes”. She raised her head and sought out Paul’s mouth with hers; giving him a prolonged French kiss and she squealed a muffled orgasm. Now she was laying there panting for breath. Paul pulled away from her and she did not try to hold him. “Leroy”, Paul called, “you are next”.

If I had not been gagged I would have laughed out loud, why, I thought to myself, in any group of black guys anywhere in the US is there ALWAYS one called Leroy, or maybe I have been watching too many movies, anyway someone answering to that name stepped forward, already naked and very erect. Leroy called out to one of the others, “Hey Charles, lets spit roast this one!” Charles stepped forward and Wendy was pulled up onto her knees. Leroy came around behind her, she looked around and tried to face him, but she was prevented and he grasped her hips to enable him to enter her from behind. Charles appeared at her head. Charles held her head and offered his cock, which she realised she would have to suck. Just as Wendy opened her mouth, I saw Leroy push forward and penetrated her from behind. This pushed her forward and her mouth enveloped Charles’ cock.

It was a real picture, Wendy on her knees with one black man giving her doggy and another in her mouth. She started sucking on Charles’ cock and every so often would push back against Leroy and give a little wiggle. After a few minutes, Charles started to gasp, “I am coming baby! WooooooWee!” Wendy backed up but held her mouth open as he squirted several large gushes down her throat, then she took it in her mouth and I could see her swallow. Charles staggered back and found a chair, but Leroy still had not finished, he flipped her over onto her back and held her ankles in the air. She laid back and held on to the edges of the bed, looking up at him, but did not say a word. He then fucked her on her back and then I realised that she liked it, she might have fought at first, but now she wanted more. She was full of four men’s spunk and now my wife was on her back and taking more. Leroy kept on humping, but he was never going to last much longer, and he didn’t, in no time at all he grunted and gave several hard shoves forward. Wendy grunted as the force of the thrusts hit her. Leroy went limp and fell forward on to of her.

After what was probably only thirty seconds, but seemed like several minutes, Leroy’s friends lifted him up and he found his way to a chair.

Michael, who was by now dressed, went over to the bed and gave Wendy another Southern Comfort. She sat up and took the glass. Her hands were shaking, and I noticed that he held them. He smiled at her and I was surprised to see she smiled back. He touched her face. “Have a nice time honey?” She nodded, as she drank. “Want some more?” Wendy shook her head. “Its OK, we won’t make you do anything else, did you mind your husband watching?”

Wendy thought for a moment, “No I didn’t mind him watching, he has always wanted to, but I said no.”

“Well you won’t say no again will you now?”

Wendy just sat on the bed, drinking her Southern Comfort and giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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