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Eric and Sally had been together for some time, three years to be exact and had started living together for five months now. It was all good at the beginning, they felt ready, and after all that time to live together looked quite natural or so it seemed. They had great chemistry together, connected in many ways, shared common interests and both were very tranquil persons, not the party animal type but the modest stay at home during weekends type of people, they were young and happy and to be fair sex was great, apparently. But, just a couple of weeks into it, Sally realized there was a tiny problem. She not only wanted, but needed more, she had unfulfilled fantasies and thoughts that she wasn’t ready to admit but that she wanted to complete; you see, she really enjoyed contemplating naked men. She felt fascinated with the beauty of nudity in general but there was something that made her shiver when it came about a naked man, and it wasn’t only about a penis, it was about everything that meant for a man to disrobe both physically and metaphorically.

She had always been interested in arts but she felt like there wasn’t enough representation of great male nudity on contemporary art, it was not like she wanted to boycott every art gallery but she would love to contribute and though she would consider herself a closeted voyeur, she would admit that she thought of herself as too shy to give it a try in real life. As a graphic designer, painter and photographer she had to proposed herself to give a try on male nudity again, she remembered with joy the anatomical drawing classes on college and the admiration she felt for the models that participated. She wanted to feel that rush again but she wouldn’t really feel sure about actually doing something like that, after all she was happily together with Eric, and now he was the only man she wanted to stare at, but there lied the problem, Eric was too modest and shy to showcase himself naked aside from shower time and sporadic sex. And that Betturkey was starting to desperate Sally. It was not like she wanted to have sex 24/7 or that she wanted to push Eric, but she definitely wanted more, to explore and experiment with Eric, she loved him deeply and she found him captivating, and wished him to understand how beautiful he was, therefore she started thinking about empowering him, to make him realize how beautiful he was and how he shouldn’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable with his nudity in their privacy. It was gonna be complicated.

Maybe she wouldn’t have realized this problem hadn’t it been for her dear friend Lara. She was her bubbly, outgoing and joyful coworker, well, more than that she was her friend. They both had started in the same publishing company at very similar times 4 years ago, Lara did it first and was very kind and welcoming towards Sally when she arrived, they bonded very quickly, even when they were a little different. Lara wasn’t a party animal either but she definitely enjoyed going out and partying from time to time, she also seemed to be very proud of having a healthy, responsible and very active sexual life and felt not shame on sharing a little bit of ot to her coworkers, specially to Sally who would always hear delighted and feel excited to try a couple of such descriptions with Eric, whom would try to comply but not really enjoyed anything too exotic for him. Lara was the one that noticed Sally’s special fixation with the male form.

It all started one day Lara was invited by her friend Nat to assist her as an art director in a photoshoot. Nat was a great photographer who was very talented and creative, she specialized in portrait photography but she had a new project coming on, she didn’t comment a lot on it to Lara who accepted right away because she really liked art directing. She asked Nat if a friend of her could attend as well, to which Lara responded, “Of course, as long as she is not close minded”. Betturkey Giriş Lara said yes and hope it wasn’t something very explicit because she didn’t know how comfortable Sally would be with certain types of shoots, but she wanted to inspire her to get back into photography as before. She knew Sally wanted to go back into it, didn’t know exactly what kind of photography but whatever it was, she new Sally would be amazing since she had great taste and sensibility , so going together into the photoshoot may inspire her.

When they arrived Lara introduced them both and they clicked immediately as well, they chatted for some minutes before Nat said, “We’re just waiting for our models to arrive, they should be here in couple minutes or so they said.”

“So, Nat what type of photoshoot is this?” asked Lara, “Just some studies on male nudity.” Nat responded. Both Lara and Sally felt a rush of emotions on the inside but for very different reasons. In one hand, Lara felt nervous because she believed Sally to be very modest and someone who wasn’t very sexual or into seeing other people naked, but little did she know how, in the other hand, Sally felt excited as she hadn’t felt in some time. You see, moving in with Eric was a dream come true, she really did love him and he loved her and had been happily together those years prior to moving together.

From the first time they had intimacy Sally knew he wasn’t overly sexual and neither was she, or so she thought and for those three first years it was enough for her, she didn’t feel unsatisfied but as the date of living together was closer, she felt excited with the thought of sparking things a lot more, because even when they had traveled together and slept together in each other’s houses lots of times, she expected this new part of their lives would bring more spice on their sexual life and intimacy and more , and it did, kindish…

Sally had never realized how modest Eric was with his nudity Betturkey Güncel Giriş and she understood it but they were living together now. Wasn’t it the norm for couples to feel comfortable and uninhibited while living together? It was odd, Eric didn’t seem to mind or feel uncomfortable seeing her naked, actually it did turned him on but it was never the other way around, he would never be casually naked on their home like Sally who came to realize she did enjoy other men’s nudity.

Sex was still great but there was so much more she needed to feel. She also wanted him to be tougher and rougher on the sex with her, but he always tried to be sweet and gentle while doing it. She was now in a different stage now, a stage she entered the moment the started living together, so now, five months later she started feeling, for the first time in their time together, dissatisfied. She didn’t watch porn anymore, something she did semi regularly before living together, it was like if ther libido was asleep. Therefore it was quite a thrill to have an experience like this, seeing two naked men rather than Eric for the first time in ages was like a rush of energy, (and to be honest she didn’t get to she him naked that much either). Sally was turned on. She was thinking of all of this when a deeply mortified Lara took her out of her trance.

“Oh my Gosh Sal, I didn’t know it was going to be about this, if you want we can go, Nat will understand.”

“It’s ok Lara, you don’t have to worry, I don’t mind at all seeing fellas naked” Sally responded while jiggling.

“Are you sure?” Asked Lara surprised,

“Yeah, I have no problem, I swear. This is gonna be so much fun” Sally was indeed extremely happy, excited and very aroused.

“Oh my, I feel so relieved now, ok but if you ever feel awkward just tell, ok?” Lara was both surprised and happy to see her friend so joyful again, renewed she would say. In her eyes Sally had been looking a little different lately, like distracted and a little distant or bored so seeing that sudden change of attitude was great and if the reason was some naked guys then that was great as well.

As they were talking about this, Nat walked to the door of the studio to open it for the models, they were finally there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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