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(I would suggest reading parts 1 & 2 prior to your turning your attention to this chapter. This chapter does not bring you back to the special club, but provides you with some surprises and sets up nicely for the final chapter)


It took us about two weeks to recuperate from this night. Over this two-week period, our sexual appetites increased. There were times I came home from work only to find my wife in bed with some dildo up her ass, feverishly frigging her own cunt. We fucked and sucked each other around every room in the house.

Reality then set in. We could not keep this pace up forever. As such, we began to get back into our routines of the house. And for a while, that was fine. Two more weeks had passed and Susan reminded us that both our mother’s were coming for their annual visit. Still in their mid 50’s both were divorced and quite attractive. Susan’s mom, Sheri and my mom, Tina was on the way to the west coast as they usually vacationed together. Their divorces left them very well off so they take advantage of being able to travel whenever they want.

“I completely forgot they were coming,” I said. “They will be here when we have to go to our next party at Chuck’s house.”

“Don’t worry, they will be happy to be away from us after spending a few days together,” my wife remarked. “I need to get back at Marie. She had me every which way. There was not a nerve she did not touch. If I don’t get her, she will think she can have me anytime she wants. I want her to know that I too can play her game!”

The upcoming party was one where the newest members were to invite a potential new member. Over the past few weeks, Susan and Bob were trying to figure out who they could approach. Which friends had similar interests as they had when it came to sex? So far, names were added then crossed off their list. They had a few more couples in mind with little time to make a decision as they turned their attention to their respective mother’s who were about to arrive. Sheri and Tina arrived the next day.

Both looked great. Sheri, unlike her daughter was a striking blond, and quite well built. On her last visit, when we went to the beach, she did not go for the modest bathing suit look. Rather she opted for a striking red two-piece suit that accentuated her curves. Not as large on top as her daughter, nevertheless, she did have a great figure. My mom had matured well, with her hair streaked with gray. She too, had, if I may say so, a nice figure, although some rounding in the curves was evident. Both were in their mid 50’s.

After two days of going out to dinner and the theatre, both moms begged out of our next evenings planned activity. We had planned to go to a movie, but Sheri and Tina said they were too tired and would just like to relax and perhaps rent a movie. We left the house, telling our mom’s that we expected to be back around midnight as we were going to dinner and then the movie. Everything that could go wrong with our plans did.

The restaurant was overcrowded with a private party, so we skipped dinner and went to a movie that turned out to be just terrible. We arrived home around 10 pm, and as we opened the front door, the view before Susan and my eyes will always stick in my mind. When we entered our house we noticed the lights off in the family room, but the glow from the television was prominent. As we approached the closed door to the room there was a distinct noise of passion. We moved from that side entrance to the front side of the room where we peeked through the blinds as to what was going on. Since there were no other lights on in the house, we were not noticed.

Showing on the television was the tape that Chuck gave to us as we left his house after our “membership meeting.” Not only that, but both our mom’s were stark naked and they were busy masturbating furiously. Susan and I wanted to leave but we were fixed as our mom’s beat off to our performance. Susan’s mom was a natural blond who, like Susan, left the razor in the drawer. Her abundant pubic hair was glistening with the wetness caused by her touching her clitoris. She was oblivious to our staring at her.

I tried not to look at my mom, but I too, was fixed on her actions. Her well-rounded curves were moving up and down on the couch as her nipples were so hard, they pointed heavenly. She also had a full bush of dark pubic hair. It was the first time I had ever seen my mother completely naked. What a vision of beauty and sexiness.

It appeared as thought there was a contest to see who was able to climax first. Fingers were moving in a blur. Nipples were being pinched; fingers were being inserted into each cunt. Moaning like there was no tomorrow, clearly the women were fixed on the images on the television. On the television, Marie was ravishing Susan. Her entire cunt was exposed with vibrators and clips attached to various erogenous zones. Susan was also servicing two men.

“Oh my God,” Sheri panted as she looked Betturkey over to Tina who, too, was moaning. “I can’t believe my own daughter was into such things. I can’t believe the pleasure she is receiving.” With that Sheri picked up the pace of frigging her cunt.

“Did you see the cock on my son,” Teri remarked, “and how it was teased until he came in gallons.”? With that, Sheri turned to face Teri and gave her best friend a kiss that was more than just a hello kiss. Sheri responded in kind and then both of them became one. Fingers moved from their own cunts to each other. Sheri pushed Tina down on the couch and placed her mouth directly on Tina’s center of pleasure.

Tina had a few mild climaxes and then one massive one. Even though she was spent, Tina made sure to reciprocate. “You and your daughter do have something in common. You both have very hairy bushes. I wonder if Susan also enjoys a good tongue lashing?” Tina went after Sheri as though this scene was played out before. She pinned my mother’s legs apart, and inserted first one, then two fingers into my month’s cunt. At the same time she was finger-fucking my mother, she put her tongue to her very visibly swollen clitoris and began to administer what seemed like a practice she had done before.

After a few minutes, Tina exploded over Sheri’s face. Tina was not done with Sheri. She removed her mouth from Tina’s clitoris, and began to grind three fingers into her cunt, finally locating her G spot. As she massaged the very core of Sheri’s sexuality, she was talking dirty to her. Her words referenced the previous time Sheri had her way with my mother. My mother was begging for another release. “Sheri, please, let me cum again. Pleeeeease, let me cum.” Tina was in a race to climax and finally, she did with a sound they could have woken the entire city.

All during the onslaught we could not take our eyes off out mother. It appeared as though my mother like to be dominated and in Sheri it seemed as though she had found the perfect partner to release her sexuality. While watching the woman go at it, I did manage to move a finger under Susan’s skirt and saw that her cunt was soaking wet. Susan stopped wearing panties after our recent parties, and her wetness moved from her cunt to her thighs.

She did manage to see that my erection was making my pants act as a tent. Finally, the show ended with Susan as I turned to each other and without a word quietly moved back to the front door, waited a few minutes then opened it quietly and slammed it shut. “We’re home!” I yelled. We deliberately took our time putting our jackets in the closet.

“We are in the family room,” yelled Tina. We made our way into the room, only to see our moms wearing robes and looking quite respectful. We told them that our plans changed and because of that we got here about two hours before we expected.

“What did you guys watch on the television,” Susan asked.

“Oh, nothing special” Sheri said, trying to hide the smile on her face. We said our good nights and proceeded to our rooms.

The door hardly closed when Susan lifted her skirt and pushed my head to her cunt. It took all of two minutes of tonguing her hairy cunt to bring her to a shattering orgasm. She had to hold a pillow over her face as to not to scream as loud as she wanted to, fearing our parents would hear. She wasted no time in striping off my pants as she impaled herself on my cock. She was in the reverse cowboy position which I love.

The mirror on the wall reflected Susan’s cunt in its full glory, her legs splayed apart, her tits shaking with nipples alive and very hard with my cock splitting the hairiest cunt I have ever seen. For me, relief was quick. I reached for her tits and pulled on her nipples as she rode me to a great cum. It took me all of three minutes to explode in my wife’s cunt, saturating her cunt with what must have felt like a weeks worth of cum. My wife was able to join me in climaxing as my release triggered hers.

After a few minutes and after we had a chance to calm down, we discussed what we just observed. We always new our mother’s were sexy, but we had no idea that our moms were lovers, but the thought of what they said had us wanting more. We turned over and tried to sleep. I was thinking just how far we could take this with our mother’s. The forbidden fruit of having sex with our respective mother’s was a one-time conversation Susan and I had during our fantasy play. We had great sex during that role play. I was wondering if Susan would entertain that idea again.

The next morning we were all up early and it was though nothing unusual happened last night. The ladies had a shopping trip planned and I had to take care of some business at the office. Susan was going to make dinner for the four of us that night and she instructed me to pick up things for the menu before I came home.

Susan prepared a great meal, but during dessert Sheri mentioned something Betturkey Giriş that stopped all conversation. “You know we both saw you watching us last night. That made things even more exciting. We also found this on your dresser.” It was the invitation to the next party a few days from today.

“Tina and I had no idea that you were into such “adventures” but it was obvious from the tape you both are very sexual and loved the idea of sharing it with others. You are also probably wondering about the two of us?”

“You could say that,” Susan replied.

My mother said, “That after our respective divorces, we began to take vacations together. The first time we went to one of the luxurious spas, and had the chance to enjoy a “couples” massage, you know the ones that have two people getting a massage in the same room, by the time we got back to our room our hands were all over each other. I think that when we saw each other naked, all hidden fantasies, became real. Don’t get me wrong, we still need a hard cock, but in the absence of one, a mouth on a pussy will do wonders. Don’t you agree, Susan?” My wife just nodded her agreement.

“Which one of your neighbors are you going to bring to the party?” asked Sheri.

I told her “That so far, we have not asked anyone as there are little things with each of our friends that would probably be a deterrent from having them join us.”

Tina and Sheri said together, “We would like to go with you?”

Tina continued, “We have never had the unbridled sex you had and I think you would agree that we are two-pretty good looking, hot MILF’s.”

I felt it was important for me to tell our mother’s what is expected of them if they came as our guests. “You are going to have to have sex with multiple partners throughout the evening.”

“No problem” both of them replied in unison interrupting my words.

I continued, “You are expected to have sex with multiple partners that have to include sex with the couple that brings you to the meeting.”

With that Tina moved behind Sheri, and, in less than a minute had Susan’s mother naked and twisting her nipples into hard points. “The video got us so hot, that our quiet conversations during our sex play, centered on how we wanted to have sex with both of you. I know the stigma, but it is just sex, and both of us,” Tina continued, “have no qualms about doing this.”

Sheri began moaning, as Tina’s fingers worked magic on her nipples. Tina shifted her focus to Sheri’s pussy, and had two fingers up her cunt in no time. Using the two fingers to elicit further noises from Sheri, she said, “Isn’t she hot, so hot, that as soon as I touch her clit, she will cum.” We were mesmerized watching Susan’s mother enjoy the wanton sexual adventure initiated by Tina. “Do you want to see your mother cum, Susan” Tina asked.

My wife could only stutter a response, “Yes, oh yes.”

“Before I allow your mother to cum, you too need to cum too. Bob, I think Susan would enjoy a good finger-fucking as well.”

“Susan please,” pleaded Sheri, “I am so ready to explode, but Tina will not get me there unless you join me.”

Susan stood and removed her skirt. No panties, but a very wet cunt framed by that hairy bush. I stuck two fingers into my wife’s cunt and began to rotate them as she like me to do. Both women were moaning uncontrollably as they raced to see who would climax first.

My mother and I were avoiding clitoral contact, but by the sounds Susan and Sheri were making, they were enjoying our efforts. They were bucking their hips back and forth trying to urge on their climaxes. I look at my mother and silently nodded as to say, it’s time to reward the woman by allowing them to get off. At the same time, we began to massage the clits of our partners with our thumb which allowed us to continue to finger-fuck the women as well. Screaming their release, both Sheri and Susan came hard and then collapsed on the sofa.

They were covered in a light sweat and to see them that way, with their legs spread, one with a thick, hairy blonde bush and one with a similar dark bush, almost made me cum in my pants. The final barriers were going to be broken at next weeks get together. While I was hoping to get my erection taken care of by my wife, she was so exhausted she quickly fell asleep, providing no relief. I continued to toss and turn, wondering what it be like to fuck my mother.

I drifted back to a time when I was perhaps ten or eleven year’s old sitting in front of the television in the afternoon after finishing my homework. My mother came into the living room and sat on the couch and as she tucked her legs under her, her skit rode up and I thought I saw what I now know is a dense forest of pubic hair. As I got older, I relive that day wondering just what her uncovered pussy would look like, feel like, taste like if I had the chance. Now I would. I guess it is every boy’s forbidden fantasy.

I continued Betturkey Güncel Giriş to toss and turn but was not able to get to sleep. I quietly got out of bed and headed for the kitchen to get something to drink. When I entered the kitchen I saw Susan’s mother sitting at the table.

“You too,” said Sheri.

“Yup, I could not sleep. I kept thinking about what happened tonight and what may happen at the party next week.”

“Well now that I have been here for an hour, I am going to try to get some sleep.” With that Sheri got up to go back to her room. I was stopped in my tracks as Sheri wore such a thin nightshirt; it was obvious that she had neglected to put panties on. Her nipples were poking through her shirt. She passed me and was about to give me a good night peck, something she always did, when she abruptly whispered, “I can’t believe what you can do with that cock of yours” as she proceeded to lift her night dress over her head.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Don’t worry. Your mom is making her way into your bedroom right now. She has a thing for pussy, especially hairy ones, and by what we had seen on the video, she would feast on your wife’s pussy. How long did it take her to get her bush to look like that? I thought she kept it shaved to a certain extent.”

“It’s a long story that at this time, from what I see,” as she looked at my very hard cock, “we will not have the time to discuss it.” Her fingers were stroking my cock in earnest. She must have paid attention to our video as she made me even harder.

“Come into the family room so we can do his right,” Sheri said.

She grabbed my cock and led me to the couch where she pushed me down and then engulfed my cock with her mouth. “I’ll cum if you continue this way.”

“You will not cum until I tell you to do so. I haven’t had a cock in any of my holes for months.” With that she impaled herself on my cock. Her thick bush was coated with her wetness. “Play with my tits, bite my nipples!” I know I should not be doing this but the thought of my mother eating my wife was too much for my imagination. Here I was getting royally fucked by my mother-in-law. I knew that this was going to be a long night.

In my bedroom, Tina snuck into bed next to my wife and said, “How did you allow Marie, to play with you like that?” Tina had moved quickly to face my wife, removed her bedclothes and before my wife could answer, had three fingers up my wife’s cunt. My wife was startled into waking up. “After my divorce, I took a liking to women as well as men. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like a hard, large cock shoved into your pussy, but there is also something very erotic watching a woman cum when you are doing the pleasuring.” “Well,” as Tina continued to thrust fingers up Susan’s cunt and now, her asshole, “How did Marie control you like that?”

Susan’s hips were moving up in down in response to the workings of Tina. “Right now, your husband is fucking your mother, so relax and enjoy. We have some time to ourselves.” Tina played with Susan’s cunt, teasing her and then forcefully fingering her. She knew when to thrust quickly, when to touch lightly and when to stretch both her cunt and asshole. “Tell me, or I will stop. You don’t want me to stop do you? Well do you?”

“No, oh please not, don’t stop! I am soaking wet and I love the way your fingers feel. Marie, oh..oh…oh..Marie had total control over me and I loved it. I’ll tell you everything about it later, but I need to cum now. Please, please, please fuck me harder with your fingers, please I want to cum, Oh,,,,,,,Oh…. as Susan’s hips were moving without thought. I let Marie do anything she wanted because it felt sooooooo gooood.”

“As good as now?” Tina asked.

“No, now is better.” That was the answer Tina was looking for. She spread Susan’s legs apart and tied her hands to the bed frame with some sahes she had brought into the room with her.

“If you thought Marie was good, you have not experienced anything like you will experience tonight.”

With that, she made sure Susan’s nipples were rock hard and then attached clips to the ends of the nipples Tina attached the other end of the clips to the headboard causing Susan to cry out in some pain as her tits were pushed upward. Tina then tied Susan’s legs to the bed posts and proceeded to put clips on Susan’s cunt lips, one on each side. This exposed Susan’s cunt to an even greater degree. Tina then began to work her fingers into Susan’s cunt and ass hole.

Alternating between heavy and light touches, she had Susan’s nerve endings frayed. Finally, she added to the pleasure by placing her tongue on her clit. Susan’s hips went wild. The pain from the nipple clips and the pleasure from the tonguing had made Susan incoherent. “More, more, more tongue. Oh……it feels so good…. My nipples feel like they are going to burst. Please, I need to cum. Let me cum Susan howled.”

Finally, with the precision of an orchestra conductor, Tina, while flicking Susan’s clit, reached her G spot and added some subtle pressure. Susan exploded. Not one, not twice, but in a series of uncontrollable wails. It was a hard cum, thoroughly exhausting and leaving Susan panting wanting for more.

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