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I always thought my family was fairly open and “liberated” but I don’t think any of us had any idea it could end up like this. But first, some context. Dad left us back when I was 10, and so Mom was left to raise me and my little sister all by herself. She’d have the occasional boyfriend, but none lasted more than a couple of months. I was 21 and Maya was 19 on this Friday night which started just like any other, with Mom making us dinner, and all three of us gathered around the dinner table.

It’s basically always been just the three of us in this one apartment, even after my sister and I finished school. It’s a pretty cramped apartment – even though it had three bedrooms, they were all tiny and shoved all up one end of the apartment, with the kitchen and living area basically taking up the rest of the floorplan. Mom has worked as a cleaner for the past 20 years, and between raising us and ever-increasing property prices, this is the best our family could ever hope to afford. Since Maya and I started working, we’ve been helping out and paying rent. But with her working in retail and me being an apprentice electrician, it didn’t help too much.

Mom was into the wine a bit when she blurted out, seemingly at random, “You know, I don’t think your father ever loved me.” She gulped down the rest of the glass. “At this rate, I doubt I’ll ever find anyone.”

I’ll admit I was on my third beer of the night, so it even caught me off guard when I heard my voice telling Mom, “You’re still hot, y’know.” I immediately felt myself blushing.

I think Mom was looking for sympathy, not the kind of reassurance I’d provided. “What do you mean?”

I blushed even harder, but it didn’t stop my mouth from answering. “Well, you’ve got great tits.” It was true. Mom was over 50 (52, actually), but she still kept herself in pretty good shape, and usually wore clothes that highlighted her cleavage and boobs, which filled a D cup bra fantastically. She had long black hair that went a way past her shoulders, usually kept in a ponytail. I’d inherited Mom’s hazel eyes, but Maya inherited her pale complexion.

Mom laughed.

Maya couldn’t help but join in, even though she’s been jealous of Mom’s tits all her life. Maya was like a pale, girl version of me – light brown hair that we got from Dad; she also got Dad’s brown eyes. Maya kept her hair a bit shorter than Mom, usually no longer than her chin. Physically, while she didn’t get Mom’s boobs, she got Mom’s slim figure and was blessed with a gorgeous bubble butt…not that I’d ever really admired it before now, but plenty of dudes loved to remind me how great she looked in tight jeans. “No, he’s right” she told Mom. Your boobs are very nice. But I think what David is trying to say is that you’re very beautiful, Mom, and that the right person for you is bound to be out there somewhere.”

“Well, that’s very sweet of you,” Mom told me. Then looked at Maya. “Both of you.” She sighed and poured the last of the bottle of wine into her glass. “God, look at us all. Friday night, nowhere to go. It’s a crime we’re all single.” She gulped another mouthful of wine, then changed everything. “Hell, if we weren’t related, I’d fuck either of you.”

I laughed. “Holy shit, Mom. How much have you had to drink tonight?” I looked over at Maya, who looked physically pained by how uncomfortable the situation was. Mom just kept on smiling at us over the top of her almost-empty wine glass. Apparently she wasn’t going to walk back her bombshell of a statement. The silence in the air just grew and grew until you could almost feel it. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to say something. This is what my mind decided to say, apparently: “Well, that’d be a hell of an experience, I’ll say that much.”

Mom set her glass down, the dregs of the wine swaying in the bottom of the glass, leaving behind gritty residue on the sides. “Now what does that mean, David?” She sat back, assessing the situation she’d created but I’d inadvertently exacerbated. “What, you’d be up for it too?”

My face flushed more than it ever had in my life. I picked at the label on the beer, which was proving very stubborn. “Wait, I didn’t say that-“

“You didn’t say no, either.” Maya smiled that evil smile she always gives when she’s trying to tease me. Fucking great, thanks for the help. She’s always been a bit jealous of my relationship with Mom. Jealous of me, or of her, I’ve never been quite sure. Either way, the jealousy was coming out now, and she was clearly relishing making me squirm even more.

It was horrible. I couldn’t think of anything to say to get myself out of this massive hole. I could only splutter and stammer, staring down at my empty dinner plate. Then, finally, a lifeline: I slammed down the rest of my beer as quickly as possible.

Mom smiled in a way I’d never seen before. At least, not on her face. It was Maya’s evil smile. It was almost sexy in a way, seeing Mom look so wicked. Wait, what? No, what the fuck? Sure, Mom’s objectively hot – thin, nice smile, big tits – but I’d never been actually attracted to her before. My cock Betturkey twitched in my boxers, and I’d never hated having a dick so much in my life.

“Like I said before, I wouldn’t be opposed,” Mom reminded us, that sexy devil smile still on her face. “Yeah, fuck it, it’s Friday night, I’m drunk, and I’m horny,” Mom admitted as though we didn’t already know. “If you’re up for it, so am I.” Well shit. It was right out in the open now: Mom wanted to fuck, and she wasn’t joking.

“Mom? What the fuck?!” Maya was equally shocked. Before that, she’d been assuming it was Mom drunk-teasing her only son. Not anymore.

“You too, sweetie,” Mom finally shifted her gaze off me and over to Maya, who was now as red as I was. “Either of you. Both of you. I don’t give a fuck; you’re both hot.”

Despite all signs to the contrary, a tiny part of me was still convinced this could still be a joke. Maybe like a fucked up game of Incest Chicken or something. So as a last-ditch effort to give everyone a chance to back out of whatever the fuck was happening, I put on my best this-is-just-a-joke voice and told Mom “Yeah, sure, why not? You sure convinced me, Mom.” The sarcasm so obvious it was almost visible.

Maya shot me a “What the fuck?” look. I replied with a look that was meant to say “Let’s hope she calls my bluff” but she read it as “Let’s hope this works”, because her eyes went wide with fear.

Maya and I had exchanged silent looks for only a few seconds, but in that time, Mom had stood up and was virtually by my side before I realised she’d moved. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. That wasn’t unusual – we’d always been affectionate, and they were only ever quick pecks without any… y’know… sexiness to them. But not this time. Mom’s lips were soft, warm, and they lingered. I could taste the sweet red wine on her breath. I smelled her perfume. I felt her passion, gently simmering just below the surface. I tried so, so hard to resist. It’s simple biology; there’s stuff built into your animal brain that’s meant to stop you from getting turned on by a family member, let alone fucking them. Well, maybe Mom didn’t have it, and maybe I’d inherited that the same way I inherited her hazel eyes. Whatever the reason, my willpower faltered barely three seconds into Mom’s lustful kiss. I had no choice, really. It was inevitable.

I kissed her back. I leaned into it. I called her bluff and she seduced me. My own mother. My beautiful, sexy, undeniable mother. The shock of how suddenly I wanted her was outweighed by the shock of how much I wanted her. Needed her. I wanted her to know how much I wanted her. I pushed my chair away from the table and angled it to face her. I stretched my arms out and placed my hands on the small of her back, a small strip of bare flesh exposed where her shirt and skirt parted ways. I lingered there briefly, before I got bold and moved my hands south, down to Mom’s soft, supple ass. With trembling fingers, I squeezed gently but lustfully. There was no denying it now; I was hers.

“David! Mom! What the fuck are you guys doing?!” Maya freaked, unheard. “This is so fucked up. You’re seriously making out with each other?!” She remained fixed in place, watching this demolition of societal values taking place before her. She continued ranting, telling us to stop. Even if we’d heard her, there was no stopping this train.

Mom soon straddled me, her legs either side of mine, her crotch directly on top of mine, less than an inch of fabric separating my hard cock from her warm, moistening pussy – the one from which I’d emerged over 21 years ago.

We were lost in lust, eager to explore each other before whatever’d possessed us wore off and reality hit again. We made out furiously, mouths open, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth. Our breathing getting faster and harder. My hands firmly gripping her ass, massaging her soft, springy cheeks; her arms holding my body close to hers. Before I knew it, she was grinding on me, rubbing her increasingly wet underwear against the rock hard bulge in my jeans. I responded in kind, rubbing myself against her. She moaned appreciatively.

Though it’d been less than 5 minutes since Mom first laid her lips upon mine, it felt like hours had passed. I felt like my cock was going to explode if I had to hold back much longer. When we parted lips to take a deep breath before diving back into our pool of lust, I asked the question I already knew the answer to.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Mom?” I gazed deep into her eyes – the ones she gave to me.

She stared back at me, face flushed and lustful. She merely nodded, took a moment, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Somewhere, miles away, I thought I heard Maya scream. She might as well have not existed. She could only just stare, shocked into paralysis by the sight of her mother and brother giving into their sudden, undeniable urges.

I slipped Mom’s shirt over her head, mesmerized by the sight of her thick black hair as it cascaded back down over her shoulders and covered her navy blue bra. She Betturkey Giriş frantically pawed at my belt and the zip on my fly. I unzipped her skirt. When she stood up to slip it off, I pulled my jeans down, revealing my 7-inch erection to my mother and my sister. Mom let her light blue briefs fall to the fake-wood floor, their wet patch visible. She stood before me and Maya with only her bra on, neatly trimmed dark and curly bush and beautiful tight ass on display for Maya and me.

“Fuck” was the only thing I could think to say. But it got my point across, I think.

My mother resumed her place on top of me, straddling me in the chair I’d sat in for decades, for countless meals, for countless happy times and arguments, where I’d always sat for dinner with my family. Now Mom was about to fuck me in that same chair. That just made the taboo even hotter. I sat back and couldn’t decide where to look – Mom’s eyes, watching her face as she took me back inside her after almost 22 years; or Mom’s pussy, watching myself slide back into the same hole I started my life deep inside.

I alternated between the two. Mom looked so content when she started to slide down my hard cock, when my tip parted her wet lips and I entered her – like she was on land again after a rough week at sea. I know, because I felt the same way. For all the talk of how wrong it should feel to be back inside her, it couldn’t have felt more right, more natural. Watching and feeling my cock slide inside my mother with nothing between us, not even a condom? Watching her face mirror my own with a combination of love, lust, and peace? No drug could ever compete with that experience.

No words passed between us; any of us. Even Maya had gone silent, enraptured by the incestuous show my mother and I were equally lost in. Once the initial shock had worn off, our bodies’ instinct took back over. Mom started riding me, and I started thrusting beneath her. I watched her breasts – still hauntingly restrained inside Mom’s bra – jiggle and bounce as the speed of our thrusts increased. Mom moaned softly in time with the rhythm of our bodies. I panted, my hands finding their way back to Mom’s ass, gripping and squeezing as we fucked.

Mom looked down at me, and I looked up at her. She sat up straight on my cock and moved a hand below, rubbing her clit while she bounced on my dick. And fuck, she was so tight. It was impossible to believe two fairly large babies had come out of the hole I was now balls-deep inside. We stayed that way, fucking each other while Mom rubbed her clit, until Mom’s bra suddenly came loose and fell forward. Maya’s hands slipped the straps down Mom’s shoulders and I watched in disbelief as Maya joined us in our depravity, massaging Mom’s liberated tits.

I looked up over Mom’s shoulder and made eye contact with my sister, who was already looking down at me, a look on her face desperate for approval. I smiled at her and nodded. Mom also welcomed her daughter’s arrival, clutching Maya’s hand lovingly with her free hand while Maya played with our mother’s big, beautiful, bouncing breasts. Mom’s tits were absolutely perfect – her hard, pink nipples hard with arousal; although they were starting to sag now, the breasts themselves still holding their shape we’ll, considering Mom’s age and that she’d breastfed two kids. The same two kids who were now focused on giving her pleasure – her son fucking her, trying desperately not to cum too quickly, and her daughter, who tried and failed to ignore the siren’s song of incestuous bliss that Mom’s body promised.

Maya started kissing Mom’s neck from behind, her eyes fixed on mine the whole time. Mom kept on riding me, moaning, rubbing her clit, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. I sat back in my chair, fucking Mom as hard and fast as I could without cumming, hands gripping her ass for dear life, eyes locked on my sister as she pleasured Mom for my arousal.

Mom’s moans grew more desperate, her body grew more rigid, and her hand down below flew back and forth as fast as she could. I felt her get even tighter around my cock. She threw her head back and squealed, her whole body twitching and writhing on top of me. Maya kissed her deeply on her open, moaning mouth. It was all too much for me, and I came with Mom, the immense pressure that had been building within my cock and balls unleashed suddenly. I thrust hard inside Mom and my cock exploded, shooting load after load into my mother’s orgasming pussy. I groaned loudly, feeling my dick throbbing with each spurt of cum, pushing my cream deeper and deeper into Mom’s insides. I came so hard I was almost dizzy.

I opened my eyes to see my mother and sister looking down at me, both smiling proudly. Mom, just barely recovering from her own intense orgasm, leaned forward and kissed me again. I returned the kiss eagerly, hoping to convey my thanks to her for the incredible experience. She let the kiss go on for however long it was, then leaned back and told me, “Now go play with your sister over on the couch. I think she’s felt a little left out Betturkey Güncel Giriş tonight.”

I looked over at my sister when I saw her nod. Suddenly, it all made sense – her jealousy of my relationship with Mom, the betrayal in her voice when I was making out with Mom, and the way she kept looking right at me while she kissed and groped Mom. Maya had been in love with me. For years. I was either stupid, in denial, or both.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Maya,” I confessed while my brain looked at her in a new light. She really was sexy, too. Effortlessly thin, perfect C cup tits, and that sweet, shy smile that only comes out on those very rare moments when she’s feeling vulnerable – like now. She tried to avoid eye contact as she nervously plucked at the thin belt on her summer dress. Desperate for her big brother to spend some time with her.

Well, how could I resist that sight now? “You got it, Maya,” I grinned at her. Mom climbed off my cock (slowly softening) and made a big show out of moving out of the way. I took Maya’s hand and guided her around to the couch. I unzipped the back of her dress, slid the straps off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor. I fumbled with her red bra next, but soon won and watched her perky tits spill out. Her bra now on the floor, I stepped forward, brushed a lock of hair out of her face, and kissed her just as passionately as I’d kissed our Mom the first time. She returned the kiss hungrily, pushing her almost-nude body against my naked body. I rubbed her back softly at first, but soon traveled south and massaged her ass through her briefs – the same style Mom wore. She responded by grabbing and squeezing my ass too, digging her fingernails in just a little bit.

I pulled her panties down and let them fall to the floor. She spun us both around, with her back to the couch and to Mom. She stepped back and reclined on the lounge and spread her legs for me. I studied her naked body, her flushed face, her perky tits and their erect nipples, her flat stomach and her bush, which used to be shaved a month ago until the commission of being single and lazy reminded her there wasn’t much point to keeping herself bare.

My cock hadn’t yet woken up after Mom drained it, so I couldn’t dive into her the way I wanted. Not only that, but I felt bad for neglecting her while Mom and I fucked, so I was determined to make it up to her. I dropped to my knees between her legs and kissed my way from her thighs up to her crotch.

She was already so wet, and she smelled like raw desire. Turns out she’d already cum while watching Mom and me fuck. I wasted no more time in trying to give her orgasm number two. She shifted forward on the couch, angling her crotch towards me. I kissed her stubbly bush a couple times, then started licking her slit from bottom to top. She tasted sweet and salty and delicious. I probed my sister’s opening while making my way up, and she moaned loudly. I reached her clit and gently started licking around it, and she put a hand on the top of my head. I started licking her clit back and forward, slowly building up speed. She moaned and soon started grinding her hips in my face, covering my chin and cheeks in her salty-sweet juices.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” Maya encouraged breathlessly. I looked up at her, staring through the ceiling, focusing on nothing but the pleasure that her brother was giving to her.

Mom sat beside her on the couch and started masturbating at the sight of her daughter getting head from her son. She tried making eye contact with Maya – maybe to start making out with her, I hoped – but she was lost in a trance.

It didn’t take much longer before Maya’s breathing changed, picking up in speed, getting shallow, more urgent. Her legs started to twitch. She grabbed a fistful of my hair. I reached up and squeezed one of her tits – so soft, so perky – and she clutched my hand so hard it was sore the next day. Seconds later, my sister was cumming in my face, her whole body jerking, moaning loudly towards the ceiling.

Making my sister cum – watching her whole body tighten, feeling and tasting her desire – was all it took for my dick to be back and ready for round two. I stood and watched Maya and Mom look down at my hard cock.

“Fuck me, David,” my sister begged.

“How’d you like it?” I asked.

She swung her legs around so she was now lying lengthwise on the couch, her thighs across Mom’s lap.

“Just let me get out of your way,” Mom said, lifting Maya’s legs and getting off the couch.

I climbed on top of Maya and she spread her legs. She reached out for Mom’s hand and told her, “Sit on my face, Mom. I wanna taste him and you together.”

Mom obliged, of course. She straddled Maya’s face, her back to me. Maya grabbed Mom’s ass gently. I slid my cock into Maya’s pussy as Maya’s tongue slid into Mom’s pussy.

My sister was just as tight and wet as our mother had been. I watched as her pussy devoured my dick, and I started fucking my sister, just as she’d apparently wanted for years. I watched her tits bounce with each thrust, listened to her muffled moans from beneath our mother’s bush. Like a spoiled child, I was a bit sad I couldn’t actually see my sister’s tongue probing our Mom’s wet hole, eating my cum straight out of her pussy. But the sight of Mom’s ass on top of Maya’s face was an acceptable consolation prize.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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