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Double Penetration

Alina stepped to the counter and smiled nervously at the barista. The coffee shop felt uncomfortably warm and overly crowded, although in reality there were only 7-8 people scattered throughout the tables and overstuffed armchairs. She wondered if he was already here.

“A tall Americano with cinnamon dolce, room for cream please,” she said. “And um,” she cleared her throat. “I think you may have a package for me? My name is Alina, a friend left it here for me?” She could hear the tension in her voice, coming across high pitched and squeaky as she made her queries. She smiled more broadly in an attempt to hide her nervousness.

“Uh, yeah, we got a package, hang on.” The young barista turned and went into the back room after marking her cup and setting it in the queue. He returned a moment later with a paper bag, stapled shut. ‘Alina’ was scrawled across the bag in big black letters. She took the bag and absentmindedly handed over a twenty, barely paying attention to her change or anything else about the transaction. She dropped a bill in the tip box, her hands shaking slightly, and she stepped over to the handoff bar to wait for her drink. The bored looking barista working the espresso bar barely gave her a glance.

“I’ll be right back for that,” she said to the bored girl. “I’m just going to, uh, use the bathroom.” The girl nodded at her and smiled vacantly. Alina spun on her heel and darted for the bathroom, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Calm down, Alina, she thought to herself. No one knows what you’re doing. No suspects anything. She clutched her paper bag tighter, and locked the door behind her.

Inside the restroom, she set the bag on the counter and sat down on the lid of the toilet. For a moment, she just stared at it. Could she really go through with this? She was so nervous her stomach was cramping, but at the same time excitement was zinging through her body like the caffeine she’d yet to drink. She drew in a deep breath of air, bracing herself for what was to come. With a trembling hand, she reached for the bag. The staples gave her momentary pause, as she tried to pull the bag open, and she carefully ripped around them and opened the bag.

There was only one item inside, small and sleek and yet so incredibly powerful. Alina reached in her hand and pulled out the cordless bullet vibrator. There was no remote attached, she’d known there wouldn’t be, but now that she was finally here and seeing it a fresh wave of nervousness hit her. She knew what her instructions were. Place the bullet inside her, in her most Betturkey secret place, and wait. She held it in her hand, biting her lip with anxiety. She wanted to, she knew she wanted to, but her logical, practical side was screaming at her to set it down and walk away.

Logic be damned, thought Alina, and lifted her skirt to reveal her tiny black panties. She pulled the crotch to the side and pressed the vibrator into her pussy. She was shocked at how wet she was already, but decided it was good as it made it easier to slide the bullet into position. She removed her finger slowly, making sure the bullet was firmly in place and wouldn’t pop out when she walked back to get her coffee, then pulled her skirt down again and straightened her top. She sucked in another deep breath and went back out into the coffee shop.

Her Americano was waiting for her on the handoff counter, and she took it with a smile and a thanks to the bored girl, who merely nodded again. Alina carried her coffee to the condiment bar and gently pried the lid off so she wouldn’t spill. She picked up the pitcher of half and half and began to pour it into her drink. Suddenly, the bullet inside her came to life. It was a low intensity, not yet turned to the full power, but the unanticipated sensation was enough to make her start and pour the half and half all over the counter.

“Oh,” said Alina, blushing, and glanced around to see if anyone had seen. No one was looking at her, or appeared to have noticed. She grabbed a handful of napkins and wiped up her spill, trying to ignore the vibrations coming from deep within her. They continued at the same intensity as she quickly finished doctoring her coffee and scanned the shop for a seat. She chose a small table next to the window and as soon as she sat down, the vibrator stopped.

She was surprised that it had been so quick, and found herself squirming against the hard wooden chair a little, missing the pleasure the bullet had given her. Alina sipped her coffee and took a look at the other customers in the store. If the remote controlling her bullet was here, he must be too. She had no idea what he looked like, that had been part of the bargain. No pictures or descriptions of him, just a photo of herself so he would know when to activate the remote. She scanned her fellow coffee drinkers, looking for signs.

There was a couple, holding hands across the table and staring into each other’s eyes, obviously deep in intimate conversation, and Alina dismissed them almost immediately. A studious looking woman Betturkey Giriş sat in one of the armchairs with a laptop, seemingly oblivious to her surroundings, and Alina passed over her without a second glance. There was an attractive blonde guy reading the paper at a table across the room, and she wondered if it was him, the man who held the keys to her pleasure. There was a table of two teenage girls slurping some blended drinks and apparently discussing nail polish techniques, if their hands gestures were any indication. In an armchair near the fireplace sat another man, tall and dark and foreboding. He had his phone in one hand and a coffee in the other, and he looked incredibly intimidating. Alina hoped fervently it wasn’t him.


The vibrator kicked back to life, slightly more intense than before, and Alina slapped her hands onto the table, startled. She whipped her head around, looking for a sign, eye contact, any clue, as to who might be responsible. The dark haired man was looking at her. Was it him? Or had the sound of her palms slapping the table drawn his attention? He glanced away a second later and Alina bit her lip to keep from making a sound as the vibrations persisted, unceasing and relentless and absolutely delicious.

She found herself leaning forward, unconsciously pressing her pussy down against the seat of the chair to better focus on the pleasure. Her breathing became heavier and her coffee was abandoned as she simply tried to not moan aloud with pleasure or rock her hips back and forth while the bullet buzzed away inside her. She grabbed onto the edge of the table. Oh god, it felt sooo good. Was anyone watching her? Did it matter? She was mere seconds away from cumming, would she be able to keep from crying out? Oh god, oh god oh god oh god –

The bullet stopped, and she whimpered with frustration, immediately pretending that she’d been clearing her throat as she became aware of her surroundings again. Her face was beet red, she could feel it burning, and she slowly raised her eyes and looked around the room. The teenage girls were staring at her and whispering to each other, giggling. Alina ignored them, teenage girls were insignificant. The couple was still oblivious to anyone but each other, and the blonde man was barely visible behind the sports section.

The studious looking woman was staring at her. Not just a casual glance at the person who was clearing her throat, but truly staring. She seemed to be frowning slightly as she eyed Alina over the top of her glasses. Did she Betturkey Güncel Giriş know? Could she tell what was going on? Surely that was impossible… She glanced at the dark-haired man, and as if drawn by her stare, he looked up at her. She blushed harder, if it was possible for her to become any more red than she already was, and looked away.

She picked up her coffee, quickly becoming lukewarm, and took a sip.


The vibrations hit her again, set to yet a higher level, and Alina closed her eyes, bit her lip, and pressed her pussy towards the chair seat again. Please let it take her all the way there this time, please. She felt it shift inside her again, intensifying and growing faster. She couldn’t stop the barest hint of a whisper from escaping her throat and opened her eyes in a panic, to see if anyone had heard her.

The woman was staring at her again, but this time it seemed she was smirking. Her laptop was closed, and her hands were tucked into the sides of the armchair. Her hands, thought Alina. She could be holding the remote! Was it possible that she had been lied to? Was she in fact being stimulated and controlled by another woman? The woman continued to stare, continued to smirk, and Alina began to wonder if she even cared who was holding the remote as long as they DIDN’T STOP. Just because a woman held the remote didn’t make her a lesbian, right? This was strictly non-contact, she might just as well say she was attracted to vibrators.


Alina arched her back as the bullet was pushed to the next level, breathing harder and rocking her hips slightly back and forth, almost humping the chair. Oh god, it was amazing, it was the best thing she’d ever felt, she didn’t care who saw, she didn’t care who was in control, just let her cum, let her cum!

She gave a strange stifled moan and spasmed upward, bumping the table with her pelvis as an intense, glorious orgasm washed over her from head to toe, and the woman in the armchair smiled. Alina’s toes curled, her head snapped back, and every nerve in her body was awash with feeling for one fabulous second, and too soon it was all over. The vibrations slowed and then stopped, and Alina laid her head on the table, not caring who saw. She raised her eyes to look at the woman, but she had her laptop open again and was paying no attention.

“So,” she heard a male voice above her, and looked up. The blonde man with the paper was leaning over her table, close and intimate. He smiled at her and Alina wondered if had seen her cumming, if he knew what had happened and was using it as an excuse to hit on her. She raised her head and looked at him, trying to compose herself, straightening her hair and sitting up straight. The blonde man leaned in closer and whispered to her.

“I see you got my package.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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