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Motto ‘Floreant galli’ ( let cocks flourish)

Welcome to our year book

Welcome again to all our satisfied employers and prospective employers who take our graduates and it is my pleasure and privilege to write again a brief introduction before leaving you to browse the year book for the details of all the lovely young ladies (and handsome young lads these days now that we have gone co-ed) waiting for offers of employment, owners o f the country’s finest brothels, escort agencies, porn photo studios and film studios, and live show impresarios, and our many overseas clients.

I am glad to report that the Institute (or College) has had an excellent year. Thanks to you we placed all our graduates in good positions generally on their backs. We are now known nationwide as the nation’s finest gateway to the most rewarding posts in the sex industry and our training is recognised as second to none. As a result we are in what I believe is known as a virtuous feedback loop – we have ten applicants for every place, so we can select the most lovely sexy young women with the dedication enthusiasm and commitment to life as a whore plus the sheer dynamic lie-down-and-come so essential for success in their chosen profession. So we can present even finer graduates every year in this yearbook and gain even better interest from people such as you with higher pay and better prospects and gain yet more applicants.

Our rules and principles remain as they always have been since I founded the Institute: no modesty reticence or shame is ever allowed, and there must at all times be total obedience to the staff without the slightest hesitation. We always expel any student who breaks the rules twice . Our offered modules are also still the same: Common Male Perversions, Stripping and Sexual Dancing, Cocksucking, Lesbian Techniques, Cunt Management and Control, Business Management of a Sex Business, Health and Safety for Practising Whores, Dominatrix Costumes, Putting a Shy Client At His Ease, Basic Acting Techniques so that our graduates come to you fully educated and equipped for their professional lives so that they can from night one use their bottom lines to add to your bottom line!

The College dress code remains the same. Very mini skirts and high heeled strappy sandals. After some thought we retained the code for our male students to remind them to remain totally bisexual. Also the high heels encourage development of calf muscles in men just as much as females and encourage also the lovely swaying of the bottom that is such an essential part of male and female attraction.

Sex dressing Make up and Hair remain compulsory subjects and we are grateful to Rene and his dedicated team for their continued service to ensure that all our girls look tip-top at all times. They are of course all so bent that they make corkscrews look like screwdrivers but our girls always have lovely hairdos and the best available make up. All our girls have to learn basic whore make up.

With some reluctance I have retained the cane. First offences of modesty reticence shame or disobedience earn an automatic caning, or inattention in class. Offenders are paraded before me at 1830 every day and I give each tender quivering bottom six of the very best while the shrieks and yells of pain re-echo round my study and the lovely tits wobble. When I have completed this sad duty Mrs. Hayman my receptionist/secretary applies soothing cream to the tortured bottoms while I select one to fuck.

The cane actually came in very useful in March this year when a group of drink crazed young men attempted to break in yelling Where are the girls? They were of course instantly subdued by a group of naked girls from the dormitories and I ordered them to be dragged to the gym and tied up, The girls then had a competition to see who could drag their balls farthest from their bodies without actually pulling them off while I moved behind with my cane using my practised right arm to maximum effect as I reduced the guilty bottoms to red streaks of quivering agony. We then called up several boys from the dormitories who buggered them mercilessly until their assholes creaked under the strain. We then got branding irons and branded their bellies with the legend ‘I am a queer fuck me please’. The girls then took them outside and pissed on their faces and bodies. And then we released them naked and dripping into the road. A brief call to our good friend the Chief of Police ensured that when they reached the town they were bundled naked on to the nearest coaches and sent out to districts unknown.

We remain extremely grateful to our alumnae who come to us to give lectures on Successful Whoring. These occasions are always extremely well attended demonstrating our girls’ commitment to their chosen career.

We still insist of course on rigorous physical exercises and I am glad to say that our Nude Swimming and Nude Gym classes attract large number of paying spectators. Mrs. Carling is quite invaluable and has an extraordinary Kadıköy Esmer Escort success rate in teaching control of cunt muscles and asshole muscles to increase our girls’ attraction to your clients.

We try to keep abreast so to speak of your requirements and are trying to increase our intake of Japanese Latino and Asian girls. I shall shortly be undertaking a recruiting trip in Japan and any of you who wants reports of my progress need only contact me. Naturally we shall never lower our standards of beauty and sexiness in any girls we do recruit.

I am proud to say that our ex-alumnae continue to thrive. Lucy Ellison is now in Tokyo in charge of the Corporate Hospitality Corps for a major Japanese customer and has sent us a donation of Japanese yen 6.4 trillion or $47.50 in real money. Thanks a bunch Lucy! Cathy Horbury is now in charge Quality of Control and Customer Satisfaction at the Buckin’ Fuckin’ Bronco chain of brothels in Colorado and Nevada.

Jill Wyndham is now Deputy Manager of the Special Saloon in Chicago and has tripled profits in a year and in line for the manager’s job. She has plans to franchise the brand across the Mid West and get a quote on NASDAQ and is already approaching several of this year’s graduates so you will need to step in even quicker than usual! If she does float my advice buy a bundle of those shares. They will go up as fast as her customers!.

As you may have seen in the papers, Jane Wisdom, who married a billionaire after he became obsessed by her magnificent porn movies, has now divorced him for $3bn alimony and custody of the brat, a real example to us all.

Elaine Scott that has successfully established herself as a hooker in the Bay area of San Francisco and word of mouth has rapidly increased her sales, and she too may be thinking of taking on staff.

Our principles also remain the same. You want girls with fully skilled and experienced cunts with no inhibitions, trained assholes used to cock, and bottoms used to constant vigorous spanking. We also insist on constant lesbian experience between the girls as we know that many of you have a demand from female clients and also photoshoots and pornographic films, Students are expected to take their fellows to the Lesbian Practice Hall where there is always a fully trained instructress to advise them on techniques and methods and demonstrate. Thanks Miss Fairling!. The footage from our CTV cameras sells well, particularly as the girls often take the opportunity for spanking eaqch other as well. The action also makes their cunts eminently fuckable, so us male staff can often be found there as well, drinking in the scenes and preparing our cocks for action to keep up the fucking quota!

As always we are grateful to Fort Leming the town Army Cadet School because although we male members of staff fuck as often as we can thorough and proper training of the student cunts and assholes require much more manpower, so to speak, than we can supply! The cadets always do a fantastic job on our students during our programme of school visits and Sex Sports Day would not be possible without them. As my thanks to Colonel Carruthers without whose help the cunts we offer in this book would be far less experienced than they are.

Our Friday night events continue immensely popular and we could sell every ticket ten times although we keep raising the price. 80 men arrive, and we have 80 completely nude students with ten more in tiny white aprons as waitresses, with more students having their hands tied behind poles so that they are fully available. It never more than a few minutes before the air is filled with the whistling crack of hands landing on bottoms and the delightful cries and squeals of the students while the others fit condoms on the men and then lie back for a good thorough fucking. As the evening progresses we start the live show. This year our ‘Jailhouse Rock’ proved so successful that it is likely to transfer to Broadway. It consists of a female prisoner alone in her cell when a prison guard in high heeled black boots and a very tight uniform buttoning up the front and two small truncheons hanging from a strap by her belt. brings in a new prisoner. The girls soon get to know each other, strip, and put on a steamy lesbian show with of course all parts displayed as the clients sit around having their bare cocks rubbed or sucked by another girl.

The guard then returns in a rage at the indecent spectacle and orders the girls to bend over for punishment and thrashes them to the accompaniment of real yells and shrieks. As the guard gets up to leave the girls revolt, seize her, strip her, tie her hands behind her back with the strap, then subject her to a simultaneous lesbian assault and a brutal spanking. Finished they push the two truncheons into her holes and take their bow. Not a dry cock in the house.

Next year we are planning a long production, a remake of Little Dorrit with Little Dorrit supporting her family by her work as a whore in Mrs. Clennam’s brothel where she meets Mr. Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort Meagles and Arthur Clennam. The Marshalsea is now a unisex establishment with many peculiar and painful initiation ceremonies. I am working on the script now –please send comment if you wish to consider it for your own studio.

I have to thank my dedicated and devoted staff at all levels for their hard work in tuition, thrashing, and fucking. Our genial and much-feared Matron Mrs. Pancks retains all the skill of her right arm and the students are almost always in tears when they leave the surgery. She supervises the weekly pussy shave to ensure that all twats are clean and smooth, videos of which also sell well, although of course it is my job as dean to check the smoothness of the pussies by running my fingers over them.

As you know we took the decision two years ago to go co-educational to keep our product in line with the market. There is increasing demand from many of you for studs in your brothels to service female clients, and even greater demand from the increasing number of all male brothels. Also we have noticed rising (no pun intended) dissatisfaction from many consumers of pornography at the appalling appearance of the men in films and photoshoots – large ugly bald and tattooed – with whom they cannot identify.

This requires a wide range of skills but ISIS is rising (no pun intended) to the challenge. We teach our male students to be entirely bisexual and I am glad to say that they participate vigorously in the spanking and fucking part of the curriculum, and also that the girls are not behindhand (if I may use the word in this context) in spanking their behinds with their (the girls’) hands. We also insist on constant male arsefucking and again many of the cadets at Fort Leming are proving invaluable. Our weekly Wanking Contest is also proving popular with many paying spectators as the students lie on mattresses and there is a small prize for the one who is the fastest to jerk himself off three times. Matron particularly enjoys male bottoms as I know to my cost and the boys really dread the weekly cock inspection.

However, enough of me droning on. You want to consider our available graduates. As always we attach pictures of full frontal nudity with pussy clearly displayed, a slightly more close up picture of the bottom, and a close up picture of the cunt lips pulled apart. For the boys a full frontal again with cock erect. Again the bottom, and a close up of the cock.

Cunt of the Year and Cunt most likely to succeed

These two much prized and coveted titles go to Samantha Wilcox ( a very apt name) by unanimous vote. When Samantha arrived we soon realised that we had a major star on her hands. Her cunt at once proved soft responsive, tight and intensely satisfying and she soon became the staff’s must fuck. It is also immensely resilient and she is able to take almost any number of cocks and still come back for more. Even when totally unprepared it becomes soft and juicy and entirely fuckable in less than a minute. She comes very quickly and quite spectacularly and thoroughly loves cocks thrusting up her. She has also learnt how to control her muscles so immediately after entry she starts fucking you herself and all you have to do is lie on top her and enjoy the delicious sensations.

Her bottom is also delightful to look at and delightful to spank Her tits are immensely sensitive and after even a few gropes her nipples swell out to quite an alarming size. See photo. Her asshole is also well trained and experienced. She has a diploma in Advanced Socksucking.

She has participated regularly and enthusiastically in our Friday night events and gained golden opinions from our clients. She is entirely dedicated to life as a whore and is keenly looking forward to her career which will be a glittering one.

As you can see from the photo she is in excellent shape without an ounce of fat.

All in all a worthy winner. The brothel that gets her will have a prize indeed. Ring early for this extraordinary opportunity to secure a major asset for your establishment.

Cocksucker of the Year

Here the prize goes to Norma Cunningham who at the Sex Sports Day won the trophy by sucking off ten cadets with their erect cocks standing at attention in 4 minutes less than her nearest rival. Norma has always shown immense cocksucking skills since her arrival with immensely tight wet juicy lips and a highly creative tongue. Norma is a talented girl with a good and responsive cunt and a fine young bottom. Her asshole may leave something be desired but a little more practice will soon put it right. Her cocksucking skills also extend to titfucking where her use of her hands to wrap her mammary glands around cock and her expert manipulation are pure joy.

Much recommended.

Lesbian of the Year

Again a unanimous award. Darrell Rivers was invited to the local College to lecture the girls on the meaning of lesbianism and even before the lecture had started had seduced Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort the principal and persuaded her to join her naked on the stage for the practical demonstration. It was not long into the speech before Farrell had persuaded the delightful young over 18 young ladies to shed their clothes, and while she demonstrated the most effective use of lips tongue and fingers on the female body they were eagerly copying her. Soon the hall was ringing to cries of satisfied orgasms and Darrell concluded her visit by proceeding along the line kissing each set of eagerly presented pearly cuntlips.

Despite her undoubted enthusiasm and skill in this department which probably mark her out for a career a photo shoot model or film actress, Darrell is also an excellent and enthusiastic fuck and was one of the most entrancingly spankable bottoms in the college. To spank her delicious bottom while she greedily sucks at an exposed cunt is one of the delights of my day. Matron is particularly fond of her and I suspect that Darrell could blindfold draw a map of Matron’s snatch

Bottom of the year

The winner here is Alicia Denbigh

This is not simply a subjective judgment particularly as we pride ourselves on never accepting a girl (or boy) without an immensely attractive and sexy bottom. It Is a measure of their abilty to absorb spanking since we know that most professional whores and almost all porn film stars have to take a good deal of this in the course of their professional activities, and we do not want any dissatisfied employers complaining that the girls (or boys) were unable to take it! This is why constant spankings both by staff on students and between students are such a vital part of daily life at the College. To be a ‘wimp’ at spanking is considered a great shame and the most resilient and courageous bottoms confer great prestige on the owners.

The competition is perfectly simple: the girl or boy stands with hands on knees and bottom jutting as far into the air as possible. Then the tester spanks as hard as possible until the victim begs for mercy. It is part of the Sex Sports and beefy naked cadets at the Academy are lined up perform the honours which is of course filmed for later sale. In many ways the honour of the college is at stake as no-one wants the academy to think that we are useless wimps.

Alicia was the clear winner and won an extra round of applause by going on for an extra five minutes before the searing pain in her bouncing waving buttocks caused her to give up. The cadets are of course allowed to fuck their victims after the contest as a reward for their exertions and this produces more exciting squeals as the flat athletic stomachs bang into the bruised buttocks.

Alicia also has an excellent inventive and creative cunt and would be a fantastic addition to any enterprising whorehouse looking for a dedicated and committed professional particularly suited to clients with unusual tastes.

Asshole of the year

Here the judges (chaired by me) were all agreed that the prize must go to Cindy Fermor. From a very slow start when she rather lagged behind she has come on by leaps and bounds and now has an asshole that is easy to enter, tight, firm, and with her own set of manipulative anus muscles that give a delightful and delicious fuck. She is a regular at our Friday orgies and several attendees have complimented me on the wonderful smooth experience. Her cunt is also excellent and she comes strongly recommended – indeed she often comes anyway. Congratulations Cindy on your remarkable improvement. You are a credit to the college.

Exhibitionist of the year and Entrepreneur of the year

Gina Halliday. We are always looking for new outlets for our graduates and Gina had the brilliant idea of charging the owner of the local sex emporium for her to hang around nude while she talked dirty to the customers and displayed her lusciously attractive body, displaying her pussy and wriggling her torso, while they examined porn, devices, DVDS and the other wares. While she did so she would reach to front of their jeans and usually managed to open them to rub bare cock as they continued their selection. Fucking was of course always available –Gina has one of the most eager and willing cunts in the college – but surprisingly few customers took her up. The proprietor was delighted as sales doubled and has requested a permanent appointee. I am currently looking for an intern to do this on a three year course to allow for the time she will spend in the shop and hope to make an appointment soon.

Gina has as you would expect a Business Management qualification from us and would be a major asset to any madame looking for innovative ideas and an excellent operative. plus some help in administration.

Heroines of the year

This is a special award for this year to celebrate the achievement of the Bobbsey twins Kate and Amy.

When a Peruvian mining company called me ask if I could supply two good durable whores for the workers at their Potosi Grande mine I immediately thought of these two lovely twins who had displayed considerable cunt stamina during our Friday sessions and our trips to the academy. We do not usually act a s a brothel except for our Friday night sessions which I regard as training and fundraising, but the fee offered was too good to miss.

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