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Japanese “sexual examination therapy nurse”, Narai, mid 20’s. Her job is to cheerfully and skillfully provide patients a ‘sexual release procedure’ of their description in a comfortable, clean, hospital setting with no prostitution overtones.

A summary of the main procedure was reviewed by the nurse. Although vaginal penetration is prohibited, the nurse may otherwise employ possible other stimulation techniques, as directed by the patient, for the best possible outcome. A list of them is included with her main procedure, which she may also initiate unrequested, along with others she may be familiar with, if she believes they may improve the outcome of the procedure. Where I specified use of an urethral sound, prepping (shaving and washing of the entire groin area, has occurred 15 minutes earlier so that any arousal from prepping had subsided.

The procedure will include urethral insertion of a hollow (1.5mm passage), slightly ribbed, stainless steel 4.5mm Dittel sound. An ultrasound scan has provided the nurse with precise dimensions, marked on the sound, to reach the prostate (un-erected and erected) and, optionally, beyond into the bladder if I chose this.

The nurse arrived on time at 6pm. She was dressed in a laboratory coat. I was in the bed, wearing only an absorbent t-shirt. She placed her tray of instruments on a table beside the foot of the bed. She placed a camcorder and a viewing screen on the second table, aiming them and then returning. She looked at her viewing screen, which I could not see and, after making some adjustments set it down beside her tray.

She then lifted the top sheet to reveal a padded, tapered removable insert from the foot of the bed. She removed it, leaving a recess which would enable her to stand within, closer to her work. She then pressed the up button and placed the bed at the correct level just below her elbows and slid my feet into cloth loops. They were not restraints, there merely to prevent my legs from sliding off the side or into the recess in a moment of inattention. Then, she placed the sensor of her electronic stethoscope at my heart, attaching it with clear temporary surgical adhesive. She listened to my heart rate and looked at her digital watch for about 15 seconds, reaching over to make a note on her procedure sheet next to her tray.

In her tray on a sterile pad was the surgical stainless steel sound. It was slightly S-shaped to permit navigating it past Cobb’s Curve, which is moderate when one is un-erected. The sound appeared to be about 30cm long and had a small passage through the center which is shaped for smooth insertion. There are three marks on the sound, one about half its length and the next two, about 3 cm apart, closer to the flattened handle. It has droplets of moisture in it because it has been chilled 10 degrees C. Chilling had an astringent effect which stimulated an arousal response.

The nurse pulled on her surgical gloves and picked up the sound, first wiping it dry and then applying a clear lubricant to about 3/4 of its length. Holding the sound by its handle, she stepped quickly into the table recess and took my flaccid penis in her left hand. She lined up the working end of the sound with my urethra and slid it in quickly and effortlessly, rotating it back and forth, until it reached the Curve. She then rotated it 180 degrees to enable its shape to clear the Curve, Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort after which the sound slid in easily until she reached the first mark on the sound.

When the sound entered, I felt an immediate tensing from the cold as is passed in and the slight tickle of each rib as it passed through the snug urethral opening. As it passed through the Curve, both the cold and ribbed sensation became stronger, stimulating a quick tightening erection. When it reached the first mark, there briefly came a sudden urgency to ejaculate or pee, it being at the prostate.

The nurse reached over and picked up a small surgical pillow, which she laid on the bed surface next to my scrotum. She gently laid my penis and the exposed length of the inserted sound onto the pillow and sat down on her stool for a few moments, listening to her stethoscope. As she did so, the urgency gradually subsided. She caught my eye, smiled sweetly and nodded in that Japanese way of asking Is this good? I eagerly nodded and smiled approvingly.

Then she got up, walked over to the shelf, looked at her procedure sheet for a moment and then unzipped and removed her lab coat. She was naked beneath it. She turned to show me an attractive, athletic body than included modest firm breasts with dimpled nipples and a black, straight natural bush, below which I could barely see the tips of pink labia. I immediately felt my erection stiffen. She stepped to my bedside and offered her breast to my mouth, which I accepted eagerly, as I cupped the other with my right hand. The nipples were hard in my mouth and hand and I could feel the dimple with the tip of my tongue.

As I played, the nurse reached down and, seeing I was fully erect, slid the sound in to the second mark using rotating and tiny stroking motions. With each motion I felt that urgency to ejaculate or pee rise and then subside when she stopped. I knew if she kept that going, I would have an orgasm quickly, as the presence of the sound and her attentions were keeping me near the edge. She also knew this by the rising and falling of my heart rate.

Then she pressed the down button and lowered the bed all the way and then kneeled on the bed, straddling my face. she reached down and parted her lips and lowered herself down to “kiss” my lips with her’s. As she did, I felt her lips drip on to mine. I gripped her rump with my hands and commenced to lick her clitoris and deep probing into her vagina. While I did this, she again began stroking and rotating the sound and the sense of urgency rose as before. A couple of times, she playfully stroked very rapidly, causing a “will come in seconds” panic response. She, knowing this from my heart rate, stopped to let me subside again.

Then she stepped off, raised the bed and returned to the recess between my legs. She reached over to her tray and picked up a small battery-electric device with a locking clamp at one side and switches on the top. It said “USONIC” in its side. She placed it beside the surgical pillow and locked the clamp onto the handle of the sound. Even the slight movements of the sound needed to connect it to the USONIC box caused me to tense.

She then clicked on a switch on the top and a green LED light illuminated on the side. She turned one of the three rheostat switches at the top and I began to feel a slight buzzing the full length of Kadıköy Çıtır Escort the inserted sound. She turned it farther up in amplitude and the buzzing became more electric in sensation. As she did this, she was looking me in the eye and nodded, as if asking when she should go no further. She quickly reached a point where the urgency to ejaculate or pee was most intense and then, going farther toward pain, I nodded No and Yes until she found the best amplitude. Then, to my relief, she turned the unit off and sat down quietly as the need for immediate orgasm subsided once more. She listened to my heart rate, watched my eyes, smiling, knowing what would come. Seeing it back down, she nodded in the question’ Are you ready? I nodded yes, to what she already knew.

Then she turned the unit back on at low amplitude and turned the second rheostat, which was frequency. She listened and watched my eyes as she raised the frequency from a rumble to a frantic zing, causing me to clench in pain momentarily. With her listening and yes and nonodding, we found the right level of frequency. Then she turned off the unit again, sat down, smiled sweetly, listening to my heart slow and letting me catch my breath.

When I was ready, she had set the amplitude and frequency rheostats at the right levels with the unit turned off and then, having turned the third rheostat, call it volume, to the minimum, she turned the unit on, with me feeling only the slightest waving sensation. She took a quick look at the sound and stroked it slightly as she set it to the right depth. She turned around, looked at the viewing screen of her camcorder and made an adjustment with her remote. Her camcorder made a brief whirring as the lens extended to zoom.

I had relaxed away from orgasm, and had softened slightly, but her adjusting movements of the sound told me that orgasm was inevitable once she went to work. I knew I could ejaculate in seconds but wanted this sensation to go on forever. Knowing where my highest level was, she turned up the volume quickly , with my reaction being a full body spasm and I could feel my erection growing like it was being inflated. She watched me and listened to her stethoscope with pleasant medical detachment as she played with the control, turning it up and down repeatedly, sometimes slowly and other times spiking it rapidly, as she watched and listened to me move from relaxation to urgency. As I tensed, I was breathing fast and deep as my legs involuntarily pushed against the loops around them and would have otherwise fallen off the table. When I looked at her, she was smiling knowingly. Listening to my heart rate, she continued this for a while, but knew when to stop, again turning volume down to let me relax again.

Then listening to her stethoscope carefully, she turned the volume up precisely to the point if maximum urgency, just far enough back for me not to roll into orgasm. The tops of my legs tensed and I clenched my fists, lost in the sensation I was feeling and lay motionless not wanting a fraction more or less. Not passing out or falling asleep, I fell into a trance-like state, consumed with the sensation that was resonating all over my body and thoughts. Finally, I was ready for orgasm and I motioned her to turn the volume down so I could catch my breath and get ready which she did, sat down on her stool to wait and smiled Kadıköy Elit Escort sweetly once more. While she sat, she again looked at her camcorder screen. She seemed satisfied with what she saw. Then I was ready, she began slowly to turn the volume up listening to her stethoscope and leaning closer to my penis and the sound for a closeup view of the finale of her work.

Then she quickly turned the volume up to the predetermined maximum. I felt my body become consumed with waves of spasms and heat. I heard a growing ring in my ears as my blood pressure and heart rate zoomed. I had a sensation of falling into space, The Wait, which seemed like 15 seconds but probably was 5. Then orgasm hit. I could feel my insides clench onto the sound, magnifying the sensation that was already overwhelming. Then I bent in the middle and let out an involuntary “Ohhh”, sitting up involuntarily as the first contraction struck, followed by, I don’t know, 8 more? I fought to open my eyes and watch, to see my nurse watching closely from the side, so as not to block the view of the camcorder.

We both watched as squirt after squirt of semen traveled through the length of the sound and flowed out of the passage at the handle. With each contraction, expertly timed, my nurse spiked the volume, low to high, to intensify my contractions accompanied by waves of spasms and heat, until the last, leaving me exhausted, out of breath and covered with sweat, when my nurse turned off the USONIC, now splashed with more semen than I had ever seen, unclamped it and placed it in her tray, then sitting quietly and smiling broadly at her good work. She nodded to me inquisitively to me as to how I liked her work and, regaining my composure, I said, out loud, “It was very very nice”, making her smile even more broadly.

With that, watching my penis shrink back on the sound, she asked, in broken English “You want more?”, meaning the last item on her procedure sheet. Still aroused from my experience, I nodded yes to her inserting the sound even deeper into my bladder. With that, she stood up and spread a large towel on the floor at the foot of my bed. Then she sat back down, took my shrunken penis in her left hand and the handle of the sound in her right and proceeded to rotate it back and forth as she eased it in further. I felt a slight tingling as it slid in and a rapidly growing urge to pee. Then the sound passed through the sphincter and I let go, peeing both around and through the sound. At first, the last dollops of semen drooled out, followed by a strong spray lasting, maybe 20 seconds. It was a feeling I had never experienced…a combination of ejaculation and peeing at the same time, which gave me several small spasms as my bladder emptied. And then I was finished.

With that, she gently withdrew the sound and placed it in her tray. I felt more spasms as it slid out. She picked up her camcorder remote and pressed the stop button. Then she washed my groin and the tops of my legs with a warm, wet washcloth she had taken from a small, insulated container in her tray. She paid special attention to gently massaging my penis and testicles as she did. Then she got up and put her lab coat back on, placed all of her items on her tray and walked to the room door. She turned, smiling and asked: “See you next time?” I said “Oh yes!” and smiled broadly back to her. I asked her her name. She said: “I am Narai”. Then she was gone.

After a few moments, I got up and dressed. I felt weak all over like I had been working out in a gym. I thought to myself: I’ve GOT to come back and do this again when I am in town next month! I remembered to make my appointment on the way out. I asked for Narai.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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