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The other day I was driving down a remote section of Pacific Coast Highway and was pulled over by two motorcycle cops. I was speeding a bit, but the road was really remote with no one else around. There was really no safe place to pull over, so they told me to proceed down the road a ways to a turnout. It turned out onto a dirt road, which looked like it saw very little use. They told me to drive up the road a little, which I did.

Once I stopped, one of the cops came to the window. He told me that I had been speeding and asked to see my license and registration. I handed then to him and he went to confer with the other cop. They both came back and asked me to step out of the vehicle. They told me that my vehicle matched the description of one that was suspected of carrying contraband, and would I mind if they searched it.

I wasn’t trying to be smart when I asked if I legally had to let them; I had two joints, given to me by a friend and was afraid that they’d find them.

‘Are you carrying a weapon, by any chance” one of them asked me.

‘No. No, of course not,’ I told him. I was dressed in a tank top and baggy shorts, with not much place to conceal anything.

‘Please place your hands on the hood,’ he barked at me. He turned me by the arm and pushed me a bit. Now I was getting afraid of trouble and did as he asked. He kicked my legs apart and began frisking me.

I wasn’t wearing anything under my baggy shorts and when he got there he squeezed my ass a bit and then slid his hand under my shorts and squeezed my bare ass. I jumped a bit.

‘Don’t move, sir.’ He commanded. He reached between my legs and cupped my full balls, gently stroking them. His hand moved to my cock, which began to thicken, try as I might to will it back down. He stroked and squeezed a bit, which made it even harder.

‘Dave, I think we have a weapon here. You want to confirm it” he said to his partner. Dave traded places with him and began stroking my cock also.

‘I think you’re right. Potentially large caliber.’

I stammered, ‘Is this really”

‘Please keep silent, sir,’ he told me.

My cock was roaring hard now as he stroked it and caressed my balls.

‘Please turn around.’ I did as he asked. My erection tented out the front of my shorts. ‘Please remove your shirt, sir,’ he commanded. I did. ‘And your shorts.’ I was now standing completely nude in front of these two motorcycle cops as they looked at my throbbing cock.

‘Just as I thought, John. Very large caliber. You have a very nice cock there, son,’ John said.

‘Really thick. Just the way I like ’em,’ Dave murmured. ‘Don’t be alarmed, son. I’m just going to have a closer look.’ He knelt down and began sucking me deeply into his mouth. I stood there silently as Dave swallowed me deeply. Our eyes were locked together. Drawing me out of his mouth he said, ‘Oh yeah. I love them thick like this. Mmm Hmm.’

John began to disrobe, and when he was done he stood beautifully naked in front of me. His body was really hot! Very trim and well defined, with a Casibom cock that looked like something out of a porno; ten inches long and thick around. It stood out insistently.

‘Here Dave, let me take a look,’ he said and they traded places. I couldn’t decide who gave the better head, they were both magnificent! John’s tongue swirled and twirled, as his soft lips slid slowly up and down. He drew me out so that he could lick my balls and gently suck on them. Dave was now nude also, and equally hard. He was only about six inches long, but really thick.

I had never done anything with a man before, but had fantasized a bit. Now I realized that I was going to, whether I wanted to or not. These guys were going to have me, however they wanted.

‘Alright son, on your knees,’ Dave told me calmly. John stood, and the three of us stood there for a minute. ‘Remember, we’re in no hurry.’ They each took one of my hands and placed them on their cocks. I stood there stroking and squeezing both of them; what a feeling. They both felt so rigid under the velvety skin.

‘Have you ever sucked a cock before “what’s your name” one of them asked.

‘Never. Uh, Paul,’ my voice croaked nervously.

‘Well, today’s your lucky day. You’re going to suck two; and never be the same again. On your knees, son.’

Without letting go of either, I got down on my knees and came face to face with two amazing penis’s. My gaze went from one to the other. They were both so hard. They both stood patiently, waiting. I licked my lips and took Dave’s thick head into my mouth. It tasted vaguely of pussy as I twirled my tongue around it.

‘There you go. Atta boy.’ Dave’s hand went to the back of my head. ‘Suck that big cock. You’re a cocksucker now. Doesn’t it feel good” I nodded up at him. ‘Yeah. You’ve dreamed of sucking a nice thick cock like mine, and now you’re doing it. Take it deeper.’ He began pushing in more, which made me gag a little. ‘Get used to that. Wait until John gives you his huge tool. He’s going to fuck your tonsils.’

I turned my head and began blowing John. He was fucking huge! Dave had been right; I had dreamed of sucking a cock, but when I had it was always a huge thing like John’s. Now that I was doing it though, I realized how big big could be. My mouth was stretched tightly around it, as I concentrated on not letting my teeth touch its perfect skin. I was totally turned on! John began really thrusting which made me gag a couple of times, and made me salivate like mad. Saliva was draining out of my mouth as he fucked it.

‘We’re going to teach you to love sucking cock. Soon you’ll wake up to that yearning feeling; dying for a hard cock to suck, and that juicy load of hot come that follows. You’re loving it already, aren’t you” I nodded to him. ‘Take this,’ he said and shoved it in really hard. I gagged and choked. He pulled out and I coughed a bit.

Dave pulled me right to his and I began sucking him again. They were right; I was loving it. They both felt so good in my mouth. I went back and forth giving them head, as they Casibom Giriş stood in front of me.

‘Give him your come, man,’ John said. Dave was already really close, and began thrusting in and out. ‘Stroke his balls, gently,’ he told me. I did. Dave was trembling and moaning.

‘Oh yeah! I’m gonna shoot it. Get ready.’ His come was thick and warm and salty as it poured out of him. It didn’t shoot out as much as flood out. He came tons, filling my mouth and I had to swallow three times to keep from spilling any. John had been stroking the back of my head and Dave’s butt, as he came for me. He finally pulled out as I gasped for breath.

‘My turn,’ was all John said, and I began all over again. His gorgeous tool glided over my tongue again and again. ‘Take that big cock man. Ooh yeah! Did you like his come in your mouth” I nodded. ‘Yeah’ It tastes so good doesn’t it”

‘Mmm hmm,’ I moaned.

‘Get ready for mine.’

He was fucking my mouth with about half of his massive cock

‘Here. Watch the master a second.’ John beckoned to Dave who moved over and took John’s entire length into his throat. He was straining like mad to do it, but it went down. His eyes were tightly shut but held him in his throat for a moment and then drew it out like a sword swallower.

‘With a lot of practice,’ Dave said.

I resumed letting John fuck my mouth as he got closer. Dave was stroking his balls and ass. He was now hard as a rock, ready to shoot.

‘Here we go, man,’ he hissed at me.

He pushed in hard and fired off. Explosive was the word that jumped to mind. It felt as if someone had turned a hose on in my mouth. It began running out.

‘Drink that come man! Swallow it!’ He hissed at me. I took two big gulps and as I did, he shoved in harder. ‘Swallow that cock, man! Let me feel you swallow it!’ I was choking on it, but he was loving every second. ‘Deep throat me, you cocksucker!’ The big head did pass by my tonsils, but that was all I could take and jerked away, gasping for breath.

I was on my hands and knees gasping for breath when Dave leaned over and began stroking my cock.

‘Your turn, buddy.’ He rolled me on my back in the grass. ‘You sucked us so nice that I’m going to give you my sweet throat.’ He began to swallow me down. It was heaven. He was tonguing the root as his throat massaged the shaft. It didn’t take long. I shot off like mad, and he took every drop.

‘Mmm hmm,’ he gulped. ‘So juicy. I love come!’ He turned and looked at John who was standing next to him. ‘Good huh’ He sucked you nice, huh”

‘He did a great job,’ John said smiling. Dave leaned over and swallowed John’s sword to the hilt one last time. ‘I worship this beautiful penis,’ he said kissing the head.

They stood and began dressing. I just laid there in the grass.

‘Have fun?” John asked.

‘Fucking loved it!’ I nodded.

‘We’ll see. If you really loved you’ll be back at this spot at 3:00 PM tomorrow. We’ll be here. Nude and hard.’

‘I just may see you here.’ I said

‘Yeah’ Casibom Güncel Giriş We’ll see.’ They finished dressing and left me there.

I stayed the night at a motel in the area. I jacked off in the shower and again in bed that night replaying the event in my mind. I had sucked two big cocks and swallowed their hot come; and I had loved it! I thought of their offer to meet them tomorrow and wondered if they would really be there. I was nervous about whether I would like it a second time. I decided that I probably would.

I pulled into the same remote little area right at 3:00 and saw a black sports car parked in the clearing. Was it them, I wondered and got out of my car as John beckoned to me. As I approached I noticed that they were both nude and Dave was deep-throating John’s beautiful tool. I stood at the driver’s side door and watched for a moment, mesmerized by Dave’s deep-throat technique. John reached under my shorts and fondled my cock and balls.

‘Whip it out, baby,’ he told me. I was nude in no time and he began sucking my cock, deeply.

We all got up and headed into the woods a bit. There was a blanket laid out in the tall grass and we all laid down on it. We were instantly a tangle of sucking mouths and shiny wet cocks. They were right; I had awakened in the night drooling for a big hard cock to suckle. Now that I had two, I was on fire.

‘You see’ I told you that you’d love it.’ Dave said.

‘Oh, I do! I love sucking your gorgeous cocks.’

Dave began eating my ass, which felt a bit odd at first, but I grew to really enjoy it. I was feasting on John’s thick tool; sliding it deeply in and out. I wasn’t even choking, I wanted it so badly. Dave pulled me to my hands and knees and pressed the head of his cock against my ass. ‘Whoa!’, I thought, but John held my head tightly as he tried to ram his massive tool into my throat. Dave held my hips tightly as he shoved the thick head of his cock into my ass. Pain flamed up in my anus, but he held still without moving and reached around stroking my cock, gently. I relaxed a little and they began to move together. John was moving in and out of my mouth and Dave was moving into my ass. It began to feel exquisite, and I relaxed even more and let them fuck me into oblivion. I knelt there and took it as they switched back and forth, each taking a turn in my tight ass. John’s cock was even moving in and out of my throat; I was deep-throating him and loving it.

Suddenly there was a mouth around my cock and I realized that there were six other men there; all nude and erect. Each of them took a turn in my mouth and my ass. I lost track of how many loads of sweet, hot come I swallowed but my belly was full and warm with it. My ass was raw but taking all the fucking they could give me. I was rolled onto my back and fucked some more. My jaw felt like it would fall off, but I continued sucking; I really couldn’t get enough. It was a sea of manly sex; sucking and fucking. I had guys jacking off onto my chest, splashing come all over me.

Guys began riding up and down on my cock. Soon I was back on my knees, but this time fucking one guy’s ass, while another fucked mine, while we both sucked on a third. I was fucking exhausted by the time night fell.

I’ll have to make a habit of traveling through the area again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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