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My 19-year-old daughter, Kayden loves to tease and turn me on. She has done strip teases for me, lap dances, we have done mutual masturbation…but we have never touched each other, aside from the occasional grope she gives me through my clothes. She even brings over her friends to fuck me while she watches. She will join in but will only touch her friend. She has come very close at times, but we have never fucked, never touched each other’s privates, never even kissed beyond a normal father-daughter peck. It is incredibly intense, yet incredibly tempting to cross that line into incest.

Just yesterday Kayden came into the den and took me by the hand. “Come with me Daddy,” she said with a wicked smile. I knew something was up.

She led me to her bedroom where Marcie, my younger daughter Kira’s best friend was waiting dressed in only panties and a tank top. She blushed bright red and covered her panty clad crotch when she saw me enter the room.

“Marcie here was curious about girls…and boys. I told her to forget about boys. She needs a man.”

Marcie giggled nervously and turned brighter red still as my daughter removed her own skirt and blouse and climbed onto the bed with her. She was completely naked as she was not wearing panties or a bra.

“I figured you could watch me teach her about girls for a bit, and then you could join us so I can teach her about men. What do you think Daddy?”

I didn’t say a word…just stripped down to my boxers and sat on the foot of the bed. I looked on as Kayden stroked Marcie’s 18-year-old skin and began to kiss her neck. Marcie was anxious at first, but then you could see her begin to relax as time went on. My hand found its way to my swollen cock and I began to stroke it through the thin fabric of my boxer briefs, as my daughter removed Marcie’s top and kissed her breasts. She sucked her nipple into her mouth which caused her to moan deeply. Kayden reached down between Marcie’s legs and rubbed her moistening pussy through her panties a few times before pulling the material to the side. She stopped sucking her breasts and turned her head to face me. Both of them were watching me rub my hardness through my underwear. Kayden smiled and said,

“Glad to see we aren’t the only ones enjoying ourselves.” She turned her attention back to Marcie who was breathing heavy in anticipation of what was to come. I watched as Kayden’s fingers slid delicately over the outer folds of Marcie’s virgin sex. She moaned loudly as my daughter’s middle finger slipped between her lips and into her tight wet hole. Marcie’s mouth gaped open but no sound came out. Kayden lowered her face between her thighs and Marcie’s whole body leapt as her tongue came in contact with her clit. Marcie let out a low guttural groan at the sensation of having her pussy fingered and her clit sucked at once. Under Kayden’s ministrations, Marcie’s entire body undulated and convulsed in an intense and violent orgasm.

As her body laid there heaving, my daughter rose to kiss her passionately and as she broke the kiss, she looked at her face. Kayden then slowly turned her head to follow Marcie’s intent gaze to my hand which was still stroking the now throbbing bulge in my underwear.

My daughter laughed and looked back at her face. “Looks like someone wants to see my Daddy get more comfortable.” Marcie’s stare was undeterred, but a small smile began to form on her lips. Kayden glanced back at me. “Well she’s not the only one. C’mere.”

She took Marcie by the hand and pulled her up to her knees. “Daddy why don’t you take Marcie’s place and lie down up here.” She patted the bed. I crawled over and laid down where Marcie had been lying and immediately felt a large wet spot on the sheets. I then realized how excited she had been. It was like a small pool had formed. The juices must have been literally running out of her. I wondered what she tasted like.

“Take his underwear off,” I heard my daughter command. Marcie looked first at Kayden and then at me before reaching for my waistband. “Uh uh uhh,” Kayden stopped her. “With your teeth.” Marcie looked up at my face and then smiled before lowering her face to my lap. She grasped the waistband between her teeth and slowly pulled it down and over my twitching prick. My cock sprang free and as it bounded upward and back down, it slapped hard on her cheek, leaving a string of precum spanning from the tip to her face. Marcie gasped and released the waistband from her mouth. She stared wide eyed at my manhood standing straight up in the air proud and tall just beyond her nose.

Kayden laughed. “That was my reaction the first time I saw it too.”

Marcie swiped the glob of precum from her cheek with the tip of her finger and stared at it oozing down its length.

Kayden leaned in and closed her lips around Marcie’s finger. It was now my turn to stare wide eyed as my daughter tasted my cum for the first time, sucking her finger clean.

“Mmmm…I think you are going to love the way that tastes Marcie.” Casibom They both giggled and pulled my boxer briefs the rest of the way down my legs and tossing it to the floor along with the rest of our clothing. My daughter spread my legs apart wide enough to make room for both of them to lie down and prop themselves up on their elbows between them.

Both of them continued to giggle as Kayden took Marcie’s hand in hers and placed it on my cock. Then she cupped her own hand over Marcie’s, closing her grip around my shaft. I watched in awe as my daughter slowly guided Marcie’s fist up and down the length of my dick.

I closed my eyes. This was the closest Kayden had ever come to touching my cock and it was driving me wild. I opened my eyes to see Kayden looking up at me with a knowing smile on her face. She knew what she was doing to me. Marcie wasn’t jerking me off…My daughter was using Marcie’s hand to do it.

Then she slowly moved the head of my cock toward Marcie’s face. Another large drop of precum had formed at the tip.

“Your turn to taste him Marcie.” Marcie parted her lips and Kayden guided the purple head between them. I moaned as Marcie closed her lips around it and began to suck in earnest. Kayden moved her hand up and down my shaft a couple more times before releasing her hold on Marcie’s hand and allowing her to do it herself.

“How does my Daddy taste Marcie?” she asked.

“Mmm hmm,” is she could get out as she moved her mouth up and down a few inches of my cock while jerking the rest of it with her hand.

My daughter turned to face me smiling and asked, “How is she doing Daddy?”

I smiled back and answered “Pretty damn good for a beginner.”

Marcie’s smile could be seen around my dick as she moved another inch of me past her lips and sucked a little harder.

“Are you using your tongue?” Kayden asked her. Suddenly I felt Marcie’s tongue come to life swirling all around my cock inside her mouth. That got a loud moan and an “Oh God” from me. Kayden started to laugh. “I guess she is now, huh Dad?” I laughed and Kayden laughed along as she placed her hand on my inner thigh and began to run it back and forth, dragging her fingernails along my skin.

I stopped laughing and fixed my gaze on my daughter. She had that wicked smile again. She knew she was driving me crazy. Each pass of her hand brought it closer and closer to my testicles. I wasn’t even aware that Marcie was sucking my cock anymore. My eyes were locked with Kayden’s…willing her to go further. Her eyes told me that she knew what I wanted from her. Her fingertips moved to the junction where my thigh met my testicles and they drew a line down the crease without actually touching them. I groaned loudly and laughed, knowing she was playing a game with me. She had gotten as close as she could get without touching. She smiled and kissed my thigh.

“You tease,” I said.

“You love it,” she retorted and blew me a kiss.

She turned her attention back to Marcie and reached behind her, running her fingers between her ass cheeks and dipping them into her pussy from behind, Marcie moaned around my cock and spread her legs to give her better access. Kayden pumped her fingers into Marcie’s cunt while spreading her own legs and pushing two fingers of her free hand up inside her own pussy. Even above the loud slurping sounds Marcie was making on my dick, I could hear the wet sloshing sounds of Kayden’s fingers sliding in and out of both of their dripping holes. Then my daughter pulled her fingers from Marcie’s pussy and held them up. They glistened with her juices as she looked at me.

“She’s sweet Daddy. Want to taste?”

Without waiting for a response she pushed her fingers into my mouth. I hungrily sucked them clean as she pulled them from my mouth. “I told you,” she smiled.

Then her smile faded as she pulled the fingers of her other hand from her own cunt and held them up between us.

“Mmmm…” I moaned. The look on her face was so serious, like she knew the gravity of what she was about to do. Her fingers were soaked with her juices running down onto her hand. She dangled her fingers under my nose and I drew a deep breath, drinking in my daughter’s sweet aroma. It was the most heavenly scent I had ever inhaled.

“Oh my God Kayden,” I whispered as I exhaled, still gazing into her serious eyes. She brought her fingertips to my lips and began to breathe heavily. I opened my mouth and she ever so slowly pushed her fingers inside. “Mmmm,” I moaned as I closed my eyes and sucked my daughter’s forbidden nectar from her fingers.

“Oh Daddy!” Kayden exclaimed as she watched me devour her juices. She slid her free hand down between her thighs and ran her fingers over her clit.

I relished my daughter’s sweet taste as my tongue circled her fingers and between them, making sure that I got every last trace. I reached up and pulled her fingers from my mouth and began to bathe her entire hand with long broad licks of my tongue, Casibom Giriş savoring the last of her remaining juice that had run down her hand.

“Oh God Daddy, that was so hot. I’m going to cum!” my daughter shouted. And with that, she leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth, grabbing the back of my neck and sliding her tongue into my mouth. She began convulsing and screamed into my mouth as she came, gushing juices all over her hand. Kayden brought her dripping wet hand up between our faces. “Taste me Daddy, taste my pussy,” she said as we both licked and sucked her juices from her hand. Our cheeks were smeared with it and we licked each other’s faces clean.

That was all I could take. “Ohhh fuck!” I half whispered and half shouted as my orgasm neared. My daughter’s eyes lot up.

“Oh yeah Daddy, cum for me…Cum for your little girl,” Kayden whispered in my ear and then drove her tongue back into my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her naked body tight against me as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

Marcie bobbed her head up and down on my cock a few more times before my hips began bucking uncontrollably. She pulled my twitching cock from her mouth and continued to pump it with her fist.

I grunted and moaned into my daughter’s mouth as my cock erupted, shooting thick angry ropes of cum into Marcie’s open mouth. It began to spill out from between her lips and she closed her mouth as my last few spurts splashed onto her face and neck, running down onto her tits and stomach.

My daughter broke our kiss and smiled before turning and lunging at Marcie. Kayden pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her.

“I hope you haven’t swallowed yet,” she said as she kissed her, sliding her tongue into Marcie’s mouth. It was less of a kiss and more of a mission. My daughter was fishing her Daddy’s cum from inside Marcie’s mouth with her tongue. I could see strings of it connecting their lips whenever she came up for air. Then Kayden devoured what was left on her face, neck and finally her tits. “Oh that tastes just too damn good to go to waste,” Kayden purred as she licked her lips and collapsed onto the bed beside me. She snuggled up to me and kissed my shoulder before looking up at me.

“Daddy, that was…” she paused, trying to search for the words.

“Fucking incredible,” I finished her statement.

“Yeah,” she agreed, “Fucking incredible.”

I kissed the top of her head and pulled her against my side. She rested her knee over my hip and played with the hair on my chest.

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too baby.”

We laid there in silence for a bit.

Suddenly we heard a voice, “Kayden, Mr. Torrid, I need to go home now. But I had fun. Can we do that again sometime?” Marcie had already collected all of her clothing and gotten dressed. Kayden and I looked at each other and had to choke back the laughter. We had both forgotten she was even there.

“Of course we can Marcie. But don’t tell anyone okay?” she reminded her. “This stays between us three.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” Marcie waved goodbye and walked out of the room.

When we heard the front door slam, we both erupted in fits of laughter. We laid there in each other’s arms for a good while talking about what had just happened and about how tempted each of us were to go a lot further than we had.

“We already went further than I ever thought we would,” I said.

“Me too,” she responded. “But I think it’s hot that we kinda redraw the line that shouldn’t be crossed every time we do this.”

I smiled. “Me too.”

“Daddy,” Kayden began, “Tell me what your biggest fantasy is involving me.”

“Besides the obvious?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy,” she laughed. “Besides the obvious.”

I told Kayden that I had a fantasy that not only involved her, but also her younger sister Kira.

Kayden’s eyes got wide at the mention of her 18-year-old sister. “Now THIS sounds interesting. Do tell.”

I continued to tell her how I would love to watch her seduce Kira much like she had done earlier with Marcie. “But it’s just a fantasy Kayden. Just something I imagine in my head that turns me on.”

“Well I can see that Daddy,” Kayden looked down at my cock which had grown to about mid staff. The head was touching her knee which was still draped over my hip, but she didn’t move it. “Go on. You were saying?”

I was beginning to lose my train of thought, but gathered my senses and continued. “Well like I said it’s just a fantasy and I know I would never expect something like that to…”

Kayden was looking at my hardening dick again. It was now about 3/4 erect and lying across her leg just below the knee. She was sliding her leg up and down my body beneath it, causing my throbbing member to brush across her skin. And it was leaking a trail of precum up and down her leg. “Mm hmm,” she nodded, giving the false pretense that she was listening. “Go on.”

“Uhh…and I would Casibom Güncel Giriş never expect you to do that with your sister or…oh God…”

My daughter lifted her knee from my body which lifted my cock with it, causing it to stand straight up. She reached down with two fingers and scooped up the wetness from her leg. “I’m listening,” she said with a smile as she turned to look at me. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue allowing my cum to drip from her fingers onto it. She closed her eyes and curled her gooey tongue back into her mouth before pushing her fingers inside to suck off the remainder.

“Umm…” I didn’t even know what I was talking about. The only thing that was going through my brain was the fact that I was lying there naked with my naked daughter lying half on top of me, sliding her leg up and down the length of my now fully erect manhood, while feeding her mouth with my precum.

Kayden opened her eyes and licked her lips. “Well seeing that you are at a loss for words right now Daddy…how about we table this discussion for another time?” She giggled as I nodded my head in agreeance.

Kayden took my hand in hers as I took a deep breath. She slowly guided my hand to my cock and wrapped her fingers around mine, closing my grasp on my shaft just as she had done with Marcie’s hand. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched my daughter force my fist up and down my throbbing dick. I couldn’t believe this was happening. And I couldn’t take my eyes off of her hand.

Kayden was also enthralled by what she was doing. She kissed me deeply before moving down my body to straddle my right leg and rest her cheek on my abdomen to get a closer look. She continued jerking me off with my hand and gradually began to grind her pussy on my lower leg. I could feel the outer folds of her sex spread out on my skin as her juices lubricated a slick path on my leg for her to slide her pussy up and down smoothly. Kayden began to moan, quickening her grinding motion. She kissed me just below my navel, moving lower, biting my skin gently. I knew this game…get as close as you can without touching. She continued her hand’s up and down motion on my swollen member and tightened her grip around my hand…so tight in fact that my fingers were forced apart. My daughter’s petite fingers slowly and deliberately interlaced with mine, sliding between my fingers until I could feel them sliding along the taught skin of my cock along with mine. I gasped out loud, knowing that this was the first time Kayden had ever touched my penis. So much for the “get as close as you can” game.

“Oh god you feel so good Daddy,” she half moaned the words and I could feel her hot breath on the base of my dick as she spoke them.

Kayden’s free hand came to rest on the top of my thigh where it squeezed and kneaded the flesh, raking the surface with her fingernails. She slid her body lower still, kissing along my pelvis and down onto my upper thigh where her hand was. Continuing to hump away at my leg, her pussy was salivating and leaving a very wet trail as it slid further down. I could actually feel her juices dripping down my leg.

I gripped the sheets tight and groaned as I felt Kayden tighten her grip again and force her fingers together beneath my own, so that now it was my hand covering hers.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered loudly as she looked up at me with that serious expression again.

“Oh yesss Daddy, I want this,” she hissed. “Let go Daddy.”

I released my grip on her hand and immediately she pulled my prick downward toward her face. She kissed the underside of its head and then swept her tongue over the tip to taste the precum that was there.

“OH FUCK!” I shouted out loud.

Kayden giggled and opened her mouth wide, sucking one of my bulbous testicles between her lips. She rolled it around inside her mouth like a jawbreaker, lavishing it with her tongue.

She let it pop from between her lips with an audible sucking sound and then engulfed the other, giving it the same treatment. Kayden pulled my turgid shaft tight against her face, rubbing its length all over her forehead, her nose, her cheeks. My daughter, without actually sucking it, was worshipping her Daddy’s cock.

The site of my little angel rubbing her face all over my cock with her mouth now filled with both of my testicles, and the sensation of her grinding her sopping wet cunt on my leg just proved to be too much for me. I felt the rumblings of my impending orgasm begin deep within me.

“Sweetie,” I spoke hoarsely as my daughter’s eyes opened wide and gazed up at me. “I’m close.”

Kayden let my ball sack slip from her wet mouth and smiled dreamily. “Me too Daddy.” I felt her body begin to tremble against me.

Quickly I reached down and grabbed her by her tiny waist with both hands and lifted her off of me.

“Oh no Daddy! What are you doing?” she squealed. “I was so close!”

I spun her around 180° and lowered her back down on top of me. As soon as her knees came to rest on either side of my head, I gripped her ass cheeks with both hands and forced her drenched pussy down onto my face. Before she even knew what had happened, I had buried my face in her wetness and clamped my lips onto her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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