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Big Tits

I sunk down lower into the bath, letting the warm water swirl over my face. I sat back up, wiping the water away from my face with my hands. I let out a contented sigh and leant back against the end of the bath, my eyes closed. Seconds later they were open again, watching as he came back into the bathroom, two bottles of beer in his hand.

I looked at him, at his cock. It was hanging heavily, its thickness and his firm balls pushing it away from his body. I grinned up at him as memories of the last few hours came flooding back. He sat on the edge of the bath.

“You okay?” he asked as he handed me a beer.

I smiled up at him, taking the cold bottle from him, my hand over his for a few fleeting seconds.

“Great,” I told him, “Just great.”

I sank a little lower into the water again, and sipped at my beer. As I closed my eyes, I felt his hand on my cock, caressing me under the water. His hand reached for my balls, cradling them in his hand for a minute before stroking along my steadily thickening shaft again.

As he stroked me, intense feelings of pleasure washed through me. It felt so new to have another man’s hands on my body, on my cock. But it felt so good, so right.

My cock was hard now, sticking up out of the water as he stroked me. Without taking his hand off my cock, he turned on the edge of the bath so that one foot was in the water on the far side of me. I moved my leg to make room for him. He was now sat almost across the bath. I sat up a little, my eyes now open as I watched his hand moving up and down my cock, as I put the bottle on the side of the bath and reached for him.

His cock was hot in my hand. Hot and hard, the blood throbbing through his shaft as I held him, as I stroked slowly along his length. We quickly built up a rhythm, wanking each other slowly, and then building up speed as we both moaned out loud. Water was splashing everywhere as he wanked me, his hand just a blur as it sped up and down my shaft.

I could feel the cum building in me, ready to erupt. As I reached for his balls, his cock seemed even harder, hotter, in my hand. His balls tightened, and then he cried out, his cock and balls shuddering in my hands as his cum gushed from him, splashing onto me and into the water.

Even as he threw his head back as pleasure washed through him his hand was bringing me to an intense climax, my cum spurting over his hand, onto him, and into the water. He never stopped stroking me as the pleasure tore through me, as it reached every corner of my body, his hands far more experienced at this than mine.

I slumped back against the end of the bath again, grinning up at him as he slipped into the bath opposite me. We both reached for our beers, oblivious to the thick cum splashed on our bodies and floating on the surface of the still warm water. I held my bottle up in a silent toast to my new lover, and then closed my eyes again, thinking back over the last few days, to how it had started.


It had all started two days ago, on Tuesday. No, actually it really started a few years ago, when I started to be curious about sex with another man.

Although happily – and faithfully – married for ten years to a wonderful wife, with two great kids, I couldn’t drag my mind away from the thought of touching, of tasting, another cock. I tried to put it all to the back of my mind, to forget it, but increasingly that had become harder and harder, especially over the last year or so. It wasn’t as if I was attracted to any particular man, I wasn’t. But I did want to explore, to find out more about myself, to satisfy my curiosity.

Over the last twelve months, as these feelings had intensified, I had started to think seriously about how I could make it happen, how I could take that final step. But then, as is so often the case, it just happened.

I work as a senior IT Manager for a reasonably sized company. I love the work I do, and have got a good team around me. One of the problems of being in IT is that people always want you to sort out the problems they’ve got with their home computers. So, when Sean, a senior manager in another department, collared me in the corridor one day, I wasn’t really surprised.

From what he said, it sounded like a virus or something. As he only lives around the corner from the office, I said that I’d ask one of my team to go home with him one lunchtime to sort it out. I told him that they’d be happy to do it in return for a couple of bottles of wine. Normally, this did the trick, but for some reason Sean hesitated, and looked very embarrassed.

“Couldn’t you do it?” he asked.

As I looked at him, he continued.

“It’s just that I’ve been on some websites and they leave traces behind, don’t they? And I’ve downloaded some stuff that I’d prefer others didn’t see. It’s just that we’ve known each other a long time, and I know I can trust you….”

Although this all came out in a torrent of words, it was clear that Casibom Sean had thought carefully about this, about what he wanted to say. And then it clicked. It was well known that Sean was gay – after all, he’d never made a secret of the fact. I assumed this was why he was so conscious of the websites he’d visited, and the sorts of downloads he might have made.

As these thoughts rushed through my mind, I suddenly realised how much I had been thinking about Sean recently, how much I had begun to enjoy seeing him around the office – and how dry my mouth had suddenly become.

“No problem,” I told him, trying desperately to moisten my throat. “How about Thursday? After work?”

My wife always takes the kids to see her Mum on a Thursday.

“That’s great,” he told me gratefully, “I’ll get the beers in.”

As he turned and walked away, I suddenly realised how hard my cock was, and how it was throbbing painfully in the confines of the jeans I habitually wear to work. I could feel my face blushing furiously as I watched Sean disappearing, my eyes glued to his ass in his tight trousers, as I wondered if he’d noticed, if he’d seen my reaction.

I stumbled back to my office and shut the door. It didn’t lock, so I leant back against it as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out. I shuddered as I stroked along my shaft, feeling the heat, the blood rushing to the tip. It felt longer, harder, thicker than I’d been in ages. The head was already wet with pre cum as I slowly pulled the skin back. I sighed as I pulled it back tight, loving the sensations rippling through me, loving the way my balls were tightening.

I had only meant to make myself more comfortable, but within seconds my hand was a blur as I stroked up and down my shaft faster and faster. I bit my lip to stifle my groans as my orgasm got closer, as visions of Sean filled my head. My mind ran riot, imagining his cock, his balls, his ass. I threw my head back as my cum erupted from my cock, as the intense pleasure of my release tore through my body almost painfully, as jet after jet of thick cum splashed into my other hand.

I stood, gasping for breath, looking down at the puddle of cum in my hand. Tentatively, without really thinking about it, I brought my hand up to my mouth and dipped my tongue into the sticky puddle. It tasted good, but before I could go any further I jumped as I heard voices outside my office.

I quickly found a tissue and wiped my hand, pushing my cock back into my jeans as I threw myself into the chair behind my desk. I sat still, my heart pounding, but no one came in. I leant my head against the back of the chair and shut my eyes. I hadn’t wanked like that in ages, and never at work. But the urge, the need, had been so intense, so over whelming.

I thought about Sean again. I actually know him quite well, having started at the company at about the same time. Again, I thought about how much I’d been thinking about Sean in recent months, how I’d started to see him differently. The realisation hit me like a ton of bricks – I wanted him!

Thinking back, I wasn’t sure if the next two days passed very quickly, or extremely slowly. What I do know is that by the time Thursday evening came, I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t think straight, my heart was pounding, and my mouth was dry. I’d arrived back at work after lunch determined to cancel our meeting, scared of what might happen, but deep down wanting something to happen, hoping that it would.

But I didn’t contact Sean, and at a little after six o’clock I found myself standing at his door. As I pressed the door bell, I suddenly felt calm and relaxed. I think I knew what I wanted, but all the doubts, the uncertainties, nagged at the back of my mind. After all, I told myself, it takes two, and Sean has never shown any sign of seeing me other than as a mate. As swiftly as it had arrived, the sense of calmness deserted me, and the nervousness returned. I was about to flee, when the door opened.

Sean welcomed me with his usual grin, and ushered me indoors. I followed him through to the lounge, where he pointed at the computer in the corner. I switched it on while Sean went off to find us some beers. While the computer wound itself up, I rummaged through the bag I’d brought with me for the discs I would need. When he got back, I was sat staring at the screen.

His “wallpaper” on the computer was a picture of a cock. A long, hard, beautiful cock. There were only a few icons on the screen, so nothing got in the way of the picture.

It started on the left, and stretched almost the whole width of the screen. On the left, towards the top of the screen, was the base of his belly, hard and flat, the slight pit of his navel clearly visible, his skin tanned and glossy. Below that was a mass of short, dark hair, thick and curly. At the bottom of the screen were his balls, big and firm, just begging to be cradled in my hand.

And in between was his cock.

I licked my lips as my eyes followed Casibom Giriş the length of the cock across the screen. Although it was only a picture, it seemed to be alive – alive and throbbing. It sprung out from the tight, curly hair at the base of his belly, the shaft thick and strong above his balls. There was a thick vein running along the length of it, and I could swear that I could see the blood pumping along the length of his shaft, feeding his erection.

The shaft was thick, and I could almost reach out and touch it, to feel the heat coming from him. Towards the end, it curved slightly upwards, giving it a powerful, almost arrogant, look. The skin was peeled back from the head, leaving it red, shiny and exposed. There was a drop of clear, shiny pre cum clinging to the tip. I could almost taste it, wanted to taste it.

With a start I realised that Sean was stood behind me. I’ve got no idea how long he’d been stood there, or whether he had seen my reaction to the screen – either on my face or by the bulge in my jeans. I grabbed the nearest disc to me, and fed it into the computer, praying for the programme to start up quickly.

As I worked at the computer, I was conscious of Sean watching me, maybe watching my reaction to the picture that appeared every time I closed a programme. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from looking, from wondering what it would be like to touch, to taste that cock. My own cock was a throbbing bulge in my jeans. I desperately wanted to touch myself, to release the sexual tension building up.

Eventually, I was finished. It was just a virus, which was easily cleaned. I put some software on to stop it happening again, and then told Sean I was finished. As I spoke, he came across and stood behind me. I was aware of how close he was to me, of his after shave, of my bulging cock. He leant over and reached for the mouse, clicking through a few programmes he said had been playing up.

He did it slowly, each time returning to the picture of the cock. My eyes were glued to the screen, my mouth dry again despite the beer I’d been sipping at. When he was finished, he stood up behind me. Seconds later, I felt his hands on the back of the chair, and then he was spinning me around to face him. I looked up at him, opening my mouth to speak, but no words came. I couldn’t help myself as my eyes dropped towards his jeans, to the bulge of his cock.

As I stared at him at the growing bulge, he dropped to his knees in front of me, his eyes looking into mine, before dropping down towards my cock. My breath caught in my throat as he silently reached forward and popped open the top button of my jeans. He lifted his eyes to meet mine as he deftly undid the rest, and pulled my jeans open.

His eyes dropped back towards my cock. I looked down as well. My cock was reaching upwards, trying to escape from my boxers. There was a huge wet spot where I’d been leaking pre cum. Sean’s hands were resting on my thighs, still holding the edges of my jeans where he’d pulled them open. He looked up at me as he spoke, his voice suddenly husky with desire.

“This has to work for both of us,” he told me.

I knew exactly what he meant. I nodded, not daring to speak, and then gasped as he reached over and squeezed my cock through my shorts.

I thought I would cum there and then, but somehow I controlled myself. I felt like I was hardly breathing as Sean moved his hand again, reaching out to ease the front of my boxers down, and away from my cock. I sprung free, my rock hard cock waving about in front of me. This time Sean gasped as he saw the length, the thickness, of my cock.

He slid both hands into the waist band of my shorts, and then moved them easily around to my hips. His hands felt surprisingly soft as they moved over my skin, over my trembling body. I shuddered as he began to ease my boxers and jeans down my thighs. I lifted my ass off the chair to help him, my cock waving about inches from his face as he stripped me.

His eyes moved between my cock and my face as he left me naked from the waist down. For a few seconds he sat back on his heels, his hands back on my thighs, his eyes on my cock. He leant forward, and I held my breath as he moved closer to my cock. His hands moved along my thighs, under my tee shirt and onto my belly. He leant forward, his hands sliding up onto my chest, his mouth hovering over my cock as it stood erect from my body.

I groaned with the tension, my need, as he looked up at me again. I slid my ass forwards on the chair. I was almost lying down, the muscles of my stomach and thighs tense as his eyes locked on mine. Still watching me, Sean dropped his mouth onto my naked, twitching cock.

I cried out as his lips slid slowly down my shaft, as he sucked me into his warm, wet mouth. His lips felt dry, almost rough, as they slipped down my shaft, as he scratched lightly over my nipples. He lifted his head away from me, leaving my cock wet and needing more. He Casibom Güncel Giriş slipped his hands back out of my shirt, and with a nod told me to take it off. I pulled it off, and then lay back in the chair again, naked.

Sean rested his hands on my thighs for a moment, teasing me, teasing us. He reached for my cock, and I felt his hands on me for the first time. He squeezed my hard, throbbing shaft lightly, before running his hand up and down my length. His other hand reached for my balls, cradling them in his hand. And then his lips, his mouth, his tongue, were on me again, sucking and licking me, tasting me.

The feelings surging through me were amazing.

His lips were sliding up and down my cock, his tongue swirling around my cock head as he sucked me deeper into his mouth. I eased my knees up, and my legs apart, as his fingers slid under my balls towards my ass. Sean moved easily with me as my hips jerked off the chair, as I drove my cock into his mouth, as I fucked him. He fingered my ass, his other hand moving along the base of my shaft in time to the sucking of his mouth, the jerking of my hips.

I was holding on tight to the edges of the chair, my head flung back, the muscles in my thighs and stomach rigid as wave after wave of pleasure tore through me. My cock felt solid, bigger and harder than I’d ever been. My balls felt like they could explode as feelings as intense as any I’d ever felt before flooded my mind and body.

My cock was deep in Sean’s mouth now, his lips and tongue and hands tormenting me with pleasure. When I came, my cock and balls jerked as jet after jet of cum shot deep into his mouth. He sucked hard, drinking down the first five or six spurts of my thick, creamy cum before pulling away. I watched through half closed eyes as he wanked my cock, pumping the last of my cum into the air. It splashed back down, dribbling over my cock and his hand, splattering onto my belly.

I watched as he lifted his hand away from my wet cock and slowly licked his hand. I reached out and touched the back of his head as he dropped his mouth back over my softening cock and licked and sucked me, enjoying the last of my juices. Eventually he sat back on his heels, his hand still on my cock.

“That was fantastic, ” I told him, my voice husky, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he laughed, “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

I stared at Sean, taking in what he had just said. I only half heard what he said next, before responding automatically.

“You’ve got a great cock,” he told me, stroking me gently.

“So have you,” I responded.

“But you haven’t ……”

And then he saw me glancing across at the picture on the computer screen again.

“Oh – you think that’s me?” he laughed, “Well, there’s only one way you’ll find out,” he added as he stood up.

It all sounded so corny, but a few seconds later it was me who was kneeling in front of him, reaching for his jeans.

Strangely, as I knelt in front of him, naked, with Sean fully clothed and looking down at me, I felt powerful, and totally in control. My cock was resting on my thighs, and as I popped open the top button of his jeans, I felt it start to rise again as a surge of excitement, of anticipation, filled my mind and body. By the time I’d eased his zip down and pulled the two sides of his jeans apart, and was staring dry mouthed at the hard outline of his cock, I was fully erect again.

I glanced up at Sean, who was starting to undo his shirt. He shrugged it off, and dropped it on the floor beside me. I looked up at him, taking in his powerful chest and muscular body, the curly hair across his chest and stomach. I knew then that the picture on the computer wasn’t him, but it didn’t matter, nothing mattered but the next few moments.

Sensing my uncertainty, Sean did nothing, said nothing. I stared at his cock, watching as it twitched beneath his underwear. I was still holding his jeans apart, but was slowly, without thinking, easing them down his thighs. Tentatively, I reached over, hesitated again, and then ran my hand along the outline of his thick shaft. We both moaned as I felt a hard cock in my hand for the first time. Sean shuddered at my touch, his cock seeming to press back against me in its eagerness to escape the confines of his clothes.

I dragged his underwear down and his cock sprang free, standing out from his body, long and hard, inches from my face. I dipped my head quickly, and for the first time felt a cock against my lips. I opened my mouth tentatively and flicked my tongue across the tip of Sean’s cock, tasting him, feeling him. By now, his jeans were around his ankles, and he pulled away for second to kick them off. Then he was naked in front of me.

Instinctively, I reached out to him. His cock felt hot in hand – hard, hot and incredible. I watched closely as my hand moved along his shaft, peeling his skin back. I wanked him slowly, almost mesmerised by the beads of pre cum appearing, from his soft moans. I moved again, licking the tip of his cock carefully, swirling my tongue around the tip, savouring the taste of his first juices. I eased him sideways, looking at his long, slightly curved shaft in profile, licking along his thick length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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