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You know you want it.

You want to feel my breath against your skin.

Feel my mouth caress your body.

You want to read these words and play them out in your mind.

You want my fingers. You want my fingers tickling and teasing, invading and pleasing you.

You want my hands. You want my hands squeezing and stroking, kneading and petting you.

My Mouth, my tongue…

Say it. Tell me how much you want it. You crave it. Desire it. Need it.

I’m there with you. You can feel my breath on the back of your neck. My warm mouth caressing your skin. Kissing and sucking. Breathing in your heavenly scent. My tongue flickering out and tasting you. I can feel your pulse quickening through your skin in anticipation. My mouth clamps down on your neck. My tongue lapping at your neck, feeling the throb of your heart beat.

My hands run down your chest. You arch you back. Breasts pushing out. You lean back into me. My hands devouring your breasts through your clothes. Fingers encircling hardening nipples. Mouth trailing kisses to yours. Your head tilts up and back towards me. Lips pressing slightly against yours, just once. Slowly kissing your bottom lip, then your top. My tongue darting out to taste their sweetness. You can feel the hard warm steel ball of my tongue piercing sleekly roll across your soft lips. Your mouth opens eagerly for mine.

Your nipples pressing into my palms as I knead Casibom your breast bringing my thumb and finger up to pinch your nipple gently. My tongue enters your mouth. Hands stroking and kneading softly in time to my tongue caressing yours. The softness of my tongue and the warm hard steel ball rolling inside your mouth. My hands stop and I break my mouth apart from yours.

You are wearing too many clothes I whisper into your neck.

I raise you from your chair and turn you to face me. I slowly remove all of your clothes so you are naked like me. My tongue licking and mouth suckling at each new piece of soft peachy coloured skin that is revealed.

My tongue rolling over your shoulders. Mouth kissing and sucking gently. Down your collarbone towards the middle of your chest. Hands roaming over your body. Resting on your hips as the tip of my tongue journeys down your cleavage and across to your right nipple.

Circling it, feeling the ridges as it puckers and hardens at my touch. Lapping and licking. The ball of my piercing skipping over your erect nipple, teasing it more. Breathing in letting the air caress your wet nipple then sucking your nipple into my mouth. My hands caressing your body, one cupping and squeezing your other breast.

Teasing the nipple, lightly pinching and twisting it between my fingers. The other pulling your body closer. Sliding down your back, tickling down your spine making Casibom Giriş you arch your back, and resting on your luscious ass cheeks. Mouth trailing back up to yours. Lips possessing yours. Tongue thrusting angrily into your mouth. Torturing your tongue. You moan into my mouth. Hot warm breath. Your chest pressing against mine. Nipples brushing against nipples.

I walk you back until you are resting against the desk. My mouth sucking and licking yours. My body leaning against you. One thigh inside your slightly spread legs. My hand racing down your body and along the inside of your thighs. My leg pushes your legs further apart.

You know you want this… I whisper to you…Tell me that you want more…

You try to tell me you want more. It comes out as a husky moan.

MmmMmm…More you whisper. You laugh nervously.

My hands cup your face and I place most gentle kiss on your soft lips. My body slides down yours inch by inch. Hands follow, caressing.

My tongue licking and teasing your nipples. My piercing sliding over and around. Mouth suckling. My mouth travels down your stomach. My tongue flickering around your bellybutton. Kissing your skin.

On my knees before you, hands spread your thighs further apart. I look up at you and place a gentle kiss on your soft juicy lips. Lips kissing lips. Teasing and taunting. Tongue flickering along your lips, darting slightly deeper. Juices Casibom Güncel Giriş glistening on your pussy.

My fingers caress your lips, then hold them open. Cool air rushes over as I breathe in your aroma. Then warm as my tongue plunging into your waiting hole. Tight and moist. Tasting you. Tongue licking to your clit. Sleek steel ball pressing against you. Pushing on your swollen clit. Flicking over and back.

My hands caressing your thighs. Arms wrapping around your legs. Hands squeezing your gorgeous firm ass. My mouth closing over your clit, sucking, tongue flicking and teasing. Fingers tracing between your cheek over your puckered asshole, two sliding into your tight wet pussy. Tongue lapping at your clit, hands kneading and squeezing your ass.

Fingers sliding in and out of your pussy. Your pussy clenching around my finger. The tip of my tongue flickering on your clit peeking out of its hood. A third finger wiggling into your sopping pussy. Your juices covering my face, my hand.

Fingers stroking your inside walls. Curling and pressing. Rubbing and thrusting searching for that place. Mouth covering your clit, my tongue licking again. Smooth round metal teasing your swollen flesh.

Fingers thrusting curled toward the front of your pussy. Deeper and faster. My fingers feeling your muscles clench around my fingers, releasing and tightening.

My mouth still, and tongue limp, held to your aching pussy. I let you ride my face and hand to orgasm. Your juices covering me. Licking gently, slurping and lapping, drinking your release. My fingers still inside you, feeling your pussy throb.

Kissing your tender sensitive pussy lips softly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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