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Now that Amber seemed to be into our mutual venture, the deepest, darkest corruption fantasies had crept into my consciousness. No more guilt would be holding me back from introducing the advanced stages of corruption to my dear Amber.

While I pretended to do my homework, awaiting my parents leaving, my mind drifted to the days recent occurences. While talking to some of the more ‘shady’ students of my high school I had come into possession of some pot.

Being Monday, Amber could not risk getting too inebriated with school finals tomorrow. Pot, however, had no lasting effects and would not interfere with her ability to focus on tomorrows’ tests. Luckily, studying for finals was the perfect cover for us having to hang out.

It was nearly five o’clock and Amber was due to arrive at any time. My parents were going to go see a movie to give us peace to study. A knock at the door broke me from my fake concentration on my math.

I opened the door and Amber was standing there in a tight-fitting blue Abercrombie t-shirt and a pair of very high jean shorts. We hugged and I grabbed her bag and we began up the stairs.

“Careful with my bag Matt, I have some…fragile items in there.” She said in a somewhat apprehensive manner.

We got to my room and I closed the door behind us and set her bag on my bed. I turned and we embraced, she kissed me with her pink lip glossed lips and set her head on my shoulder.

“Your parents leave yet?” She asked, obviously awaiting something.

“No, not yet….I think they’re movie starts at quarter to six. They’ll leave soon.” I answered.

“Good….I am eager to smoke my first cigarette out of my own pack.” She murmered into my ear.

“Oh yeah…..well I got something else for you to try too.” I hinted.

“You know I can’t have a hangover for finals though, Matt.” She said not so convincingly.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” I assured.

I heard my parents yell good-bye from downstairs and I went to the window to watch them leave. I waved to them as they drove down the driveway to the road.

When I was sure they were really gone, I went to my closet and took out my Monopoly box.

“Monopoly? Matt… that will turn you on??” She asked jokingly.

I didn’t answer and opened the box revealing a clear plastic bag of green leaves.

“Holy shit, is that…..weed??” She asked now serious.

“Yup….you Eskort Bayan said you wanted to really be bad…so….Are you still so sure??” I asked already knowing she wouldn’t back out now.

“Well….yeah but I never thought….where did you get that??” She asked trying to control her anxiety.

“At school…only thiry bucks.”

“How will I smoke it? Do you have a pipe?” She queried.

“Actually no, but why don’t you give me one of your cigarettes?” I replied.

She dug into her bag and removed a red and white box. She tore off the cellophane and extracted a cork tipped Marlboro and handed it to me.

I tore off the filter and carefully pulled the paper apart allowing the tobacco to fall out and onto my floor. I then took a pinch of marijuana and put it into the little valley that was a cigarette paper.

I spread it around and licked the paper before twisting it around until it was tight enough to stay. I held it up and smiled, admiring my handy work. After all, I had never made a joint before.

I handed it to Amber who took it between thumb and forefinger and stared at it closely.

“Just smoke it like a cigarette.” I instructed.

“Wow…I would have never thought that I would be smoking weed.”

“I know……I don’t think anyone would.” I added.

“Well, what the hell right?” She asked, not sounding very self assured.

She put the makeshift joint in her mouth and dug into her bag with it dangling from her glistening painted lips. She took out her yellow bic and took a deep breath.

She tightened her clasp of the joint and flicked the lighter to life. She leaned into the flame and applied suction to the joint. She puffed it harder than the cigarette and kept the end in the flame much longer than the cigarette but finally got the cherry glowing red.

She took it in thumb and forefinger again while she hollowed out her cheeks, pulling noxious pot smoke into her mouth. She pulled on the joint for about five full seconds and extracted the end from her mouth and inhaled slowly.

Her face contorted slightly as she did her best to hold the smoke in her lungs for as long as possible. Finally after about five or six seconds she pursed her moist lips and blew out a faint stream of pot smoke.

Before she had expelled it all she coughed lightly a few times. Her eyes were watering a little but she ignored them and took another hard pull on the joint.

She held it in her lungs for about the same amount of time and before exhaling began dragging on the joint once more. Smoke started streaming down her face from her nostrils as she pulled on the joint.

Her eyes went wide and she started coughing, nearly dropping the joint on my bed in the process. Smoke sputtered forth from her mouth and nose as she coughed for several seconds.

“Jesus fucking christ. This is some strong shit.” She laughed, only sending her into another coughing fit.

“I guess so.” I replied, a little surprised at her vain use of the lords’ name.

“My head feels really heavy Matt…I think I want to lay down.” She layed back before even finishing the sentence.

She proceeded to take a few more hits off the joint before it was too small to hold anymore. She flicked the ashes to my floor absentmindedly and set the spent joint on my bedside table.

“Could you grab me a cigarette?” She asked in a raspy voice that sounded nothing like her.

I didn’t answer but shook her out a Marlboro and grabbed her lighter. I crawled up to her and placed the cigarette between her lips and lit her up. She took a few successive drags on it, exhaling through her nose while she dragged again.

“I’m pretty much stoned I think.” She informed through a haze of smoke.

I opened the window and turned on the fan, fearing that the smell had traveled throughout the house already. In my eagerness I had forgotten all about the possibility of us getting caught for this.

When I returned to the bed Amber had nearly finished the cigarette and was squinting at me through bloodshot eyes.

“Want to fuck?” She asked in a straitforward tone.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I did in fact want to, my dick had actually reached a painful stage of erection. Amber flicked her 3/4 smoked Marlboro to the floor and grabbed me by the back of my head.

She kissed me hard and I tasted the slightly unpleasant tinge of marijuana on her tongue. I tried to focus on the fact that I was kissing my stoned little Amber and my erection surged once more.

I pulled down my elastic basketball shorts and slipped my cock out of the hole in the front of my boxers. I suddenly felt a need to fuck Amber like I had always wanted.

I grabbed the slut of my dreams and pushed her head down giving her the hint that I wanted her to suck me. Her lips wrapped around my cock sensually, but I had no intention of having a nice blowjob tonight.

I pulled her head up as I raised up onto my knees with her arching her back to keep her cock in her mouth as she was still sitting. I grabbed her head by either side and covered her ears and began to thrust my cock down her throat while I yanked her head towards my pelvis in time with my thrusts.

Immediately I could her her gags and gurgles as she fought the urge to vomit as my cock teased her gag reflex repeatedly. I closed my eyes and imagined how slutty and corrupted she had gotten.

Once a pure, innocent, little girl who swore off such imperfections as alcohol and tobacco addiction. Now here she was getting stoned and wasted and gagging on my cock. I looked down to see spit drooling out of her mouth and her eyes clenched shut with streaks of her eyeliner running down her cheeks.

I began cumming and put my hand on the back of her head impaling her throat with my dick. I wanted to pump my cum so far down her throat that it would fall nearly directly into her stomach.

I let a violent orgasm rip through me as I ignored the gags and coughs of Amber and continued pumping my seed down her throat.
Finally I let her head out of my grasp and watched my cock slip from her mouth with a thick strand of cum still bridging the gap between her mouth and my cock.

She looked up at me through teary eyes, cum dribbling out of her nose and mouth and make-up smeared all over her face. Suddenly I came to my senses and realized what I had actually just done.

My heart stopped and my brain searched for some explanation for her but I drew blank. Slowly her lips curled up and into a wicked smile.

“Did this dirty little slut satisfy you?” She asked nastily.

I searched her face for any incongruence to her baffling happiness but I could not find any.

“Yeah…I uh….” I stumbled for words to aptly describe my situation.

“Shhhh……” She cooed and put her finger up to my lips and shook her head.

“I guess our study session is over….” She said.

“Yeah…..I guess…” I fumbled.

“Maybe tomorrow we can study again?” She questioned slyly.

“Sure….” I replied, utterly dumbfounded at this nearly unrecognizeable girl I thought I knew.

And with that she grabbed her bag and gave me a peck on the cheek, said ‘I love you’ and walked out the door. Leaving my room not as Amber, but as a girl I had only dreamed about.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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