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Black pumps and fishnet stockings.

Reclined in a most comfortable position with my ankles crossed on the arm of the couch, you entered and stopped in your tracks. My hand made way to my breast to administer a soothing massage, adding to the sight you could not believe.

You stood still, not making a sound except for the heavy breathing while you watched the mini display for your ultimate benefit.

I slowly rolled my neck to look towards you over the edge of the couch arm. A wink and a smile greeted you as I extended my hand towards you. You reached out and took my hand, and stepped forward as I pulled you closer.

When you were within an arms reach, I could then cradle your balls more comfortably for a while before pressing harder along the underside of your erect cock. the satin-like smooth cotton pants felt wonderful as they shrouded your manhood. I slid my hand between your legs to grab at your ass. Fingers wedged a bit between your cheeks, I pulled you even closer. Lifting my head your direction let you know what was to illegal bahis cum.

The feel of your hand along my inner thigh brought a fast wetness. My skirt was tight enough at the hem to prevent your hand from actually reaching far enough to feel all the wetness that waited for you. I lifted one leg off the arm and bent it up so you could access a bit more of my leg. The top of my stockings became evident. You slipped a fingertip or two behind the band and proceeded to try removing it. It curled down under the pressure of your motion. When i loosened my grip on your ass, you stepped sideways towards my feet to get a better grip on my stocking. With the work of a seasoned man, it was being peeled off my leg, down to my ankle and eventually off my foot as you pushed my shoe to the floor. Just as it came off my foot, you pulled my leg to drape over the side of the couch.

Instantly on your knees, you pulled my leg aside to make a better space for your hips between my thighs. With a hand slipped under my skirt on each side, casino siteleri you slid it up to my waist with ease. A white lace thong greeted you. The small amount of cloth against my pussy was nearly enough to contain the moisture your presence created. Glistening lips turned you on and made you harder in the cock than you already were. Your pants tightened, but you did nothing to ease the tension. Instead, you let it press against my leg as you began to kiss my inner thigh.

You eased my thong to one side, baring two plump, flushed lips inviting you to come further. A gentle breath upon them contracted the muscles in a hot and steamy display for you. One finger played seductively, one swirl around my lips ended at my swollen knob of a clitoris when your fingers strummed and started a tap tap tap series of play.

My leg pressed up to your pant-tightening bulge and rubbed a bit to be sure that sexy cock of yours continued to get some loving. You pressed against the inside of my leg and pushed my lips apart even more. Playing poker siteleri all the while, one finger, then two, then a third…I was squirming under your attention to my pussy. The feeling was making the region hot as it was wet. When I reached for a fist full of your soft hair, you leaned in and began.

Those fingers were suddenly accompanied by a tongue. The depth to which you pressed that hardened muscle was a surprise and a treat all at once. Firm probing tongue to flatter, soft petting lapping tongue interchanged at such a random rate I could not help but let the focus go and give my mind to you as I had just given my body. When my leg lightened the pressure against yours, you knew I was getting closer. Your attention to my breathing and my moans through every other gasp was incredible. Responses were timed perfectly to my breaths enhancing my pleasure further towards an inevitable toe curling orgasm…after the prolonged sensational contractions, you did not just prop yourself on your heels, you settled back and watched.

You stroked my lips gently. You petted attentively and eased me out of the feeling just as you tenderly eased me into it. I watched your eyes and expression as you privately watched in amazement over my reaction to all you had done to bring such pleasure so deeply to my body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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