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Big Dick

I had just finished my last final and sprinted back to the dormitory. I had little time to pack my stuff, get Michelle and get on the road. I was randomly tossing clothes into my duffel bag when my girlfriend knocked at my door.

Michelle was 5’3″; she is petite but with 32C breasts, curvy hips and a full behind. Michelle has a somewhat round but still very delicate face that flaunts her long, straight blond hair and stunning blue eyes, which she hides behind smart black glasses. She is the type of girl that both men and women were eager to be around. I loved this girl; she was sexy, smart and best of all outrageous.

She stood for a moment in the doorway, presenting herself to me like a child; her head tilted, her hips slightly bent and a childlike grin across her face. She was wearing a winter cap over pigtails, a long cotton skirt and an old sweatshirt that did not quite reach her waist.

“Hey sweetie, ready to hit the slopes?”

“I just need a few minutes.”

She said nothing, as she closed the door gently behind her; noticeably turning the deadbolt until it clicked shut.

“So do I!” Michelle said as she sensually removed her glasses exposing her bright eyes.

She walked over to my bed, slipping out of her skirt with each step. She sat down and pulled the sweatshirt over her head, playfully posing with her legs crossed and her hands on her hips. She was wearing a lacy, red and black, camisole that drew attention to her magnificent cleavage and matching V-string panties that scarcely covered her.

“I couldn’t wait to show you the new outfit I bought for our ski trip. What do you think?” Her arms hung in the air like a game show hostess.

“I like it!” My voice beamed with excitement.

“You’d better. Now, take off your clothes mister and let me have my way with you!” Without a word I dropped my pants and pulled my shirt over my head.

In contrast to Michelle, I’m over six feet tall and 200 lbs, with broad shoulders and short blonde hair.

I let her pull me down on my side and our lips met passionately. Michelle rolled over on top of me, pushed me down and straddled my naked hard on. Gently she took hold of my swollen cock and started leisurely stroking it. I reached out to her.

“Stop, I want to feel the silky material against my skin, as I fuck you!” She whispered hoarsely as I tried to remove her camisole.

Instead, she pushed her little panties to the side, revealing her moist pussy. With my dick in her hand, she gradually lowered herself down on to me and let out a deep moan, as the tip of my cock pushed past her swollen lips. She was in control; she took the first few strokes slowly but quickly she was bouncing up and down on top of me. I liberated her breasts from the camisole top and took them into my mouth, running my tongue over her stiff erect nipples. The pace accelerated, Michelle started moaning excitedly. Her ass was slapping noisily against my thighs as my cock plunged deep inside of her. With one hand clutching my shoulder for balance, her other slipped beneath her panties and pressed beside her pussy, allowing her own movements to massage her clit. She let out another deep moan and my breaths were coming in gasps. She was humping furiously, her breast recoiling against her silky top.

She sensed that I couldn’t hold on much longer. Reacting to this, she rotated her hips, jockeying for the best position. A few more concentrated strokes and I erupted inside of her. She let out an animated scream and her whole body went rigid. Juices surged from her pussy as she fell limp into my arms.

The whole episode took only a few minutes, the definition of a quickie. As we caught our breath, we connected through our warm bodies and mingling discharges. Somehow we managed to leave that room; we picked up her stuff and were on the road in minutes, our mingled juices hardening on our sexual organs as we drove.

It was our first official vacation together, a long awaited Christmas ski trip to Vermont. Michelle had booked us into a small bed and breakfast on the far side of the town and I was looking forward to skiing but the prospect of being alone with Michelle for the weekend was the real enticement.

When we arrived at the inn, snow was already falling profusely and the weather report on the radio was predicting a lot more.

A woman answered the door, her name was Sara and she managed the Inn. She was tall and slender, with bright red hair that hung in a long braid, down the middle of her back. She was wearing a black buttoned down sweater and jeans that were covered in paint. She was in her late thirties but very attractive in a small town girl way.

Sara showed us our room and then invited us to the common area. The rooms were small and charming, dominated by a huge oak bed. Between kisses we put away our stuff and changed into more comfortable clothes. For Michelle this was a production, she put on teeny silk panties, jeans bedava bahis and a little cotton top over no bra. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and adjusted her glasses while evaluating herself in the mirror. I put on a different t-shirt. I hugged her and kissed her on the nape of the neck, she massaged my shoulder warmly.

We went down the stairs and settled in the common room. It was an undersized room with a large fireplace and antique furniture. Michelle and I stood next to the fire. Sara entered with a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers on a tray. She placed the tray on the coffee table and sat down next to us.

Sara thanked us for coming but apologized to us, she told us that the rest of the guests were caught in the blizzard and it was just going to be the three of us tonight. Since we couldn’t go anywhere due to the blizzard, we spent the evening inside. Michelle and Sara got along wonderfully, like sisters and we all talked and drank through the night.

It was almost midnight when we finished off the third bottle of wine.

Sara offered us the hot tub and excused herself. It was late and she had to get to bed.

I was already in the hot tub for twenty minutes when Michelle finally showed up dressed in her oversized robe; she was grinning from ear to ear. Michelle was noticeably excited but obviously drunk. I started to say something but she put her finger to her lips and playfully directed me to follow her. I stood up; naked, I wrapped myself in a towel and followed her down the hallway and up the stairs, to one of the other rooms.

The door was wide open and I could her soft moans emanating from the room. I curiously looked back at Michelle and she pointed me back to the open room. I looked in, it was Sara’s room and she was openly masturbating on her bed. She must have thought that we would be in the hot tub for hours. Michelle giggled in my ear and grabbed hold of my bicep, as we leaned in for a better look. Sara’s sweater was wide open and her lacy white bra was unfastened in the front. Her petite breasts disappeared into her chest, yet her enormous nipples protruded into the air. Her jeans were in a bundle on the floor and her long thin legs were bent at the knees, exposing her swollen lips. Sara’s moans grew louder as her slender fingers darted in and out of her moist pussy.

My cock grew hard watching this true redhead pleasure herself. Michelle wasn’t immune to Sara’s exploits either, she tightened her grip on my arm and I could feel her breaths quicken against my neck, as she strained for a better view. I stopped and looked back at Michelle and she was hot and bothered. I reached out to smooth a loose strand of hair behind her ear and then kissed her softly on the cheek. Michelle reached up and started to kiss my neck, nibbling lightly on my earlobe as she slid her hands slowly down my back and over my ass, releasing my towel and dropping it to the floor. I was now naked with my giant erection protruding outward. Michelle’s pulled me closer and her lips met with mine. Our kissing was broken up by a loud cry from Sara. We both cautiously leaned back into the doorway and saw Sara thrashing around in the throws of ecstasy.

As this was going on, Michelle undid her robe and directed my hand within. I stepped behind her and slid my hand down her slight belly, till my fingers passed over her curly mound; she wasn’t wearing anything under the robe.

Sara’s moans became louder.

Distracted, we watched Sara roll over on to her stomach and expose her slender ass, her fingers still deep inside, her moans growing in expectancy.

Michelle gasped as I slipped two fingers inside her moist pussy and rubbed her stiff clit with my thumb, while my rigid erection pushed against her robe.

Sara’s moans became thunderous and in anticipation, she pressed her face downward into her pillow, hushing her blissful cries.

Michelle’s moans were growing louder as well, so I pulled her into an adjoining bedroom. With out a word, I pushed aside Michelle’s robe. Michelle was short, almost a foot smaller then me; naked, shrouded in that oversized robe she looked like a little girl but she was no girl, she was a woman. Her breasts appear so large, suspended on her tiny frame. I dropped to my knees, positioned my lips on her belly button and ran my tongue over the soft tiny hairs that led from her belly to her pussy. She ran her hands through my hair and pushed her pussy into my face. As I parted her swollen lips with my tongue, revealing her engorged clitoris, she massaged my back. I started licking faster and more deliberately, tasting her juices; she tasted like wildflowers. I pressed my fingers inside of her and she let out a tiny gasp.

She was so swollen now, that I buried my fingers deep inside of her. She was writhing in pleasure and she thrust her hips to meet my advances. Her short breaths quickened and her moaning increased in rhythm and veracity.

“Oh, casino siteleri god.” she gasped.

She bit down on my shoulder and whispered.

“Don’t stop!”

Her whispers became screams.

“Yes, like that! Don’t stop, Sam!”

She was trembling and she needed to lean up against me to support her body.

“Oh…this is amazing. Yes, oh yes, I’m cuming, I’m cuming!”

A surge of her juices ran down her thighs as she collapsed into my arms, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her face was flush as she turned around and made her way to the bed, leaving me kneeling on the floor.

“Are you coming?” She dropped her robe on the bed exposing her gorgeous body.

I stood up; Michelle starred at my erection with a wicked look in her stark blue eyes. I dropped down onto the bed beside her; she reached over and grabbed my hard cock with both her hands and started to kiss my lips. I could still taste the warm red wine from the evening. She shoved me back and pounced on top of me like a cat. I was both taken back by her brashness and incredible turned on by it. Her hands dug into my chest and her lips fell to my shoulder. I reached for her breasts but she playfully slapped my hands away. She then proceeded to sit up and lean her shoulders back, providing me an unobstructed view of her feminine grandeur. Michelle grabbed her breasts flamboyantly and held them in front of my face.

“Are this what you want?”

The words slurred from her mouth. I quickly reached up and placed a nipple in my mouth, while I cupped her other breast in my hand. When I ran my fingers over her nipples, Michelle moaned and reached down to my crotch, I continued to play with her breast. She let go of me of my cock, pushed me back down and straddled my lap.

“Not a word!” She said.

She took hold of my cock once more and playfully she stuck two fingers in her mouth before she began rubbing the tip, drawing her moist fingers down the shaft. I closed my eyes as she reached down and cupped my balls. She began kissing my stomach and moved gently down till she could put the entire tip of my cock between her lips. She used her tongue, lips and teeth to tantalize the sensitive head until I was moaning with excruciating pleasure. Finally, she took me all the way into her mouth and bobbed up and down on my cock while stroking the base with her hand.

Michelle was awesome, continuously pulling and tugging, all the while running her tongue and teeth across my cock and balls. We both were entirely immersed in each other, when the door sprung open and Sara strolled in.

“What are you two doing?” She said accusingly.

She was holding my wet towel, which Michelle dropped in the hall, in her hand. We had forgotten all about Sara. She staggered into the room causing Michelle to stop and bury her face into my chest with embarrassment. It must have looked comical with us lying there naked, Michelle hunched over me, her beautiful bare ass in the air, trying to hide.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t stop on my account.” She said in a sweet voice, as she ran her delicately freckled fingers over Michelle’s back and sat down next to us.

Sara had changed her clothes; she was now dressed in a silky white top, which accentuated her long slender belly and tight cotton panties that highlighted her dazzling pale skin.

As Sara tenderly massaged Michelle’s back, she returned to my cock, in part to hide from the awkwardness of the situation and partly from the sheer excitement of the situation. Sliding her tiny hands over the base of my shaft, glancing back for a moment over her shoulder at Sara who seemed very pleased with her. With Sara watching intently, Michelle became animated, electrified and quickly brought me to fulfillment.

Michelle and I collected ourselves as Sara informed us that she saw us watching her masturbate and thought that turn about was fair play. She started in on this long, sad, drunken, story, which went on entirely to long. Michelle was much more compassionate then I, she went over to Sara and hugged her firmly, reassuring her, comforting her and wiping tears from her eyes. Then out of nowhere, she kissed Sara passionately on the lips, slipped her hands under Sara’s shirt and manipulated her petite breasts between her fingers. Sara did the same, taking Michelle’s fleshy breasts to her lips.

I started rubbing myself at the sight of these two lovely women examining each other’s body. Michelle, naked, her long blond hair accentuating her gorgeous curves and Sara, long and lean, her ravishing red hair sprawled down her back.

Michelle had told me of her few lesbian experiences in the dorm but I had never seen her kiss anyone but me so passionately. At first I felt the slight pain of jealousy but it was off set but my exhilaration.

Then to my astonishment, both girls stopped and turned towards me.

“Sam, do you mind if I let Sara bahis siteleri join us?”

I couldn’t think of a thing to say.

The girls looked down at my incredible hard on between my fingers and snickered. I guess they knew that answer. Michelle sat down next to me as Sara stood and slipped off her shirt, exposing her soft freckled breasts and prevailing nipples. Her cotton panties, already moist, clung to her slender hips.

Both girls started on me, Michelle wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking me until the tip was drooling with precum. Sara leaned in and licked it off with her tongue, then put the entire tip of my cock between her lips. Michelle’s fingers amused herself as Sara used her tongue, lips and teeth to tantalize the sensitive head. I started to moan audibly, something I rarely did; Michelle interceded, guided Sara off me and planted a kiss on her, tasting me on Sara’s lips. As they kissed, Michelle slid Sara’s panties down and pushed her closer to my face.

Sara situated her red haired pussy over my mouth. I shoved my face into her and began lapping up the pussy juice freely flowing from her body. I ran my tongue around her lips and into every unknowable crevice. She tasted differently, which only excited me more. Suddenly, I felt Michelle take my cock and shove it inside of herself. My tongue continued probing Sara, as Michelle pounded me; my cock going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Sara began to moan as we explored the depth of our own sexual desires. I found Sara’s erect clit and began flicking my tongue across it. As my mouth worked on her radiant pussy, I massaged my hands over her beautiful thin ass. I looked up at Michelle’s face and she was truly enjoying this. She continued to pound my cock, her breast bouncing wildly, pushing me deep within her. Somehow through all this we synchronized our strokes and everything quickly accelerated.

“Oh, god, ohh, ohh, yes, oh, please, yes Oh, god, I’m cumming!”

I couldn’t tell who was shouting; I think that it was both of them

Their moans became shouts and I felt dizzy with excitement; Sara’s orgasm began first, her moans spiraling into screams of pleasure. Michelle followed with a wicked orgasm of her own, as she forced her cunt down on top of my dick. The girls collapsed on top of me, gasping for air. Somehow, I was still hard and they noticed it. We lay there for a moment.

“Do you want to fuck her?” Michelle whispered in my ear.

I didn’t know how to answer that question either. Michelle comforted my fears by telling me that this time it was o.k. She said she loved me, besides she said, she wanted to watch me fuck. She kissed me tenderly and leaned over and whispered in Sara’s ear. Somehow this led to the three of us kissing and groping each other’s warm bodies. Soon Sara was on all fours licking Michelle’s lovely pussy, her tongue instinctively striking all the right spots. Michelle moaned loudly.

I took the opportunity and slid in behind Sara. I could feel Sara shift her ass against my cock as I mounted her.

“Oh, God, I want you inside me.” Sara moaned into Michelle’s lap.

I needed to adjust my angle, I wasn’t used to having such a tall woman. I needed to use my hand to guide my enlarged cock into her moist cunt. This really set her off. She screamed and moaned uncontrollably as I repeatedly hammered her pussy. She had forgotten all about Michelle and it seemed that both of them didn’t mind.

Michelle started moaning erratically as she played with her self, watching as Sara adjusted to the rhythm and was thrusting her ass back into me every time I shoved my cock deep up into her cunt. Sara grabbed her breast with her free hand and started squeezing her nipples, while I continued to ride her. Her moans were much louder then Michelle’s and she was quickly working her way to another orgasm.

“Oh, baby. Oh, fuck! Yes, that’s so good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! Yes!” Sara howled as the snow continued to fall outside the window.

I had never been with a woman who screamed so vocally. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode. I began to thrust more rapidly. She picked up the pace to match me. Michelle furiously fiddled with herself, capitalizing on our moans and screams. Sara continued to scream, her body trembling and her muscles tightening until we both exploded in a massive orgasm. Michelle promptly finished herself off and the three of us fell into comfortable position on the bed.

We all kissed for a little while longer, spooning, the girls holding hands.

I woke up, hours later, under a warm comforter, in the arms of my two lovers. I could see all the snow still falling profusely outside the window. Michelle was already awake, I felt a twinge of guilt as I looked into her lovely blue eyes but my fears we unwarranted. With out a sound, Michelle cuddled up next to me, her warmth enveloping me and with one tender kiss I knew that everything was all right. In fact it was pretty spectacular and I fell back to sleep.

This was the end of the first night of an amazing weekend. I plan to finish the second night’s story very soon. It will be told from Michelle’s point of view. I hope you enjoy it.

Tell me what you think so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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