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For the first time in several years I had a summer mostly to myself – no real job, no homework – I could do whatever I wanted. At least that’s how it started. I was 20 and had been working my ass off in college for the past few years working on an accounting degree – anything to get me out of rural Georgia. I got a call from my parents that they hooked me up with a cleaning job at my grandma’s condo complex. It paid okay and was on the water, but I’d been looking forward to sitting in my ass all summer. Oh well. My grandma was ancient and I figured making some money while keeping her company and getting tan wouldn’t be the worst way to spend the summer.

I got to her condo and knocked on her door, expecting her to take a minute to get to the door. Almost immediately a bikini clad hottie opened the door and threw her arms around me.


Jackie? I hadn’t been called that in years, not since I used to see my little cousins more often. I took a step back from the ample breasts and saw the face of my little cousin Steph, who was nothing like the 8 year old girl I taught how to swim a decade ago.

“Steph?! What are you doing here? Where’s grandma?”

“She’s taking a nap. My parent’s sent me here for a week to keep you guys company.”

“Awesome! What a great surprise. Tell me what’s going on with you, my parent’s have kept me only a little up to speed with you.”

“Well let’s get you settled into our condo next door so grandma can sleep.”

Our condo? I guess I forgot that part of the deal with my job was I got to stay in one of the summerbird’s condos for free all summer. I guess I was going to have a beautiful roommate too.

The condo was a lot bigger than my grandma’s – a big kitchen, dining room, huge living room, and two bedrooms and bathrooms. Steph had claimed the larger nicer room, but mine was very comfortable. After getting settled in we grabbed some beers and went down to the dock overlooking the bay. I’d spent a lot of time fishing on that dock and it always felt like another home to me.

“So you’re starting school this year right?” I asked my cousin.

“Yep, my first year at U Iowa starts in just a few months.”

“You excited or just nervous?”

“Definitely nervous. There’s gonna be so many people!”

“That’s one of the best parts about college though – you’ll certainly never be bored.”

We chatted for an hour or so, I gave her as much school advice as I could, but was honestly not at all worried about her. She’d always been such a smart girl, the only thing blocking her from success was her poor self esteem. Despite being such a beautiful girl she had never really known how wonderful she was.

We had dinner with our grandma, I got caught up on her life – all her adventures watching soap operas and talking to her parrot. She’s still very together but her age shows more every time I see her. After a few hours of family talk Steph and I excused ourselves to our condo to get some space. I cracked two more beers and our talk strayed back to college Short links life.

“I’m honestly nervous about all the guys.”

“What’s there to be nervous about? With a body like yours surely you were the star of high school.”

Steph blushed adorably. “You think I’m hot?”

“No. I know it. There’s nothing subjective about it.”

She laughed at my stupid joke but looked a little sad.

“I got a lot of attention, but I’ve just never felt comfortable with any of the guys which just made things worse.”

“How so?”

“Well I’ve only ever kissed like one guy.”

I almost spit my beer out. I came out of my shell in about 10th grade and became what everyone considers a pretty hot guy. I work out a lot, I’m tall, and though not as widely know, I’ve got a rather thick 9.5″ cock. As such, I’ve done pretty well with ladies, and though I was never particularly promiscuous, I’m quite experienced for a 20 year old, so the fact that she was almost totally inexperienced blew me away.

“How is that possible?!”

“Hey, don’t be mean!”

“I mean that in the best possible way! You are so hot! I would have been all over you in high school.”

She blushed again – so cute.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to with anyone, I just didn’t want to do it wrong. The longer I waited with anyone the more it seemed like everyone else was getting way ahead of me and I didn’t want to let them down.”

“That makes sense, but everyone’s got to learn and any good guy would know that, no matter how experienced they were.”

“Well I don’t think any of the guys at my high school would have felt that way.”

“Well then it’s a good thing you’re about to go to a place full of thousands of horny guys!”

“Haha, but that’s just the problem, I don’t want to go into college without even having made out!”

“I promise you it won’t be hard to find a cool, good looking, understanding guy that won’t think you’re weird for never having fooled around.”

“But I don’t want to be that. I regret not having fooled around and fucked those guys in high school!”

I was taken aback by her cursing. Despite how sexy she was I was still not completely used to the 18 year old Steph. I wasn’t sure what to say to her, I felt like I’d been helpful, but I didn’t really understand what she wanted other than to go back in time to fuck some jocks in high school.

“Will you kiss me?” she sheepishly asked.

This came out of nowhere to me. I thought I’d misheard her.

“Will I kiss you?”

“Yeah. It’s kinda perfect. I mean I trust you, you’re super hot, and you’ve helped me out with so many other things in the past, how is this any different?”

Her suggestion seemed to break some kind of shell around her. She had looked so cute and sexy in her bikini before, but know it was like her body was calling to me. I had never actually thought about anyone in my family sexually before (expect maybe my sexy aunt Mary, but that’s a different story) but her question seemed to immediately Short link break down all barriers and she was no longer just my cousin, but also an amazingly sexy girl.

“I really want nothing more than to help you, but don’t you think that might be going over some kind of line?” “Not if you’re only doing to help me. Like when you taught me how to swim. Except now it’s just sex.”

“Wait! I thought you just wanted me to kiss you?”

“Well if you’re going to teach me that, why not just teach me everything?”

My cock was almost embarrassingly hard at this suggestion. I felt like I should have stopped things now, but it’s just like teaching her to swim, right?

“Let’s just start with the kissing and keep things slow.”

Her girlish excitement was almost comical as she jumped out of her chair and onto the couch next to me. She immediately grabbed my face and stuck her tongue down my throat.

“Whoa!! Slow down there cowgirl.”

“What, did I do something wrong?”

“Not really, just take things slowly like I said.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just really horny and you’re really hot and I think it’s kinda hot that we’re, like, cousins and stuff.”

I chuckled to myself as her excitement made me almost cum right then and there.

“It’s okay, just slow down and enjoy it more.”

She approached me slowly and our lips locked. Our kisses were soft and tender, the kind of kisses that only can occur between two people who trust each other. I opened my mouth slowly and our tongues gently touched. Steph moaned slightly as she felt the effects of her first real passionate kiss. Despite me own experience I couldn’t deny the feeling myself.

We continued to make out for longer than I had in a while – very sensual but much more PG-13 than anything I had done in a while. I had forgotten how hot simple making out can get you. I could tell that Steph was wanting more, and I certainly knew I did. Before I could suggest anything her hand slid down to my crotch and she gasped.

“Oh my god, is that your cock?”

“Yes. You’ve had quite an impact on it.”

She gently rubbed it through my pants. “Doesn’t it hurt, it feels to big?”

“It’s a little hard to explain I guess. I mean it is uncomfortable being so hard in my pants, and it could certainly use some relief, but it’s definitely a good thing that it’s this hard.”

As I explained the discomfort she immediately undid my pants and pulled out my enraged cock. She moaned greedily and I gasped as she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh my god, you’re so big! This has to be bigger than most guys right?”

“A little, yeah.”

“It’s amazing! Will you show me how to make you cum?”

Had I not been more experienced I think I would have exploded right then and there, luckily I held my composure.


“Awesome! Thank you!” She knelt down on the floor immediately in front of me in between my legs. I swear I’ve never seen anything so sexy in my life. Even with all the girls I’ve had, she was suddenly making me feel shy.

“Maybe, since you’ve seen my cock and all, you could take your top off for me?” I asked her sheepishly.

She immediately pulled it off freeing her perfect little tits.

“Okay, so I’ll maybe start and you can just pick it up when you think you know what to do.”

“Okay, cool. This is fun!”

I started slowly jerking myself as her eyes locked onto my cock, watching every motion I made with my hand.

“Do you ever masturbate?” I asked my cousin.

She blushed her adorable little blush again. “Yeah, a lot,” she said quietly.

“You can now if you want to.”

“Would you like that?” she asked in a surprisingly sexy voice. Without waiting for a response she slid her bottom off and slid her fingers into her pussy. She was unshaved but the hair was light and sparse and I could make out her engorged clit easily. She let out a sigh of relief and her fingers entered herself.

“Okay now take my cock with your other hand.” She wrapped her left hand around my cock, her right hand busy on herself.

“Now just use the same motion I was using on myself….yeah, perfect.” Her delicate hand was like magic on my cock, every stroke building me up. She was clearly inexperienced but she’d paid good attention while I was jerking myself and was doing a great job for a first timer. Her speed suddenly slowed and I opened my eyes just in time to see her face wince and her mouth let out a deep but quiet sigh.

“Did you just cum!”

“Yes, is that okay?”

“Of course! That’s amazing that you can make yourself cum so fast!”

“I’m sorry if I was ignoring you. I’ll put all my effort into you now.” She immediately grabbed my cock with both hands and picked up the pace dramatically. I could feel her own cum all over her right hand which was now circling the top of my cock.

“Oh my god, that’s gonna make me cum soon!” This seemed to spur her on as she almost perfectly jerked my cock even faster.

“Seriously, slow down or I’m gonna explode all over you.”

“But that’s what I want you to do.”

That was it. My cousin’s desire for my cum made me explode like I never had before. Stream after stream of cum erupted from me landing on her head, her hands, my chest and splashing across her face and breasts. The whole time she squealed with delight muttering, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and never once stopping her jerking. As the last drops finally shot out she released my cock.

“Thank you, that was amazing.” Steph said, her hand gently caressing my thigh.

“No, thank you, I’m not sure I’ve ever cum so hard.”

“Well I want you to do that as many times as you can over the next week. Is that okay?”

“Of course sweetheart, what ever you’d like. Don’t you want to get cleaned up?” We’d been sitting there for a few minutes now, her still dripping with my cum.

“Oh, haha, I’d forgotten that I’m covered with your cum.” She looked curiously at the cum on her tits and scooped some off with a finger and tasted it.

“Mmmm…it’s really tasty, is that weird?”

“Not at all, most girls I know really like how cum tastes.”

“Okay good. Maybe next time you can cum in my mouth so I can swallow it all?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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