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Sarkopheros Says:

New Jae! I’ve decided to append “hyper” to these titles to separate them from the other Jae stories. Let’s see how that works.

Anyway, I decided to make him as big as he was in the Jedi stories, and I gave him a power to replace his Force telekinesis.

It has come to my attention that there are some people who will read these forewords and all the warnings and then

Expect straight sex, vehicle-sized dicks, literal floods of cum, ludicrous cum inflation, and generalized insanity. This story operates on hentai physics.



Alisha was rather confused when she saw the old red convertible drive by the windows. She wasn’t confused by the car, of course—she knew what a car was, even if they had misplaced roofs.

A long-haired guy was driving the convertible. It wasn’t the man that confused her, either. Alisha had seen plenty of guys who were in sore need of haircuts. No, what confused her was the two flesh-colored lumps in the back seat. It was like he had a couple of beanbag chairs made out of human flesh in the back of his car. If true, this would make him a very special type of serial killer. Probably the type of serial killer that shops at IKEA and frequents hookah lounges.

When he got out of the car, Alisha narrowed her eyes. He slung a vast, fleshy slug over his shoulder. A tube of meat as wide as him and far longer. Its anterior end was wrinkly, and seemed to be a wrinkly hood pulled over a dome-like head. Then he got out of the car. Alisha gasped. He lifted the bean bag chairs over the side. Her jaw dropped, her eyes opened wide.

Those bags were his balls! And that flesh-tube was his cock! It was longer than he was tall, and even though it hung down behind him, its yoga-ball-sized glans swung near his ankles. His yard-wide balls barely cleared the ground. In fact, Alisha didn’t even notice the fact that the man had no pants on. Mostly because she couldn’t even see his legs.

He had to turn sideways and push the door open with his left nut. Gasps, cries, curses, and Instagram updates provided the soundtrack for his entrance. Jae was very much aware of the fact that he had no pants on, and so were the restaurant’s patrons. They were treated to the sight of his incredible size and his firm, golden ass.

Alisha stared in slack-jawed amazement as he approached her, only now noticing that he was dressed roughly in punk fashion. His black leather vest had chrome spikes along the visible shoulder. His eyes were concealed behind dark red sunglasses. And … that was about it as far as clothing.

Of course, if Jae had known she thought he looked like a punk, he would have had a talk with her about how he was clearly dressed in heavy-metal fashion and how heavy metal came out before punk. And then someone would have posted about the argument online and caused an angry internet debate which would attract unwanted hipsters.

Fortunately, there were no hipsters present at the moment. Jae walked toward her with hundreds of pounds of dick. Alisha could smell it. A thick, sexual aroma. She inhaled unconsciously, nostrils flaring. Jae smiled when he saw this. The cutie closed her eyes slightly. It wasn’t an unclean smell, but it was definitely a sexual smell. Alisha could feel heat creeping into her gut.

Her eyes moved down to his balls. She could hear the cum sloshing inside with every step. Sloorsch-sloosch-slooorsch! They wobbled and quivered and she couldn’t even tell if he was wearing shoes—not that footwear verification was where her mind was at the moment. It was on his monstrous balls and cock.

Jae was wearing boots, not that you could tell if you were in front of him. Like Alisha, his attention was not in fact on his shoes. His attention was on the voluptuous dark-skinned girl behind the counter! And as her comeliness grabbed Jae’s attention, he grabbed her attention with his Brobdingnagian beef bus. It became a sort of attention tug-of-war, though Jae was winning. Mostly because penises bigger than their owners (while flaccid) are far rarer, stranger, and more distracting than black girls wearing hats.

The patrons of Taco Bell agreed. Their eyes were all locked on the meaty leviathan and its owner as he lugged it through the restaurant. Pictures were snapped, Instagrams were updated with misspelled captions. His gigantic testicles knocked aside a few chairs and tipped over a frat boy. It dripped water-balloon-sized globs of precum on the floor. Schplat. Schplat. That luscious, sexual scent radiated from the puddles it left. The aroma spread the heat lower from Alisha’s belly and sparked new fires in the bodies of the patrons who had brought their vaginas today.

Jae got as close as he could to the counter. It creaked when his balls pressed against it.

“Jesus,” muttered Alisha.

“Nah, just Jae.”

“Uh. Yeah. Right! Welcome to Taco Bell, sir,” stammered the girl, doing an effective job of addressing sumo web tools his cock. “You wanna order?”

“Probably,” said Jae, grinning at her, the scar across his face crinkling. “Eyes are up here,” he said, taking his sunglasses off.

“Yeah!” yelped Alisha, looking at his face. The stranger was handsome. He had sculpted, angular features with a strong jaw and strange red eyes.

As she looked at him, he looked at her. She had full lips, dark eyes, high cheekbones. Her tummy was soft-looking, her hips wide, her bust generous. A ring pierced the corner of her mouth. Braids hung from under her visor.

The girl shook her head, trying to clear it. “So what do you want, sir?”

“Let me get a number six with a soft taco,” he said.

“Alright, that’s $8.02,” said Alisha, looking back at Jae. She could actually see the veins on his cock pulsing, they were so big! They looked proportional to the cock, but they had to be the size of her forearms!

Jae reached into his pocket, before realizing that all he was doing was rubbing his muscular hip. Because the pockets didn’t exist. Because he had no pants on. Why have a hyper-sized cock if you’re going to wear pants? That would be pointless, like having watermelon-sized tits and wearing a shirt. Or like having a watermelon-sized head and wearing a hat. He looked at Alisha and said, “I have no pants.”

“Good job.”

“My wallet is in my pants.”

Alisha squinted at him. “Why do you even own pants?”

“Obviously to put my wallet in,” answered Jae.

Alisha gave a heavy sigh. “You have to pay for your food, slick.”

“Can I pay with sex?” he asked.

Alisha nodded. “Sure! Hold on.” She looked down at the cash register, trying to find “Sex” under “Payment Methods.”

The manager came out of the back and gasped when she saw Jae. She was a taller woman with short blonde hair and generally looked like the sort of person you’d see screaming at six-year-olds playing soccer.

Alisha looked at her and asked, “Where is the payment method for ‘sex?’ “

Martha picked up her jaw and looked at her employee. She poked the touchscreen. “You have to go under ‘Alt. Payment Methods,’ and it’s right—”

Alisha spotted it. “Oh, okay, thanks.” She tapped the button labeled “sex.”

But as Alisha moved to complete the transaction, Martha grabbed her hand and squinted at Jae. He squinted back.

“Wait!” she yelled. “Wait just a darn minute there!” She looked up at Jae and jabbed her finger at him. “Didn’t you see the sign? No shirt, no shoes, no service!”

Jae tucked at his leather vest. “I am wearing a shirt.”

“That’s a vest, not a shirt!” Martha put her hands on her hips. “Do you expect me to sell unregulated tacos to any random hooligan who comes in here wearing a vest?!”

Jae stared at her. “…Yes?”

“Not so fast!” yelled Martha.

Jae heard a voice behind him. “Hello?”

He looked. There was a girl there. Looked to be a Latina. Long hair, short stature. Epic tits that were in fact larger than watermelons. Her shirt was too small and exposed the lower half of each, caramel-colored orb. Nipples like double shot glasses stood up underneath the cloth.

Jae grinned widely at her. “Well, hello there,” he growled.

“¡Hola, my dear! I can give you my shirt!” she offered.

“Oh, that would be good, thanks!”

“It’s pointless to wear a shirt with tits like these, anyway!” she chuckled. She began to jiggle and wiggle in a hypnotic way as she peeled the teal away.

“Yeah, I was just thinking that,” said Jae. “Thanks, girl, you’re so sweet.” He looked across the counter at Martha and said, “Hold this.” He flopped his cock over. Martha raised her arms to catch it. SMACK! Martha was cockslapped across the face and sent flying across the kitchen. Her hat flipped away. When she groaned and sat up, she was covered in a thick layer of precum and half her face was bright red. She moaned and began lapping at the fluid.

Within that same second, Jae’s cock hit the counter and KRAK! the wood buckled in the middle.

Jae slipped his vest off and took the proffered shirt. It was incredibly baggy on him. Still, Alisha and the Latina took the time to ogle his broad pecs and his chiseled abs. The Latina smiled and reached up under the shirt to feel his abs. Her massive tits engulfed half his torso. “Oh, my, I could do the wash on these!” she cooed.

“You can do more than just that, girl,” chuckled Jae. His new look was very effective in making him look like he was a circus tent.

“Okay, I can serve you now, sir,” said Alisha. She took off her visor and began to slip out of her purple polo. “Time to extract payment. For the good of the company.”

Jae grinned. Alisha wiggled free of her pants, and soon, her curvaceous body was presented to him. Alisha winked and climbed up onto the counter. She turned around and wiggled her wide, wide hips. Her fat sumowebtools ass jiggled. Alisha bent forward, putting her hands on her knees, bouncing those big cheeks and making them clap.

Jae growled and licked his teeth. “Mmmph, damn, that’s a fat ass, girl!” CHORRRMBBLL. His balls let out a deep rumble. He felt the flow of precum increase at his tip, though he couldn’t see the end of the three-yard organ. But he could hear the gushing and crashing of gallons of hot fluid. The fragrant aroma of chalupas, tacos, and burritos was overpowered by his raw, orgiastic miasma. His cum factories worked. He could feel his sperm multiplying, the space filling up, the delicious stretch of semen bloating his nuts. Jae climbed up and over his balls, sliding them behind him.

The Latina put her hands on them. “Can I help? You owe me for borrowing my shirt,” she said.

“Hell yeah, girl!” chuckled Jae. “What’s your name?”

“Carmen.” The caramel-colored girl wiggled out of her short-shorts and licked her lips as she climbed up on top of his balls. She knelt, grabbed handfuls of skin, and began rocking her thighs back and forth, grinding her knees into the surface. Jae let out a low grunt as he felt the nice, firm massage. His gigantic nuts began to slosh and gurgle as they grew even faster.

Behind them, many of the patrons were now taking pictures. A mother escorted her children out of the building, because apparently she did not think that twerking was a vital part of their education.

Martha had recovered and approached the tip of his cock. She began to lose her own uniform. “Everyone, get to the front!” she yelled. Out of the back, about eight more ladies appeared.

Alisha said, “I just right now noticed that you only hired attractive women.”

“Huh, what do you know? Weird,” grunted Martha. “Alright, everyone, this guy has to pay for his order with sex, and we’re going to get all the sex we can get out of him!”

Carmen yelled behind Jae, “What are you all doing, just watching?! Come help!” His gurgling, honey-tan balls were now a good four feet across each, as wide as a full-sized sofa combined. And they kept growing.

Some of the ladies stepped forward and began using their bodies to rub up against the bloating balls. Jae’s cock was likewise growing, its head rising up as Alisha bent low, slipping her panties off. She straddled the monstrous organ and slid down it till her rear end touched Jae’s firm abs. She rolled her hips, grinding up and down. Alisha lifted a shapely leg and spun around so she was facing him. His rough hands gripped her plump rear and he lifted her toward him, soft tummy against sinuous muscle, tits against pecs, and soon, tongue against tongue.

They both moaned as their lips met sloppily. Jae could taste the fire sauce on her.

Martha pressed herself up against the cock’s great head. It was wider than she was. She slipped her hands up under the fleshy foreskin, shoving her face up against the slit. Liters of precum gushed over her, drenching her nude body, covering her in a thick, hot layer. Behind her, the employees began to disrobe, each one feeling the same dripping arousal that Alisha and Martha felt.

The cock’s head rose as it bloated sideways, growing fatter by the second. The counter crackled again, unable to support what was quickly becoming thousands of pounds of cock. The organ pushed its way into the kitchen as it expanded. Martha kept having to shuffle backward. Slippery bodies climbed up onto the fleshy monster, women’s voices moaning in need as they ground their mounds against the pulsing behemoth. The girth of those veins rivaled their legs. Power pulsed and vibrated within, making them excellent for grinding.

Precum rolled throughout the kitchen area, growing deeper as it overwhelmed the drains. Jae’s balls were so enormous that he couldn’t see all of the people behind him moaning and rubbing against them. But he could feel those tongues lapping at the slick flesh, those grasping hands probing the wrinkles in its skin. He felt dozens of hot, wet tits and tummies and legs pushing into his sack, trying to coax more sperm out of it.

Alisha pulled away, a string of saliva connecting their tongues. She looked over her shoulder. Her eyes widened.

Stretching out for quite a distance behind her was what resembled a golden highway. A vast expanse of flesh leading toward a pulsing, glistening crown which was being assaulted by her eager coworkers. A surface strewn with fleshy ridges formed by the veins.

We are also assuming the observer has no idea what highways look like. Outside of Mississippi, anyway. However, neither Alisha nor the story was in Mississippi, so she did not make a connection between penises and road conditions.

“Damn, boy!” gasped Alish. “That thing’s bigger than my car! It’s like a submarine!”

“Twenty feet of authentic Asian sausage,” Jae chuckled. “Ooh, yeah,” he groaned.

At the tip of his cock, two of the girls were pumping their entire fists and forearms into its mouth, making lewd squishing noises and squirting and spraying precum all over them. It poured out by the gallon, smearing over their faces and hair and making it generally hard to taste or smell anything other than cock.

“You could get a lot more than one combo meal,” Alisha said.

Jae shrugged. “I’m not very good at penis math.”

Alisha smiled at him. “It’s one of my courses this semester! We’re learning all about phallic calculations and testicular metrics.”

“Really? What’s the course called?” asked Jae.


“Of course it is,” he sighed.

The monstrous organ was at full strength, twenty feet, just as its owner said, almost four feet across at its fattest point. “I’m hard now. Time for me to pay up,” he rumbled. Jae began to awkwardly shuffle backward. Some of the ball-rubbing crowd yelled in annoyance as his nuts pushed back at them. The cock-rubbing employees complained as their prize slid away.

GRRNNGGGH. His balls shoved the furniture aside, flipped tables, and bounced the chairs away. KRRNCH! That time, they completely pulverized a table. Each nut was as high as Jae was, the surfaces rippling, deep rumbling-churning coming from within. The floor was vibrating with his virility. The temperature of the restaurant kept rising as heat radiated from his balls. Perspiration began to grace the skin of the entire crowd.

Soon, his cock was far enough away from the remains of the counter that Alisha could bend over it, licking her lips as she looked back at him, reaching back to finger her mound, pulling away glistening strings of her juices. Jae licked his lips. Alisha rubbed her big ass against the tip of his cock.

He lifted his hands and began gesticulating before raising them. The pool of precum rolled back from the tip of his cock like some kind of obscene, musky T-1000. Clear tentacles rose from the pool, slurping toward Alisha. They engulfed her legs. Alisha squinted at the slimy tendrils and then back at Jae. She asked, “Are you Japanese?”

“Nah, I’m Korean,” he said. “The spunktacles are here for your pleasure.”

Voices shouted from behind his burgeoning nutsack.

“What’s going on?!”

“We can’t see!”

Jae looked backward and saw a wall of flesh behind Carmen. His nuts were each over eight feet in height. KKRRNCH! And they’d just consumed a row of booths, pulverizing wood and brightly-painted metal with their sheer mass. Behind his nuts, the gathered crowd of ladies found themselves with less and less room. The burgeoning testicles were pushing them back toward the picture windows.

The inches-thick scrotal skin-folds were so deep someone could get lost in there. Carmen laid back against the sack, finding it to be smooth and supple, like fine leather. Her monstrous tits sloshed on either side of him. Her nipples had grown from shotglasses to lowball glasses and hot white sweetness gushed forward.

“Don’t look at me, pay for your meal!” she cried.

Jae chuckled and yanked his hands backward. Alisha howled as she was pulled back. GLRRSCH! Her cunt stretched in a second. Flesh yielded like latex. Her belly bulged out around the vast glans. She lurched backward. And that was the last thing she felt before she began to convulse. Her eyes rolled back into her head as lightning struck her body. Her muscles spasmed, her toes curled, an animalistic scream pierced her throat.

As she slid backward, fluid sprayed out around Jae’s cock, liters of mixed pre and cunt juice. He could feel Alisha spasming in orgasm as her belly was stretched forward like a chocolatey condom. She careened ass-first toward Jae until her meaty rump smashed into his lower abs. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she collapsed forward onto her stretched-out belly.

The precum-tentacles wrapped around her waist and Jae groaned. She began to slide back and forth, spraying hot fluid everywhere. Her coworkers and manager lined up on either side of the brown-sheathed cock and threw their pre-slick bodies against its flanks, using their stomachs, legs, arms, tits and everything to stimulate it.

Steaming-hot pre poured into the catatonic cashier by the bucketful. It was hard to tell due to the sheer bulk of Jae’s member, but her belly already started to swell. Her eyelids fluttered, she kicked her feet up, curled her toes.

Carmen slipped around in front of Jae. “If your hands are unoccupied, make them useful!” She lurched forward, completely engulfing Jae in her tits. He wrapped his muscular arms around them, biceps and rough hands smushing into luscious tit-flesh as he squeezed and groaned. Gallons of milk spewed out of her nipples, splashing against his growing nuts and rolling down their surfaces.

Those nuts were now up to the ceiling. And the weren’t the only thing growing. Carmen’s tits sloshed and churned around Jae’s head as they grew bigger and bigger. The Cuban girl moaned as her ass slapped against Alisha’s. SMAK-SMAK-SMAK. Each collision of the big, jiggling cheeks sent sweat and pre and cunt-nectar spraying outward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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