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Donna came over to were I was kneeling and said I have been a good slave and that she was going to reward me. She started letting the air out of the blow up dildo and it felt real good. When all the air was out of it my asshole was so big that the dildo fell out of my ass onto the floor. Donna told the guy with the biggest cock to come over and fuck me, he come over and stuck his cock right into my ass he started fucking me and said that this was the looses ass he has ever fucked.

I couldn’t believe that monster cock was all the way up my ass. He fucked me long and hard I could feel his balls tighten up and knew he would be cumming soon. The first blast of cum was so deep I thought I could taste it. He must have shot off in me 5 big squirts of cum juice. He let his cock slip out of my ass and the other big cock got behind me and fucked me to. His cock was bigger around but shorter and he started fucking me real hard and he was pulling out so far that air was being pushed into my asshole. While he was fucking me it sounded like I was farting my ass hole has been so stretched out from all the fucking it has gotten in the last few days.

He türkçe altyazılı porno finally blew his load of cum up my ass, his cum was real hot and it blended in good with the previous cum that was in my ass. He pulled his cock out and the other 8″ cock took his place. I looked over and my wife was sucking the cum off of the other two guys cocks. The cock that was fucking me now was a good 8″ by 2 ½ inches but I couldn’t feel him fucking me. Donna came over and was watching this little cock pumping in me cum was going everywhere because it was seeping out all around the cock that was fucking me.

She ask the man how my ass felt and he said that my ass was so loose that he couldn’t feel any thing except the hot cum leaking down his leg and then he said it isn’t even my cum. Donna felt sorry for him and told him to pull his cock out and to come over and fuck her ass hole. The man jerked his cock out of my ass and started to fuck Donna’s ass. Donna stopped him and said go over there and let his wife clean the cum off of your cock in the mean time she had me lick her ass and then she had me get the lube xnxx out and get her ready for a cock. I got Donna ready for his cock, I looked over at my wife and she had his whole cock and balls in her mouth at one time.

Donna yelled for her to release his cock, he pulled his cock and balls out of her mouth and his cock was soaked in saliva. He came over and Donna told me to grab his cock and insert it into her ass. I saw his eyes roll back in his head and he was fucking her hard slamming her asshole with force. She was bucking back and forth. Dana told my wife to get up and start sucking on one of Donna’s tits, as she was sucking a tit Dana got under Donna and was sucking and licking on her pussy. Donna let out a groan and she cum all over. Donna’s pussy spit girl cum out like a man.

Dana was sucking up all the cum and her face looked like a Danish pastry. I got up and started licking girl cum off of Dana’s face, it tasted delicious. Donna got up and regained her composure she told the 3 guys that it was time for them to leave. So they got up and said good-bye, that they enjoyed it and was looking foreword to doing it again. porno izle When they left it was just me and my wife and the two dyke bitches Donna and Dana.

Donna looked at me and said you are not done yet Cumboy, your wife’s ass and pussy is still full of cum. Donna went over and pulled the butt-plug out of my wife’s pussy and made me lick all the juices off of it. Then she made me suck all the cum juice out of my wife’s pussy, it had been in her cunt for an hour or so. It was so hot and all the big ropes of cum that had been shot in her pussy was now just clear thin semen. I sucked on her clit till it was sticking out like a miniature penis. Donna come over and pulled the butt-plug out of my wife’s ass and cum was pouring out of it.

I stuck my mouth down there and the cum just flowed into my mouth. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in deep she wiggled her ass down on my tongue and started pissing all over her self. I stopped and pulled my face out of her ass she said she was sorry that she didn’t know if she was cumming or pissing. I looked down on the sheet and there was piss with little cum drops swimming around in it. Donna told me to get up and go take a shower. Everybody took a shower and we all fell asleep. I was lying their looking at my pretty wife thinking what in the hell is in store for me tomorrow.

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To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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