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When I pulled up to the Airbnb I rented for the weekend,the stress from the work week just melted away. The busy season for the company was now in the rear view mirror until the summer. I opened the car door and the brisk, snowy winter air caressed my face. I gazed at this “cabin” that was more like a mansion. It had 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, chef’s kitchen, and it sat on Mount Baker. The ski resort was just a 10 minute drive up the mountain, but I wasn’t focused on that. I just wanted a quiet week, by myself to catch up on some reading and much needed Netflix.

My name is Joseph but my friends call me Joey. Just an average accountant in his mid 20s with no luck in dating and is more of a hermit. This place was a steal at $80 a night. I figured a couple days up here in the fresh air would do me good. I’m not sure how this place was so cheap but I’d soon find out. After I grabbed my backpack and suitcase, I walked this 3 foot wooden statue of a wolf and per the instructions, I grabbed the key that was hidden in its mouth.

I unlocked the door and entered. When I turned on the lights, I was amazed at where I was. It was beautifully decorated with upscale, high end furniture and decor. If the Kardashians were to have a “cabin” it would be this. I closed the door and when I turned around, a guy was directly in front of me. Startled I jumped back with a yell.

“Who are you and why are you in my home,” The stranger calmly asked. Trying to quickly calm down, I yelled “Shit man! You scared me. I rented this place for the weekend on Airbnb.” I clumsily fished out my phone to show him the confirmation email. He glanced at it and then back at me with a raised eyebrow. If he did own this place, he was eerily calm for having an intruder in his house.

Then he spoke, “Sorry, but it seems like you’ve been scammed. You’re not the first. I’ve tried notifying the company to never allow my address to be listed but, it seems as though it keeps falling on deaf ears.”

“Do you live here alone,” I asked as the pit of my stomach started to drop. How could I be so stupid to fall for this scam. And why doesn’t Airbnb fix this? The owner replied, “I do. I’m retired and I enjoy the solitude. I’m not much of a people person.” He looked so young to be retired. I looked closer at him, taking all of him in. He was about 5’10” and in good shape. He reminded me of a young handsome librarian type. Short, styled brown hair, clean shaven, nearly flawless complexion, and his deep brown eyes look as though they could also be a maroon color. I thought they may have flashed a deep crimson when I caught myself checking him out too long.

He may have noticed because his eyebrows raised in amusement and curiosity. He sighed, “Well, since you traveled all this way and paid for it, why not just stay for the night. You can leave tomorrow and deal with getting your refund. There’s a spare bedroom you can use.” I thought about it. It took me a couple hours to get here. This guy seems nice enough. If he wanted to hurt me, he could have easily done it already.

“Thanks. I’d really appreciate that. I’m Joseph, but my friends call me Joey,” I said while offering my hand. My new host shook and replied, “Vladimir, but my friends call me Vlad…or Vladdy.” His grin sent a chill up my spine. He gave me a tour of the first floor where the giant kitchen, dining room and a magnificent personal office/library were. The 2nd floor was a couple bathrooms and bedrooms. He pointed to the furthest double doors at the end of the hall and said, “Those are my sleeping quarters. I’m a very private person and I feel it’s a very personal thing to see someone’s bedroom. I believe it’s a very…intimate thing.”

I shivered at the thought for some reason and my head swam a little. He opened the door to the bedroom where I was staying for the night and said, “You must be hungry after your trip. Help yourself to whatever is in the fridge or pantry. Oh, in the pantry, you’ll see a door that leads down stairs to the wine cellar. I would prefer it if you do not go down there either. My best vintage wines eyüp escort are stored there and don’t want them disturbed.”

I figured that’s why I was feeling so odd and I agreed. As I was setting my stuff down and getting out my laptop, Vlad mentioned, “Oh the wifi password is BS1897.” I was surprised that he could get the internet out here. I looked at my cell phone but there was no signal. At least the wifi worked. Also I came here to get away from the mundane lifestyle I’d been living. I shut off my phone and tossed it in the backpack. I changed into sweats and a t-shirt to be more comfy.

I went downstairs to raid the fridge. It was nicely stocked with the essentials. I made a sandwich, grabbed a small bag of chips from the pantry and sat at the kitchen bar. While eating, Vlad appeared almost out of thin air and offered me a cold beer. I nearly choked on my food, but I took the beer and took a drink so that I wouldn’t choke. I didn’t even hear him walk up to me let alone hear the fridge open and close. He stood on the opposite side of the counter and talked to me. Our conversations went from our worklife, plans for the future and then on past relationships for some reason.

Before I knew it, I was not only done with my food, but I’d also drank three beers. Feeling a bit buzzed, I decided maybe I should take a nap. And afterwards I’ll get started on this novel I’ve been itching to read. As I cleaned up my stuff, Vlad said he’d probably be in his library if I needed anything. I nodded and thanked him for his hospitality. Those beers got a real good buzz going. Walking calmly to my room took a little more focus and that’s when I realized I could be a tad bit drunk.

After I entered my room, I flopped onto the bed and instantly fell asleep. I dreamed of a misty road that led to this cabin. Then I was in my room but everything was bathed in a red light. I was in bed and Vlad was standing at the foot of it. I blinked and then I was in a hot tub but the water was actually wine. I sat there enjoying the warmth and the smell of it. My head swam in the haze and then Vlad emerged from the depth of the tub. I gazed into his deep crimson eyes and jolted awake.

I looked around and saw that everything was dark. How long had I been sleeping? I got up and wobbled a bit. I felt a little light headed but made my way to the window. It was dark out but the moonlight reflected off of the snow to illuminate everything. Not sure how much time had passed, I decided to maybe grab a book and do some reading in the living room. I went to check to see if Vlad was still in the library but he was not. Assuming he maybe went to bed, I went to read.

A few chapters in, I was feeling a nice glass of wine would be great. I looked around the kitchen but couldn’t find any. I peaked in the pantry and noticed that the door Vlad warned me about going into was now slightly ajar. Did he go down to get a bottle? Conflicted, my thoughts wrestled with themselves. He said not to go down there, but then again, I didn’t see any issue if he was already down there. So I went.

The stairs led down to a dimly lit wine cellar. I thought it odd that instead of modern lights, there were lit candles down there. It felt like I was in a castle. I looked at all the shelves of bottled wines. This cellar felt pretty spacious. I followed the rows and it led to a wooden door. A chill ran down my spine. Where was Vlad? Is he behind this door? I turned the knob and pulled it open to reveal a huge bedroom chamber. It was as if I had traveled back in time to the days of knights and kings.

Torches on the wall illuminated the room, revealing a huge canopy bed that could fit at least 10 people. A bed of fluffy pillows and was to the right of it and to the left looked to be an in-ground hot tub. Along one wall seem to instruments that a dominatrix would use will with a spot to chain someone up. Did I just walk into his sex dungeon? Oh no, I needed to get out of there. This is why he told me not to go down there.

I spun around and was face to face with my host. He looked fındıkzade escort at me with a raised eyebrow and asked, “Didn’t I say not to go down here.” Then I stammered, “I…I’m so-sorry! I…I Thought…” as he started to walk me down while I slowly backed up.

“Joey, Joey, Joey. I did you a favor by letting you stay for the evening and this is how you repay me?” Vlad said in a calm but icey tone. His eyes seemed to be changing colors or something. I was panicking and nearly having an anxiety attack.

“Joey, your heart is beating so fast. You need to calm down. I’m not mad…” He said. I jumped when I backed into his bed. His hand shot out and cupped my face. It was so cold against my cheek. His thumb brushed against my lips and I smelled something.I inhaled deep and gazed into his now crimson eyes. My cock became instantly erect and my face flushed. What was happening to me. Images of the dream I had flickered in my head.

Images of Vlad in the tub with me. Him standing, nude with an erect cock. Me, willingly opening my mouth to receive him. I was enjoying the fact that I was pleasuring him and that he was using my mouth. I shook my head to regain some sense.

“Joey, are you ok?” Vlad seductively whispered as his other hand gently traced over my hard cock. I whimpered as more images of him fucking me in the bed with my arms and legs wrapped around him rushed into my head.

“Tell me, what you want Joey. Tell me what you desire right now.” He softly growled. His lips grazed my neck and my hands clutched him as I breathlessly said, “Take me…” He kissed my neck and then I felt a sensation I’d never felt before. His hands dug into my back. My neck became hot and my vision exploded with colors, flashes of light, and stars. I closed my eyes and it felt like my body was floating in the air.

I felt a falling sensation as my clothes faded off my me. Then I felt his warm flesh on me. Kisses here and there. His hands groping and grabbing. My head swam in the ecstasy. I felt his hand on my face, turning to the side and he spoke, “Open…” I opened my mouth and he slid his member in. My lips closed and I started to work it, back and forth. I wanted to please him. He’s being so good to me. He gently rocked, slowly fucking my mouth. His hand firmly on my face, picking up speed.

Vlad’s gentle moans echoed through the stoned chamber. The lit torches flickered as I looked up at him. He gazed down on me with those crimson eyes. He licked his reddened lips and then revealed a toothy smile. His hot cock continued to slide through my lips. I reached down to stroke my aching cock but he stopped me. I whimpered in protest but then his hand went back to caressing my face. He tighten his grasp and then really started to fuck my face.

“Yes! Take Vladdy’s cock. You like that. You like me fucking your mouth like a pussy. You like being used.” Vlad said through gritted teeth as he kept thrusting between my lips. Just when I thought I felt him tense up to maybe cum in my mouth, he pulled out and said, “Not yet my pet.” Vlad kissed me and his tongue slid in and against my tongue. He sucked my lower lip and kissed my neck. Again, my body felt like it was falling through space. My neck burned with passion. His hot body was on mine. It was as if I was effortlessly floating and spinning in the air. I was on a rollercoaster of lust.

I felt the warm silk sheets beneath me. I felt his hot body on my back. I opened my eyes to a spinning room. I could hear his moans of pleasure. My head swam and swam in the sensations I was feeling. I arched my back a little, offering myself to him. I felt warmth on my opening. I was ready and felt the head of his cock press against it. I relaxed and accepted him in me. With one stroke, I felt him bottom out and a host of sensation flooded through me.

I collapsed flat from the intensity. His hands slid under me and took hold. I spread my legs and we intertwined our legs. I lifted my head to see a mirror. As Vlad slowly and purposely started to fuck my ass, I kissed my neck and then I saw him sink escort şişli his fangs in me. The chamber fell away. All I saw was the reflection of him sucking the blood from me as he thrusted his cock in me.

I watched his perfect ass rise up and down. I felt his hot cock bury itself in me again and again. I pushed back, willing to accept him deeper and deeper in me. Vlad lifted his head and watched us. A bloody smile and whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

“More. Don’t stop. Give me more. I need more,” I pleaded. With a devilish grin. He propped himself up. Together, I got on all fours and him behind me. Vlad’s hands tightly gripped my hips. His cock slid nearly out and then he thrusted hard back in. The force made me see stars and my level of lust rose. Again, he pulled back and then slammed it back into my ass. Again…and then again. Vlad started to pummel my ass. Each with more ferocity, each with more force.

My arms became tired and I just layed there as he pounded my backside. I wanted him to use me in every way. My ass burned with desire. Cries of pleasure escaped my lips, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me please! Fuck my ass! Use me!” Vlad lustfully groped and slapped my ass while impaling me with his cock over and over again. Or bodies slapping against each other, in sync with each thrust.

I was getting lost in the lust and pleasure of it all. I loved the sensation of his cock sliding in me again and again. His flesh entering me, briefly becoming a part of me. I felt my body lift in the air. He was now sitting and I was in his lap, my legs spread wide over his. Vlad’s hands were still on my hips, holding me up as he fucked me from below.

“You fucking whore. Look at yourself. My fucking whore. My fucking slut…my new pet.” He devilishly said. I looked in the mirror. He was right. I watched as I was now impaling myself on his cock. I bounced up and down as my own cock did. I watched his cock disappear in me again and again. I didn’t care. I wanted to drown in the pleasure.

“Oooooooh! Yesssssss!” I yelled in ecstasy as I started to cum. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Please! Ah I’m coming!” I continued screaming. My cum shot out as he kept fucking me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired and weak. My body went limp. Vlad slid from under me and was now on top.

“I’m not done with you yet, bitch.” He growled. “I want what is mine.” He lifted my legs and entered me again. No build up this time, he fucked me like an animal. Vlad, leaned down and for the last time this night, he bit into my neck. A surge of lust jolted through me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, holding on as tight as I could as he ravaged my asshole. He hammered into me. His grunts, getting louder and louder.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! OMG! Yessssss! Ahhhhhhh” I screamed in ecstasy. I couldn’t hold on any longer with him driving his cock into me. I came again and this time I felt him tense up to. He climaxed deep in me. Hot pleasure filled my ass. Knowing that he was satisfied warmed me. All strength left me and everything faded to black.

Did I just have sex with a vampire? A gay vampire? I awoke in the guest bedroom. I frantically looked around. It was daylight. I felt around my neck and didn’t feel any bite marks.

“Have a nice nap?” Vlad said at the doorway. I watched his face to see if there was a hint at what just happened. His pleasant look turned to concern and asked, “Everything ok?” I simply nodded and said, “I think I had a weird dream or something.” He chuckled and replied, “Day drinking will do that to you sometime.” He left and I sat there confused. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and make some sense. I gazed at my reflection and looked closely at my neck. Nothing seemed out of place, but I thought I saw two freckles I hadn’t ever noticed before.

Confused and starting to worry, I felt like maybe I should just leave. I grabbed my stuff but then felt the room go cold. I stood straight as a board as I felt Vlad behind me. He whispered, “Where do you think you’re going my pet? Vladdy isn’t done with you. We’ve been having so much fun together. In the hot tub, in my bed, in the library, and even in here. There hasn’t been one room that I haven’t fucked this ass and drank your blood in. You liked it. You love it. This is Vladdy’s favorite game to play. And you’re going to keep playing it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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